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Wenger is Coach of the Decade!

A decade of annual polling for the position of the World's Best Coach of the 1st Decade of the 21st century carried out by the IFFHS (La Fédération Internationale de l'Histoire du Football et des Statistiques) has ended with Arsene Wenger being crowned as the best ahead of Sir Alex and Mourinho.

Each year between 2001 and 2010 jurors from many different countries have voted internationally and despite never winning an annual poll Arsene's consistency in maintaining Arsenal competing at the top level every year has put him ahead of his peers on the decade's tally. The IFFHS is an organization of historical and statistical studies on football founded in 1984 in Germany. As an acknowledged source, recognised and supported by FIFA, it has developed what it claims to be a sophisticated and scientific system of calculating the best performances achieved by players or coaches over specific time periods and presents its club and national coach and other awards annually. Those coaches winning annual awards over the last decade have been more than happy to accept them and Arsene will be presented with his award at the World Football Gala 2011 to be held in May.

A total of 176 coaches from 50 countries have appeared in the polling over the 10 years. Only 3 Englishmen featured in this time with Roy Hodgson ranked highest in 92nd place. Sir Alex Ferguson came in a close 2nd with Jose Mourinho 3rd. As with all ranking systems the methodology used can be challenged but as an indication of Wenger's influence on the game over this last decade it's a satisfying achievement nonetheless.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 11 2011

Time: 8:00AM

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It's gotta be Ferguson.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 05:53:00

As statistics look to play such a large part in this award it's not just about the silverware you've won as a manager it seems but the outlay you've spent to achieve your clubs' standing playing a large part. Pretty damn impressive accolade though and at the same time pretty damning indictment of the state of English management with Hodgson the highest at 92nd. Where was the tax dodger? Did he scrape top 100?
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:35:00

Well I think he is! He has won trophies within this decade you know! Plus the Incredibles side was an AWESOME team. But factoring all things into consideration, Arsene has done a job, which under the same circumstances, no other manager could have matched. Well done - consistency at a top level delivered and a world class stadium and facilities all at the same time.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:41:00

Though tbf it does sound a very ahem french award lol. I'm sure if the award was called the 'ere son top, top banana, on me 'ead, get stuck in but he's not that type of player' award an Englishman may've featured more prominently.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:43:00

Fully deserved, one of the greatest club managers of all time. A true visionary who has left his mark on the game of football as whole.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:45:00

The invincibles weren't bad either Julie ;)
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:53:00

ALthough Dash was faster than Henry :)
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 08:55:00

It's good to see Wenger's fellow professionals recognising what Arsene Wenger has done for our club, I guess they realise that being a manager is a lot more complex than just winning trophies. Great stuff. That said I've always maintained that Alex Ferguson is the best "coach" in the world, whilst Arsene Wenger is the best "manager" in the world. Ol' Purple Nose is second to none when it comes to coaching a football team, but Wenger runs this club from top to bottom, and to keep us in the CL every year, whilst moving stadiums and keep the amazing youngsters coming through and playing beautiful football at the same time is no mean feat. Congratulations to Mr Wenger!
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 09:06:00

AW has proved over the last decade that he is more than just the manager of our football squad. His imprint spans the entire philosophy of AFC. The way we develop players, the type of players we purchase, the way we train those players, the way we play, the way we balance our budget, how we come across in the public domain and finally where we play our football. Our training ground at London Colney as well as the successful move to Ashburton Grove were partly possible because of AW. I doff my hat to the man.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 09:12:00

The truth is this last decade no coach has improved a football club more than Wenger at Arsenal. He has also made the improvement with constraints and kept the club competitive, you only need look at Liverpool to see what an achievement this is. He has taken us to the next level in terms of our standing in European club football, now its time to kick on and build on his achievements.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:02:00

On a side note Arry won Ford Chigwell branch, salesman of the century. I think you will all join me in congratulating him for this triffic achievement.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:06:00

Compare the Arsenal of the end of the 20th century to now. We couldn't get out of our CL group in 1998 and 1999. Now we're flippant about being in the last stages. In 2000 we were playing to 38,000 and had only just purchased our own training ground having previously rented off of a university until the very lasy weeks of the 20th Century. The management of resources and the players he has brought on have all been mentioned above, but if you accept that Red Nose did most of his progressive work in the 90s (and has excellently fed off that work in the last decade) it's true to say no manager has done more to transform an entire club this decade than Wenger. As with Feguson in the 90s, the true fruits of that groundwork will survive well into the next decade too.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:14:00

Nice Iceman. lol. It would be interesting to see where all the clubs who've built new stadiums in the last ten years or so are currently fairing, because they usually drop like a stone (Man City's council house does not count). To my mind there's only Arsenal who have kept relitively close to the top of their game after a big move. Changing stadiums should not be taken for granted, it's a massive task.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:14:00

You only have to look at Southampton to see how a new stadium can go pretty pear for a club.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:23:00

As well as Derby, Coventry, Middlesbrough, Sunderland were up and down for a few years and have only recently stabilised as a top division club. It's true that these clubs weren't quite at our exalted level upon moving stadiums, but the point is, most of them dropped from mid level Premiership clubs to mid level Championship clubs (beyond in Soton's case). That we've stayed so stable is a feat I think we all take for granted.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 10:48:00

UnfortunateLY I don't think Arsene will truely be appreciated until he's no longer with us.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 11:28:00

Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 12:20:00

He deserved to win a few more trophies in that period. If it were not for abramovich or in my oppinion Eduardo's injury im sure we would of won 1-3 more titles, unlucky or luckless in finals to Galatasaray, Barcelona, Liverpool & Chelsea. No point thinking to much about what if though.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 12:53:00

What happened to Bolton after their move?
No 10
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 12:53:00

No.10, they went up the first season they moved, then they went straight down for a few years, before coming up again in 2001.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 13:05:00

Iceman, isn't that branch Ford's used car showroom?
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 14:21:00

Arry: Dunno what your talkin abart Delta, Id hardly say we sell used cars, I mean 1 careful owner stacking it on the M25 hardly means its been used does it?" "Any how whilst your here Ive got these genuine David Bikram shirts for sale interested?"
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 14:36:00

That is a faackeen football manager talking if I ever saw one iceman.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 15:01:00

Lot of idiots are sneering at this award saying wtf has he won recently. I'm surprised at the sheer good sense of this award-the obvious choices would be Ferguson or Mourinho because, as EVERYONE knows (because it's written in stone), in sport, the ONLY thing to look at is how many trophies you've won. Well, anyone looking from outside with a clear objective head, an intelligent understanding of history & context, will look at what AW has done at Arsenal and shake their heads in amazement. Quite simply: NO OTHER FOOTBALL MANAGER HAS DONE WHAT HE HAS MANAGED TO DO ALMOST SINGLEHANDEDLY WITH THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO HIM. You simply can't find a comparable example anywhere in the sport. You can find similar examples but not equivalent ones-not to the same degree and extent to what he has managed to do. Wenger has made Arsenal into a football giant on the global stage. He's made huge swaths of humanity turn their heads and take a look at a club (and sometimes at a country whose football they had previously had no interest in) they'd never heard of--and become not just admirers but supporters. I've tried to think of an equivalent of AW in South America or the USA, the two regions I know best - and I can't. Not in any sport. He's a very very unique man and sportsman. Ferguson is an extraordinary manager with strong gifts and far more successful. But he has not transformed Manchester United in the way Wenger has transformed Arsenal. Nor has he been limited by resources in the way AW has been. What's distinct about AW is that it's not easy to label or describe what he's done-it's a complex, multilayered story that words like "achievement" don't really suffice. Precisely because AW is so unique in what he's done at Arsenal & because that achievement has been so dramatic and global in its reach, because his impact goes beyond simple trophy counts, he fully deserves this award.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 15:54:00

And notice how the media has completely ignored this story?
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 15:55:00

The award was truly something that wasn't obvious. The criteria used in the award seemed to measure things which are not quantifiable. That is a fantastic post jaelle.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 16:16:00

Many of us, including me, have been guilty of taking Wenger for granted. Won't realize what you have till its gone. :(
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 16:41:00

Agree with all of you, great points above, nothing to add, just this: all hats off now!!
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 17:14:00

When was the last time he won the cup with a tiny team like Pompey? Redknapp rules.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 17:56:00

When was the last time he sent a team into financial ruin like Pompey? Wenger rules.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 18:04:00

Thanks for your wonderful insight Tony.....incredible that Pompey have managed to win that trophy more times than the spuds in the last 19 years, no wonder you signed the tax dodger up.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 18:17:00

If winning a cup with a tiny team was a prerequisite then Juande Ramos should've been in with a shout.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 18:49:00

a remarkable achievement for a remarkable manager. It isn't ONLY about the silverware, though if it's over 10 years Wenger hasn't been exactly dry, it's obviously about all the factors of being a manager and when you look at Wengers achievements over the years I think he is a worthy winner
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 18:54:00

Look, I'm not being nasty, but Wenger has basically turned a winning team into a team that never wins trophies. All things being equal Ferguson is the best; let's not forget United hadn't won the title for two decades when he arrived. Not disputing Wenger is up there. But the very best? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Ferguson IS the greatest manager of all time. Wenger would like to be.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 19:49:00

No point in getting drawn in to silly arguements with Spud supporters - let's just congratulate AW for his overall achievements, for getting the honour and be thankful that he is still here and showing no signs of leaving.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 20:52:00

Tony Rocky Numbnuts - it's Coach of the Decade, not of All Time.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 20:56:00

Arsene does deserve this honour for the good work he's done here. How many times have we heard other managers refer to the Arsenal way in glowing terms; even Harry used to drool about what Wenger was doing and building at Arsenal. Congratulations, Mr. Wenger.
Report Abuse
11/01/2011 22:17:00

Great manager but there no way EVER hes ahead of Jose or Sir Alex. I'd place Guardiola way ahead of him also, his achievements destroy Wengers in a quarter of the time. Hes still top 5 though, hes done amazing for your club despite trophys drying up
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 02:17:00

HY, there is a lot more to come from AW. His tenure is not over for you to judge. Secondly, Jose Mourinho is a motivator and a tactician but does he care about any football club long enough to transform them? Mourinho needs a financially powerful club with an endless cheque book and already great players to do his work. Ranieri had prepared the ground for him at Chelski, Mancini at Internazionale and Pellegrini at Real Madrid. Mourinho can coach a side like Manchester City with endless funds but can he coach an Everton or a Tottenham with a limited budget and wage paying capacity? No he cant. As proof of my statement, you will note that JM will not move to manage a financially weak club in the foreseeable future.
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 06:20:00

Guardiola ahead of Wenger? LMAO!!
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 07:12:00

He won the Portugese league with Porto two years in a row, as well as the small matter of the UEFA Cup and Champions League in successive seasons. Mourinho did that without spending much at all. Of course, you could argue that he inherited a good squad, and that the Portugese league is weak, but it's still a massive achievement. I'd argue that he doesn't need a endless cheque book, because of the reasons you mention - he's a master tactician and a great motivator.
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 07:21:00

Mourinho is undoubtedly a great manager, but whether he can build a lasting legacy or whether he can take a team with limited resources and make them great will always be questions that hang over him until he shows the bottle to take on such a job. For now, he'll always go to a new club with big resources, transform them for 2-3 years, then quit before he gets found out. It's notable he rarely leaves clubs in a good condition, he usually leaves ageing squads. He's a great coach and I really want to see him test himself properly and build a legacy somewhere the way AW and Red Nose have. To build a great team that stays together for 5-6 years and then to replace them when they are past it and build another one. That's the challenge I'd like to see him take on, it's down to whether he has the bottle to do it.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 07:56:00

You can't argue with Mourinho's trophy count but his greatest ability is in picking the right club at the right time. Taking an extravagantly resourced Chelsea to the title having finished runners up in the PL and CL the season before wasn't the most daunting challenge and by the time he left their points tally was in a decidedly downward direction. Much the same pattern marks his time at Inter and he can hardly fail to win something with Real surely. He is a great cup manager but he also carefully manages his reputation to perfection.
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 08:42:00

ptv- point noted and acknowledged but the way Mourinho has kept club hopping since - Chelsea, Inter and Madrid without staying long enough to transform them is a drawback. Why did he leave Chelsea? Because he wanted more big players at big prices and resented Abramovich's intervention. Where is Chelsea today? In the need of another big financial doping injection. The players he brought to Inter are very good like Eto'o and Sneijder but are not the future of Inter so the club remains in a worse position two years since he joined them. He is doing ok at Real but till now has done only what Pellegrini did - an impressive second behind Barcelona. Moreover, Mourinho is already clashing with Perez and Valdano about further big signings - that is on top of the already extravagantly expensive squad RM already have. We all have different tastes as far as managers go I guess so for me, JM seems like a talented mercenary who only thinks about himself and not the club he is employed by.
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 08:54:00

On LadyArse: ARSENAL HELD UP BY UEFA AS A MODEL FOR OTHER CLUBS TO FOLLOW In yet another story which seems to have crept under the radar of most news outlets except the BBC, Arsenal have been help up as the perfect model for how to run a club financially. UEFA’s general secretary, Gianni Infantino had this to say about Arsenal: “Ten years ago Arsenal reported less income than Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle. Now it is more than those clubs and in 2009 more than double Newcastle’s. “This shows what is possible with good management and careful investment.” It seems strange to see a news outlet, such as the BBC, which has often criticised Wenger for his lack of spending to say this about the great man: “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s meticulous and sensible approach to spending has helped the north Londoners strengthen their finances over the last 10 years, as some of their rivals’ own position has weakened” But it seems that finally, finaly, maybe the message of what Arsenal and Arsene have been trying to do over the last ten years is starting to get through to some people. It isn’t about being a scrouge, it is about being responsible. World Coach of the Decade and now this, seems Wenger must be doing something right afterall, and with the players only 180 minutes away from a Wembley final and the elusive silverware so near, it seems that the patience Arsenal fans have shown as their club has been restructured and rebuilt, is finally coming close to paying off.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 11:31:00

Still think he needs tactical help on the pitch though.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 11:34:00

Everybody's right. Ferguson might be the best man on the football side of things but in terms of the overall progress of the club on all fronts, Arsene is miles ahead of him
Report Abuse
12/01/2011 15:24:00

Anyone who thinks Eboue=GOD clearly has a very skewed view of things.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
15/01/2011 13:37:00

"Spend Spend Spend!" Everyone cries out. "I don't think there's any coach alive who's as stubborn as The Prof." Yet he has taken a mediocre club to become one of the best in Europe. That's right we are a force to reckon with in Europe, no matter what anyone thinks. He truly deserves the award, and about comparing him with Guardiola, come on, the Barca gaffer has only been around for 3 seasons, and inherited a very good team. Sure he won every single title but who hasn't. The media will not see anything in this. Everyone is all about gold and glitter, fill up the cabinet. Here's one trophy he can take home, with pride.
Report Abuse
17/01/2011 08:05:00


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