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Team News: Arsenal v. Sunderland

Arsenal XI:Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Denilson Wilshere, Nasri, Diaby, Arshavin, Bendtner

Arsenal Bench:Almunia, Rosicky, Ramsey, Squillaci, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh

Sunderland XI:Mignolet, Ferdinand, Mensah, Bramble, Bardsley Henderson, Muntari, Malbranque, Richardson, Sessegnon, Gyan

Sunderland Bench:Gordon, Colback, Riveros, Elmohamady, Welbeck, Knott, R.Noble

Ref: Anthony Taylor

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 5 2011

Time: 2:49PM

Your Comments

Captain Snood
Com on lads win this.
We are flat and here is no creativity in our play so far.
The difference between Nasri and Diaby's first touch is hilarious.
*****ed up.
Give us Ramsey in the second half please.
I'd say replace Denilson with Rosicky in the scond half, we could do with a bit more experience and leadership on the pitch. As Holloway says draw's are useless, we need a win.
There are no leaders on the pitch.. I dont think Rosicky gonna help either.. We need Jack and Samir to step up. Dont see anyone else with the balls to do so.
I think Rosicky will add more creativity and leadership than Denilson. That first half performance was summed up for me by a free kick we got just in the Sunderland half when the players seemed completely clueless as to what to do with it and ended up giving away posession a few seconds later.
Midweek game playing on their minds, perhaps?
The bench doesn't offer much in terms of a game changer. We just need to get that first goal which will force the hand of Bruce and Sunderland will have to come out more to make for a more open game; and this should suit us.
Hope not Naija, we have much better chance of winning the PL than the CL. These players should be good enough to take care of Sunderland and WBA. Hopefully we will have Fabregas and Walcott back soon after that.
So much for all the bluster about being obsessed by the Sunderland game! I couldn't give two hoots about what happens on Tuesday- I WANT THE LEAGUE! Move yer arses!
Useless pack of non-chancers...
Thank god Denilson is off, he didn't look sharp at all...
Chamakh is making a difference, Arshavin should have done better
Diaby playing better than Deni?
Goals galore eeverywhere else. Scared of us, my arse. United must be relieved that it's us sitting behind them. Another let-off...
Tackle from behind and no card....
******** hell the crossbar now!!
Getting closer off the bar from Cham
Championship ref
argh this is a nightmare. andrei looked onside there.
That didn't look offside when Arshavin scored and he probably should have got a penalty earlier, typical of the bad officiating we've come to expect in the PL
its about time we had some decent officials in this league.... this has been appalling
oh bollox.
Yep about time we had Non-english refs too
Robbed by a bog standard linesman.
We looked a lot better once we had Chamakh on instead of Denilson, shame we didn't start like that. Not the result we wanted but still a point closer to Man Utd. Let's hope the scousers can do us a favour tomorrow and give us another chance to cut the deficit.
It's not easy winning a match in the PL when we're playing against 12 men every match.
Well- still only 3 points in it. Need Pool to do us a MASSIVE favour tomorrow.
The ref is actually from Manchester. It's that kind of stuff United get at Old Trafford.
This is so disappointing and to think it was poor officiating once again that has cost us today. Well at least, Szeczesny pulled a save off the Manc.
I wont blame the ref for the offside it is the linesman that calls it and the ref has no way of judging if the call was wrong or not.
well that was seriously crap wasn't it! looks like we're all scousers for the day tomorrow. you'll never walk alone an' all that...
The thing about EPL referees is that they won't give you a penalty if you don't go down. Arshavin was fouled twice, the pull on the arm and push on the back. Chamakh wouldn't have thought twice about going down.
I'm going to sound very bitter, but the officials have decided the result in two of our last few matches, Newcastle and Sunderland. That is very hard to take.
I see Roo right arm jab is now in full flavor, what a load of crap was that ref and linesmen. A penalty anoff side that was not and letting so many fouls go even when a player has already had a card; last but not least time wasting beyond belief. Bloody blind Peter could have done better. I just give up. Another weekend ruined. How on earth do I get to sleep?
we have won the last cup under wenger. this season is the best chance to win anything but we blew it. i am sure fab will be going and nasri & clichy will refuse to renew their contract come summer when they are running into the last 12 months. we have been dropping points consistently against lowly teams for the past 5 YEARS because of wenger stubbornness. sunderland played exactly like birmingham last week & that was exactly the tactic we never have a clue to counter because we never had a plan B for the past 1/2 decade! had they bombarded us with long balls like how newcastle did in our nightmarish 4-4 game, we would have been buried. Now what is the point even if liv beat the mac tomorrow? the team are a bunch of bottlers!
I thought Denilson was very average today. He seemed to be developing well a couple of seasons ago but he has started falling behind Ramsey and now Wilshere. I worry about his career with us. He doesnt seem to have the urgency in retrieving the ball and is always jogging and watching the play. His passing is also not very ambitious as if he doesnt try anymore. he's falling way down the pecking order. Our midfield triumvirate of Cesc, Jack, Song is way above any other combination.
wenger out?
spurs in brasil
Oh shut up. Start of March and we are only 3 points off top spot, in second position. If you think the league is over, you're nuts. Come on Arsenal!
We're sitting in a position, we'd all have been delighted with at season kick-off. And as for you Spud- mind you don't choke on the dust...
Diaby didnt have his best game either. I was expecting more from Nick B in the central role to be honest. He doesnt hold it up as well as Chamack and it looks like he needs someone to play with. Result is not all that bad. We claw a point back from United. Had we not squandered a 4 nil lead, we'd be level. Come on Arsenal.. We will do it the hard way....
mind you don't choke on the dust... I guess that's all the dust from gooners kicking the pitch in frustration the past couple of matches, eh?
spurs in brasil
No the dust that gets kicked up when a team races ahead of you.....
SIB.. what a bore.. get a life.. you are in brasil and the best thing you find to do is post on a rival website... Here is an idea: get a life!
SIB, what part of stratford is brasil in?
I'm so sick of having to complain about refs the standard in this country is appalling!
again, Diaby??? Seriously
How is it that most teams tend to crowd our keeper when there's a corner kick against us and get away with it when they appear to impede the keeper? You watch other games and rarely see that kind of tactic. Perhaps, it is something we have to show we can deal with to discourage teams from continuing to do so.
Started with the wrong team, waited way too long to change it and left ourselves in the hands of inept officials again. Poor show all round.
Iceman, can't think who was missing of the starting line up.
It's easy to say Denilson shouldn't have started looking back at the game but AW couldn't have expected him to play so poorly. He made the correct changes anyway, shame we lost due to some dodgy officiating.
One feather duster for trophy cabinet wanted
The urgency and tempo in our game in the last half an hour was unfortunately a rarity in the first half. We still did enough to win this game but for blind refereeing mind. There are just too many bad calls, too many for it to be a coincidence. The PL should as well give the trophy to United and be done with it.
Appalling standard of refereeing we have had in the last 4 weeks. Can only hope we'll get our rub of the green later. Not in our hands anymore. The midfield just didn't seem right today and Wilshere struggled to really impact the game in the Cesc role. Nasri just has to play in the middle. Diaby was dawdling far too much, you never know what you're going to get from him.
The refs are bad for most teams. We had stone wall penalties against Fulham and Liverpool which would give us 4 points!
Sometimes you just need the thing to run for you. A clear penalty and a wrongly ruled out goal are hard to take. Chamakh's header hitting the underside of the bar too. We were missing big players today (had United missed equivalent players they would have been starting with Bebe and Obertan) and did enough to eke out a scrappy 1-0 but it wasn't to be. Show that application in every game though and we'll be in this thing for the long haul.
Little Dutch
It's not about who was starting Naija it's about where they were playing. Denilson and Diaby were playing in front of the back 4, Denilson passed short and simple, Diaby dawdled meaning Jack and the front line were starved of ball until Wenger finally decided to make a change. It was extremely passive from Arsene, after the change we battered them, another 15 minutes and we win that game. Giving the team just 30 minutes to win a premier league match is not the best idea.
I must say I would've started Rosicky ahead of Diaby in a game where Sunderland were clearly going to defend. But we still did enough to win for me and if AA is given that penalty or that legitimate goal, none of the discussion is the same.
Little Dutch
Agree LD but have we not learned that to rely on these clowns making correct decisions to win us games is extremely foolish?
Diaby slowed the game far too much at times, taking one too may turns. In some games he is magnificent, in others he looks uninspired. i don't know what to make of Denilson. He seems ponderous and not aggressive enough defensively. Song and Jack are far more pressing and can also deliver a pass. The doomsayers are already saying that we lost the title but it just means that we might need to beat man U when they come round. Come on Gunners
As for the ref's errors, the game has become too fast and too inventive for the human eye. Teams like Arsenal play on the edge so we will always end up on the end of wrong decisions. When fifa decide to do something useful and bring a video ref as a 5th official, maybe the game will move forward. Until then we will see injustice after injustice. 'Soccer' will never catch in the US because the wrong team can end up penalised by a ref's error when the whole world knows the ref is wrong. In the NBA playoffs, every decision in the final 2 minutes is checked with use of the video because there is just too much at stake. Fifa people are still in the dark ages and worried about snoods. They don't care about racism, sectarianism, homophobia, only snoods and goal celebrations.
Diaby looked a bit rusty today- understandable given how little he's played. But we certainly didn't not score the one goal we needed because of the defensive midfielders.
Little Dutch
don't you muggers ever watch a match without sentiments?? what did denilson do wrong today?? the weak link was bendtner.. cant you all see that?? Denilson did exactly what he was supposed to do as a defensive midfielder... could you say the same of bendtner?? chamack came in with less than 20 mins to the end and equaled bendtners stats, of pulling one shot on target.. Diaby also was not up to par.. his decison making is simply terrible. Nasri constantly passed the ball to the keeper on 3 occasions in the name of pulling off shots and you still slight denilson for being the weak link.. lets be more analytical in our analysis pls.. thats what arsenal as a team is known for. (intelligence on all levels, and not bulocks)
What makes you so right akintayor? We all have our opinions thats what the site if for, you think Bendtner was at fault others might say he had no service, you've provided no deep analytical analysis to back up your claims yet are demanding others do so.
I am amazed did nobody else see the fore arm punch on DJ, and I thought the ref had to stop the match where there is an injury to the head. It was a straight red card and should be investigated as the ref had made no/or did not see the punch. Sunderland should have finished the game with two men being sent off.
Not sure where that Bendtner stat came from? I can recall two on target, the over head kick and the volley that was well saved?
Little Dutch
Bendtner also had a header on target late on. Not a particularly good connection but on target nevertheless.
The ref was an absolute effin disgrace, seriously derelict in his duty as were his entire team (no not man u his linos). Constant sunderland offsides not given, constant fouls to us unpunished, cast iron pen not given, certain legit goal disallowed, an eternity before allowing physio on after head injury, Someone has to say it and I'm no conspiracy nut but with a performance like that you are bent Taylor. 100% on the take. Not a surprise to learn he comes from Manchester is it? The only alternative is you are hopelessly inept and you were just too one sided to be that. Crooked cheating cuunnt.

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