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Team News: Arsenal v. Leeds

Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Eboue, Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Song, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner

Arsenal Bench: Fabianski, Clichy, Miquel, Fabregas, Vela, Walcott, Ramsey

Leeds XI: Schmeichel, Connolly, O'Brien, Bruce, Parker, Snodgrass, Howson, Johnson, Watt, Gradel, Becchio

Leeds Bench: Collins, Paynter, Higgs, Hughes, Bromby, Somma, McCormack

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 8 2011

Time: 12:26PM

Your Comments

Too many players have been ***** poor. We could very well go out today.
Er just got home, hope we'll play better in second half.
Can't say I agree that players have been poor, GK. Leeds has just come out to give it a right go and our lads realized they were in a cup game, only late in the game. It can only get better in the 2nd half. I only hope we don't have to make changes involving the likes of Cesc or Theo who need the rest.
Too narrow. Too predictable. Lacking any sort of leadership or willingness to take the game by the scruff of the neck.
....Besides, their keeper has kept them in the game. Good cup tempo to the game.
Patience is required in a game as this. Leeds has not exactly parked the bus but they do defend in numbers.
Penalty..... against us. What was Deni thinking there?
What we can't have is a replay back at Leeds.
I actually thought Song did okay... But it's a tactical move I suppose. Hope Cesc can turn the game around.
Oh well
A tactical move.....increase creative force of the team since Leeds will be more difficult to break down now.
Arshavin.. is having a proper stinker
True Sajit, if you can see past just how atrocious Bendtner & Denilson have been.
This is turning into some story for Leeds, isn't it?
Obviously, Denilson and NB have been ***** too. Not denying that at all. The only person who I think can come off with some sort of respect is Gibbs and Szczesny and Djourou.
These commentary is so biased, it is unbelievable!
Er not sure if that's a pen... Don't think so from what I saw on TV. But then the earlier claim (around 70 mins) when Nick was fouled in the box was stronger and wasn't given. Ah these things are strange..
I didn't watch the first half... how's Nick doing? He looks so rusty that it's unbelievable..
I can't recall any header he put on target... Nick I mean.
I think an extra game would be good for the likes of Nb, Denilson etc. They are clearly out of their depths.
It's back to Elland road, then.
Get out of jail card
Nick missed quite a few sitters today. Goonerlou, Theo was pulled back; surely, that was a pen.
We were lucky and Leeds were excellent.
I actually thought Chamakh did better than Nick but then Nick did work hard, but absolutely nothing came off, such was his form today. So much for moaning about warming the bench. Den almost redeemed himself with that strike, great save from Schmeichel Junior!
On the positives, Szszesny, Gibbs and Djourou did well, Eboue and Song quite well. That's all I can say from the second half really..
hes feckin abysmal lou, still in it which is all that matters full strength at elland rd please, still happy with the strikers Arsene? cos with Cham & Arsh off the boil, an erratic Walcott and a pony Bendtner it looks awfully tempting to not wait until the summer for Hazard and watch our season fall away, let's invest in some new blood and give your squad a boost eh?
GoonerLou: Eboue did well? Not for me. Went to ground probably five times in the first half, when he by all accounts could've stayed on his feet and kept the ball! He also did his usual out-of-position-stroll-back several times throughout the match. Eboue was incredibly irritating for me today, he had an arrogant and sloppy match.
Abysmal is right. Also apparently Carlos Vela came on for Rosicky. News to me because I never saw him on the pitch.
AA is ***** at the moment and has not a defensive know how at all and is a liability. I can forgive that when he is scoring and playing well in attack but quite frankly we could have left him in the dressing room at half time and played probably better and I can't for the life of me understand why Wenger doe's play him from the start. Use him as a sub when we are cruising with 2 or more goal lead and that way he could come back into shape.
And I agree about Eboue he was crap.
Obviously playing another game is going to take its toll, but playing away from home is not going to make a difference, from my TV is sounded as if the away support we in the majority for the whole game. The defense was decent but the midfield and attack today was very poor. Anyways credit to Leeds, they put Man Citeh to shame.
If Bendtner & Denilson were out of their depth at our place how on earth do you think they'll fare at Elland Rd? No thanks. Few things are more painful then watching NB out on the right wing so if he has to play can we please play him where he's supposed to be? Still cracking tie today, way too feckin early to plough through a pack of 10 though, coughing ectoplasm here.
Eboue did ok, I thought AA had a decent first half but visibly flagged in the 2nd his fitness level must be the lowest in the squad, gibbo must be relieved to finally make it through a 90 and looked sharp, song was imperious as ever as was Djourou, I have to say though Chamakh is the main worry for me if his goals dry up as is currently the case we're a bit fwcked really.
I didn't watch the first half, found Eboue in the 'acceptable' range as Den, AA and Bendtner were far worse from what I saw in the second half. Take you guys' point about him rolling around, yeah, sigh..
I think the majority of the players in this team showed why they don't start too many games. Djourou was by far our best player today imo.
Gun 'Em Down
Quality-wise we indeed have the best squad in the league, dare I say. But today's performance explains why with such a great squad we're still trying to catch Utd and City in the league - the squad players are good but don't put in good enough performances consistently enough.
I thought it was a cracking first half, two sides going at it hammer and tongs, compared with the pathetic dross that was the oil mercenaries on wednesday, Grayson combined defensive solidity with fleet countering and can be proud of his side, Leeds support were the loudest I've heard down the grove for a good time we kinda woke up on going behind.
Brilliant cup tie! Leeds fans were fantastic and their team put on a great show for them unlike some other teams we have seen at the Grove recently. If Bendtner is our go to guy when we want to rest the wide players then Arsene saying the squad is strong enough is BS. A lot of poor performances out there today but were in the draw and that's all I care about to be honest.
Warning: I am going to be critical, so those who dislike any negative comments please skip to the nest post. For me the difference Fabregas made when he came on was extraordinary. You could see even after we’d equalised how much he was encouraging and driving the team on. Contrast and compare with Rosicky, who was largely anonymous throughout his time on the field. I really don’t understand why Wenger treats the captain’s armband so lightly and fails to grasp the importance of on-the-field leadership. The lackadaisical attitude that permeates a number of players at this club is truly worrying. That we have to go behind to up the ante illustrates a true lack of motivation for me. Some of the excellent pressing we’ve seen in recent matches appeared to have been left behind in the dressing room...again. The Leeds penalty can be traced very precisely back to Eboue’s half-hearted challenge for the ball on the right. Poor as we were this was going to be the only way that Leeds were going to score, but we somehow contrived to hand them that opportunity on a plate. As Cesc said about Denilson’s abject penalty after the match, at this level of professionalism you simply do not give away a spot kick like that. Denilson’s challenge was lazy and arrogant. In common with Bendtner, Eboue, Rosicky, and Arshavin, Denilson lives in some kind of parallel universe where he believes he does not have to give 100% to win. Sheer belief in his own superior skill is enough. Leeds looked good because they realised they had a chance and upped their effort. We needed to go a goal down to do this, despite having a second string on the field that should be busting a gut to prove to the manager that they should be in the starting 11. The performance up to the introduction of Cesc was frankly shoddy. I’m finding it hard to believe that all these teams who come to the Emirates have world class defences but it must be the reason why we have so few shots on goal. Its team attitude that stinks for me. It’s been great recently, but today it was poor, arrogant and sloppy. Millionaires with snoods. No-one should be surprised if we get turned over at Elland Road if we go up there with the same attitude.
Wyn Mills
I dunno Wynn I think we did well in the 1st half and started well in the 2nd half then got undone by a couple of brain farts, I don't think for once a team complacency more just individual error. I think we pressed and chased the ball pretty well and I'm sure the Leeds players would say the same. Denilson seems to have learnt no lessons in that dept though as early in the 1st he made no attempt and gave up tracking his man jogging back with all the urgency of a sunday stroll. What is glaringly obvious to me is that you can rotate a good few players but if you leave out both cesc and nasri then believe we will struggle to create, if cesc is rested then nas must start and vice versa, this is one juggling act Wenger needs to get right for us to get anything out of this season.
Wyn Mills, we tried long before we went a goal down but there just wasn't enough creativity. For Arsenal to play well, people have to be on the same wavelength, running in tandem, moving in unison. Today none of that was there. The tempo was up there but tempo without cohesion is a waste of energy, and possession. It wasn't so much a lack of leadership or a lackadaisical approach to the game, but a case of too many underperforming players, playing together. There was so much rust out there the cog wheels couldn't churn properly. Most of those players are in desperate need of match sharpness and Rosicky was not as bad as people are making out. He didn't have the same movement around him and Arshavin was just terrible today. It wasn't cockiness, the stats don't lie, we were dominant in that game but lacked a cutting edge.
Niko, apart from Arshavin's one-on-one and a goal-mouth scramble, we mustered few chances in the first half. If I were the Leeds manager I would have been happy with that. But what really got me was the lack of motivation and drive from midfield. I can only put that down to attitude and leadership. These players can't be tired. We're playing at home in the FA cup. The team only woke up when we went behind.
Wyn Mills
That's pretty much my point re cesc and nas Wynn, whenever i see a side start without either I know we're going to struggle to create, I agree keplaz that Rosicky did ok but he for me lacks the incisive vision and directness that the aforementioned duo provide. If we continue to start with neither then it's days like today and at Wigan all the way.
lol at the breaking news to the right "the joylessness of supporting a big club" by sp*rs - poor lambs! begs the question 'how the feck would they know?' Poor lonely cocky horror and his hunchbacked remedial drongos, gnarly fingers hovering over their keyboards with glee until Cesc blasted it in.
The dig at Chelsea will ignite a war though. ;0)
Wyn Mills
Give them a break Niko, soon to be the biggest club in Stratford so maybe that counts?
Gotta luv Chelsea, trying to do things the Arsenal way and run with a few youth players in the squad and it's going tits up. Internet Protests demanding the Russian spends another 150m or so or gets out!
He'll spend another 150 mill alright, just won't be in this country nope the toy is slowly making it's way to the back of the cupboard - it'll be on demand from Putin to pump it into mother Russia to sort out the infrastructure before 8 years is up
Chelseas' situation is interesting though in all seriousness, the main talking point being how much higher can Ancelottis dancing eyebrow leap? It's barely part of his face any more, one more loss and it's escape to freedom for that furry little fella.
I know Theo is an honest kid but there are things you don't say. Waht are the odds he'll ever get a penalty again?
wtf?? good feckin grief. He's such a feckin soft lad, I bet he used to run to the lifeguard to own up when accidentally farting in the swimming pool.
LOL. He should get in trouble for that or at least extra media coaching. He might turn into the next Andy Johnson after this, if the refs read too much into what he said.
Unbelievable! He could be dragged before the FA for contempt, surely? You don't come out and say that.
Wyn Mills
Theo, say you felt a tug and it pulled you a little off balance and you may have gone down a little easily. Don't say you dived FFS! Duh!
Wyn Mills
How anyone can class Eboue's display as acceptable is beyond me, he was the worst of a very poor lot. I honestly saw him sprint once and that was when the ball was out of play and he went to give the ref an ear bashing. There were some poor displays and we stand accused of thinking we could win the game in second gear, but 3 players really stunk the place out. Arshavin- if the ball doesn't come exactly to your little toe. it doesn't mean you still can't get it. Eboue- summed up his season, played the whole game at walking pace. This whole, ironic, funny ha-ha cult status has gone right to his head, he's been poor in every game he's played this year. Denilson- peee-uuuuw, stunk the gaff out. Poor touch, slow to pick players up (him and Eboue could have stopped the Leeds attack long before they got their penalty). Chamakh and Djourou can hold their heads high, Bendtner tried but with little service (both the headers he missed were the result of him running from impossible positions to win the headers in the first place whilst his team mates just stood and watched). Cesc changed it when he came on. A poor display and in trying to be flippant and win the game in second gear, we've given ourselves a lot more work to do via a replay. We got out of jail today in our worst performance of the season so far.
Little Dutch
I must say I thought it was a stonewall pen but fair play for what Walcott has said, a man's integrity means a great deal and if he feels remorse for diving, fair play to him for having the balls to say it.
Little Dutch
I think our no show at old trafford and the humiliating capitulation to sp*rs were infinitely worse performances LD. I think you may also have been sporting the ol rose tinted Bendtner specs today again too mate, if George Graham was stroller then in Bendtner we have lolloper, arrogantly chewing his gum and fluffing his lines at every opportunity like a choking lead in an amateur dramatic production of titanic, simply horrific. And I just can't agree with you over Walcott if you've transgressed given the crap the media take great delight in leathering us with you owe it to the team to swallow the shame and shut the feck up and move on, there's one thing saying it to the oppo player and even the ref after the game and another thing entirely to feed the jackals of the media their piece of flesh. In the words of Captain Mainwaring 'stupid boy'
I've also been accused of having Denilson tinted specs on, but I haven't shied away from giving him a hiding. Bendtner didn't play well, but he tried and was playing out of position. That's more than I can say of Eboue, Arshavin and Denilson. Bendtner tried to make things happen, they just didn't. I'd bet money NB52 covered more ground than either AA or Eboue today. I think I am right in saying Bendtner had more attempts at goal than any other player, so he can't have been strolling too much. With Walcott, I can only repeat the sentiment, a man's integrity should mean more to him than any journalist's poisoned pen or any Machiavelian machination. If he knows he did wrong, I applaud him for admitting it rather than covering it and making himself every bit as deplorable as as every Thatcher fed, Machiavelian "greed is good" advocate. There's a good line in To Kill a Mocking Bird that says "a man's conscience is the only thing that won't abide by majority rule." Hear, hear.
Little Dutch
If you'd had denilson tinted specs on today chances are you'd be accompanied by a guide dog too ;) We'll have to agree to disagree over Wally then, sometimes there are greater things at stake than oneself and ones insurmountable urge to purge guilt. Be it family or loved ones sometimes white lies are just a necessary evil. The name of Arsenal football club has suffered just so a naive wet wipe can sleep easy after being tucked in tonight, it's sadly typical in my view of the (albeit unconscious)divisive importance placed on self instead of team and club that's all too apparant within squad members.
Bendtners saving grace is he should never be playing wide ever. Added to the players LD mentioned I have to ask what Rosicky is nowadays?
I mean theres just some things that you just don't need to make public, see a friggin priest if it pains you so much. Like I would never dream of making public the time I took the tube the morning after a solid guinness session eased out what i thought was a crafty fart only to fill my drawers with a pint of semi stout. oh balls I've just walcotted haven't I?
Wyn Mills
I haven't read the link or story but I'd imagine Walcott was referring to the penalty shout that wasn't given, anyway. So, why he should have the need to speak is beyond me. As for the pen that was given, he was definitely pulled back and couldn't do much but go to ground.
I'm really glad people here have picked up on Eboue's performance because I thought it was just me being hard on him. His performance was borderline disgraceful. He was playing far too casually both attacking and defensively. I mean, what is the point of him if he can't do the basics of being a good right back? Rosicky did okay, I just think he likes to play one pass too many at times. But I have to agree with Niko and say without one of Cesc and Nasri (and I'd add RvP), we can't do much going forward. Arshavin is just hugely frustrating at the moment. So much to offer, but not delivering. Whenever he plays you can see the full back being vulnerable. Finally, for me, as well as Fabianski has done, Sczesney needs to be our No 1.
I pretty much guarantee he'll be no1 before the seasons' end Vin.

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