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3 Gooners In PFA Team Of The Year

It`s scant consolation to us as it`s more than likely that we`re going to finish the season potless once again after a massively promising campaign, but three Arsenal players have played their way into the PFA Premier League team of the year.

At the PFA Player of the year awards, at which Jack Wilshere was named PFA you player of the year, three goners were voted into the PL team of the year.

Bacary Sagna was voted in at right back after becoming one of the most consistent and reliable full backs in the business. Few could see the reasoning behind signing Sagna when he came to The Arsenal, however he`s established himself as a mighty fine right back for us and it`s nice to see him get some recognition.

Jack Wilshere was further awarded by his peers, after receiving the Young Player of the Year award with the natural progression into the team of the year. Wilshere has been amazing this year, possessing all the qualities of future captain material. Even when he`s having a bad game his work ethic compensates for his lack of form and if his attitude were adopted by all our players we`d probably have wrapped up the title by now.

Samir Nasri has rightly cemented himself into the team of the year after being narrowly pipped for the Player of the Year award by Tottenham`s Gareth Bale. Nasri has performed admirably this season chipping with goals, assists, swash-buckling play and simple but effective intelligent football. Nasri has a flowing style about him, gracefully gliding across the pitch whilst effortlessly keeping the ball at his feet.

So congratulations to our players, at least we won something eh?

Premier League Team of the Year:

Edwin Van der Sar
Bacary Sagna
Nemanja Vidic
Vincent Kompany
Ashley Cole
Gareth Bale
Samir Nasri
Jack Wilshere
Carlos Tevez
Dimitar Berbatov

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 18 2011

Time: 11:12AM

Your Comments

Congrats to the Gooners included in the team of the year, well deserved. What wasn't well deserved was Bale winning the POTYA all based on one performance which his team lost anyway. Nasri, Vidic, Parker to name but a few of dozens who have been better than Bale this year and far more deserving of the award. Christ, even Theo has better stats in the league than Bale, from far less minutes. Bale may go on to be an excellent player, but right now he is nothing more than an inconsistent youngster with pace and a fondness for getting injured. Harsh? Yes. The truth? Yes.
Bale has pretty much exactly the same stats as nasri you idiot so how can one be called better than the othe
nel yid
and don't make me laugh by saying walcott has been better than bale or anybody in the premiership, did you watch him yesterday/all season he has been terrible. your just a ***** aaron lennon
nel yid
A ***** Aaron Lennon would be truly ***** player indeed. Walcott has more than twice the PL goals and almost 4 times the assists in two thirds of the playing time Lennon has had this season so however ***** you think he is Lennon is much *****ier. But as neither got in the PFA team It's pretty irrelevant to this thread.
Nel Yid, Bale goals and assists this seaosn in the league is less than Walcotts combined, as an attacker on the wing is it not a fair question to ask why? I didn't expect anything intelligent from a mouth breathing dick head like you, shame we get so many muppets from the Spu*s board here who cannot contribute properly, unlike HY and a few others, you just show up, make a mug of your self then slither off back to whatever putrid womb you crawled from. ***k off until you have something to contribute.
Ouch Amos .... you really know how to slap people around with stats don't you? That's gotta sting just a little bit Nel ... you want me to get you some ice?
two thirds of the playing time? something wrong with your maths, lennon played 35 walcott played 32, two thirds of 35 would be 23 and that is not how many games walcott has played this year, almost 4 times the assists, hahahahahahahahaha, there really is something wrong with your maths, lennon has made 7 assists, so has walcott made over 25? no he has 10 which is no where near 4 times, yes he does have more than twice the premier league goals but he is a more attacking player, almost a striker as oppose to a winger so get your stats right before shouting abuse at people you ******** ****
nel yid
Playing time you thick C*'t that means minutes on the pitch. You were probably one of the mongs singing your just a s*'t Barcelona to the Madrid team as they pumped you 5-0 weren't you?
O.K never saw it said minutes, anyway walcott not playing doesn't make it harder for him to get assists and goals, it makes it alot easier, coming on against tired legs with his blistering pace, it makes it easy for him, and if your so in love with stats vdv has better goals to minute ratio than fibreglass, and so does modric and that is saying something, also surely there is a reason that walcott doesnt get the game time, he hasnt been injured all season wenger clearly doesn't think he is up to the task, and walcott should effectively be 10 times the player lennon is as that is how much more you payed for him
nel yid
Also if we had decent strikers both bale and lennons assits would be right up there with the best in the world.
nel yid
"Walcott not playing doesn't make it harder for him to get assists and goals, it makes it easier" - Where do these people come from?
also the majority of walcotts goals have come against 10 men
nel yid
finish reading the post and tell me if you disagree
nel yid
From OptaJoe on twitter: 43 - Gareth Bale has created 43 goalscoring chances in the PL this season, 7 fewer than fellow Welshman Simon Davies at Fulham. Gong.
Of Theo's 9 domestic goals this season only 2 of them have been scored against ten men, and ALL OF THEM have come from a starting berth. Really should do your research before claiming he's just a sh** Aaron Lennon.
Lamb (you) to the slaughter (arsenal fans) nel, give up. There's no argument with who's better between Lennon (still no end product) and Walcott (signs of improvement this season) and even more so there's no argument against the fact that Bale won an award he never deserved.
But Lennon doesn't have 7 PL assists does he - only 2. Theo has 7 so 4 times would be 'almost' 8 wouldn't it!
it doesnt say in the premiership, it says goals in the premierships but no mention of the premiership when talking about assists
nel yid
Just admit that Aaron Lennon is a s*'t Ruel Fox and move on.
Hooray for Sagna. The guy is an unsung hero. Am surprised Wilshere got in there - great fan of the guy but not quite sure he deserved it. I figured Scott Parker would have been in there instead. But how the hell did Bale win the PFA Award? Were they counting the Inter Milan games? I thought Tevez would have got it to be honest.
Chris Armstrong's s**t midget brother.
LOL Rocky! Ohh moley moley, ooh moley moley!
Modric deserves to be recognized, I'd have no complaint if he won a major award but not Bale. Spare me. VDS has more assists than Bale. He's a good player but he's achieved NOTHING to deserve any kind of award. Yes, Theo has achieved FAR more than Bale but he doesn't deserve to be nominated, let alone win it. Nani definitely deserves more recognition but no one likes him enuf to choose him. And wtf is Berbatov doing on the PFA team of the year, ffs!
Sagna has been the best and most consistent Arsenal player this season, Nasri has faded badly and Wilshere has been amazing, at times he has made our more experienced players look like the newcomers. But Sagna has has been strong all season. To the Spurs fans, all banter, debate is welcome but those who aren't going to show some objective honesty can leave the football matters to the adults and go back to sitting at the kids table.
Professor calculus
Biggest omission is Hernandez at United - incredible he got no recognition at all. And congrats to Sagna, Nasri & Jack -- all well earned & very much deserved.
Biggest omission is Hernandez at United - incredible he got no recognition at all. And congrats to Sagna, Nasri & Jack -- all well earned & very much deserved.
Hernandez has surely been the signing of the season, 6m I think. Best bit of business in the league by quite some distance. Up until Chamakh disappeared of the face of the earth, I would've said that getting him for free was the best deal out there.
Professor calculus
I'd second the prof's post. I think Arsenal's POTY award should be a close run competition between Djourou and Sagna.
Little Dutch
Agreed, Nasri faded off the face of the earth when the pressure was on, he rarely delivered at the crunch end of the season. Saying that a lot of our players did, Cesc included. Djourou most improved player of the season. Sagna, is Lee Dixon incarnate "Mr Reliable".
Forgot about Djourou, how the hell did I forget about him? Maybe because he was injured. Yeah, Sagna and Djourou have kept their form and heads when others around them were losing theirs.
Professor calculus
sagna best rb in the league...
The best bit of transfer business will be between Hernandez and Peter Odemwingie. At 2.5m pounds and with 12 goals (highest tally by any WBA player in the top division), Odemwingie will probably edge it. Congrats to our lads for the recognition; can't believe Bale won, though. What's with that?
Bale might have left Sagna, but there was no end product at the end. I think Bale has had a promising start, good season yes. However, according to the premier league's own website - Bale 7 goals 3 assists (good I think) yet Arshavin 6 goals and 11 assists and everybody says how bad a season he's had. This isn't a slight on Bale, but I think it shows that footballers generally aren't the smartest bunch and if you tell them 1 is bad is 1 is good enough times they'll believe it without any question. Realistically it's just another writers' player of the season isn't it?
Everyone thought Bale was by far the best player this season, apart from.....Arsenal fans... funny that.
Tony Rocky Horror
No one outside the top 5
Tony Rocky Horror - Funny, of the fans it's only spuddies that think Bale is the best player in the country last year, I seem to remember him playing like ****** for half the year and being injured for anohter quarter of it, still it only goes to prove footballers are thick as pig ***t.
They should know better than anyone deaduncleted. They played against both. And they thought Bale was the best: with every justification. They didn't vote for Arshavin probably because he conducts himself with the same drooping sense of anomie that aflicts all who fanny around 'playing' this Arsenal team. Still we'll find out who's the best on Wednesday, won't we? When you exhibit that famous 'mental strength'! (snorts a belittling laugh)
Tony Rocky Horror
How did your teams mental strength help you against Madrid? Only a complete bellend would say Bale was the best player in the country last year, he wasn't simple.
It's interesting that the other award -- the one the writers vote for (I'm spacing out on the award name) -- won't have Bale as best player of the season, according to a couple of journos on sky and on twitter. In fact, they're having trouble coming up with an overwhelming favorite. Apparently Wilshere's the leading candidate for best young player with no debate on that but best player of the season is proving a difficult vote. And Bale is not even among the top choices. That's the award that's viewed as superior to the PFA award - it's older & more prestigious. And ANYONE who thinks Bale is the best player of the season overall knows knows crap about judging football.
There isn't much need to turn this into a debate as to whether the spuds one nominee who made it into the PFA team of the year warranted it or not we can just take pride in the fact we've three times as many players in there.
OT: Cesc's interview in the Spanish periodical donbalon is getting some attention, hasn't yet been fully translated into English & I have yet to read it (I do read Spanish). The headline reads "Arsenal should make a decision: win or develop players":
***TWITCHY TALKING utter BO**OCKS YET AGAIAN*** Tottenham did not have a fixture at the weekend, while Arsenal were involved in a 1-1 draw against Liverpool on Sunday. However, Redknapp refuted claims his team would have an advantage because of the lack of recent action. 'We've played more games than they have lately - we've been playing in the Champions League,' he said. On Sunday's clash at the Emirates Stadium, he added: 'Arsenal pulled it out of the fire with a minute to go, then Liverpool showed fantastic spirit to get the equaliser. For your delectation, Arsenal played 52 games this season to Spu*s 46. Arsenal have played 7 matches since the start of March, Spu*s have played 6, so the twitchy faced dickhead is talking complete bo**ocks yet do you think anyone in the media will take him up on such blatantly fabricated lies?
The substance of that Cesc interview is, as might be expected, different from the headline. Quite reassuring in a number of ways.
Given the fact that this vote is taken from the first 1/3 of the season I'm quite surprised Chamakh didn't make the list. I know he's disappointed since then, but he certainly started the season in great form. Good luck against the spuds tomorrow, would love you to catch the rags and do us a favour at the same time!
If its player of the calendar year 2010 then Gareth Bale deserves to win! simples! Almost single handedly gave us a top4 spot last season when he broke into the team and the first half of this season he was exceptional!
you goons dont understand about when the voting was conducted and who voted or nothing. Its voted by fellow footballers,who when they vote know what they are talking about. Moreover these votes were taken a few months back. Bale has got 11 goals this season. But the story doesnt stop there. It is how Bale being in the Spurs XI affects opposition team strategy. Managers have to deploy atleast 2 players to mark him all the time. Even them success is not guarenteed. In Real madrd game at WHL, Mourhinho had to mark him with 3 players. This is what makes him special. If you guys are talking about goals & assists, may I point out that Wilshere has got 1 goal this season. Point is, these players make a huge difference when they play. Their contribution cannot be determined by goals or assists. This is known by the players who voted them and obviously not known by some of the lot here.
So every single article here has to be reduced to a spuddieland?
cesc4official Incredible that people try and twist everything to make headlines. Arsene Wenger has had a huge impact on me and my career. Great man. about 19 hours ago
as the voting was made based on performance from january 2010-january 2011 you would have to make that 10 goals in PL and 8 assists in that 12 month period, but again these are just stats. how many times has bale carried the ball the full length of the pitch on his own and created a goal without getting credited directly with an assist???? plenty of times

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