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Ancelotti Is Right, We Do All Make Mistakes

The week has been an extraordinary one for mistakes, both on and off the football pitch. Our own week was completely ruined by a freak mistake, and whilst the mistake made by our boys was neither malicious, dangerous, arrogant or even illegal, we do now have to suffer the consequences of that error.

Mistakes are made all the time, by everyone, there are no exceptions, as Carlo Ancelotti quite rightly pointed out when grilled on the Ashley Cole shooting incident that happened at the Chelsea training ground over the weekend 'Who in this life never makes a mistake? Who? Maybe just God', and he's right on the money (with the exception of claiming god is infallible, he's made some horrendous clangers in his time. George W Bush, The Riverside Stadium, French toilets, and Chris Waddles pronunciation of the word 'penalty'), to a man .... and woman (don't want to end up like Keys and Gray now do I?), we all make mistakes.

However, it's not our mistakes that define us, it's how we learn from them that ultimately creates our character.

To build that character, we have to man-up (or woman-up, again, don't want to get in trouble) to our mistakes, and deal with the consequences of our actions. We can't just hide behind the fact that we all make mistakes, because to do that is to risk making the same mistake twice.

Both Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole have escaped reprisal for making a pair of quite disgraceful mistakes, mistakes that had they been committed by your average Joe on the street would warrant a trip to the local cop shop, and certainly in Ashley Cole's case, prosecution and possibly a little time at her Majesty's pleasure, yet the privileged pair were allowed to hide behind loop-holes to protect their fragile egos.

Rest assured had Wayne Rooney been given a 3 match ban for his malicious elbow to the side of James McCarthy's head forcing him to miss matches against Chelsea, Liverpool and in all probability Arsenal, that's not an action he would be repeating. Instead we're treated to Alex Ferguson in no way condemning his actions, infact claiming that due to the FA tying their own hands behind their back Rooney hasn't done anything wrong at all.

They're just not going to learn until someone has the balls to stand up and say 'you're wrong'. The managers are reluctant to say the players are wrong, the FA refuse to admit their referees make mistakes, and the officials themselves flat out refuse to own up to their errors in judgement. How Mark Clatteneberg can come out after seeing replays of the incident and claim he saw what happened and believe he acted accordingly is nothing short of a disgrace. It's a bare faced lie and an insult to anyone who watches the game. But until the FA gets rid of this stupid rule, and it is their rule, that says they can not issue retrospective punishment if the referee has dealt with an incident, then referees will continue to make these glaring errors knowing they will not be held accountable.

This leads me back to the mistakes made by Arsenal players on Sunday, and let's not just single out Szcezny and Koscielny here, the whole team was abject and embarrassing, mistakes were made by all.

However on this occasion these mistakes weren't painful to anyone else but ourselves, they weren't intentional, and the guilty parties need no reminder nor reprimand for their actions. They don't need character assassinations to help them build character and to not make the same mistakes again, because they're living with the consequences of their actions every time the switch on the TV set or pick up a paper. They're being slaughtered as if they'd elbowed someone in the head or shot them with an air rifle, when in actual fact, they made honest, human errors, and if Rooney and Cole can get off scott free with what they've done, then surely what happened to our players is something that's quite forgivable.

There's no question that the moral of everyone connected with Arsenal football club was absolutely destroyed by our cup final defeat, players and fans alike visibly distraught at an unthinkable loss, but now is not the time to falter. Whilst everyone is sweeping despicable acts under the carpet, we need to do the same with our own grievances. We need to show our players the affection they need to repair their damaged souls, we have to get behind our boys with complete conviction, if we want them to be able to give 100% on the field, we have to provide 200% support.

President John F. Kennedy once said 'the time to fix your roof is when the sun is shining', well make no mistake, it's absolutely pissing down outside, but the roof still needs fixing, and we need to hold hold the umbrella to make sure our players can mend the damage as easily as possible.

As a famous Vital Arsenal writer once said .... Up The Arsenal!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 1 2011

Time: 9:48PM

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Top notch article - great stuff. Right on the money too. Now isn't the time to rue the things that have gone wrong - we'll have all summer to do that. Not much point in carrying out post mortems while there is still life there. There's still quite a bit to go for and plenty of sunshine around if we look for it. If RvP is back at the beginning of April in 5 weeks time he'll only have missed 2 PL fixtures that are still winnable and tonights result puts the contest back in our hands.
2-1 Chelsea game on:)
Funnily enough, Tim has just penned an article over at Arseblog with very similar sentiments to this one .... published at almost identical times. The gods are conspiring for us to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down and get on with this sh**.
Robin van Persie is all the evidence you need to show that God isn't a Gooner, and I don't for one second believe he's only going to be out for three weeks.
Manure lose to Chelski Oh YEAH :)))
Sorry i know it was off topic but just had to... as to the mistake by kos and scezny, i'm sick of hearing people maing such a big deal out of it. I'd gladly throw the Carling Cup into the river for that three points dopped by Manure tonite that give us a real good chance to overhaul them from now till the end of the season. The fact now is that its in our hands. If we win all our games till the end of the season no one can stop us...
Its League Titles that matter for a team of our stature, not some Mickey Mouse Cup. No matter how many 'trophy less' years we've gone for. Give me a shot at the league over a carling cup any day of the week. Just to illustrate, to win the league we'd have to beat (arguably) Manure, Chelski, *****ty, Pool, Everton, Villa, and so on with last and least the Spuds. Who did we have in the CC... Spuds (nothing!) Newcastle (4-nil!) Wigan (weak) Ipswich (Championship!) and B'gham (got the better of us, but still nowhere near our class). So enough about this Carling Cup, lets focus on the real business at hand...
Absolut, Wenger spoke a couple of seasons ago about fighting an air of negativity around the club. It's up to us as supporters to wall it in and get behind them. Any recriminations can wait till May, we've still got 3 trophies simmering in the pot that we're going for.
Little Dutch
Dobbi, I might be inclined to agree with you in normal circumstances. However the problem we have is that this team have won nothing as a team. They're still young. I tend to believe in the theory that any win breeds inner confidence. The Carling Cup, more than any apparent status, had symbolic importance to players and fans alike. It's like conquering a minor summit in preparation for a greater challenge. Sometimes you need the stepping stones to get to where you want to be.
Wyn Mills
And the title race just got a whole lot more interesting. Can you guys collapse like you use to about this time for us? It will be very appreciated ;)
FMN7 is right, we do tend to collapse just around this time and the injuries to Cesc, Theo and RVP are perfectly timed for that.
Here;s the deal. I find all feel good articles a bit so-so. We, gooners, have picked ourselves up after every setback and continued to support the team with the same gutso. Don't you think for once its the team's responsibility to lead the charge? The players are yet to disprove all the pundits accuse them of.
Arsenal need an overhaul, on the pitch and in the stands. Too many weak characters on the pitch and too many Johnny come latelys in executive boxes in the stadium who don't give a ***** about the team. And that stands, yes, even if you win the CL.
Tony Rocky Horror
To be fair, FMN7 and gronedrone those collapses took place because our injury bug strikes badly at this time of the year always. Last year, remember the Barca away game where we had THE 6 best players in our team out. Before that in the 2007-08 season, Eduardo and Rosicky and van Persie all got knackered. Fingers crossed we can get through this period without Cesc, RvP and Walcott unscathed and hopefully they come back to the team soon and lead the final push. We do need our first 11 badly to challenge for the title.
TRH - Why are you so obsessed with being here? ...Really? What is your deal? If it's just to annoy us, that's really pathetic, surely you must be aware of that?
Great result for us last night. It is upto the team to take advantage of this starting with Sunderland. Without Cesc, RvP and Walcott, Bendtner, Chamakh, Diaby/ Rosicky need to step up. Sunderland are playing well this season overall and it will be a good test to see where we are. The Leyton Orient game couldnt have come at a worse time.
the article is right about roo,not about cole.Ancelotti clearly said that it was a bad thing to do and he's ashamed of hurting that student.but fergie said that press will want to hang roo or electrocute him,now thats arrogance by him.clearly roo did hit mccarthy with elbow and shouldve been sent blame fergie not ancelotti,fool writer,rocky
oh and yeah we have helped you by defeating them,my arsenal cheers and keep the league trophy in london.i hope you dont collapse in league
Forca Blues, I think you need reading glasses.
As Tim says in the Arseblog column and Rocky in the other article, the players need us to get behind them at this moment. Any recriminations can be withheld till the end of the season. For now, we cannot single out any single player of our team for criticism.
Sajit, for a start, no we don't. As a set of fans, we tend to whinge like babies when we so much as draw. Secondly, what's the point in feeding all that negativity and self pity into the team when we've still got 3 trophies to play for. Leave the whining till the summer. If we want the team to stand up, the least we can do is do the same. To do otherwise is just couterproductive. I'm still convinced the loan system should apply to the fans as well as players. I'd like to loan a lot of Gooners out to lower league clubs and see how they like supporting a bankrupt League Two side for a couple of years, see if that cheers them up and strengthens their resolve.
Little Dutch
I'm trying to figure out if this article is a call to get behind your team or just a bitter swipe at Rooney and Cole? I didn't realise that the writer was stood next to Cole taking sight down the scope of the illegal rifle before cracking an evil smile and maliciously shooting an innocent child. I mean come on are you being serious with this tripe? Cole had a legally owned weapon on private grounds which accidentally went off and hit a by-stander. Cole was said to be hugely apologetic and the by-stander didn't make any complaints to either the management OR the police. It was after the event that the press got hold of it and Cole is yet again demonised for a stupid action of taking such a weapon to a training ground. As for comments about how he should have spent time in prison for such an action, it really makes the article look petty and bitter. You'd have probably got your point across much better by focusing on the positives you can take from learning from your loss and leaving the negatives as brief examples. Poor showing!!
Very good article. I particularly feel that the boys did well, a pity about the mix-up. How we often forget how we had been written off by everyone at the onset of the season. It is these same boys that have given us the feel good factor and had kept us within range of the top of the league table. So much noise about our weak defence/spine yet we reached a cup final and are 2nd in the league. So much noise about buy this and buy that and yet we are the silkest team in England. Our stats is only 2nd to manure's. Despite Sunday's loss I am very proud of the lads and I trust that they will push on in all comprtitions. We are set for interesting times and I urge evryone to give us the advantege by unequivocally cheering the lads.
BB - So I can't possibly know that Cole did what he did on purpose, yet you somehow that it was an accident? So you must have been there then? I tell you what, let's see what happens to those boys in Scotland who shot some people with an air-rifle, then come back and see me. As for the article, not so much a bitter swipe, more an appropriate rant against two players who are complete idiots. The old adage about players needing to be acting like role models may sound like a ciche, but it's true. I watched the Manchester derby with my 3 year old son the other week and after seeing Wayne Rooney score his goal he now copies that goal celebration everytime he scores a goal when we play football together .... fortunately he hasn't seen the elbow on McCarthy, because as he got away with it he might feel inclined to do that same. Same with Cole, when people get away with things other people believe they can get away with it too. Of course my little rant also led to a decent point (I thought) that if people can sweep all this crap under the carpet then we can forget about honest errors.
Ferguson is complaining about the ref and his players being wronged. True that Luiz should have seen red for his persistent body-checks on Rooney. But Rooney shouldn't even have been on the pitch following his elbow. Listen Fergie: Refs are inconsistent so swallow it. Besides its always 60-40 in favour of ManU anyway.
Thats a pretty bizarre post B_B for many reasons. Firstly, we know who in your club to respect. Ancelotti is to be respected but Cole is a lowlife for any individual who is not a blind chelsea fan. If players are allowed to bring fairly lethal weapons to your Cobham facility then it says something very negative about your club setup. Terry is allowed to be a tout for a tour of your facilities while Cole is allowed to roam free pursuing his hunting hobbies. Is Cobham a football training facility or a private area where players can do whatever they feel like?

It took a leak in the media from the injured intern's father for Chelsea to take note of the incident and for the haughty and classless Cole to apologise. Though the incident may have been accidential, by trying to hide it and not acknowledge it, the media has gone to town about it further eroding your already poor reputation with all fans who dont follow your club.
Truly hilarious to see Fergie's moaning about the penalty decision and refereering display after all the home decisions they get at OT. That really made me laugh.
I think my stance on the matter was worded pretty well actually.... "Cole was SAID to be" I made sure to state the facts as well as indicate what was opinion. Unless the weapon in question was illegally powerful then it must be assumed to be legally owned. Cobham is private property (although not owned by Cole), so therefore the weapon wasn't open in the public. The complaint to the media was from a family member and from quotes given by Carlo the incident was already apologised for before the media leak. It's a sad fact that most footballers aren't the pillars of virtue off the pitch, but some do act as role models ON the pitch. John Terry I would argue is a good role model ON the pitch (alleged affairs, alleged bribes for club tours) , Ashley Cole most certainly is (confirmed affairs). As is Rio Ferdinand (alleged drug use). Steven Gerrard (filmed but acquitted of assault). Who would you guys suggest is the best role model? Walcott (admitted diver)? Cesc (alleged foul mouthed rant in the tunnel)? You see they all have faults be it on or off the pitch, but portraiting Cole as evil and unrepentent for this stupid accident seems quite against what few accounts of the story have been released from people who were involved. Cole off the field is adulterous and generally not regarded as a wholesome individual. Rooney isn't even a wholesome bloke ON the pitch let alone off it, but to base an article on rising up after mistakes and adversity around some self-serving notion that "Arsenal deserve better than these idiots" is pretty petty and appears bitter given your historical hatred of Cole. HOWEVER, like I said, I do agree with the notion that Arsenal do need to pick themselves up after the defeat, move on and continue to do the best they can this season. I for one would love to see 4 British semi-finals (us and Man Utd, you vs Spurs) with an all London final of Chels vs Arsenal. It would be epic.
Cobham is probably classed as a place of work. Cole carrying a gun into the dressing room is the same as me walking into my office with a loaded .44. What the hell is it doing there? I've done a bit of range shooting and the one thing you don't do is horse around with a potentially lethal bit of equipment. Rifles are religiously locked up after every session precisely to stop muppets like Cole killing people. Ok, he's apologised, but his past record of misdemeanours hardly points to someone who will quickly learn from their mistakes. I don't have high expectations of Cole. What's more disappointing for me is Chelsea's attempts to cover the whole thing up. Here's the dramatic reconstruction:
Wyn Mills
Without wanting to get into a willy waving contest, Walcott is hardly a diver. He did it one time and immediately apologised for it, that in itself is commendable, owning up to your mistakes and vowing not to repeat it, those are values I want my kids to learn. Similarly, Richard Shawcross said he wasn't going to change the way he plays despite already breaking two legs in his career because it was just a mistake, but because everyone put loving arms around his shoulders and sheltered him from any consequences, he did do it again and probably will in the future. However when Jack Wilshere commited a foul that could have been a potential leg breaker, he quickly apologised and vowed to learn from his mistakes. This is what needs to be done. We can't shelter people who make dangerous mistakes, because they'll make them again, and next time it could be even worse. And as we attempt to pick ourselves up, I think it's appropriate to point out people looking to crucify Szcezny and Koscielny that these are innocent mistakes, they should be forgiven and move on. I honestly thought both points (rant against Rooney and Cole, and support of LK and WS) were viable points that needed to be made that could be tied into one article.
Quite a few observers and opposition fans predicting a typical post January Arsenal collapse, and given our lengthy injury list you could excuse a few of us looking nervously at the crucial games thundering towards us on the horizon. Winning the Carling Cup would undoubtedly have given us a useful boost, but the fact is the team need our support now, not our whinging. Arsenal have always played best in the face of adversity and we need to back the team to spring back now, starting tonight against Orient. I hope everyone in the Emirates sing their hearts out. It'll give the team the energy they need to push on.
Wyn Mills
The difficulty is that IF Cole had spoken to the press and said "I apologise for accidentally wounding an intern" people would have still had the "demonic-Cole" reaction. He has a black-mark against his name with his "seedy affiars" and "money grabbing" nature, both of which are results of his portrail in the known to be sensationalising media. My point was that an article trying so focus on the positives of progression spent the first part dwelling on the negatives of the past that were in fact unrelated to the present! It just picked on Cole, due to his past, turbulent relationship with Arsenal. As I said I found it pretty petty, but then I could never understand why Terry and Cole get so much abuse playing for England when BOTH give their best for their country as much or more than any other active England player.
I guess not everyone can seperate their feelings for players based soley on their performances on the pitch. John Terry better than Pascal Cygan? Of course, a million times better, yet even leaving aside my obvious bias, I have more respect for Cygan for the way he conducted himself. With grace and a little bit of class. I can understand why you think the piece is petty, but the dig at Cole has nothing to do with his wrong doings towards my favorite team, it's simply because a he shot someone. Had it been any other player on the planet, including Arsenal players, I would have said the same thing. Maybe I'm cynical, but I just don't see how you can shoot someone by accident, unless you're hunting I guess. But it's doubtful Cole was hunting. The guy appears stupid enough to think that shooting someone with an air-rifle is funny without considering the consequences. He is that dumb.
For once, I don't think the press are really responsible for overdemonising someone (and it really takes a lot for me to say something like that, because I think that lot to be the scum of the earth). But most of Cashley's bad reputation is entirely forged by himself and his stupidity. Most of it stems from his autobiography, which is pretty much the only piece of media he will ever have full control over in his whole life and he still came across as a colossal tool.
Little Dutch
I think you are displaying excessive partisan sensitivity to a perfectly valid contrast of mistakes by Rooney and Cole with those of two of our players. Whatever mitigation there might or might not be for Cole's actions doesn't make the contrast invalid. The whole article starts from the standpoint of agreeing with Ancelloti's declaration that everyone makes mistakes. There seems to be little point in using that statement and then ignoring the circumstances that led to it.
Bizarre_Blue, your club was so concerned about bad PR that they didn't want to take the kid to the hospital--until the kid's father complained. He was bleeding badly, bandaged up and then started bleeding badly again. The kid's father demanded he be taken to the hospital and finally your club acted. Your club didn't act to punish Cole until the kid's father complained as well. And some journos have reported that their club sources say that Cole hasn't really been punished at all, that was just a story given to the press to shut everyone up. Just what the HELL is Cole doing bringing such a weapon to his workplace in the first place anyway?
"But until the FA gets rid of this stupid rule, and it is their rule, that says they can not issue retrospective punishment if the referee has dealt with an incident," - yesterday skysports did a segment on this & said this is a nonexistent "rule" that the FA chooses to hide behind when it suits them. The commentator quoted from both UEFA & FIFA rulebooks which clearly state that football authorities can step in & issue disciplinary measures when a referee's actions have been deemed inadequate. After all, the FA stepped in after the Mendes incident in 2006. This is only about the FA being Ferguson's creature. I can ABSOLUTELY assure you that if Cesc or Diaby or van Persie or Gallas or some other foreigner had done what Rooney did, the FA would suddenly forget all about that "rule."
I refuse to be drawn into the Cashley thing cos that'd miss the bigger point of this great article - to put on hold the blame game and support the team as much as we can, the post-campaign analyses can go into full swing at the end of May. All Rocky's saying, and I completely agree with, is that people have been getting away with bigger mistakes. The ones committed by the Arsenal players, albeit stupid and amateurish at times, can be temporarily forgiven while we concentrate on the job at hand, which is to support the team. For me it's not even about the right or wrong, that can wait. It's about the productive or not. It's much more constructive if we *lend* the team more support despite the mistakes. If the players appreciate these second chances, man up and do better, awesome. If they don't, they owe us, we don't owe them.
RVP is out for 6 weeks actually. I frankly don't expect to see him play for the rest of the season.
Is that right Jaelle? If that's so, it's a disgrace, and really should recieve more coverage than it's had.
Well said Lou. And yes, I've been getting drawn away from the main point a little bit. Obviously I wanted to have my say on some unsavoury incidents in football, but more than anything I just want our fans to get right behind this team, because anything will only harm our chances.
**anything else will only harm our chances
My issue with the article is that it tries to yet again demonise a player who has made a mistake. We can all have our opinions on how situations play out, but without being there it is highly unfair to judge Cole for his actions. Your article argues that your team should rise above their mistakes whilst others, in your opinion, hide from or get away with theirs. My point was to disagree. I've only pointed out what we know for certain. Cole was stupid enough to bring a rifle to a training ground (place of work as pointed out by Jaelle), and someone got hurt. EVERYTHING else is hearsay. Some "sources" suggest Cole didn't care about shooting someone. Some say that Chelsea acted to cover up the situation in a grand conspiracy, and they would have got away with too if it wasn't for that pesky parent! Realistically, Cole was showing off, didn't know it was loaded, accidentally shot someone, apologised like hell and the club thought it was all sorted. Parent tells the media (if there was a problem then why not tell the police?), media sensationalises the story, Cole is demonised for his actions and we all end up where we are today. Was Cole wrong? Clearly. Was it malicious? Highly doubtful! Are the Cole-haters happy? Highly likely!!
How does the article demonise Cole beyond that of his own actions? It doesn't make any claims outside of what is public knowledge. It simply points out that any such shooting related 'mistake' would usually be investigated by old bill if it were committed by anyone else with at least an implied risk of prosecution. You're making many more assumptions in trying to justify Cole's behaviour, probably without any more knowledge than anyone else, than anything written here does. The idea that somehow Cole's actions should be beyond such scrutiny just reinforces the point made in the article.
Last year Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards (NBA) brought 2 unloaded firearms into the arena, stored them in his locker and later surrendered them to the team security. He was suspended for the whole season by the Basketball authorities. His club publicly condemned his actions while he wrote a public apology in the Washington Post. Well...
However the situation unfolded BB, Cole took a gun to a football training ground ... that's enough on it's for Cole to be "demonised", and that's all his own doing as usual. It's not like he accidentally ran someone over, or kicked a ball into someones face in the crowd .... he took A GUN into a training ground. Here endeth the chat.
jaelle - where did you read about RvP being out for 6 weeks?
Let me guess. The Dail Fail.
Wyn Mills
*Daily Fail*
Wyn Mills
You've got to give it to him. Ashley Cole is comedy gold. He should be awarded Best Comedian every single year at the Oscars. And the Best Actor prize should go to Wayne Rooney for his ability to fool the referee every single time.
Matt Law said RVP would be out for longer than 3 wks (probably 6) on twitter after (according to him) he'd spoken with AW - I don't read the Daily Mail.
arseblog & John Cross also tweeted the same info re RVP
Wenger tonights on RvP "It is a ligament at the back of the knee, a tear in the ligament. It is three to four weeks, I take the short delay because I am an optimist but it could be four. As well it is the international break during that period so is it three or four, for us it is the same. We have two weeks to play now and then there is a two-week break because of international games. We have to hope it is only four; he cannot play before the international break, that is for sure. Let's hope he can play after the international break. I listen to what the medical people say to me and you never know, he can have a setback. You can never guarantee."
The bottom line is that whilst Cashley may have shot an intern (whatever that is in this case- getting work experience as a target?), at least his mistake didn't cost his team a trophy. Cashley may have read a prepared statement expressing remorse, but I'm sure Kos and Chesney are the only ones feeling bad, and we have to let them know we're behind them. If this mistake focusses them to have blinders against Barca, awesome.
Lets not worry about RvP too much now. Chamakh and Big Game Bendtner both got goals against Orient. That's a good sign. Those guys look like they are ready to step into RvP's shoes. In his absence, the goalscoring burden is going to be on them and hopefully they deliver.
RvP played on till the 68th minute, after his injury in the 1st half and now, he is going to be out for 4 weeks? Could it have been less serious if he had been taken off earlier?
If RVP or Cesc were playing for any other team they would probably be sent out to play. I think Wenger and our coaching staff can be a bit obsessive about 100% fitness levels.
Wyn Mills
...using pain killers and all (playing within the pain barrier, as they refer to it). Well, that could have a damaging effect on the players, no? Just as we handled Cesc's, maybe RVP should have been withdrawn earlier to forestall further damage, seeing that he continued to play almost normally only to be taken off 23 minutes into the 2nd half.

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