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Team News: Tottenham v. Arsenal

Arsenal XI: Szcezeny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Diaby, Song, Fabregas, Nasri, Walcott, Van Persie

Arsenal Bench: Lehmann, Gibbs, Squillaci, Wilshere, Arshavin, Ramsey, Bendtner

Spurs XI: Gomes, Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto, Van der Vaart, Modric, Huddlestone, Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Crouch

Spurs Bench: Cudicini, Kaboul, Bassong, Lennon, Sandro, Pienaar, Defoe

Ref: Martin Atkinson

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 20 2011

Time: 7:01PM

Your Comments

Nasri looking like player of the season : )
8-8 prediction anyone??
"Who knows what to expect?" Well after the first 45 I certainly don't know!
What a half of football. Been hyper critical, Nasri coulda cleared better for Pie Tom's goal, but other than that we haven't done much wrong. Keep that up and I don't think Tottenham will be able to keep the score down. Unbelivable the difference in performance between this game and the last two months. Win this, and it's game back on!!
El Classico ? This is the real *****.
hahaa sajit,im watching both!
bad game for Szcezeny
Surprise surprise.
Did Chamakh get caught shagging Mrs Wenger?
3-1 up. Still can't hold a lead. Jeez. I can't see this malaise leaving us to be honest. It's happening season after season. It's ingrained into these players psyche.
gotta get 3rd now
Any other day you just be clapping an amazing game of football, but on the back of the last two months it's nothing less than disapointing. The summer just can't come fast enough.
terrible defending cost us! nothing to special about spurs tbh
e dubbz
Bendtner out on the right once more. Ridiculous that is once more.
We're such a naive team, so easy to tear apart and score against. You just can't see Wenger getting us out of this rut. Thing is, he's become part of the problem.
Arshavin was completely out of it when he came on. We are a bit too gung ho in my opinion when we are ahead. We should be passing spurs to death. At the end, we looked fatigued, probably due to the Liverpool game and spurs not playing. Looking back the replays of the liverpool penalty, I cant blame Eboue because Lucas actually changes direction to clash with eboue. Eboue should have been smarter though.
And so the predictions come true once more, I do believe, after the Blackburn game we all said "We won't beat Liverpool, we won't beat Spurs, we won't beat Man Utd and we will finish third." I don't see how Wenger can recover from this season, the players obviously don't have faith in his methods anymore. Awful, awful season, ticked every single box of nightmares.
Professor calculus
Rocky, I remember you saying summer cant come fast enough , last season after the corresponding fixture. :) The difference this time is that - looks like the players have lost faith in the manager.
Agree Prof. I don't think the repurcussions from this season won't be confined to this season. Wenger is unlikely to change things much because in the summer he'll think "oh well, we weren't that far etc", but I find it difficult to believe that these set of players won't keep recalling on all of their collective bad experiences over the last few seasons and continually capitulate. I mean, if we're gonna be thinking about, so are the players. This could be a seminal season, and not in a good way.
Since the end of February we have been locked in a cycle of never-ending misery. How on Earth we are where we are in the table is beyond me. This bunch is easily the worst, weakest team in the entire league. Enough is enough. Tear up the entire team sheet and start again, IMO. I couldn't care less if I never saw any of this lot in an Arsenal shirt again. I LOVE Arsene Wnger but enough is enough. We now need a major change both in management and squad. All the "talent" in the world but absolutely useless as a team. I can't bear any more pain. Who would want to be a Gooner at the moment. We're CRAP.
What a great advert for football. Well perhaps not the defensive side...
Talk about lucky Arsenal? Where were you's second half? Only thing that got you a result today was the fact spurs weren't good enough either. If we had one clinical striker you would have had nothing from tonight. Oh well, atleast i'll be another year of no trpohies for the "mighty" arse. lol.
what great team spirit to come back from 3-1
head of arsenal supporters trust sure sounded bitter and stupid in his interview.....better give amos that post....better sense.....good match but once again you blew it and should have lost but for the keeper
@spursftw. How on earth can you call Arsenal lucky? Since the CC Final there has been nothing lucky about this team at all.
Professor calculus
Some really poor defending from both teams lead to an excellent game. Despite coming back from the brink a draw doesn't really do either of us any favours which does create a bit of an anti-climax though
wenger looked like he had piles
Some very unpleasant behaviour from some of the Arsenal players not doing much to prevent themselves from hurting Spurs players. Your goalkeeper has been watching too many schumacher videos. Awful challenge on Bale, could have killed him.
Tony Rocky Horror
I did say look over your shoulder a month ago and u laughed, now you are looking up at the mighty CFC!
LOL at Julie, typical plastic Gooner, your fans are a joke.
No mention of the Modric dives (note plural) from the Spuds I see. Arsenal fans that think this is such an awful team to support, go on loan to Barnet for a year. Honestly, you won't be missed.
Little Dutch
Whats with the holier than thou attitude LD? You support it. I support it. Everyone else supports the club. Just coz we criticize you have no right or authority to question my or anyone else's loyalty towards the club. Since when did supporting a club mean, we all sing the same song?
@TRH Great Challenge from Chesney on Bale, I recall it was actually Bale going in dangerously on our keeper and he was in fact lucky not to get hurt.
Gun 'Em Down
What are you talking about TRH? That was a foul on Sczenzy. Bale's own fault for going in too hard. Can't blame either of them really because the ball was there to be won. I'd stick to ballet if you thought that was a foul mate.
Hope Julie didn't top herself last night, that was quite the rant. "Worst weakest team in the league"?? Sorry Julie, but that's insanity. We've got problems for sure, but that's just a knee jerk reaction to another poor result. By and large we played really well last night, Tottenham weren't even in it really, they just scored two cracking goals and then a rush of blood from Chesney handed them the draw. After they got the third we were under the kosh a bit, but we did have a goal ruled out incorrectly for offside. Such is life. It's painful, but it's character building, imagine how sweet it will be when we finally win something, and we will.
Seriously, 3rd in the league and we're *****?! As soon as we firm up the defences confidence a bit, take a few shots from outside the box the team will be immense, hopefully they'll realise that soon as well! Stop being such pathetic whingers.
We look so frightened to have a lead at the moment. While it was 0-0 and 1-1 we looked very good, then as soon as we score we cant hold on to the ball, panic etc. Thought Fabregas was brilliant yesterday, not really sure about the subs appart from Jacky. Walcott and Nasri would have posed more threat than Bendtner & Arshavin in my view
bottled again as expected
Sajit oh I see and LD does not have an opinion also? jlh4 can understand your feeling but I think its best not to respond straight away. I thought they played really well and the game was a first class game of football. If we go through to the end of the year without losing a game in the EPL and continue in the same way at the start of the new season in August then we may be on course to beat the invincible Arsenal team which record was 49 games without defeat. I didnt like us drawing but I enjoyed the game and that is what it was a game of football. I thought Jack is without doubt the next captain of Arsenal, he just seems to grow and grow as a footballer. Top game a game of football both teams could be proud of in my very humble opinion.
I have to laugh at all the bellend Spu*s trash coming here telling us how lucky we are, did they not see RVP's beautiful 40 yard volley ruled out incorrectly for offside? Sneezy's clash with Bale was perfectly legit and contributed to by Bale's bravery and pace, so not just the fault of the GK who was entitled to go for the ball. No we weren't lucky yesterday at all. Fact is you had the week off, we played a gruelling match against Liverpool and that is why 2nd half we slowed down a bit and you still couldn't beat us. Still at least there will be 1 north London club in the CL next season.
Excellent game, it had everything, what more can you ask for? Both teams can improve and go on again from this, Arsenal will become a real force if they sign a world class Keeper and Centre Half, in keeping with what you guys already have, Us, well a couple of strikers and a solid Centre Half, we can't keep saying, Woodgate and King out after yet another injury set back, time to pull up stumps on these two. With 5 and 6 games to go, enjoy to the end. Let's hope, well i do, Spammers depart and live will be all good .....................
spu 4 life lol
spu 4 life
Actually LD this is a horrible team to support currently and your "holier than thou" comments are snide and unnecessary. All the year in year out build up and then to be continually let down by the most gutless of teams is painful. Does that mean I should be banging one out because we threw away more points yet again? Of course not and anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete mug. People can support the club in whatever way they see fit, regardless of your constant petty criticisms.
It would be easy to moan and groan but truth is a point away to the Spuds is a good result, same as both United, Chelsea and City managed. I know we got our point in the most excruciating manor possible but it is what it is. We played extremely well 1st half and deserved to go in a couple ahead which we didn't manage, to be fair to the spuds 2nd half they were the better team and the draw was the right outcome.
After watching spurs constantly dive and dive and dive against Real Madrid and us last night, I don't want to EVER hear their sanctimonious bull***** about Arsenal being divers while their team just doesn't do that sort of thing. Hypocrite lowlifes.
Why was wenger moaning last night? Was it something i missed? The penalty was a penalty so i dont get why he keeps moaning like he was at liverpool aswell.
I've been amazed at the triumphalist, positive response to this game among gooners on twitter & blogs, etc. They react like last night's display was a victory because they FINALLY saw this team play well, with urgency and tempo and (some) fight after a string of pathetic, gutless, ponderous displays that gave the league to a staggeringly pathetic utterly forgettable Man Utd. It's criminal for the PL that Man Utd will win this league title-it's criminal how we've handed it to them with such unbelievable incompetence. Yes, it was an incredible game of football. Yes, our players played brilliantly. So after ONE game in which we come out and play well suddenly everything's forgotten and the same tired old predictions about these poor results being "character building" come out, like every fkg season in which we see that constant failure has NOT built this team's character in the least after 6 yrs. This team has not shown ANY evidence whatsoever of "learning from failure"-very much to the contrary. Why should we suddenly believe they've changed after one good performance? One delusional gooner on twitter last night was so fired up about FINALLY seeing his team come out and play like the talented professionals they are that he declared our players will take all this hurt in yrs to come and use it to dominate the league. As if! It's a measure of how much our expectations and standards have dropped that coming away with a draw from WHL after leading by 2 goals is seen as victory because *gasp!* after what seems like AGES our players played well. It wasn't too long ago that a victory at WHL was seen as routine-a draw after leading by 2 goals would've been roundly seen as a defeat. And rightly. That's because we used to compare ourselves to Man United-that was our benchmark. Anything less was a disappointment. Now we're told to be grateful for being better than the majority of clubs in the PL. We're supposed to be grateful for finishing 2nd or 3rd & we should just STFU. It was difficult watching AW's interview on sky last night-he was incredibly embarrassing. So we played well at WHL, losing a 2-goal lead & putting the final nail in any slight hope of winning the title. Big whoop.
I'm sorry for sounding so angry, but this is the reason: results on the pitch (and how those results have occurred) these last 6 yrs have transformed our great club into a regular joke. We are now a constant source of ridicule and have the reputation of being consistent bottlers (deservedly). Teams come to our home ground and do not fear us or respect us. And our expectations have been so lowered that a draw against the hated rivals after we were leading is seen as something to celebrate and be proud of. That's what we've come to. Yes I know enuf about Arsenal history to know that this club has endured difficult periods before, that the club has endured periods of ridicule long before AW arrived. But this is now a rut that shows absolutely NO signs of changing-none. This team has shown NO signs of learning from failure whatsoever. And all the manager can do is take umbrage that we dare to question his management because he of course knows better and we should just STFU. I have no patience anymore for gooners whingeing about the media and le grove-type blogs. Yes, they're often idiots and liars and hypocrites. But what they say is irrelevant - and frankly AW & the players earn all that crap media coverage.
P.Avfc, I don't remember AW moaning about anything last night, what are you talking about?
Well if his attitude towards redknapp at the final whistle isn't him moaning and him storming off then i dont know what is. The ref was good, penalty was a penalty, spurs played fair, great game, you lot bottled it as usual.
Hell of a game eh? Just about a fair result I reckon too. No blame for the 'keeper on Bale, just two players who wanted it equally as much. Just wanted to ask a question of you lot as you're obviously gonna be privvy to more Arsenal info than the rest of us. What's the deal with Chamakh? Injured or just out of favour? I realise that your weaknesses are the same as ours, i.e - keeping clean sheets and constantly ballsing up at the back, but surely he'd have been a better impact sub than either Bendtner or Arshavin?
I'm not saying people don't have the right to criticise, I'm just tired of the self pity, "Look what you've done to ME. Wo is me." Honestly, it's embarrassing. Most of my mates follow lower league sides home and away and follow them knowing defeat is probable. I'm not saying that's what our expectations would be, I'm saying I find it embarrassing having to explain this attitude of entitlement. Hence my comment, some people really need to reconnect with the game of football, which is why following a lower league side home and away for a season or two might help people to do that.
Little Dutch
What should Wenger do? Get out an ESPN table and have a picnic with Arry at the final whistle? He shook his hand and walked down the tunnel? Big f'*king deal...not even the Spuds are bothered about it so don't know why your getting your knickers in a knot. Don't come here and talk about bottle either, your club hardly covers itself in glory on that issue, remember your battle for 4th a couple of years ago....the one where you finished 6th.
I think one of the more absurd assertions made in this thread is that our expectations have in anyway diminished over the last 6 years. Has there been a time save for the tail end of the Chapman era 75 years when expectations have ever been higher? This is some fecking rut we're in isn't it - I hope it last a while longer as it provides our greatest chance of success.
I'm told that the deal with Chamakh is, basically, there are issues with his private life at the moment.
Little Dutch
LD - I go to watch the 'mighty' Orient when Arsenal are playing away from home and can understand people sounding a bit precious when saying how Arsenal are ruining their lives, but that's fans for you mate and neither you nor I have any right to tell people how to follow their chosen club, just got to take the rough fans with the smooth fans. As for Chamakh it appears he may be returning to France a lot quicker than we expected, PSG or Marseille.
Amos & LD: no question that the Wenger Era has been incredibly successful. It annoys me greatly when people talk about the man as a failure as if he has NEVER delivered a single trophy for this club. 7 trophies, an unprecedented "Invincibles" season, CL football year-in year-out including a Final, a world- class stadium, sensible financial management, great football and gracing the EPL with the great Thierry Henry, have all earned this man the RIGHT to be here after 15 years and entitles him to more time, IMO. So I don't want to see AW out the door at all. My point is that this admirable philosophy of grooming a team that can win trophies without throwing obscene money at it, has not worked. It would be good for the game if it did but after 6 trophyless years, the Wenger Method has been defeated by the Big Bucks Method. The time to start vindicating what we have been about was the CC Final. That loss was catastrophic to the cause. Same thing keeps happening at the same time each year. No lessons learned. Time to make some adjustments. We need to pay up for some experienced, gutsy players and return to the kind of squads we had before. We should have won the CC and be running this Title Race to the final day. And slipping from the Runner's Up spot is inexcusable. These players have all the talent in the world, but they simply don't have a will to win. I challenge you to prove to me otherwise. Time for a "sea change" this summer. Next season is going to be even tougher.
If everyone has a right to tell the manager and the players how they should play (and no matter how impotent the opinion everyone has that right whether supporters or not) then what's wrong with having an opinion on supporters? Describing Arsenal as an awful team to support you would think would be bound to get a response from someone - and justifiably so. Quite why there's a need to be so precious about it when insensitive to the criticism that's dished out seems pretty odd to me.
...and why on earth would I want to go away and support another team? I am Arsenal through-and-through, thank you very much. I don't think there is anything wrong with pointing out that these past 8 weeks have been absolutely TORRID for Gooners. It's like we've been watching the same match over and over again on a loop, with the exact same result. This team IS weak; it is the only one in the league that could lose a 4-0 lead and score the first goal of the game in the 97th minute for God's sake and STILL find a way not to win. I cannot see Amos, how you can possibly say we are any nearer winning a trophy. With the mix of players we have at the minute, it isn't going to happen. If it wasn't for Robin, goodness knows where we'd be in the table right now. Only thing to look forward to now is St Tott's Day. Big whoop :-(
Silly challenge Julie because by your standards they can't have the will to win unless they win a trophy and by the same reckoning we can't win a trophy unless we throw obscene amounts of money at the team despite that strategy having also failed more often than it has succeeded. Not really a challenge anyone need waste anytime on is it.
Amos, what do think is the purpose of a supporter? To just turn up every and stand there like lemons? Fans are supposed to react! I don't think I have ever heard of a fan of ANY team that does not opine on how he/she thinks the team should be playing, what formation and so on. It's part of the "fun," for goodness's sake. Did you really think that no one was going to put their head above the parapet after the "run" we've just been witnessing- not to mention surrendering the runner's up spot after holding an 8 point gap for aeons- and say "Hold on, this isn't good enough?" Be sensible please. This team has performed weakly and I stand by that opinion.
To stand any chance of winning a trophy you first have to be competing for them. The longer and more consistently you can sustain your ability to compete the more chance you have of succeeding eventually. You can spend an awful lot of money hoping to increase your chances of winning a trophy in one season but if you are doing so from your own resources you still do so without any guarantee of success but a pretty certain guarantee that it would affect our ability to challenge for seasons afterwards. In which case you're reducing your chances of winning a trophy. I challenge you to prove to me otherwise. :)
I've already said that everyone is entitled to their opinion even those who aren't supporters of the club. The only contention from my side is that same right of opinion should be open to those with an opinion on supporters. I think many of our supporters have performed pretty weakly this season and are getting weaker. Not enough mental strength amongst some of them I feel :)
Amos, 3 seasons ago we should have won the League, were leading it for ages and were undoubtedly the best team in the country until Eduardo had his leg broken and the players' head went done. Psychological weakness example one. Consistently throwing away points from winning positions. Psychological weakness example two. Blowing the CC Final- not against United or Chelsea- but against a team, quite frankly we should have had more than enough quality to beat and the best opportunity in 3 years to lift silverware for the boss who has put his faith in this group. Psychological Weakness example 3. Predictably responding to that Cup Final result with immediately dropping out of 2 other Cup Competitions, and it's not the first time either. Psychological Weakness example 4. Being handed opportunities several times over by United slip-ups and failing to to take it, just like this week. Psychological weakness 5. Did you really think I had no logical thought to arrive at the conclusion that something is very wrong within this team? Need more experience in competing before winning? This team cannot use the excuse of inexperience anymore. Six years is a sizeable chunk out of a playing career you know.
Great game last night, thought Sagna did a great job on Bale but struggled against Lennon which was odd! VDV was superb. As soon as Walcott went off though the tide turned - we could push forward and control the game & if we had strikers who can actually score we would of nicked it. May i just say that although i dislike your club immensly, the NLD is by a country mile the best derby in England. Both teams play the game in the right way and spirit and it was a joy to watch.
What is with your manager though at the end with the handshake or lack of? He's tedious at times, i dont expect him to go all Mourinho and start hugging Harry at full time but just show a little more respect. I'm convinced he's the reason you guys get such a raw deal from the media and fans alike.
Sorry Amos to disagree but what on earth has the mental strength of the SUPPORTERS got to do with anything? It's not US on the pitch! It's up to the players to show nerve and hold a lead not us. Arsenal supporters were reduced to having to whistle and hiss to try and distract Kuyt during his penalty kick last Sunday. If it was down to sheer force of will and mental strength, the ball wouldn't have gone in the net! The point is, after scoring OUR penalty, the team panicked instead of holding the ball for 30 seconds. Ho you can blame fans for that, I cannot understand. This was a title absolutely there for the taking. You cannot say United beat us to it, maybe even Chelsea. We simply threw it away.
I think following a club is a two way street. I spend my money following them - I expect the players to atleast play for their wages (which all of us indirectly contribute towards ) . Nobdoy is going on here about we have to win every game. All we ask for is for them to give it their all (which I think they did yesterday). So yeah.
As ManU have so far this season thrown away more points from winning positions than we have - are they psychologically weak too? Attributing the entire reason for our failure to win the title 3 seasons ago to one match is far too simplistic. There are far too many factors and variables throughout a 38 game season to make such a simplistic conclusion no matter how appealing it might be. Losing in the CC final was a disappointment but in sporting terms no more than dropping the egg in the school sportsday egg and spoon race. As the defeat was at the hands of the supposedly psychologically strong Szczesny that theory doesn't really hold water. As far as I can see you haven't put any logical thought into your conclusions purely emotive ones. Nothing to wrong with that it's an emotive game but there's nothing wrong in recognising it as such either.
...just meant to add, that it's up to fans to give vocal support and encouragement on match days and certainly NEVER to boo your own players. But fans are absolutely within their right to ask: "When are we going to win something? Six years has been a bit long for a club at our level."
I don't know anyone who supports a team based purely on Reason and without Emotion. As for my examples, I think you will find that they ARE based on Cause and Effect. It is NOT a leap in logic to link losing the CC Final with the run we've been on since. I DID say at the time, as did others, that if we lost that day, we'd likely see a poor knock-on effect. That prediction was based on past form and it was absolutely correct, although I wish it had been wrong.
julieloveshenry4ever cannot take each disappointing result in isolation (calling the CC Final defeat, a dropped egg) and deny that they are linked. They ARE. We must look at WHY they are linked. I say that part of it is an inured lack of belief within the squad. There may be other contributing factors such as some players just not being good enough, certainly in defence. Or certain glaring refereeing mistakes which just don't help. Or why, it seems to be against the law of nature to SHOOT when you see the net, but get to the box and pass the ball everywhichway but FORWARD, etc.
In my view a supporter is far more likely to support a team emotionally but that needn't blind you to reason. I think LD has a point in that supporters need to reconnect with the game of football rather than simply collecting badges on your sleeves.
Every game is linked in a 38 game season but when they're played, form, player availability, fitness, decisions, conditions or the run of the ball are just some of many other variables other than the psychogical. It isn't reasonable to discount all those and argue psychology as the the primary factor though it obviously plays it's part. As an example if you were applying a little more reasoning you wouldn't be able to make an observation about a perceived reluctance to shoot. No team has more shots on target this season than Arsenal and only Chelsea has more shots overall. Sure we also pass the ball more than anyone else but our shots on target tells you a good many of them are forward passes.
Wenger did shake Redknapp's hand for a start and what of Clive Allen barging Wenger in the dugout when AW was already returning the ball at a fair speed.
Little Dutch
Yeah i was quite annoyed when i saw that. Wenger looked to pass the ball straight back when Clive Cu*t Allen decided to shoulder him out the way and pass it back? Its not as if Wenger was wasting time. When i came home and watched the game again Allen actually starts cursing him. Scumbag
Amos, I will say it again. You cannot tell me that there is NO cause and effect between failure to lift the CC and the run of results ever since. It is a straight line from A to B and emotion doesn't even factor into the equation. We are following the same pattern, these past 4 years: when the pressure is on, uncertainty and panic set in. You gave an example of United earlier. You must have the stats about them throwing away from points from winning positions so you must be right. BUT, the difference is no one expects them to suffer a poor result and then react by going on an unsatisfactory streak. Ofcourse they have had two games with unexpected results; this week itself in fact, but can you honestly say you think Ferguson's team will not win the next match either, because it is typical of them to lose confidence? This is done to PERCEPTION and it is down to historical FACT.And the reason I could predict this final run-in after February, is purely down to: "They keep doing this." It was nothing to do with: "I bet we're not going to win anything because I FEEL nothing ever goes the way I want it to," which is what you seem to be inferring of fans who say, "Something's wrong here. They can't seem to push over the line for some reason and it's nothing to do with luck." We ARE allowed to analyse you know.
LOL! It's perfectly reasonable, logical and obvious to expect Man Utd to surpass their mistakes & weaknesses, bounce back quickly, win most of their must-win games and go on to win a trophy while not expecting the same from Arsenal. That "perception" is shared all over the football world because...well...people can see for themselves. The notion that United are not tougher, more disciplined, more reliable than we are is just plain ludicrous. The fact that they've won only FIVE of their away games and have played so poorly throughout the season yet STILL are ahead of us is just proof of that. They don't collapse every fkg end-of-season like clockwork like we do. Every. Season. We can predict right now next Mar-Apr-May we'll see the same collapse based on the reliable consistency in which exactly that has it's happened to us.
ManU's success is founded on their home form. But all the weaknesses you see in Arsenal can be found in their away form. So which perception is right? It's true you can have more confidence in what ManU produce at OT but less confident in what they've managed to produce away from home. The basic point is that football isn't about straight lines between A & B at all. There is in truth very little difference between any of the top clubs and success or failure is determined within very fine lines indeed.
Amos, I agree with you based on points difference. Chelsea and Arsenal are just 6 points behind United with 15 left to play for and both of us with a match to play against them. So the "race" is not done by a long chalk. But I would think many people will now be disregarding us based on momentum and past-patterns. You can hardly blame them, even if you want to still hope they could yet be wrong. As for home/away form, I would actually say that it's our HOME form this season that has handicapped our challenge. And for a team of our ability, to go 5 hours of playing at home without scoring, is mental. I do agree as well, that difference between successful and failure can be very thin indeed. If we were to at least regain the Runners Up spot in this very tough league, we OUGHT to get credit for that, as well as reaching a Cup Final this year. But we will get no credit whatsoever, because everyone wants to fixate on the last six years of "drought." Technically, we have come on from last season, of course we have. But the fall away since the start of March, is the exact same pattern as before. That can't be ignored and it is a weakness that needs to be fixed.
We were disregarded right from the start of the season but we're still competing. Who cares a toss whether anyone else gives us any credit or not? Why should you need the approval of others to enjoy a game of football or to follow your team cheerfully? There was a time when we seemed to have a poor run in Oct/Nov and these could have been 'predicted' just as easily but such 'patterns' are over relatively small samples and in reality are far more random than they might appear to be. There are many factors that bring about a poor run of games beyond the current favoured 'psychological' explanation. It's a factor but just one of many variables, a good many of which are outside our control, and by itself doesn't really explain too much however convenient it appears to be.

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3. Man Utd 16 9 4 3 12 31
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24
8. Newcastle 16 6 5 5 -4 23
9. Swansea 16 6 4 6 2 22

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