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Congratulations to Birmingham

'Stay calm, composure guys!' was probably the one line that I kept shouting at our team (sometimes not so calmly, ironically) throughout the nervy match. In this spirit I'm not going to pen a long piece with all my thoughts about the Carling Cup Final right now. We can discuss, if you so wish, why it went wrong for us after Tim comes back and posts his match report.

All I want to do now - apart from deal with the disappointment, which I'm managing okay so far - is congratulate the Birmingham team on the win. The Blues showed the fight, organisation, defensive maturity and individual brilliance - Ben Foster is the well-deserved Man of the Match indeed - required to win a big game. Very well done and enjoy your great win!

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The Journalist

Writer: Gooner Lou Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 27 2011

Time: 6:42PM

Your Comments

I'm still laughing. Great goal to lose too. Top stuff.
Tottenham Hotcore
hahahahahahahhahahahhaahahha arsenal are rubbish
Well done Birmingham. That will teach the arrogant Arsewipes who were taking this as a guarenteed win hahahahahaha love it!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to Stevie Carr and Birmingham.
Clive 49
well done birmingham great preformance
Role on the next game.
You didnt need the TEACUP anyways!
The fact u wanted the Mickey Mouse Cup so badly made that loss even more sweeter. COYB!
Arsenal = laughing stock!
ARSEnil - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha another year of **** all
congrats to Birmingham... they showed greater spirit .
Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham
Guys this is not funny at all, I wouldn't want this happening to my team. Arsenal need to pick themselves up and go beat the $hit out of Barca, you still have the CL.
This is exactly what the team has been afraid of - to be laughed at should they lose. Now fans show their true class. So will the team. Very interesting times ahead indeed.
The only people talking us up to be fair were the media. We all knew our team were capable of losing this. I even had a premonition Martins would come on and get the winner FFS. But hey, that's football. On the plus side Wilshere had a hell of a game. Just a pity he only had Rosicky in the middle with him.
Wyn Mills
Fair dues to Birmingham though. They gave a good account of themselves. Yo can't say we were robbed. In fact we were lucky not to have Chesney sent off in the first minute.
Wyn Mills
I'm confident Szczesny knows the mistakes he made in this game, but his character will allow him to come back strongly. Not so sure about Kos - he made a huge step from Ligue 2 to the Prem in the first place. But we need him and everyone to stop feeling embarrassed or sorry for ourselves. In tough times like these we wish all of the players were cocky like Bendtner! :D
Glad as I am Birmingham won it (and deservedly), that was painful to watch. That's no way to lose a final...As much as I'd like to laugh I can't really since my team got knocked out far too early. Something these spuddies should be reminded of...Now stay up Birmingham!
Arsenal are also the most bitter hateful fans post Roman, they hate us and we hate them so i am LOVING this.
Hey blue, doesn't really matter when you get knocked out if you don't win it does it? All these extra games could prove costly in the long run.
Tottenham Hotcore
Boys, still lacking the required leadership through the spine of your team. You need a Keane/Vieira type plus a decent centre half and goalkeeper.
Good to see you being so humble in defeat. Very well done to Birimingham and unlucky to yourselves. Better luck next time.
They were not unlucky, the better team won. Arsenal were lucky to not have their keeper sent off and be 1-0 down in the first minute.
It's one thing to lose. It's another to lose on such a tremendous blunder. Now that's got to hurt. A pratfall worthy of the Keystone Kops. Custard Pie in the face. Curly of the Three Stooges in central defense.
spurs in brasil
There's been outbreak of illness in the Arsenal changing rooms. Apparently Szczesny isn't worried because he can't catch anything.
BigBadBobbyC 9
Congrats to Birmingham! But i'm gutted for us, lets just try and forget this and move on quickly.
what a ***** poor goal to lose a cup final too, I was going to say hard luck but i dont think lady luck is THAT cruel. Tough loss and Congratulations to Birmingham they worked their socks off for that.
Audere est Facere
Congrats Brum.
Tony Rocky Horror
i was on a train wednesday night after you lot had beaten stoke and had to sit and listen to how you guys were going to do the treble and if you could get past barca nobody could stop you winning the champions league ha (ucking ha
Were any of those people frequenters of this website? Seems like an odd thing to do, berate strangers for the words of another set of completely different strangers? We'll have to swallow the taunts today but the good thing about being a Gooner is that you know the next final is never too far away and the opportunity to put it right. For every 2001 there's a 2005. Some clubs have to wait over 50 years between league titles and over 20 years between F.A. Cups.
Little Dutch
how would i know if they were frequenters of this website and i never said they were berating anyone just talking amongst themselves i was on my way back from a gig with my wife (who hates football) just listening didnt think it was wise to announce i was a yid
The best thing about being a goner is that you always have a chance to put it right? Stop now, you're making a fool of yourself. You haven't won a trophy for years. Ramos and Redknapp have won more trophies than Wenger in the last five. In the recent period you've been overtaken by Chelsea, United have remained superior, and Spurs have made massive strides forward. City will be on another level, and today was just horrific for you, worse of the worst, and let's face it you've had a few of late. Another collapse. Another chance to laugh. :)
Tony Rocky Horror
little dutch not sure of your age but i am 50 and have been to a few finalsi its not how many you are in its the ones you win they are the only ones you remember
Little Dutch, don't worry its Leyton up next. You should beat them!
therre was a funny smell on that train cant think what it might have been
They are full of it mabbut, biggest mouths in the country.
Play your reserves you might get on better! Barcelona must be shaking!
It just seems like odd beahviour, I heard this set of Arsenal fans saying this, so I'm going to use it against you. I mean, I don't think all Americans are like George Bush if you get my meaning? You remember the ones you win more of course, but I still remember 2000, 2001, 2006, 2007. Losing finals is a by product of being in a lot of them. United have lost ten finals since 1981. TRH, I think you're the one making a fool of yourself. "Oh but United and Chelsea have done this and this and we've, errrm, well, we've made massive strides forward." Bless, those massive strides still have you 9 points behind us and out of both cups- conceding 4 to London rivals in two humiliating cup exits. Why not bring me a brass rubbing of your lot parading the league title last time you won it? Jesus, the last time you won a trophy of any significance, the nation was wearing global hypercolour tee shirts and Nevermind had only just come out.
Little Dutch
jackstan, reconcile your comment, "full of it, biggest mouths in the country" with the title of the article you've left that post on.
Little Dutch
"trophy of any significance" it would have been today if you're keeper could catch a ball, now its back to "we'll play our reserves".
ld you need to calm down mate that comparison with george bush was a joke just telling you what i heard fact.. never said it was the opinion of gooner
soory meant all gooners
sorry to many beers
I'm perfectly calm. RAF, remind me how Spurs have fared on their last two visits to Wembley? Portsmouth was it? And your last League Cup Final? How did they go?
Little Dutch
Arsene who?
You know, I came on this article to say well done to Birmingham but now I have only one thing to say to you Spudscum- no matter how disappointing today was, we Gooners always take heart on the fact, that even in a bad season, WE ARE ALWAYS AHEAD OF YOU TINYTOTTS. And if you want to compare the trophies and success of Arsene Wenger compared to those other two fly-by-nighters, just go right ahead you dolt.
Lost both, loving it today though!
julie chill babe
Your side lost to a team that had spirit, determination and above all else a will to win. Your best chance of the trophy this season was today. I have said before that you lack a Keane/Vieira type player to dig in and fight. Out bossed, out thought and out played, well done Birmingham, dry your eyes Little Dutch, keep reading the history books.
Spurs fans will laugh at any Arsenal misfortune. It makes their horrific plight of decades without winning a league title and having to stay in their Harringey squat just slightly easier to bear. Water off a duck's back these days.
Wyn Mills
Funny old game isn't it? So many non-Gooners are so full of emotions today lol. I've seen Villa fans angrier than some Gooners, some Spuddies excited like they've won the cup. Amazing!
Next thing you know Spurs will have a DVD out commemorating our loss. What a sorry bunch of muppets.
Wyn Mills
wyn of course you gooners are above taking the ***** if it was us losing today yuo wouldn't be on vital spurs giving us grief (uck off you pompas****
The amount of those Gooners you mentioned can't be compared to the number of Spuds who camp around here and you know it. :)
good idea wyn top seller i'm sure
And I was just saying it's a funny old game, hardly winding anyone up. Calm down. If anything it should be us who're yelling all around, no? lol
Ma butt is legend, We don't even bother going on your site to take the mick anymore. Your team does it all for us.
Wyn Mills
Very well done, Brum. The story before this game was all about how many years Arsenal had gone without a trophy. Very few reckoned with just how long it's been for Brum. Very hard to swallow, but a big Congrats to Alex McLeish and the team.
All good fun fella's, Lou, we've had enough stick over the years and yes, we have gone over the top today but your following seemed to think this was the first of 4. I asked Amos before if Arsenal missed that Vieira type figure, whats your thoughts Lou?
Did anyone else notice the slap on the head that Koscielny received from a Birmingham player during their celebration of their winner? That wasn't very good to see.
Need to hope that RVP's injury isn't that bad, otherwise I really can't see much hope for us.
Need to hope that RVP's injury isn't that bad, otherwise I really can't see much hope for us.
I think we've picked up a bit on PV4's red card count lol. Yeah Vin, unsporting stuff, Kos was devastated in that very second and the guy (believed to be Beausejour) rubbed it in. Really Kos will recover from this soon. I'm less worried about Szczesny cos he's highly confident. Must feel for Jack, heartbreaking to see him after the match. But did you also see the Eboue comforting Jack pics? Go to the forums -> Eboue thread. Top guy.
Little Dutch, i reconcile it with the loud mouth talk from all the Gunners i know personally and on all the websites. Arsenal fans definitely have the biggest mouths in the country but they don't like taking it back. My Mum takes banter on the verge of bullying at her work from a couple Arsenal fans that never even go to games, passengers, while my Mum has a season ticket. I have a lot more respect for Spuds fans that Gunners that's for sure, they are not nearly as bitter over our past success than your lot.
Who do you support jackstan?
Any team would be pleased to have Vieira in his pomp in their team but that player doesn't exist or isn't available to us so there's no point harking back to the past. We weren't outbossed or outfought today. We generally dominated play, possession and chances but couldn't find the winner before Brum's percentage play fell their way. In a one off game that's the risk you take. We beat ourselves as we are sometimes prone to do. The best chance of breaking a trophy drought, and its only a drought in the context of this club, is to keep competing. Disappointing for us but you can imagine what it feels like to be a Brum supporter so well done them.
Are you ready to see someone say that your club's supporters are all internet trolls who over-generalise, failing to realise they only meet a small part of a club's population of fans, while riding the pseudo high horse and waving their season tickets?
Jackstan I hope you find my above hypothetical post annoying. Generalisation usually is.
No need to get personal. I thought we're supposed to be the sore losers?! lol
The generalisation is accurate Lou, Arsenal fans are loud mouths, they like dishing it out but they don't like getting it back. It's not a pseudo high horse Lou, it just annoys me when 'fans' that never even go to games and only decided to support their chosen club because it's a big club, run their mouths off. If u haven't worked out my club yet then you're slower than i thought. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Amos, I've done a course recently and the tutors stated that power, strength and pace are the most important things in sports, rather than actual skill, which they said could be taught. I laughed at the time, however I still think you lack a little strength in there at times. Only my thoughts.
Jackstan is a Chelsea supporter Lou. He's feeling a little sensitive of late and doesn't want to mock the spuddies lest they come back to haunt him if they fail to make a CL spot.
Nah, you just didn't get my attention until you addressed me in your posts. The definite manner you say things has rendered the conversation unworthy. A lot can be understood or forgiven in the heat of the moment. But some convos are just waste of time - I'm not generalising, I'm talking about just you.
I was gonna say, chin up Gooners, it could have been worse: it could've been like the Liverpool or Chelsea situation. lol Anyway, 3 fronts, we're still fighting on 3 fronts and have no time to waste on petty convos.
They're fair enough thoughts RAF. It's been something that has been levelled against us for a while as our team matures. Pace we have already and I think we're physically stronger now than we've been for a while. We weren't outmuscled in this game though.
A little bit of toughness perhaps. Just listened to Merson on TV, he says similiar, wants a new centre half. Easy with hindsight. Good night gents.
The amount of spuds that have come on here tonight just to talk rubbish... Is this the best thing you have to be able to say you had a good day??? Ha ha ha the joke really IS on you. Never mind, there's always a chance that you might get a decent squad together one day..... Oops, now it's me talking rubbish
Merson talks clichéd rubbish. Always has. Lack of toughness wasn't a problem in this game either.
Interesting to see u deleted my Eboue post, top guy? He's a cheat, a dirty player, he waves imaginary cards and he dives. Such a lovely guy. Merson talks *****e!
lifeisagooner, the joke is on your club, everyone witnessed that catastrophe today. To see Arsenal fans/players so devastated over the Mickey Mouse Cup makes it hilarious. 6 years and counting...
Good luck against Barca, hope u go through. Over and out!
Surely you're confusing Eboue with Drogba aren't you? At least we agree on Merson but then he's a chav supporter so no great surprise there. The mickey mouse is disappointing but not devastating. It would be far more disappointing if the Mancs turn your lot over on Tuesday.
The only one on here with a loud mouth seems to be you Jackstan. I too know loads of Chelsea fans who like to give it large, as if their team have been contenders for decades. We all know better, don't we. As for devastated players... Terry is so good at telling others to man up when he's the first to start sobbing in his shirt when you lose. So please spare us the sanctimonious dribble.
Wyn Mills
lol, jackstan uttering the word respect in one of his previous post. He would not know the meaning of it. Almost all if not all his posts are full of hate and spite. A bit sad.
jackstan, who are you to say anyway. You guys were so upbeat about topping the league and then now you're happy to fight with Sp*rs for fourth place. Quite a come-down really. Also your main striker might do another Rooney, another Tevez. But you have reason to be optimistic about your players. Ashley Cole has just learned how to shoot on target. What about us?? We are in form. A few blips here and there do happen and we just have to suck it up. We have the best striker in the league. Cost 2.75 m pounds. How much did your girly fellow cost??
jackstan, for once I agree with you. To see wilshere cry & arsenal players standing on the pitch after the loos, it shows how desperate they were. From day one, Arsenal went for carling cup, fielding almost the first XI to defeat us at lane and then game after game fielding the best possible XI against PL teams. Losing is normal, but the way Arsenal looses or draws game from winning position is truly pathetic & they are absolute chokers.
Jack Wilshere is born and bred Arsenal. Any loss hurts like hell. And to lose a cup final in that way has to hurt. It happens but there's better days ahead for us and Jack. He plays on the left, He plays on the right, Our boy Jack Wilshere, Made Barca look ******
Ignoring the demented rants of Jackskank - queen of trolls is an easy thing to do.
I suppose Cesc did not go up first did he? Priceless...
Looking at the replay we should have lost Chesney with a red card. We were lucky and we seemed to survive. No problems with Ben Foster being MOTM and congrats to Brimingham. To the clowns who are throwing S*it at us okay have your fill, but remember the season is not over. The next couple of games will see if we have any spirit and as I have said before 'Cometh the moment cometh the Team'. We will see.
How sad are those Spuds? They've dedicated a whole article to pretending to be Birmingham. You couldn't make it up.
Wyn Mills
you could wyn mills you could make it up. just take the ribbing it will be over soon enough. i noticed you posted on the birmingham site a congratulations message and for that kudos to you. i posted yesterday my commisserations to LD and Jaelle as they are proper fans not just arsenal but football i would like to extend that to you too wyn. and so as not tto be too nice to the gooners that are arses lol
jlyid, its okay mate. We know we have to take the cr@p coming our way. Doesn't mean we have to lie down and say nothing though, does it? Birmingham deserved their victory yesterday. No question. It takes more than skill and finesse to win silverware, as our lot really need to learn.
Wyn Mills
absolutley pal you dont but the problem you have the more you fight back the more you will be called a bitter gooner (i cant believe i am giving advice to the enemy lol) i would just sit back smile and think wait until you guys have a dodgy result and then go in all guns blazing we are spurs so you know that oppertunity isnt too far away haha.
Lady luck didn’t really go our way either. That ball could have gone anywhere but went straight to Martins. At that stage of the game, Birimingham were holding on I felt. I don’t think they won the final; we gifted it them. I’m sick and tired of hearing our fans vindictively picking on individual players as soon as a result doesn’t go our way like some are with Kos and Szcesney. Both are quality players and the Szcesney especially will be one of the best. I also don’t buy this crap that the likes of Hansen and Lawrenson come up with about us missing leaders. Liverpool have the leadership of Gerrard and Carragher and Chelsea have Terry et al; hasn’t got them very far this season has it. I’m so glad that the internet has given rise to sites such as these and other Arsenal blogs coz the media is just useless and these so-called pundits know and have done sod-all. We have to try and turn this into a positive by fuelling our desire even more to go and achieve something this season. Normally, you’d play a final at the season end, but with this still being February we can still go on to great things this season – depending on how we react. This reaction will really show us the real character of this team. Oh and the injuries to key players.
To be fair I don't think anyone can accuse us of being bitter just by responding to banter by the scum. That comes naturally to many of breathing. At least it does to me! ;)
Wyn Mills
Agree wholeheartedly that the internet gives a chance for real perspective beyond the footballing media's need to find something to say just because they have to say something. Then again there're plenty of people on the internet capable of not saying anything worthwhile too. It's a knockout game and as we've found many times in the past and doubtless will do in the future almost anything can happen in the course of 90 minutes that sometimes will go for and sometimes against us. We weren't outplayed, out thought or beaten by greater prowess or tactical nous we quite simply fecked up. It's disappointing but it happens. There're always other competitions, other matches, other seasons. As long as we are continuing to compete then the ball will run for us at times as well.
Most of it isn't banter at all it's just playground stuff and from the most part from those with a massive inferiority complex - usually for good reason.
To be honest I had no intention of replying to the guff being posted on our site by the spuds, but pretending to be Birmingham for the day is priceless, even by their standards.
Wyn Mills
In some ways you can understand the Spuds having to take their glory in reflected form. Having to hijack Birmingham City, rather like trying to hijack Stratford, tells you all you need to know about the mindset of the average Spud.
Fulham 4-0 no Arsenal posts on VS, Blackpool 3-1 no Arsenal posts on VS, Arsenal lose to Birmingham a whole article on VS. Obviously we expect banter, it comes with the territory when supporting a football team but that's just sad.
Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. Theodore Roosevelt
Little Dutch
"We weren't outplayed, out thought or beaten by greater prowess or tactical nous we quite simply fecked up" Amos, we weren't outplayed, but we were surely beaten by better tactical nous. To think of it, it's rather because of a complete lack of tactical nous in our manager.
Since when has a hoof up the field from a goalkeeper been better tactical nous? Or a ball helped in from a corner? Tactically Wenger got most of it right. We dominated play most of the time, controlled the ball most of the time and created more chances. Other than the tactic of putting the ball in the net what other tactics would you want Wenger to employ?
We registered 20 shots on goal, which suggests we weren't tactically out-thought at all. We couldn't score and then made a monumental error in the 89th minute. Tempting as it is to pontificate otherwise, it really is as simple as that.
Little Dutch
Wenger was hampered by injuries to Cesc and Walcott. One might argue Diaby would have been a better bet than Rosicky, or Nas playing the central role with Rosicky on the flank...but Amos is right. We would have won that game but for a bit more conviction and some calamitous errors in defence.
Wyn Mills
Rosicky wasn't the problem which is one of the reasons why he played the full 90. He isn't Cesc - few people are but he kept working, kept possession and kept trying to find an opening. Nasri central and Rosicky on the flanks you'd find at various points throughout the game. Diaby wouldn't have helped with the creative balance but he might have been a better choice than Song. It's hard to see just what he is on the pitch for in games like this.
great qoute LD, but History never remembers who came 2nd...
History records everything, every victory and defeat. If it didn't nobody would know that the spuds haven't won a title in half a century or that we've won so many more trophies than they have. But it is just history - as yesterday's game is now too.
Amos, I wondered about Song too, yesterday. Can't hold him responsible for the result (and won't, any player in particular, either) but he fell short a few times in his DM role and did not stamp his authority, leaving that to a 19 year old. He is supposed to be our enforcer and could have done a little more in the few times we came under attack.
sorry u right Amos... My bad, no person cares who finishes 2nd... History will always remember u lost...
Being second is better than the mid table mediocrity that you are used to Mix26. Half a century without a title says its own story.
I know Wenger employs the "Put the ball in the net" tactic. I have no problem with that. But playing Rosicky in the middle wasn't the brightest idea to be honest. Owing to his injuries, he has not gained the confidence or the strength yet to command the midfield and that too in our most important yet. I also noticed that Wilshere was heavily marked yesterday. Pushing Nasri in midfield alongside Wilshere would have been the perfect idea. Because then even if they mark Wilshere, Nasri could take responsibilty and threaten them. I think Wilshere's influence on the game was limited due to them marking him that tightly.
just like boro carling cup winners in 2004, nobody will remember birmingham 2011, due to their mid table mediocity, relegation favourite-ship
That may or not be the case, but we should still congratulate them. They deserve to enjoy the moment, and I'm sure the history books and their fans will not forget.
Wyn Mills

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