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Braga-Arsenal Team Line-ups

Braga Starting Line-up
Felipe, Alberto Rodriguez, Moises, Miguel Garcia, Lima, Elderson, Aguiar, Leandro Salino, Alan, Vandinnho, Matheus

Braga Substitutes
Artur, Mossoro, Andres Madrid, Silvio, Hugo Viana, Anibal Capela, Elton

Arsenal Starting Line-up
Lukasz Fabianski, Sebastien Squillaci, Johan Djourou, Emmanuel Eboue, Kieran Gibbs, Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott, Denilson, Jack Wilshere, Nicklas Bendtner

Arsenal Substitutes
Wojciech Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, Samir Nasri, Alex Song, Carlos Vela, Marouane Chamakh

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The Journalist

Writer: Gooner Lou Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 23 2010

Time: 8:08PM

Your Comments

When I tuned in it's already underway, I naturally looked for the team in red and white and almost started wondering 'Why're we on the back foot?' lol
What is this new fangled strikerless formation? Zzzzzzzzzzz
So it's not just me.... And it's more fun watching Ronaldo mouth off to the ref and get a yellow presumably for dissent after being fouled.
Cesc off with hamstring injury. When it rains...
3-0 shaktar ouch...
What?!?!?!??!? Poor Carlos...
Good. Talk about the same old concentration problem.
I'm beyond caring.
Goallllllll.......i guess it was good while it lasted sorry boys
lots of red shirts in the braga box
Weak. Weak. Weak.
Wyn Mills
What's that record we've got in away CL games? It's absolutely ridiculous, our inability to keep clean sheets.
Didnt we only need a draw?
I can already see Wenger coming out to blame the wrong ref decision. I'm sick of this.
This all started at Shaktar. I knew it would come back to haunt us.
Wyn Mills
I can also see Wenger saying that the second goal happened when we tried to equalise and get caught on the break. To say I'm sick is an understatement.
That's it Braga just scored a 2nd! A nightmare result!
Easiest group too. Something is badly badly wrong.
Wyn Mills
No Val, it's a nightmare couple of goals conceded as well. I'm looking at the travelling Gooners' faces and I feel for them.
Mentality is all wrong in this team. They're not winners, despite what Arsene keeps telling us. That was an awful performance against frankly a very ordinary side.
I'm absolutely livid to be honest. I can hardly believe what I've just witnessed.
Wyn Mills
Nice one Arsene, start with dreck like Bendtner the white Heskey & wheres wally away from home, it's got Belgrade 0-1 all over it and we fuc*in deserve to get knocked out tbf. Sick to death of the arrogance and spinelessness and utter ineffectuality of half this squad. Strongest ever my arse how the hell can that be said with a straight face??
Dont give a *****.
Even I feel so let down, having to get up at 3:30am to watch this 5h!te, I can imagine how god awful the travelling Gooners there must be feeling. Now can someone remind me why Bendtner moaned about his lack of games again? What did he do?
No disrespect to Braga but they are frankly 2nd division class. No way should be be getting turned over by that lot. Its absolutely incredible that we are still sweating about getting out of this group. We have a bunch of overpaid prima donnas in our team who love passing teams to death but can't shoot to save their lives.
Wyn Mills
I don't understand why we throw so many players forward when we are winning or drawing a game. If we are losing a game it's obviously understandable. Getting caught short at the back time and time again, it's just unbelievably stupid.
Yeah Bowie, I immediately thought LD could just recycle the sub-head 'There ain't no cure for stupid' in his match report. In fact he doesn't have to write, it's a copy and paste job.
Are you going to come out of your Europa League group?
Bendtner needs to be shipped out to Tibet on the next plane. Fecking useless git. I've never liked him.
Wyn Mills
And we thought Saturday was bad.
Wyn Mills
we got done by a bunch that have a friggin forest and a cvnting cliff instead of stands. They can't even afford a ****in lawnmower they just let the goats loose on the pitch. That was even more shameful than gettin done by guff like sp*rs.
Never mind the top spot. We just have to get out of this group. And I'm glad to see the record consecutive seasons of making it to the knock-out stage is on the line. Mr Wenger please sort it out, thanks.
Bendtner is truly appalling, please please no more match time sell to whatever mug will buy asap, thrown in that lightweight powderpuff walcott while we're at it.
We are a fragile side at the moment. You wouldn't think it would be possible to make exactly the same mistakes again so soon. Nobody seems to be taking responsibility. Not sure that we have anyone who can.
Yep and these goats-keeping people are going to give 100% in the Ukraine in a couple of weeks. Shakhtar only need a draw or a small defeat and they have all the motivation to let Braga through at our expense - not saying they would. Ha ha ha, and we need a win to secure the knock-out stage. Great.
I wonder why our players can't stop piling pressure onto themselves when they can't take it...?
Either that or actually play Walcott in position - you know you bought a striker? Never ever ever will be a winger, it's a waste of a space, if you want a winger friggin buy one!
While I'm at it that ref!!!! waaaaaaankkkker. Ridiculous prancing peacock. Utterly clueless officiating from beginning to end.
Our players think they don't have to work for victories. That's the problem. Wenger making the same excuses about bad officials and teams shutting up shop. He needs to lbollock his dressing room more rather than running up to talk to Sky.
Wyn Mills
He'd prefer not to talk to anyone I'm sure. There's no point blaming the refs., we should have been able to come away with something from this game, but what are those extra goal line officials for?
Amos, you're riight. We are in a very fragile side right now. Aston Villa will absolutely shaft us in this state. It really shouldn't have got this bad. The Shaktar game set the tone for me. It started the complacency seam which seems to be erupting out all over the team. No urgency. No passion. I said it a few weeks ago and still believe it. This team don't feel the hurt of losing. I hate to say it, but they're not winners.
Wyn Mills
Wenger talked about taking advice from the expert on Cesc, if we are taking advice from an expert about then why should we risk him in the first place. He obviously can't play more than twice a week with his hamstring. We are being cautious with Arshavin and Song who are not even injured but completely careless with Cesc. Hopefully the its not a long term injury. At half time I thought we were a bit hesistant in attack and nobdoy wanted to zip the ball about out of fear of making a bad pass (even Cesc). But overall we were cautious and priotised defending over attacking which was good. But in the second half we dominated posession but never really threatened, after the Vela penalty which was denied we looked ragged. We made the same dumb mistake from the Sp*rs match. Denilson as the last man with everybody thrown up for set piece. Another mistake Wenger made was to make all three subs with more than 10mins left. It was very physical game and when Vela had been subbed on I was constantly thinking about how another Cesc type injury could leave us down to 10 with a lot of time to play still.
grone, didn't one of you lot moan about Wenger making substitutions too late after Saturday? Commiserations, but make up your minds, fellas.
Hilarious......wenger as gracious in defeat as ever.....dispicable little man.
they didnt learn nothing from last saturday result
Yes DS, I was one of those. And I don't see how calling for the manager to make early subs is the same calling for the manager not to make to many subs. And you know what, I was still calling for the manager to make substition in this game. Our first sub came at 68 mins, and even that was forced due to Cesc's injury.
i reckon Braga should make a dvd
JP don't think they are that advanced in the mountains, Beetamax or VHS at best.
Braga's first goal is living testament to the fact that inferior opposition can find it easy to score when the better team is reduced to 10 men wouldn't you say? ;)
nice one Iceman ;)
Wenger has committed the mistake he always makes. He plays weakened sides thinking they're good enough when he hasn't actually secured the points.. He's a gambler, not a tactician. In the league you at least have time to rectify your mistakes, but we mess it up now at the Emirates against Partisan and we're probably out.
Wyn Mills
stone wall penalty u guys should have been given and its a different game from then on in. im a spurs fan but im gutted for ya as i want all the prem teams to do well in europe.
He needed to win, but you don't see too many managers making any sort of radical changes before the 70 minute mark anyway, despite the increasing trend towards early substitutions. But you are right, maybe Wenger is still moored to the notion of late subs, which has its plus points, but is being anticipated more and more. But you also have to remember that Vela and Chamakh are hardly game-changers. The only one you had of any note on the bench was Nasri, and he was already on. Chamakh just seems to be a glorified Adebayor, and Vela isn't exactly Bergkamp or Henry. So holding them back for fear of injuries wasn't an option, he had to go for the game, regardles of his rather paltry resources on the bench, and yet there wasn't much point sending them on anyway, since they weren't going to make all that much of a difference to the way the team would play. So he was caught in a conundrum, in a way.
That was a stonewall penalty!!!!!!!!!
I got to say Bravo to Braga though. They got their tactics spot, which isn't that difficult really against. Almost every team deploys these tactics against Arsenal but still the Arsenalistas got it right and their front man was pretty clinical in front of goal.
Another thing...Cesc's body language doesn't look great to me. I would hazard he already figures this team won't win anything.
Wyn Mills
Stonwall? Re-enforced steel more like and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley stand behind the goals with their wands and do nothing? Platini wanted to ban Eduardo for diving so surely he must bring the ref to justice for that?
Though it was a stone-wall penalty I'd rather we don't focus too much on it. We got bigger worries than ref's not giving us pen's. At least is not as bad as last season when, we opposition defenders could do just as they pleased in the penalty box and get away with it. I'm confident if that was another ref it would've been given.
Squillaci and Koscielny are rubbish. Did anyone even watch Kabul's winner closely and see it was like 6 red shirts vs just kabul? Why do we play a high defence with a man down at Braga against just one striker?? Surely if they are playing one up you defend with a man on him and the other slightly deeper to mop up?? Screw the off side trap you have him outnumbered. Playing the offside trap totally eschews your numerical advantage in defence, and gives the lone striker a better chance of scoring. Especially with 5 mins left and all we need is a draw to qualify - that makes it all the more unbelievable.
And I know Koscielny didnt play in Braga.........just making the point he is lightweight and crap.
i didnt see it( joking) serioulsy what is the point of having assistants behind the goal, thts there job to see these kind of situations
He's better than Denilson, who as far as I can see can't (or is unwilling) to defend or pass properly.
Wyn Mills
Walcott wasn't great today, but at least in the first half he was the only one of the front 3 looking to make things happen. There was no one for him to cross to half the time, since Bendtner spent most of the game in midfield, inexplicably. But our midfielders didn't give Walcott anything to work with today either - there was plenty of space available behind the Braga defence at times, yet hardly ever was it played to Walcott into that space.
I don't think Wenger's 4-6-0 formation today worked. Or was it a 0-10-0 formation? Yes the referee was atrocious, but that Braga team would definitely be in the relegation zone in England and we should have found a way to win.
NLD hangover? I won't say much though as we have a banana skin in front of us tomorrow and I don't know if we've seen it yet.
Tottenham Hotcore
I've said it before dont change a winning team. They are paid top dollar(pound) so flog them week in week out all this changing around it wont work.
The coach of Braga said before game that he will hit Arsenal, where Spurs hit on Saturday and Spurs showed them a thing or two on how to beat Arsenal. And they got it spot on. Wenger goes onto rest the younger lot and plays Fabregas when hes already a injury suspect. He is such a lowsy gambler. Houllier would be happy sitting in his couch on how to hit at Arsenal. Too bad fo Wenger, he has got a midtable defensive lineup. He has got himself to blame.
Even after a good nights sleep I still feel like ****. Watching replays of the goals we conceded and they're so bad I actually find myself laughing. Its atrocious stuff really.
Wyn Mills
I don't want to be a doom and gloom merchant, but I honestly feel that we won't win the PL or CL under Wenger again - unless he changes his approach and personnel. To me, it's plainly evident this teams 2-3 experienced players, that have won things, to guide/lead them on the pitch. No more looking at bargains all the time. Let's go out and spend big and show some real ambition. It seems that ever since we've moved to the Emirates, we've progressed as a club, but regressed as a team.
David Dein, whatever his faults, would never have allowed Wenger to get away with this rubbish. Blaming his opponents and the officials rather than looking in the mirror and at his own players. Yes, the referee had a stinker. Yes, Braga were cynical and cautious. But for goodness sake Wenger this isn't new to you surely??! You sit there and watch your team pass the ball around for 70 minutes barely mustering a single shot on goal and have the temerity to insult us fans with talk of 'bad luck'. Bad luck is when you hit the opposing team's woodwork half a dozen times or your defender slips when chasing down an attack. Bad luck is not 3 defenders surrounding the goal scorer without one putting in a challenge. Bad luck is not a single attempt on goal in 70 minutes (and that being a freekick). It's been said often enough 'you make you own luck', and in last nights game we never made anywhere near enough. The one time we ventured into the box Vela was chopped down and should have got the spot kick. But for Wenger to call that a turning point is frankly ridiculous. He needs to take a good hard look at himself and his team and decide what he needs to do to change the mentality. Because the way things are at the moment I wouldn't back this team to win the Carling Cup.
Wyn Mills
What in the name of blue ***** has Dein got to do with anything? Was Wenger a gracious loser when Dein was here? Typical straw clutching, I don't know what the problems are or what the solution is so I'll recycle some old *********. Dein didn't want the Emirates, Wenger did. Who won that little conflict of interests? The contention that Dein would somehow have kissed the booboo is not onyl a bit of childish toy lobbing, but it's stultifyingly ill informed. Jesus, he really has become the Princess Diana of N5 Hasn't he? Like Daily Express journalists whailing that the world was somehow completely purged of sin before Diana died. Give me bloody strength.
Little Dutch
Straw clutching? What the hell are you on about? Lest you forget it was Dein who had the vision to bring Wenger to the club in the first place. Yes, he didn't want the stadium. (Perhaps because he realised what a soulless place it would becom. But you cannot deny Dein cared about the team doing well and winning silverware. It aint straw cluching its trying to make sense of what Wenger is telling us and what is happening on the pitch. My point is Wenger needs help and he isn't getting it. His decision making isn't being challenged at the club. How is that ill-informed? Do you know something us silly little children do not? Please, share your superior knowledge with us.
Wyn Mills
So David Dein would have made sure the back four defended properly? David Dein would have given us a penalty? You make the sweeping statement that everything would be better with Dein, it's you who has to explain that, not me. Fill in the gaps. How do you know how Dein and Wenger's relationship worked? How do you know Dein was some kind of arch challenger to Wenger's ideas? Wenger runs things as he has always run them, nothing has ever gone above his head other than Dein selling his shares off for a fat pay day to an oligarch. Dein had the vision to appoint Wenger, he also had the vision to identify Don Howe and utterly balls up with the attempted appointment of Venables. He had the vision to turn thousands away from Arsenal with the dictatorial implementation of the Bond Scheme (but don't let that rob you of the vision of him as some kind of white knight for the common fan). Dein was only ever in it for himself. I'm not going to deny he did some good things for the club, but the contention that somehow we'd have an extra three points and be top of the league and an extra point and qualified from the CL if Dein were here is utterly ludicrous.
Little Dutch
I understand you don't like Dein but please read my post before launching into your dismissive rant. Nowhere have I stated that this defeat (or others) was down to Dein not being around. What I said was Wenger is spouting a load of ********* about luck. Yes, he has become a less gracious loser. No doubt about it..because he isn't winning anything anymore. Incidentally, Dein wasn't actually against the idea of the stadium per se, just the method of financing it.
Wyn Mills
The team is absolutely punch drunk useless right now. No coherence, no spirit, no direction and no plan. This is the worst form that that has been witnessed since a premier league slump in 2006. It will take a massive psychological change to get back on track and it seems unlikely that will happen anytime soon.
Wyn Mills, no question about your points about a lack of spirit, defensive fortitude, not learning from past mistakes. Absolutely spot on. But David Dein? I can understand yearning for players like Vieira, Pires and Henry who would take games like Braga and Spuds by the scruff of the neck and win it for us but what has David freakin Dein got to do with an alarming slump of form for the team?
My opinion of Dein or whether I like him or not is irrelevant, he has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Whether he was here or not, nothing would be any different. My point is, if Vela gets the penalty and we win 1-0, you would never have brought Dein up on this forum. It is just straw clutching. The wonderful thing is about this kind of straw cluthcing is that it can't be disproved. "Oh if Dein was still here it would all be wonderful." Well, if I had a magic flying elephant my life might be more wonderful too.
Little Dutch
If Wenger is spouting bollox about luck, tackling, referees or anything else now it's really no different from what he was saying in the first half of his tenure. The difference for some fans is that what he says when he isn't winning becomes a lot easier to beat him with than when we are. Believe it or not we have had worse slumps than this. 3 or 4 game losing streaks weren't unknown even when we did go on to win things. Doesn't make it any more palatable now but it certainly doesn't mean we have to invent nostalgic nonsense about Dein or indulge in airy fairy waffling about lack of spirit, weak mentality or lack of bottle.
You name Vieira, Pires and Henry...ironically all brought to Arsenal largely thanks to Dein as well as Wenger. Henry is even quoted somewhere as saying he knew the time was right to leave when Dein was pushed out. But that's not the point. What I'm saying is Wenger is deceiving himself by repeatedly falling back on the bad luck excuse. I don't believe Dein would have allowed him that luxury.
Wyn Mills
David Dein would have done only what Wenger told him he wanted done. It's a myth that somehow he was this strong dominant figure that steered the club or any of its officials in a direction that they didn't want to go. There's a telling piece in Kevin Whitcher's book that tells how even George Graham could treat him dismissively. Dein was a great networker and great at self promotion but the club is where it is today because of more important and far sighted controbutions from folk other than Dein.
Wyn, am sorry but Dein only got those transfers through with the board from a financial perspective. Dein was not a scout who identified talent. All three of the players you mentioned were identified and brought to the club by the manager. Your belief that we would be in a better state with DD still on board is nice but it can not be verified or put to the test.
Incidentally, in Pires autobiography he says that everything for his transfer was handled by Wenger. He didn't meet or speak to any of the directors of the club until he had already signed and was at the training ground. Dein's role in these things has always been overstated.
Dein is an important part of this club's history...a very successful period of history at that. He often flew out and closed deals, a skill that's easy to overlook. Its also easy to overlook how much Wenger relied on him for advice. Its not nostalgia, its fact. He has everything to do with this because he brought Wenger to the club. He and Wenger worked very well as a team. Since he left the club have won nothing. Fact. I am no longer happy to accept Wenger's excuses without deeper analysis these days. Why? because he continues to make the same mistakes...over and over again. His interviews make less and less sense to me. He's been in the UK for 16 years and yet his english seems to be getting worse, not better. He talks about spirit but it must be a different interpretation of the word than I am used to. Is anyone asking questions internally or is it the Arsene love-in we see at the UGMs? I love this club and will continue to love it. I will support whoever is in charge, but I'm not going to be fobbed off by Wenger's excuses.
Wyn Mills
You seem to think I'm advocating bringing Dein back. I'm not stupid. Bridges have been burned. What I am advocating is someone helping Wenger before his dream descends into fantasy.
Wyn Mills
I can see where Wyn is coming from in regards to whether anyone is questioning the direction this team is going, it all feels a bit like the emperors new clothes at Arsenal at this point in time. Im not sure Dein would have been doing anything other than telling Arsene he looked good in his birthday suit though. Im also pretty sure Arsene would have been slightly miffed at Saint David easing Cashley towards the exit doors over a piffling 5k a week a few years ago.
Amos, so was Wenger was spouting even more ********* when he said “David Dein is needed in football because this guy has revolutionised this club (Arsenal) and also English football. He is top quality."
Wyn Mills
Wyn you are repeating things about Dein's positive role which no one here has disputed. You see only one side of him though. You credit Dein for a successful part of our history but do you ever credit the manager. All this stuff about his English not having improved, his fantasy etc is just pure hate driven talk and is quite dissapointing.
DF, I don't hate Wenger. (Why do people always confuse criticism with dislike?) In fact I admire what he has done for the club and am not one of those calling for his head. I'm not trying to paint Dein as a Saint. I'm pointing to the role he played when he was at the club. That's all. The responses to my post says more about the antipathy to Dein than my concerns about Wenger.
Wyn Mills
You seem to think that Wenger is spouting rubbish much of the time Wyn so why wouldn't he have been spouting nonsense about Dein. I don't think that Wenger is the type to rubbish anyone publicly. Also I don't think Wenger has ever had more background help than he has now. Gazidis has taken far more off his hands than Dein ever did. They have a team looking after player contracts and renewals for example. The question is should there be someone to challenge him on the football side? On the basis of what he has achieved over his whole time at the club, even in the years we haven't won trophies, it cannot be argued with any certainty that we would have benefited if another voice other than his and possibly Primorac and apparently to a lesser extent Rice has an input into team matters. It could just as conceivably made it worse. In any case this isn't the time to judge him. There's only one point at which to judge any manager who isn't battling relegation and that's at the seasons end.
If you look dispassionately at the development of this club then only one man has been the principal architect of the club we have now and that is Wenger. Fortunately he had someone in Fiszman who was prepared to back his vision and to deliver on it. Dein played a role but not a pivotal one. On may of the key factors Wenger didn't agree with Dein's wishes. Just as Mick Jagger was only the singer in Keith Richard's band Dein was just a frontman. All the real talent was behind him.
Amos, in much the same way many think Dein was the consumate self-publicist, so I have little doubt that Wenger knows how to play the press and us fans. The problem is he isn't varying his story and the excuses are wearing a little thin after 5 years. There's only so many times you can say "judge me at the end of the season".
Wyn Mills
I really didn't want this to descend into a David Dein discussion. The focus needs to remain on Wenger. And I mean someone has to shine a spotlight on the guy. Seriously.
Wyn Mills
Wyn, if you read any article in the English press or listen to the football commentary of any football game involving us or sometimes games that dont even involve us, you will see the mention of "its been 5 years since Arsenal last won a trophy." The spotlight has been there for quite some time now and its not as if what you are suggesting is completely novel.
DF, Yes, its in the press. But is it being discussed in the boardroom? I'm not sure I'm seeing Ivan sitting down to dinner with Wenger in Koffmans and saying: "Now Arsene, I'd like to have a chat about our trophy cabinet..." Its not novel. But does that mean you don't discuss it?
Wyn Mills
Anyway, I'm sure LD thinks I need to get some perspective, so I'll hang up my poison pen until the match report.
Wyn Mills
The contention that because Dein bought Wenger in that he is responsible for everything Wenger has done is incredibly tedious. If Dein is allowed to live off that piece of glory from 14 years ago, isn't Wenger allowed to live off past glory too? He signed Patrick Vieira after all! You know Hitler nearly died at childbirth because the umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck. The midwife saved his life. Attributing the success of the Wenger era to Dein is like attributing the holocaust to that midwife.
Little Dutch
Wenger doesn't need a voice in the boardroom. There's nothing any single one of them can tell him about football that will make any difference at all. If he needs another voice at all it's on the pitch. To some extent circumstances in the last couple of games conspired against us. There's nothing unique about that football has always carried that car-crash risk. But we don't seem to have anyone on the pitch that can do the calculations and make the changes needed. In last nights game though we didn't play blindingly well but might still have warranted a win someone should have been able to decide that given the circumstances a draw isn't a disaster at all. Down to ten men with one of our quicker defenders off the pitch who should be making the calculation that a draw is the least worst option and before we push all our defenders forward we take that into account? Wenger needs a voice ok but it isn't in the boardroom or in the dressing room - it's out there on the playing surface. Right now I've no idea where that could be coming from.
'airy fairy waffling about lack of spirit, weak mentality or lack of bottle'. Amos are you joking i think is it pretty obvious that this team leacks fighting spiit and dosen't have the winning mentality of our side five-six years ago!!
why at 0-0 which would have seen you qualify you had like 11 players storming forward repeatedly seems a real puzzle to me....then 3 players around the striker playing russian roulette for the second goal.....stonewall penalty but thats footy for a way you created your own downfall
Not obvious at all saint_gunna but as it's impossible to quantify there's little to stop anyone making those claims. It falls into the same category LD defined earlier as being the fall back when you don't really know what the problems are or the solution is. So it'll do.
Amos, you yourself have just pointed out a problem and a solution. A voice on the pitch. For christs sake stop being so condescending.
Wyn Mills
I've just offered an opinion. It's just a little different from the default setting that's all. I'd imagine condescension is better illustrated by someone insisting that their opinion is 'pretty obviously' the right one more than by anything I've said.
Oh dear! Oh Dear! Oh dear!...You have the capacity to learn from your mistakes. You have learnt a lot in the last 3 days. Question: How do you get 3 Gooners in a telephone box?..Answer: Get a Braga forward to run at them ....what a c(r)ock up!...its almost too pitiful a sight to even take the rise out of you lot... your on the slide now....injuries piling up with key players..other players not performing and as for in Deni(a)llson...does he now sign the visitors book or is actually supposed to be playing whilst on the pitch ?,.........Villa away next up... and Man U (away) just around the corner...not many points on offer in December then'll be a case of "what's red and white and slides down tables" soon. In fact your football is so bad at the moment the clubs put your supporters on suicide ya doing Lewisham, alright my son! ....COYS
OyVeh Maria
missing gallas boys? lmfao gotta love it ain't ya
Doing fine, still 4 points above you in the league there old timer.
Little Dutch
Another infestation it seems. I hope Stratfords pest control department is a bit better than Totnum's.
Arsenal are pathetic and a joke. As one contributor to Le Grove put it: 'The spuddies are going to dance on our heads'. Believe me, it's gonna be like a John Travolta movie out there. My god, if you think things are bad now you wait until Harry does a few more deals to bring in world class players in January while you evaporate again. You're about to reap a whirlwind as payment for your arrogance. You're in a serious trouble, the tide has turned. To imagine that it would come to the day WHEN WE HAVE AN EX-ARSENAL CAPTAIN INSPIRING US TO CHAMPS LEAGUE GLORY WHILE THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS HOPE WE'LL LOSE!!!! Perfect.
Tony Rocky Horror
Not like the spuds to shout the odds before an event is it? Over the last 50 years their annual predictions of their imminent glory, unassailable superiority and dominance of world football have proved so accurate that surely it would be foolish to dismiss their current bullishness (in contrast to their half time posts last weekend) as just more delusion wouldn't it?
jabbatheyid, considering we've conceded less goals than at this stage last season, no, we're actually not. Using Le Grove as a respresentative sample of Arsenal fans is like using the National Front as a benchmark for the British voter. TRH just reminds me of one of those nutters, standing on street corners with his sandwich board yielding the apocalypse. Midnight tonight apparently. Except when it doesn't happen, he turns up in the same spot a week later saying the same thing. Any day now, the four horsemen are nigh. Prosperity is just around the corner. I haven't seen any posts on here talking about Totnum, whether they win, lose or dance the wa-tootsy. We're not bothered about you. You obsess over us.
Little Dutch
I hear Stratford are preparing contingency plans after 2012 to assist in moving on an anticipated increase on matchdays of spuds to be found sitting on benches shouting at buses and/or pigeons.
I love all this show of artificial intelligence...the difference, Little Dutch and Amos, between a rut and the grave is the depth....Le Arse is in a rut and the wheel is well and truly stuck in it...the question will now be, "is the wheel going to come off"? can eulogise and wax lyrical as much as you can use your plummy language till your blue in the face....the bottom line is your ****e...and by the way you got a local government hand out to build the emeroids stadium ...we on the other hand are prepared to pay for ours with our own money... so you can shove your peasants talking to bus shelters and pidgeons idiom up your orifice cos your the one's on the council Housing benefits hand out not us...a tout a l'heure my little french monkeys
OyVeh Maria
So sorry to labour the point, but if we're six feet under and you're four points below us, where does that put you? It seems North London wanted to keep us, but it isn't too keen on keeping you. Can't blame them.
Little Dutch
At least, to no one's surprise, you haven't bothered to show any intelligence Maria - artificial or otherwise. You can't pay for your stadium that's why Levy's handing round the begging bowl to see who'll cough up while putting himself on the council list for affordable housing in Stratford. No point blaming us because we had the foresight, means and ambition to invest early. The problem you have now is the one you always get when you're forever having to play catch up. Too little too late. Anyway who's really interested in talking about the spuds - go shout at your own bus stop.
Silly, pathetic little Arsenal fans. As usual rising to the taunts of those with a superior intellect. We dont care about your stadium, your french baguettes or even that your manager is a kiddie fiddler...we just find it amusing that you are all exactly the same. Mindless, gullible, simple little pikeys with a superiority complex because you now play an inferior version of the same attractive football that we invented over 50 years ago. Go on little Frenchies, return to your reclusive tin sheds and watch the re-runs of seasons gone by when you may have commanded a titter of respect from your fellow man...Ooh La La my BonBon Jambons!!
It's not true that you don't care about us though is it! It seems like you care about little else and that we are the single most important thing about your support of your club. If we weren't you just wouldn't be here. It's not like we're over at your place shouting through your letterbox is it? You're the ones here listening in and getting huffy because you're not hearing the love you want. If you weren't so pathetically needy we wouldn't matter to you and we'd never hear from you. Now that's what makes you the truly pathetic little fans.
Amos, LD, you got the public money at the time, because your directors were waving their red begging bowl to Labour Govt. (again red colour as their party!!) who were spending money without any fiscal prudence. Now the world and UK especially, is suffering financially, (partly thanks to G Brown and friends, selling Uk's gold reserves etc.) see if AFC could get the same deal... I would say you will not be successful... At least THFC has £400m and Levy is rightly refusing to be stiched up by a Labour Council who would have difficulty managing a childs pocket money...
Block D Spurs
We wouldn't get the same deals now that much is certain but Arsenal didn't have to go to the government to beg for anything. Those development funds were available to any number of enterprises at the time. But that isn't Levy's biggest problem. He just doesn't have the £400mn or anything like it. It was enormously difficult for us to borrow the money 5 years ago in a very different banking and finance environment to that which exists today - we had to halt building for a year because we'd run out of money. It was private finance that would've made the Emirates possible or not, not government grants. It's the problems of obtaining private finance on what is not really a tremendously strong balance sheet that is Levy's biggest problem now - and it probably isn't do-able now for a good many years which is why the Stratford option is so attractive to him - and may be the only option he has.
Well spurs do have a wealthy (£500m) owner in Joe Lewis, and his Hedge Fund associates can easily raise the private funds, using the gearing up method. ALso a rights issue on the London Stock Exchange will raise another few millions. So we are set for £400m +
Block D Spurs
Block D Spurs, one doesn't need to work in the City to know that your WHL redevelopment plan with Haringey Council is dead in the water. Joe Lewis and Levy are beancounters not sugar daddies. Enjoy your move to Stratford.
Some spurs fans simply don't realise the complexity of their situation in terms of stadium development at WHL. They still have to obtain consent from the Mayor, with opposition on transportation grounds and onerous planning permission conditions. They also need to compulsory purchase properties around the site, as well as other related problems while raising an enormous amount of finance (current estimate £480m and rising) in difficult times. All this has to be done within a certain time frame if they are to comply with FIFA's impending financial regulations. It took Arsenal years to put everything together, which is what Levy and Co are beginning to appreciate.
Wyn Mills
see you in the knockouts you hope
We sincerely hope you qualify from your Europa League group.
One of our biggest hurdles late on in the development process was the EarthRights group. Even when the CPOs etc have been signed off, local residents will more than likely deploy Earth Rights, who independently evaluate the validity of stadium building, both environmentally and in terms of a new stadium's value to local business, jobs etc. Even when you get everything signed off, these guys can, at the very least, hold you up for a couple of years. No such obstacle will exist with your social housing plan in Stratford.
Little Dutch
And the Emirates is built on industrial land between two railway corridors. Imagine the environmental objections coming their way once the true logistics of trying to crowbar a huge crowd venue into a poorly connected high street become better known. It will cost Spurs much much more than the price of the actual stadium to get this off the ground.
Wyn Mills

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