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Arsenal Disrespected As van Persie Is Called Up

Arsene Wenger described himself as being 'surprised' at Robin van Persie's inclusion of the Dutch squad for their upcoming game against Turkey.

Disregarding the fact that Wenger is a much more eloquent and intelligent fellow than I, that still wouldn't have been the phrase I would have used. 'Mightily pissed off' perhaps, or 'unbelieving of the arrogance of the morons at the Dutch FA'. Or maybe I'd have just punched the reporter in the face and gone off to sulk somewhere .... anything other than 'surprised', because this seriously shows a complete lack of respect for van Persie and for Arsenal.

I'm not aware of the exact statistics, but I'd be interested to know how much time (and money) have Arsenal spent on RvP in the treatment room down to injury occurred on international duty? van Persie's last really long lay off was certainly caused whilst playing for Holland in a meaningless friendly, so to include him in the squad for yet another sodding friendly when he hasn't even trained, never mind played, for the club that pays his wages for the last 3 months is beyond ridiculous.

FIFA needs to hand at least a small amount of power back to the clubs when it comes to situations like this. It's unfair to expect any team to have to give up any of their players who will clearly not be fit to play in an exhibition match when the people who pay, develop, treat and need the players are left powerless to do anything other than sit and watch and pray that the idiotic decision to play an unfit player doesn't result in an even longer lay off than before.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 4 2010

Time: 10:33AM

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Arsenal recieved no compensation form the Dutch FA because National teams don't need to have insurance for players clubs in friendlies, only competitive fixtures. Arsenal should tell the cheeky Dutch c***s at their national association too go f*** off and do one. Liberty taking tossers.
The club now has no choice but to lean on RvP to rule himself unavailable for this meaningless friendly.
Apologies for the bad language, the sheer bloody cheek of the *****s in orange is enough to give anyone an anurism. One of these days a club will take a stand and take this to court, FIFA will impose sanctions on them , but when they win their case (and they will) the rest of the clubs will rip FIFA and UEFA a new one over this. It takes only one club, why shouldn't that be us?
Agreed DF - It's time for van Persie to have a slight reoccurance .... which should seem him out for 3-4 days. Arse holes.
From another perspective, I would be more scared if it was a qualifying match, rather than a friendly. It could be argued that due to lack of match fitness RvP could use some training sessions or a friendly or two - not much different than meeting Boreham Wood with Arsenal Reserves for a behind closed doors friendly. However, training with hatchetmen like Heitinga, De Jong and Van Bommel doesn't really inspire confidence. As far as principles and rules go, it would be right but also very respectful to have the Dutch FA contact Arsenal and ask for an opinion on RvP and then work out a strategy how to keep both sides happy. With all said and with RvPs dossier and background, I'd rather have him stay at London Colney (which doesn't guarantee that he won't twist something when practicing with our 1st team next time) but it just makes me feel calmer.
Under current rules the club can't refuse to release him and the player is obliged to accept the call. If the Dutch FA deem him fit and he declines the call then he'll be ineligible to play any part in the NLD 3 days after or the CL game against Braga. If he were to take part then the games he played in would be deemed to have been lost. In these circumstances, especially where the player is just returning from injury, the clubs need to take power back from the national and international associations but it can only be done collectively.
Here's a stat sure to infuriate. If RvP plays any part in this friendly before he plays again for Arsenal (which he clearly won't on what the manager has said), then he will have appeared more times for Holland than for Arsenal in 2010. Plus, the Dutch national team doctor has already incurred the wrath of us for his misdiagnosis of van Persie and Bayern are currently considering legal action after their doctor's misdiagnosis caused Arjen Robeen to play with an injury which subsequently ruled him out of 3 Bayern games. Respect is a two way street and the international teams are merging lanes all over the shop. Time to get rid of this stupid, insignificant cancer on the game.
Little Dutch
At least he's back.
Ill just hope that he gets some gametime under his belt. And that might help us when he comes back. Of course Im wrong, but hey im just hoping.
According to 2 Dutch journos on twitter RVP informed van Marwijk he was available which is why he was selected. This fits in with vanMarwijk's own comments, who said RVP really wants to play for the NT in every game. Ironically in Holland all they do (the media, the fans) is complain about how poorly he plays for the national team.
Just to clarify: according to the Dutch press vanMarwijk first asked RVP if he was available to be called up and only called him up once the player assured him he was available. If true, what's wrong with this is that van Marwijk doesn't seem to care to consult with RVP's club first, they go directly to the player. They are not unique in this but apparently the Dutch FA are notorious for being among the worst in their relations with clubs when it comes to int'l call-ups.
Isn't it a friendly though? Can't you remove him from selection?
I'm not sure that RvP story in the Dutch press is quite that straightforward. RvP told van Marwijk more than 3 weeks back only that he expected to be fit during the first half of this month and van Marwijk said then that he'd pick him if he was fit. Whether RvP is fit or not under Fifa rules the national association has to give a minimum of 15 days notice to the club - which would have been Monday. And no - you can't opt out of a friendly - and the sole arbiter of whether a player is fit or not isn't the club or even the player himself it's only the national association.
Whilst this irks a little, it seems that ANY playing time that helps RvP to get back to a level of fitness, whether it be for the national side of our reserves, is going to be advantageous for us. So I donít have too much of a problem with it as it stands, but had he been fully fit and in the form of his life playing for us then gets this call up I would be sweating a lot more. Go get fit Robin but donít come back injured!
Sir Henry
Dunno, don't trust those guys with him. The Dutch medical team is the only one in the world that makes me thankful for the medical team we appear to have. (Kathy Bates from Misery comes to mind).
Little Dutch
Now you're frightening me LD.
Sir Henry
Knee-jerk response from the writer who has dived in with his version of the facts without having been privvy to any of the in- side information. Notice how it's always 'meaningless international friendlies' and never 'the clubs play too many games'!!! It isn't the international games that are damaging the players , it's the gruellling league season. The headline 'Arsenal disrepected' could easily tranformed into 'the international game plunged into crisis by greedy football clubs.
Tony Rocky Horror
Your argument falls down on the following information. Clubs pay players. International teams don't.
Little Dutch
friendly v turkey? no such thing...this will be a dirty match and knowing vps' luck it will be new year here i come
And playing for your country is the pinnacle of a player's career. You only care about club football, I don't. And most other people care about the bigger picture too. The players are being injured because they play too many league and cup games and their bodies are breaking down. They aren't being hurt because they play too many International games. If club football is a priority for you personally, then fine. But there is alternative point of view.
Tony Rocky Horror
League and cup games are substantiated by the same bodies that organise internationals. Difference is, club players pay for the player- in terms of their coaching, their education, their wages, transfer fees etc, etc. International teams put nothing in whatsoever, they just plunder. I make no apologies for once again repeating the analogy, but international football is football's answer to the Royal Family. It puts zero in and takes everything out and we're all supposed to go all misty eyed and consider it some massive honour to be bum raped by the jewel encrusted cocks that do it.
Little Dutch
The Royal Family generate millions of pounds worth of tourists' money every year. It's about getting the right balance between international football and club football. Not making blanket statements. Besides, Prem clubs are forever plundering the leagues of other clubs to take away their best players.
Tony Rocky Horror
The flaw in that whole argument is that the number of games the top club sides play has barely changed in years. Arsenal played 56 games in the 70/71 season and 55 last season. What has increased is the number of international fixtures. The number of international fixtures each nation plays has doubled over the same period. For example 16 teams contested the WC finals in 1970 and 32 teams in 2010. Add to that the fact that more teams go through lengthy qualifying stages for the major international tournaments and its clear that it is the greed of national associations and Fifa/Uefa that is imposing greater demands on players
I agree that not all International friendlies are neccesary, but then dragging the players to the far East and America to play in sweltering conditions in order to make a few bucks doesn't help either. I'm sure Fifa and uefa are imposing greater demands on players, but clubs are by no means innocent and have their own agendas too. They push players, give them pain killing injections to get them through when what they really need is time and rest in order to recover. The real problem has been the emergence of the European Club competions which are draining. I think International Football is in crisis, and that is not a good thing. It should, and always must be, the pinnacle of a player's career to lift the Jules Rimet trophy.
Tony Rocky Horror
Just a point of clarification, a club must release a player only on Fifa sanctioned days for international play. Several American players were not released for the USNT a few years ago because the team played on a day that Fifa had not designated for internationals. In this case it is a Fifa date unfortunately so no recourse, but if some national team would try to pull the bonehead 'we're playing on a random day' Fifa would allow clubs to block the call up. There are continually added International dates on the calendar unfortunately.
The Royal Family don't meet with tourists, it's Buck Palace the tourists come to see and Wndisor Castle, we don't have to get rid of those. I repeat my point, clubs pay the players, so they've a right to have that sort of input into a player's treatment. Personally, I think the whole concept to be an outdated relic of the past, but I'd settle for a better balance. Right now the scales are tipped enormously the wrong way. If we are to accept that football is a business nowadays (and even the Champions League can't compare to international tournaments in terms of whoring itself to sponsors), then the international sides are going to have to pay their way and behave reasonably, or else have no say. That's how the rest of society works. I can't just rock up and throw my weight around about a prize winning racehorse just because it was reared in England, I'd need to pay for ownership.
Little Dutch
It's not possible for anyone to win the Jules Rimet trophy as it was replaced by the Fifa World Cup trophy in 1974. International football only exists on the back of club football but it has become a burden to players whose careers are wholely dependent on what they do for their clubs. If national associations don't start to pay their own way and understand the burdens they unfairly impose then players will increasingly turn their backs on their faux ornamental competitions.
Listen TRH - We're not denying anyone's right to find International football as important as, or even more important, than club football, that's their opinion, Wenger has never stopped a player playing for his country, he's never even done the old fake injury whatsit like ever other club in the league does ..... including yours. All we're asking for is a bit of fair play. van Persie is one of our best players, and we're being denied his services that we pay so vastly for because he's not being properly treated by his national side. It's unfair, and it is disrespectful to our club to not consider our needs. It's a shambles.
It's yet another example of football failing to come to terms with itself. Players run further and faster for longer than ever before. The physical demands of the game are increasing. The whole footballing edifice is funded by the success of club football and international football, as the money making machine and jamboree for the panjandrums it has become, survives only on the back of that success. It can't or shouldn't continue to fail to recognise that dependency. Players don't really need the false glory of international football. Scholes, Best, Le Tissier, Charlie George, George Weah and many others have built legendary careers without the phoney carnival of international football tournaments.
As a Dutchman I'd like to apologise for Bert van Marwijk's behaviour. I think it's appaling he hasn't even spoken to Arsenal directly. If it's any consolation, there's many Dutch Football supporters who think the same, he is dragging/has dragged the good name of Dutch football through the mud. It is only a pre-selection though, there's still every possibility v Persie will be dropped from the final selection.
New article this morning with Van Marwijk attacking Wenger for moaning about RVP's call up, Advocaat also gives his 2 pence worth even though Wenger hasn't commented on Arshavin's call up. What is wrong with this pair of bellends? Are they ignorant, stupid and rude or just giving off very good impressions of it?
Very unfair, I know. Hopefully, the Dutch camp will see some sense.. Would it be too bad if Wenger advises RvP to quit international footy?
I now think it's Robin who is the problem here. His manager is saying he spoke to him and it looks like he chose to play for Holland when Arsenal wants him to be fit.
The boss sums it up with 2 words: common sense.
Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. For me, International Football is vital to the health of the game and is going through crisis at the moment after a poor World Cup. But then I disagree with teams fielding endless foreigners, inflated wages, and champions league format amongst other things that most people on here probably think is fantastic.
Tony Rocky Horror
We'll disagree because you're a feckin moron. Jog on and lick some windows instead of spending time on here shrieking and scrabbling around for attention like some sort of drunken drama queen.
The whole notion that playing for their respective nation is the pinnacle of a players career is just so outdated and a blanket generalisation that just cannot work for every individual player, as it so heavily relies on the country you were lucky/unlucky enough to be born in. I'm sure it was the pinnacle for the England '66 team but for any player of recent time? If you're Brazilian, Italian or German then quite possibly, if you're English? behave! Ask Terry or Ferdinand or Shrek what their career pinnacle has been thus far and the latter two would probably cite hoisting the CL and Terry would name winning the league/double, if honest why would they name playing like gash and losing for England? to placate a rabidly nationalistic media would be the only reason. Ask Ryan Giggs what his career pinnacle was and if the word Wales is mentioned then he's lying out of his chute. Do you really think monkey boy Bale when looking back at his career will look back at getting a result against the might of Iceland or getting a hat trick in the San Siro? It's absolute romantic piffle you're spouting tony. Bobbins.
Outdated views, hackneyed comments and jingoistic fervour. Its stunning how much the troll sounds like a talksport host.
If having some pride in my country, and not wanting international football to be swamped by greedy football clubs makes me all of those things Deltafart then so be it. At least I have an allegiance to something other than a corporation, unlike yourself. Cheese- eating surrender monkey.
Tony Rocky Horror
But this isn't about national pride is it. It's simply about the greed of national associations misusing the resources that are provided pretty well free of charge in order to to provide freebie jamborees for it's officials and their wives and to pay them enormous amounts of money. Whatever it is you dislike about club football it provides far more genuine value for money than national teams do.
I don't dislike club football I follow every kick!! I'm sorry, but you seem to have this perception that International football is a hot bed of corruption and back-scratching? All I say to that is, is it? I must say, whether or not that's true, it's a point of view I haven't heard anyone else advance before.
Tony Rocky Horror
You haven't been paying attention then. There have been numerous issues of corruption in Fifa and other national associations over many years. You need to read more. Take this latest oblique threat that Englands WC bid could be affected because an English newspaper had the audacity to investigate vote rigging. It's pretty typical of the way the whole corrupt politicised operation works.
Seems like RvP is more trouble than he's worth.
It seems you know who we refer to as a 'troll' here TRasH. I didn't even need to take your sad name to get you all riled up. Your views are not worth a toss as usual - you dont have brains, perspective or social skills. You remain a burden to to this country and to everyone to vaguely know you.
Little Dutch
Why do people bother with TRH, pretend he's not here and he'll go away. The only reason he keeps coming back is cos you all keep humouring him. You can't win an argument with somebody who thinks they've won just by getting a response.
Ozi Gooner
LD - Someone pointed out to me a few days ago that the code of conduct FIFA expects from it's member countries as laid out in it's rules/law does not, in anyway appply to FIFA aslo. I am sure someone els eowuld be able to gte the actual rule from somewhere, but that is practically verbatum. It seems FIFGA is taking that particular rule as an excuse for bribary and corruption. The sooner this fat sack of ***t and his cronies are kicked out of football the better.

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