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Here you'll find all the latest news on all the transfer deadline day news as mobile phone weidling tw*ts the length and bredth of the country attempt to ham up what is just another day in the world of the round ball.

Here's what has happened so far .... and also what we expect for the rest of the day.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 31 2011

Time: 10:15AM

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We (Chelsea) and Citeh will definitely enter into a bidding war over that tumbleweed although it'll probably sign for City due to a preferential wage package. I thought Wenger was looking for a defender though?
The thing you need to know is that the tumbleweed is only two weeks old, meaning it will slot seemlessly into the Arsenal side and immediately become one of our more senior players!
This transfer deadline day for the Arsenal will be about as exciting as watching Manchester City play against a strong club.
I saw on Twitter earlier someone say "Transfer deadline day for Arsenal is like being in detention and watching all the other kids play outside". To be honest I'm not that bothered at all. Yesterday was almost completely a second string line up, and whilst the balance of that line is poor on it's own, using two or three of those players in amongst the proper first team will be more than good enough. Could do with a centre back but it won't be the end of the world if not. That said, after watching Chamberlain on Saturday it would be nice to see him signed.
Just out of interest, do you lot have any idea if you'll have Vermaelen and Nasri back in time for Barca? Do you rate Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny to be up for Barca or would you rather the tumbleweed was incorporated into the squad for the Nou Camp?
I doubt Nasri or Vermalen will be back for the Barca game. Nasri is a blow, and whilst Vermaelen is a brilliant player Djourou and Koscielny have formed a pretty good partnership. I think Johan has been our best defender this year, and hopefully they'll do a better job than Silvestre did last year ... that said, the Tumbleweed would have done a better job than Silvestre.
Pity about Nasri, as he has been phenomenal. Although, on the upside, if he were to play brilliantly against Barca it may permanently alter his DNA and force them to demand his release. Good luck for that one though, hopefully Fabregas can drill one in in extra time to send those self-righteous ponces packing.
If losing Nasri is the extent of our injuries when we face Barca we'll give them much more of a game than we did last year. Failing that we need to sign Giles Grimandi to slap the silly ********s around a bit.
Where is everyone? Ive got the rice cakes and flavoured water so lets get this transfer deadline day party started....all together now "He's got the whole world in his hands.......
Breaking news: I just managed to secure a cheese and onion pasty from greggs in an audacious swoop, the fee was £1.78, rising to £2.63 pending sausage roll add ons. Watch out for it on SSN any second now!
Little Dutch
As much as I appreciate our sound finances and investment in youth, wouldn't it be just great if for once we had a really exciting transfer? Someone like a Tevez, Kaka or Torres joining. Anyway, I'll settle for Chamberlain. You know, Skybet still have him at 1/3 to join us before the end of the day!
You should have waited until 10.59pm LD, forget those hunder pangs and think of the saving you would have made.
I did go in with the intention of driving a hard bargain, but I got a bit nervy because Richard Keys was inside asking everyone, "would you smash it?" Think he was talking about Arsenal's transfer record, but I can't be sure……...
Little Dutch
Whilst all other clubs are issuing news about potential massive transfers ours is giving us news about what kit we'll be wearing at Newcastle.
On a day when Andy Carroll is apparently worth £35m, I think we are better off out of it to be honest.
Little Dutch
I'm not too bothered for once. That says a lot about my confidence in our squad, despite the injuries. Still remember how I kept clicking refresh here and there when we're waiting for Nasri to arrive.. and how we all smiled when he said 'I am Gooner' lol.. I'm quite relaxed - and resigned to be honest.
Hahhahah LiterallyJamie on Twitter: "Stephen Ireland fails medical. Reports suggest that he has the same congenital heart defect that killed 11 of his grannies."
The only button I've refreshed today is my belly button with a long hot bath. I hate that gopher faced remedial simpleton Brian Swanson.
Half a season in the PL and worth 35m? I can't believe Liverpool have gone for that. Game's gone mad to quote a recent ex-pundit.
Lol GunnerLou that's the best one I heard to day:)
Torres going to Chelsea so.
This makes the ridiculed £14m we paid for Darren Bent look like a fart in the wind. And with Levy running around Spain with bags of cash trying to sign yet more midgets, im very afraid
My pick of Tweet of the Day from @ianchad_tele: "Things that cost £35m. Van Gogh's Irises, Picasso's Femme aux Bras Croises and Newcastle's Grand Garcon avec Tail de Pony." Sums it all up really.
DanBrennan99 is in fine form on Twitter: "Anelka, Drogba, Torres. An awful lot of sulkiness in that forward line. #moodyblues" lol
Reminder: must watch the Mad Clubs Derby at SB this Sunday!
It will be a real test for Platini to enforce the so called financial self sufficiency rule on Chelsea and Manchester City. There is not a chance that either of these clubs will come anywhere close to breaking even in the next 3 years. Chelsea have just announced losses of 70 million pounds for the year and then have spent that very amount on just two players! With Torres's wages adding upto another 7 million/ year for 4 years = 28 million. Manchester City's wages are well over their earnings. Not a chance that either of these clubs will break even by 2014. Question is - does UEFA have the balls to actually enforce their own rules. Unlikely.
good point deltaforce but we have to look over the iberian pennisula where real madrid and barcelona have debts that put chelsea's debt to shame so the big question is will platini go against rosell and florentino perez and ban them from the champions league no barcelona no champions league simple as a,b,c
I think we, along with Everton, are the only clubs sitting in the wings watching this latest episode of musical chairs play out. You can , however, bank on 2 things happening next week: 1. Djourou will break down in training while trying to hurdle some tumbleweed 2. Wenger will give an interview stating that we were very close to signing Torres a couple of years ago for £15m.
Wyn Mills
dozzy, I understand your point about the Spanish clubs but Barcelona in particular are well on their way to achieving self sufficiency with their new new commercial deals that have brought in 150 million pounds. Their merchandising sales with their success and status as the best football side in the world are also projected to increase meteorically in the next few years. With a 80k stadium capacity, they can also look at a marginal increase in ticket prices and get in bumper revenues. Real Madrid's case is tougher and they may not make it. Chelsea and City will definitely not make it. Lets wait and watch the ineptitude of UEFA now.
Kyle Bartley has been recalled from loan at Sheffield United and sent out on loan to Rangers. Odd. Could be something in this.
We were rumoured to be interested in some Rangers centreback or centrebacks right gunnerkid? I guess we are happy to be even clutching straws today!
Plagiarism Rocky, downright plagiarism. (See Rupert Pupkin's hilarious recent post)
"Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime."
Little Dutch
The other thing you can put your money on is Denilson's hamstring recovering in 3 days while Nasri's turns troublesome, keeping him out of the side for 3 months.
Wyn Mills
Young Guns: TORRES: £50 million. SZCZESNY, SAGNA, DJOUROU, VERMAELEN, CLICHY, NASRI, SONG, FABREGAS, WALCOTT, WILSHERE, VAN PERSIE: £44 million. Now that is saying something
Good deal of sobriety here from Gooners, more so than in recent years. Is that because people never expected us to sign a defender? Or is it because we think that any market that values Andy Carroll at £35m is one worth staying out of? Or is it because we genuinely recognise that not one, Arsenal quality centre half moved anywhere in this transfer window?
Little Dutch
You can't argue about being 2nd in the league, but one wonders if this gleeful self-inflicted parsimony will come back to haunt us when it gets right down to the wire again. In keeping with my general mood of pessimism I dreamt last night of Obefemi Martins scoring a 85th minute rocket against us in the Carling Cup final cruelly extinguishing our only real hope of silverware this season. :0( Nobody wants excess players sitting around on the bench but given the sheer amount of games and competitions the club is in I still question Wenger's wisdom in not at least bringing in a defender on loan, as sensible cover for the inevitable effects of attrition. Lest anyone forget we have a punishing schedule of something like 2 games a week pretty much for the foreseeable future. I will be amazed if we don't suffer defensively. Quality is a relative measurement, too often lazily bandied about, vague and fuzzy. Would any of us have described Squillaci as a quality player before Wenger brought him to the club? Is he of any greater quality than players like Jan Vertoghen, Jeremy Toulalan or even Chris Samba? Its a difficult judgement to make, especially in this mad crazy world of super-inflated transfer fees. £35m for Carroll is obviously ridiculous, and you would have to applaud Wenger for not getting involved in that sort of madness. It doesn't change the fact that we are light defensively.
Wyn Mills
LD, the lack of value in the market and the fact that class defenders were not available for loan at this time of the year are probably why gooners knew nothing would happen. I am surprised that Ramsey or Lansbury have not been recalled because Denilson could do with some competition for his place in the team in case Song has to step in at CB to cover for any injury god forbid.
I saw something Goonerholic posted last night, along the lines of "name one defender that moved in the January transfer window of Arsenal quality?" I believe the manager when he said he wanted to buy one if possible, but if you ain't got lemons, you can't make lemonade.
Little Dutch
What exactly is 'Arsenal quality?' Squillaci? I think I'd be happy with just a competent back-up to be honest. At least we wouldn't then be forced to move Song out of his best position. Its a crazy situation we are in when we have 18 kids out on loan ourselves (including Kyle Bartley) and have just offloaded Nordtveit.
Wyn Mills
I wonder if we had trickier fixtures in the next 8 weeks if he would of got a defender in. Not to under estimate the teams we are playing but on paper they are all games that we should be confident of winning(less Barcelona). By then Vermaelen should be back i guess...
I'd term Squillaci as Arsenal quality, yes. Experienced defender at the highest level who can come in and do a job when required. To put it in tighter terms, one international defender who moved in January. With the exception of the ridiculously overpriced fella Chelsea bought in their blind panic, it's hard to think of one. (To be fair, I know next to nothing about him, save for the fact that paying £21m for a 5th centre half is not realistic). Even Samba didn't move. Though I'm guessing the only reason any Arsenal fans touted him was simply because it looked like he might be available. Had that not been the case, nobody would have suggested him on their wish list for one second. It's all very well saying we need someone, but if "someone" isn't available, what can we do? To borrow a phrase from Arsene himself, "You might want to marry Miss World, but if she doesn't want to marry you, what can I do?" January's always a poor time as it is, but it can't have been an attractive option for any jobbing defender to be a fluffer in the Arsenal squad until TV5 comes back, unless of course Arsenal is way above their level, in which case they'd probably jump at the chance to join us.
Little Dutch
You mean the experienced defender who got himself sent off? Isn't it slightly disappointing there seems to be no-one who can step up from our reserves rather than the duct-tape solution of Song as CB? Anyway, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Wyn Mills
I seem to recall Sol Campbell being sent off against Everton for a professional foul back in 2003. Martin Keown dragged Owen down en route to goal in 2002. Adams was sent off for bringing Shearer down outside the box back in 96. Buld was sent off for a professional foul at Anfield in 96. Were these not experienced defenders too?
Little Dutch
Vastly superior opponents and arguably a different context LD, but I take your point.
Wyn Mills
The point remains that until the season is over we cant judge Squillaci definitively. Till now, could he have done better? Yes. But has he done badly looking at the fact that it is his first season in England and in the light of our overall goals conceded record - No.
I thought Squillaci was brilliant for the first few months and still looking good but not as good now. Even the sending off from his perspective was the right thing to do. 40-50 yards from goal he just blocked the run. Slightly unlucky in that not all refs would of given a red. Him
Its not really a question of whether Squillaci is quality or not. We'll all have our separate opinions about that at the end of the season. Its about what shape our defence will be in when it matters in the coming weeks.
Wyn Mills
I too wanted a CB in this winter but I do think AW tried to get one in, incl on loan, and just couldn't get one who was willing to move, available at a decent price & good enuf to just do a job with our team when needed. AW--and many other pundits/football analysts--often says the January window is not very fruitful for good transfers so I'm not surprised we didn't get anyone. I just hoped. What I find amazing is how suddenly this January window became totally insane spending-wise. The difference is HUGE from last January's spending level-which was under £30m. This window it's over £200m. LD, if you refer to David Luiz--he's a very good defender and highly regarded by Brazil as an important member of our national team. Both Dunga and Mano targeted him. I hate seeing Torres going to Chelsea but I REALLY REALLY hate seeing Luiz going there. Esp. now that Ramires is finally beginning to adapt to England. It will take time for Luiz to adapt, however. I don't expect much if anything from him this season. Oh-and I love his crazy hair! I know it's going to be the subject of a lot of jokes & negative commentary in England.
As for Squilacci--the guy gets far too much grief from gooners and pundits alike. He's an older player with no experience in England and has been here for just a few months. He's a good defender--my only concern with him is his ability to adapt to playing in a team that plays such a high line.
There has been a rise in spending and I think that is in part because the league is much more compact this year. Everyone is either in danger of relegation or in for Europe and willing to spend to make the last push. Then you've got clubs like Villa and Chelsea, who have been well funded and have now tried to follow the "Arsenal route" of self sustainablity and have seen their teams falter and have resorted to type and spunked the spondoolics in blind panic. As for Luiz, heard of him but never seen him.
Little Dutch
BTW-did you guys see Jack Wilshere's tweet yesterday? "BREAKING TRANSFER NEWS: I have just moved from the sofa to my bed!!"
The numbers look big but for the most part it's two clubs doing the spending. £50m for Torres, £36m for Carroll and £22m for Suarez and it looks as though almost £110m has been spent. I'm not sure what Liverpool got for Babel but chances are his and the Torres fee meant they spent relatively little. For the most part this transfer period has just been Abramovich playing poker with the Arabs.
Just one more thing re DLuiz: I do wonder if he'll be able to adapt to the pace of the PL
Still wish we'd got Samba, but Arsene was never going to do the logical thing. Anyway, I think the way that Koscielny has stepped up in the last month or so probably had something to do with it. He finally appears to have got to grips with the PL and is validating AW's faith in him, which possibly looked misplaced earlier on in the season.
krismon1, Samba's goal's conceded record is mediocre as are his opta stats. He lacks the precision, mobility and technical ability to be an Arsenal player. Gary Cahill was a better target but his price tag is prohibitive.
Have to admit I had my heart in my mouth a couple of times last night when Djourou went down in pain. It's going to happen. You just know it. Anyone know how badly Song was hurt?
Wyn Mills

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