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Team News: Arsenal v. Liverpool

Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Eboue, Koscielny, Djourou, Clichy, Diaby Wilshere, Walcott, Fabregas, Nasri, van Persie

Arsenal Bench: Lehmann, Song, Squillaci, Arshavin, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner

Liverpool XI: Reina, Flanagan, Carragher, Skrtel, Aurelio, Kuyt Spearing, Lucas, Meireles, Suarez, Carroll

Liverpool Bench: Gulacsi, Cole Kyrgiakos, Maxi, Ngog, Shelvey, Robinson

Ref: Andre Marriner

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 17 2011

Time: 3:24PM

Your Comments

This is it...COYG!!!
Oooo its quiet in here...
What a ***** all game by our superstars... Im looking at you RvP, Cesc, Nasri, Theo , And add Eboue in there too..
Incredibly frustrating match this...
I can't watch
cheating ****
what in *****s name
******** morons
We shot ourselves in the foot, we didn't deserve the 3 points. Our reluctance to shoot is baffling especially when teams come and defend deep like today.
I couldn't ******** watch it. Damn you ref. This is ridiculous. Mucous Saliva clearly conned him. It's injustice. Absolute injustice. To finish our title challenge like this just reeks of injustice.
Haha. I don't know what's worse, the result or that I'm not even surprised.
What can you say? When Wenger is happy making do with 2nd rate players like Eboue what on earth do we all expect? Gave up on this season weeks ago. Our best chance to win it in years too.
Wyn Mills
It was a penalty, Eboue was completely idiotic. No point blaming anyone but ourselves.
Pampered primadonnas. Just hope Jack doesn't go the same way.
Wyn Mills
That wasn't a pen. There was minimal contact.
We were on our way to a win that reeked of Champions and up pops Andre Marriner and ruins it for us. No wonder Red Nose was present. Must have had a few choice words for Marriner before the game.
Pen or not, what possessed Eboue to even put the thought in the ref's head? The guy has just enough brain cells to count on one hand. No point railing against the officials. This was all self-inflicted.
Wyn Mills
Although Eboue could have pulled out of it. But still that wasn't a penalty. It was too too soft.
It was a clear pen. Just ***** off Eboue. ***** off.
never mind lads...hope springs eternal...shame about Wenger's behaviour though, you'd think by now he'd have learned to display a touch of class.
It was stupid of Eboue I know but still it is too soft to give. Similar to Rosicky giving away one at St. James'. It's these sort of moments that decide titles.
Forget the penalty incident, and ask how this team got itself under pressure in the last 2 minutes, when a goal up. The Liverpool team played the ball into the Arsenal area and were only challenged on the edge of the area. As a defensive unit and I'm looking at the mid field support to the defensive duties, that was ***** poor, and it was no wonder that the pressure told. This Arsenal side looks just so vulnerable this season. Teams know that they if they put a little pressure, 2 or even 3 goal leads for Arsenal can disappear.
I'm afraid that is a penalty in any league - there was no reason for Eboue to run over a player with his back to goal and split seconds before a whistle...amateur stuff! Regardless of how late the clock ran, the ref will never blow the whistle inside the 18. While keeping composure and hoofing the ball down field instead of dancing around the edge would have prevented the free kick and likely got a properly timed whistle! That is a tough loss, but with the way this season has gone, unfortunately I can't say I'm surprised.
Yeah that is a reasoned argument prits. One that is a topic for discussion for many.
I don't think either were pens. Referee got conned twice.
Pathetically weak players, a tosser of a manager, a plastic stadium filled with prawn sandwich fans, Arsenal really are the joke of football.
This team is just not capable of winning a trophy!!
We've lost all our sharpness going forward,when Rvp came back he carried us abit but now it seems when we get in the final third we just fizzle away.Tiredness and lack of confidence from some players.Nasri being rushed back for the Barca game really ruined his season and ours.
There was nothing wrong with the overall performance. We put them under enough pressure long enough for us to deserve our goal. What did us in the end was the last few moments of the game.
This was the best chance for Arsenal to win against Liverpool today. Liverpool had 2 Under 18 Full backs playing their first away game. Their Left back went injured early in the game , Carragher their lead in back line went injured with 35 min to go and their main striker Carroll went injured 20 min to go. Got a well deserved goal with 2 min to go. All the Arsenal defense had to do was maintain nerve for 2 more minutes and they stuffed it. Worst thing is Wenger is swearing at everyone in touch line along with Eboue when in reality it was a mistake from Eboue.
Eboue is a moron and every honest Arsenal fan knows it and has been saying so for years now. For us to now try and blame the referee for making a crap decision is missing the point, you do not give dodgy refs a chance to cock it up. It's no exaggeration to say that I've seen sunday league players showing more awareness of a situation than Eboue. Wenger is angry, he should be, he should be angry with himself when his players continue to make his claims look more and more stupid.
Professor calculus
We p*** around with the ball too much. Its as simple as that. Even Barcelona, who like passing the ball as much as our lot, know its about keeping the ball moving at speed and closing down opponents. We don't do either these days.
Wyn Mills
I still maintain: Arsenal are the unluckiest team in the EPL. The team presently is unlucky with refs, unlucky with goals, unlucky with injuries, unlucky with results. I don't blame the team for leaving it late to get a goal seeing that liverpool defended very well. We missed some sitters (Van P) but the pen we conceded - really unlucky. I won't join the bandwagon blaming Eboue here because he stumbled into the player. The pool player just made a meal of it. Well that sums up our season. Its been great watching, expecting and hoping. Now i think I'll just watch. Sobs
Penalty all day long. Eboue ... nice guy, but completely brainless.
Nice guy, completely brainless, accident waiting to happen, will cost Arsenal points, shouldn't really be playing for Arsenal in 2011, will most probably be in an Arsenal shirt in 2012.
Professor calculus
Only we can score and then gift our opponents a goal in the very last seconds of the match when it would surely have been easier to place the ball in row z. That says it all about the complacency and carelessness in this team that has meant the difference between silverware and being also-rans once again. Someone really isn't taking care of the details.
Wyn Mills
We are slowly getting a reputation for that, Mills. Coupled with the fact that we can't finish off the lower teams. It takes a lot of spine to support this team. This result leaves a really sour taste in one's mouth. Its the same question i ask my self: why didnt someone kick the ball into orbit? After kickoff after our goal Liverpool kicked the ball straight at our goal. Scz should have returned the favour, not blaming him though. For a team who have really been average for most of the season, we really gifted the Red Devils the league.
Are you serious? It was a draw! I just cannot ******** believe you lot.
Tony Rocky Horror
Look, listen to me, please stop doing this, I just can't laugh anymore it's getting ridiculous!
Tony Rocky Horror
@Tony Rocky Horror. Yeah, so was the 4-4 against newcastle, so was the 0-0 against Blackburn. It's not just the result, which by the way is very significant as we are supposedly meant to be fighting like tigers for the title, it's also the manner in which the draws came about and the context in which they happened. Having sex with someone is fine, having sex with someone when they are dead is a bit different, a draw tells only half of the story.
Professor calculus
TRH..we are taking about an end of the season title race where points mean prizes. Its not something you spuds would necessarily know much about.
Wyn Mills
I walked away in disgust when you got your penalty. *****, I thought, they've scraped it. But no, once again....I love this Arsenal team. Please make it carry on and on..for ever!! As for having sex with a dead person, I think I might leave that one to you Gooners!!
Tony Rocky Horror
These are the game we've given points away .... not games that could have gone either way, I mean games that were already won, and we *****ed it up. Newcastle, Spurs, Wigan, Sunderland, Liverpool ..... that's 12 points given away, TWELVE POINTS. This is not a case of things that happen over the season ... it's a Premier League title that we, not anyone else winning it ... we, have given this title away 100%.
Professor and Rocky - completely agree with your points. There are several things wrong with some of this team - style of play (i.e. playing the same way trying to score the perfect goal), mental strength, concentration. They did this against Liverpool away in the CL QF a few seasons back. I really don't know what Eboue is doing at AFC. He doesn't seem to know/bother how to defend, is either in agony or diving at the merest touch, and is just a general clown. Seriously, nothing personal against the lad, but is he really someone you'd feel you can rely on when you really need a top quality, lung-busting performance? Sigh.
TRH, may I take the opportunity to congratulate you on your golden jubilee. 50 years today since Spurs last won the league. You've got to give it to these guys, just when you think they've found every way possible of self destructing, they come up with something even more inventive. That was a poor Liverpool side younger than us. Truth is, when Cesc has an off day like today, or doesn't play, we can't create *****. Unfortunately for us, RvP had an even poorer game. Truth is though, the title wasn't lost today, it was lost in the Sunderland and Blackburn games. I think the players and the fans just can't wait for this season to end.
Little Dutch
I think you're right LD ..... and in a competition that's still mathematically winable, that ****ing criminal. I would be interested to pull up the results of the last few seasons where we've been in with a chance of the title .... because I'm pretty certain that in each of those seasons we've had a run of draws that just sapped the life out of our season.
Agree LD. Drawing at home against Liverpool isn't generally the worst result. Actually, the results that cost us are Newcastle and Spurs. Even those 4 points would have made a massive difference right now. And totally agree about the season ending, that's exactly how I feel right now, that it would end today. The only positive today was that I thought Diaby had a very good, disciplined game. As soon as we scored our pen, I saw Cesc pointing to his head and telling people to concentrate now. I also think it was telling that none of the players that were playing went to console Eboue at the end of the game. They knew he *****ed up.
I'm afraid our captain's demeanour today just about summed up the lack of passion in this team. Mentally he's gone simply AWOL, just like a few others one could mention. Off day? This late in the season with so much at stake can that really be the excuse? If the players can't be bothered to get up for this one then I'd rather be enjoying a beer in the garden with the missus than raising my blood pressure any further.
Wyn Mills
Cesc is allowed a bad game every now and then, they don't happen often. The "they don't care" line is very tiresome. It's quite simply not true, if you go into a PL game not caring, you lose, simple as. It's just not that simple.
Little Dutch
Cesc just doesn't look fully fit. He looks leggy and lacks sharpness. I'd be astonished if he's still here next season. Will be sad to see him go without even winning a single trophy with us.
And wasn't it Cesc driving forward and winning the penalty??
Liverpool gifted you a point first game of the season, you returned the favour today. Honours even. Good luck the rest of the season.
As I have said some weeks ago this is a team limping to the end of the season. I do seriously believe that we have got to watch that Champions League place - it is not a foregone conclusion. Arsene was quick to break up the Invincibles team and he has now got to do the same thing with the present squad if the real target is the title. The Birmingham result has clearly been a big blow psychologically for this group.
Cesc has had more than a few bad games this season, let's be honest. And while we may not have 'lost' that many its more a problem of the points we've allowed to slip. Its not so much players not caring as the lack of motivation to prevail. Difficult to place a finger on it exactly but it really is the missing ingredient in this team.
Wyn Mills
Just watched the highlights of Bolton v Stoke, and Stoke scored some Brilliant goals, because they took shots. It is that simple, when you get a chance try and find the back of the Net!!! So many times today we went sidewards when going Forward could have lead to more goals. Theo and Cesc had poor games with the latter so out of from it was Hard to watch. But watch I did, Theo on more than once failed track behind. RvP's set pieces were poor. Some of these players need to really look at themselves, if they don't then 3rd maybe beyond Us.
Where was the defending in the last 3 minutes? The team should have been pressing the ball high up, not allowing Liverpool to bring the ball into the area. And this is where I look at the mid field, they need to close down the opposition. This team is not clearly not Champion material. Whenever there is a chance of title winning pressure, this team bottles it.
Rocky I need a username change please ;)
As a few others have mentioned, the emotion that you start to feel is embarrasment that we're making the same mistakes year after year. If we as fans are feeling that way, I hope the players and managers are too. I almost dare not go onto the official website for fear of seeing a headline from Eboue saying "we must learn from this and put it right against Spurs blah blah blah". I admire the positivity of some of our fans on this site, but even they must surely be at the depths now.
What depths? These are the good times. We haven't seen any real depths for years.
Oh sorry, you're right, I forgot yesterday was wonderful and I had a great time, thanks for the reminder.
It wasn't a bad game. Disappointing result, that's football for you, but not the worst performance I've seen by any stretch. Good - not quite good enough on that day - but still good.
Eboue=, what took you so long? Lol! Let's know when you do.
To be fair to Eboue, Lucas did play for that penalty; all gamesmanship on his part and the ref got conned. He stepped in front of Eboue and stopped running rather than Eboue pushing him from behind like it seemed! Eboue could do nothing else than to fall over him when all his attention was on the ball. I have watched the replays and will insist the ref allowed himself to be fooled by the Brazilian. Anyway, it's all in the past now.
3 minutes added time, added to 8 minutes added time??

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