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YES! At Last!

There's no need to discuss the main talking points in the match, there's time for that with Mr Stillman tomorrow, no, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the result.

We don't even need to take into account the implications on the title race or the three points we just won, because for the loyal fans of Arsenal Football Club, tonight is a night to simply bask in the glow of a long needed victory and a stunning performance over Chelsea for what feels like eternity.

There was a time when Chelsea couldn't win against us, but the arrival of Roman Abramovich put paid to that, and despite one or two (I can seriously only remember one) results over our fellow London rivals, we have been second best for the large part of five years. Embarrassed, out muscled and out played at every turn.

Add to that mix that we've struggled to beat Man Utd in that time, hell even Spurs have cobbled a couple of results together against us. In the Champions League, in the Premiership, in the cup competitions, we've been outed as big time bottlers time and again, and it hurt.

So tonight is extra sweet, 3-1 against Chelsea, who let's not forget are the reigning Champions, is a massive result, and the performance was immense. John Djourou (my man of the match) and Koscielny were dominant in the air, they kept Drogba quiet, the full backs worked incredibly hard as did Song, Wilshere and Walcott.

It's hard to put together a cohesive article together right now as a mixture of unbridled joy, illness and Jim Beam blend together to make a quite unique feeling.

So I'll leave you with the comments section for you to post about this incredible performance at a time when we needed it the most.


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 27 2010

Time: 10:07PM

Your Comments

Djourou was sublime today. He surely has to be first choice from now on.
You'll bashed us. We made some errors & you'll were good enough to punish us. All the best for the rest of the season.
Cheers Zeenut. To be fair to you (and to us) I think the pressure we put on you helped in the making of the mistakes. We played well at the Bridge and still lost, today we were ruthless, and from an Arsenal standpoint it was a thing of beauty!
AT least you got the fact that Djourou should be man of the match, he held back drogba. Had i been in walcott's positions for goals 2 & 3 i would have scored.
Mia Maynard
Un ******** believable.. Finally!
I loved Walcott's comment to Geoff Shreeves when he asked about his assist for Cesc's goal, he said "Well we play a lot of FIFA together so it was a simple "x" ... lol ... I personally would have pressed "a" but I'm not that good at the game.
Point taken, Rocky. Yes, the pressure contributed to the errors. Not sure if you'll can pip RedNose, but do give it your best shot. As for us, i'll watch the next few matches with Lampard back & decide if we can come back again this season. For now, i still see us retain a top 4 finish, but not competing for top honours.
AW choosing Djourou for this game turned out be a very good decision. He kept a tight leash on Drogba and won a lot of balls in the air and made atleast 3 very crucial interceptions. JD has done enough to start the next few games as well.
Given this season ZN - I wouldn't be suprised if we won it, hell, I wouldn't be suprised if Blackpool won it. Crazy season. Seriously, one result won't make us champions, but it stands us in better stead than if we hadn't got three points.
Diaby and Rosicky could have done better in keeping the ball and taking their scoring chances when they came on but that would be needless nitpicking. Crucial win today and kudos to the team and manager.
Who was that tall, bald bloke who came on for Theo?
rocky... X is in ps3, A in xbox... congrats on the win... as for us, it will be a fight for the fourth! oh how times have changed! :(
but tbh, we lost it in games against sunderland, bham, everton and spurs... we dropped 10 points in those games... 2 easy wins on paper and 2 easy wins on the day (everton late equaliser and spurs penalty fail)...
Congratulations on your win. All the best.
The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine even brighter; still a long way to go but this win wow well done team well done go you gunners. I think Ces was upset at coming off that shows where is heart is.
Rocky I would maybe have used "L1 + A" in Xbox for a little dinked through pass. Not that it matters. Its a brilliant win. We were the better side from start to finish and its a highly deserved victory for us. Lets just bask in the glow of it for a couple of days and then move on to Wigan. Absolutey delighted by the win. And did you see the whole team jumping on each other for the celebration of the goals. Thats the spirit we want in this team. Everyone playing for each other and if we continue playing like we did today we should come really close to winning the title this season.
Well I commented on on a different website that we could not afford starting with AA as he may conjure up 5 minutes of good to magic performance and me anonymous for 85 and we could not afford that as a team like Chelsea would slaughter us in the other 85 as we would be essentially playing with 10 men because AA could not defend to safe his life and putting Nasri out there did give Clicy the shield he needed.
alwaysgunner,I think Cesc was upset at a foul committed by one of the Chelsea ****s on one of our players at the time of him being taken off. I think his disappointed expression had nothing to do with being subbed
LRF....LOL. I had a feeling tonight we would get a result. All of the talk in the media had been predicting an easy Chelsea win....and football can be a funny game. To be fair when we have Nasri, Fab and RVP fit (at the same time!) I don't think anyone including the media should underestimate us! Haven't been able to watch the game, so had to mine numbingly press refresh on BBC sport for 90 odd mins. Where can I see the highlights anyone??
gunnerman, go to for the goals
And Cesc is slowly coming back to his best along with RvP also I thought that Jack had a very good game. As for Fab over Scezzy in goal I think that was the wrong decision as Scezzy showed enough in the cauldron at OT to prove that he can handle any game.
fair play to you k.chelski!
Theo's goal registered a 10 on the bundle factor! What a performance from the boys the pressing was outstanding. Song and Jack dominated midfield and gave a platform for our little Magician to play, Theo kept Cashley pushed well back, well played Mr Wenger. Chelsea look shot but I fancy they will be back this season if they get everyone fully fit but without a cash injection from a billionaire their dominance looks over.
I completely agree Armory. Nasri was a threat going forward as well as a more effective shield than Arshavin. gunnerman76, when the team lineups were announced I was optimistic as well because the first team today had a lot of great qualities - mobility, work rate, ball control, movement and creativity. I am not surprised we beat Chelsea because we played close to our potential.
Deltaforce also has the highlights if you want gunnerman
You played very very very very very well tonight. Apart from trying to pass the ball in the net and not shooting which frustrates me you were excellent. Keep it up and you can win this league.
Congrats guys, your team were worth their win today. If you play this way, hey who knows... you may just show Fab that Barca aren't all they are cut out to be.
I have to say that the Chelsea fans coming here to night are a credit to their club. It makes a pleasant difference from the scum down the road. So thank you M4C,K.Chelski and ZN.
chelsea's strength is their left hand side. Shutdown Cole Malouda and Drogba and chelsea will look like Hull City
TPowell/E=GOD......Cheers lads ;)....I think I will have to hit replay a few times :) Deltaforce...100% right. I have always believed with a full strength team and bench, playing to our potential....then really not many teams will be able to beat us. We have been very unlucky in recent seasons with injury's. All of a sudden we have RVP, Nasri, Fab, Chamakh, AA, Wilshire and walcott all fit. When have we ever had that!? Our options in midfield at the moment (on paper) are quite frightening. Bring on Barca! Respect to the Chelsea fans that are gracious in defeat.
Cheers to Chelsea fans..
On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me.........
well done to the arsenal...really played to your pottential and outclassed us in all departments...lets hope you can now show more consistency as we all know you have great pllayers, staff and the fans to go and finally win the league...good luck boys!!
ps i take all my criticism of theo back...was a delight to watch tonight against one of the worlds best left backs..
LRF - That baffles me a little. Why would a millionaire PL footballer purposely buy a PS3 over a 360? :P
Cheers EDB... btw, Rosicky hitting the upright in stoppage time (regardless of offside flag) is either a good sign that he's getting closer to finding the back of the net or irrefutable proof that he may never ever ever score again in an arsenal shirt. I fear the latter.
Why AW WHY?he only got few minutes and hit the upright so he was in my opinion unlucky, we all know that he can score if given a good team to play in and in all fairness many times this season he has been one of the most senior players even though we all know he is a second string.
Armory, I desperately want to agree with you and relegate it to bad luck but I just can't recall the last time he scored (home against Bolton last year maybe?)
Congrats lads - you were quality today and well deserved the points. Hope you go on and win it.
I recommend this site for highlights: Fair play to you gracious Chelsea fans!
AW Rosicky has either been injured or second choice player for the last 3 years. I remember him destroying Liverpool at their own home some years back but the problem was he got injured and was out for almost 2 seasons. Give him a run in a successful Arsenal team for few weeks and he will show you what he is capable of.
Very well played lads. You always start well but will you end well?
well done arsenal, u deserved to win and in truth a win was just around the corner for a few games now against us. whether this will lead to the premiership at season's end is another question. credit where credit's due, so well done.
Well played fellas........finally after 5 years u guys win against us, Congrats for that........
5 years?? In what world was that? It's 2 years since we last beat you as we did also a year before that. We have performed as well in previous games against Chelsea - the big difference this time was in the result.
It was a completely well deserved win. I didnt have any hopes before the game, but my belief slowly increased during the 1st half. It helped that Chelsea were a bit cautious, and they didnt really play well, but a lot of that credit goes to the mid field trio of Song, Wilshere and Cesc. Djourou was outstanding and has slowly established himself as 1st choice, which was very different from the doubts I had earlier this season. He has really improved with regular playing time.
Well done to my Goonz! My man of the match has to be Koscielny. He had The Drog is his pocket all game, but, fair play to all of our defenders as a collective unit coz they never lost their shape. The offsides against Chelsea are a telling statistic. They complimemnted and read each other well. It really has been a long time since our defence performed like that. On another note, fair play to the Chelsea fans commenting on here - gracious in defeat. Unlike some other guys from across town..
e dubbz
i only wish chelsea were more like arsenal... to play the right way, back their youth, have a new stadium to back self sufficiency. and even when arsenal do lose; atleast they can leave the stadium knowing that they saw champaign football as well as knowing that the team is still developing and a board not randomly sacking a fan favouriite assistant manager, cheers , mr. chelsea
Well done lads. Great win for your lot. Had to come eventually I guess but great win all the same. Ah :(
well played arsenal i didnt think you had it in you.but you made chelsea look like tired old men.and you stopped the 3 chelsea thugs cole terry and lampard from bossing you.good reward for arsene wengers faith .but im sorry to say we will have to bring you back to earth with a bump at the dw of luck for the rest of the season after wednesday
johnney handsome
We have beaten Chelsea in the league in 3 of the last 4 seasons dunno where that 5 years stat came from? This was by far our best performance against them, made them look old. Big game at Wigan now, Cesc suspended and little time for rest.
Iceman - Cesc definitely suspended?
Yep its on Amazing he was booked really given Terry wasn't booked for running round the pitch like some kind of human mower and was in the refs ear like Ricky Ponting on speed.
Oh well, the forced absence may be just as well because, whilst he needs to get his match fitness up, I'm not sure playing 48 hours later is the way to do it. It's actually ridiculous that we have to play 48 hours later given our opponents have had an extra day's rest.
Thanks Chelsea fans - very gracious! I think 5 years in the wilderness has made everyone fall soft on us a little bit ... lol ... here's hoping we can get back to everyone hating us again by May!
The team were completely up for it yesterday. That was the difference. We hunted the ball down. Pressing was excellent. I also thought RVP made a huge difference to our ability to make the ball stick upfield, and was all aggressive skill. (Chamakh by comparison was a little lethargic when he came on). This is the way we need to approach each match. If we can keep everyone fit and the belief high we have a decent shot. We might even surprise Barca if we can play to that intensity.
Wyn Mills
Well done Arsenal, totally outplayed us. We haven't got a chance of winning the title now so i hope u go on to win it.
Wilshere continues to impress. I thought he shackled Lampard yesterday. An 18 year old kid! I have high hopes for young Jack. He has the potential to be as good if not better than Fabregas. If Diaby, with his physique, showed half as much drive and ambition he'd be a world beater.
Wyn Mills
Jack is growing game by game. He really is going to be a world class player.
Wilshere is a continental style midfielder in the mould of Xavi and ineista. Very unusual to have an ENGLISH midfielder in that mould, but I guess we have AW to thank a little for that. When you think of the typical English midfielder....Lampard, Gerrard, Barry, Ince etc...etc. All very powerful direct players. A reason why England have lacked creativity in the middle for many years. I have no doubt that Wilshere will be one of the best players in the world of his generation, and he is Arsenal through and through!

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