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CL Secured & Happy St Totteringham's Day

As Blackpool secured a vital point in their hunt for survival against our North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, so our beloved Arsenal secured yet another season of Champions League football, a whilst at the same time ushering another St Totteringhams day.

Our season may not have panned out the way the majority of the Arsenal faithful would have hoped, however considering a large portion of the footballing world predicted (yet again) that the mighty Gunners would finish outside the top four, with Tottenham taking our place, The Arsenal have indeed over-achieved, and Spurs fail miserably.

Of course we know we haven`t over-achieved, we`ve passed up two glorious opportunities for silverware, however despite the frustration that we`ve come so close yet so far, we managed to succeed to accomplish something that eighty eight other sets of fans in the country would give their right legs to achieve. At the same time out doing our neighbours for the 3 millionth season in a row.

And no matter how many people tell you that out doing your neighbours doesn`t really matter, we all know that really it feels pretty good.

All that leaves now is to take three points against the god awful Stoke tomorrow and the end of the season will be just a little bit more palatable.

Happy St Totteringham`s day to Gooners everywhere.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday May 7 2011

Time: 7:32PM

Your Comments

Total. ********. farce. Tony Rocky Horror
Thats what the ultimate troll thought about it over on VS :) Sp*rs yet again prove that if at any point they make an effort in more than one competition they fail. Happy St Totts.
As the commentator said "From mug to hero in the space of a week" I said to the Mrs, 'I'd love him to make a balls of this corner" .... and he didn't let me down!
Well there's no shame in a home draw against a resurgent Liverpool.........Oh no wait....
Watching Gomess run around his pen area chasing the ball like a big thick dog before giving the 2nd pen made me chuckle no end.
I see old twitchy b*llocks is getting his excuses in early, "we don't want Europa anyway". Because he knows they ain't gunna get it anyway! All together now "You're not going on a European tour, a European tour, a European tour......"
F**kin 'ell. Spurs fans saying we desperately need a keeper ..... Arsene Wenger is better than that useless c***.
Seeing as Citeh lost and they only had Blackpool at home tihs adds a new dimension to the meaning of choking the chicken.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because the road in question was white hart lane and it wanted to avoid the humiliation of having dropped two points at home to Blackpool.
Don't we all just love Gomes :-)
Deluded Goons didn't ever look like winning any silverware this season let alone deserve to. You must be proud to finish above Spurs, who have shown relegation form for the past two months.
Hotspur 1882
Happy St Totts everyone! And happy 50th anniversary!! :D
What ever we did or didn't do Hotspur1882 (was that the last time you won anything other than the Carling Cup?) we did it whilst being better than you. End of chat.
:o) To be honest, the prospect of next seasons early months don't fill me with confidence. If Spurs form of April and so far May continue, I can see you lot being delighted, no matter how well or poorly Arsenal are playing.
Hotspur 1882
Hey! If Gomes hadn't caught whatever illness your keepers have been suffering from, Spurs would probably have finished close to or above you.
Hotspur 1882
Oh don't be like that HS82, where's the usual Tottinghum early season optimism?
Whatever Gomes has, our boys don't have it. They might have been dodgy, but Gomes has a disease all of his own. lol. That said, his mistakes don't account for the lack of goals against Blackpool, West Brom, Wigan etc etc.
Cmon HS82, when you beat Roma 5-0 in pre season with a master class from David Bentley you will start dreaming again surely :)
Don't worry spuds I'm sure Crouch will stay for next year.
We will have to see about pre-season and transfers and all that. I will always try to be positive about Spurs. Just as you lot dream about winning something one day. I think Spurs, until recently have played some fantastic entertaining football this last couple of seasons. So too for that matter have Arsenal, with their passing game. But if medals and cups are all that count, perhaps playing in the negative style of a Jose 'special one' team is the way. Personally I would rather keep the style and keep plugging away than watch spoiling tactics and diving.
Hotspur 1882
I hope so Niko, him, Pubplayerlechencko and Defoe have been awesome for Arsenal.
Fair play to yer HS. In seriousness CL football came to soon for spurs. They just didn't have the supplies to cope with the demands of CL and domestic footy at the same time. Very good run in the CL saw you fall out of both cup comeptitions at the first hurdle and collapse in the league. Maybe some spurs fans will think twice before taking the pi** out of us, 14 consecutive seasons in the CL is no mean feat.
Looks like two consecutive are out of the window after today. But not quite. Man C. have to win their games yet, including the next one! Hate to hear negativity until it is mathematically impossible. Ah well, if not first target: Overhaul you lot. Second target: Finish top.
Hotspur 1882
Speaking of which, if Chelsea win tomorrow . . . . . .
Hotspur 1882
I couldn't care less. St totteringhams day? You guys really need to grow up. Not sure when a good arse*al season became being able to gloat at others misfortune but I guess thats good news for the rest of the league, you go ahead and lower your standards because I remember a dark time not so long ago when teams were actually afraid of facing you lot but those days are gone. We'll be back and when we do we'll be stronger. If we need a new player for a position we go out and buy them so I expect us to replace the strikers and keepers. When AW says he'll strengthen we all know its sull ****, wave bye bye fabregas byeeee.
SteadyonoldboySpur. Weve heard it ALL before, you have strengthend your squad since last year and are doing FAR worse. If Fabregas goes so what? Just like when Vieria, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Adebayor, Toure left we still finished above you. Euro-pah league ur avin a laugh. At least Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday are free next seson, maybe you can get that Peter Crouch Yoga DVD out have a good old stretch....
I settled down to watch the late kick off and to inevitably see VDV tear blackpool apart, by the end, the spuds had managed to reach a new low and barely prevented a blackpool double.
Well done at Wembley, chaps. The only thing that made this season bearable was watching yours collapse after that final.
Any fellow Spurs fans who come on here, by the way, need to read Iceman10's comment carefully. We strengthened our squad and ARE doing worse. Thats what happens when you play deform the team in order to play VDV come what may.
Fairpoint iceman but in days gone by it wasn't as clear which players we needed because we pretty much needed a whole new team but we have genuine quality in our ranks now so strengthening and knowing hwere to strengthen becomes a bit easier, allbeit still a bit of a gamble... And those arse players you mention, well it has affected you after they left because there was a time when those same players lifted trophies for you which the group of players you now have can't do.
Oh dear another season over almost but even now the Scum will be looking up to us and you could say they will be looking at our Arse again naughty scum boys. Get Twitcher to sit you on his knee and read you bedtime stories how in Never Never land the Scum will rise above the mighty Arsenal, but the Scum will never grow up you will remain naughty Scum boys. Oh well dream on naughty Scum boys dream on.
We few, we happy few, we band of Gooners;/ For he to-day that shares his beer with me Shall be a Gooner; be he ne'er so vile, /his day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in Haringey now-a-bed /... Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here, /And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks /That laughed with us upon St. Totternigham's day
Little Dutch
Steadyspur: .."Strengthening and knowing where to strengthen becomes a bit easier".... Only trouble is you would be doing a lot more 'strengthening' after losing the likes of VDV, Bale and Modric all of whom, let's face it, will only want CL footie and will be easy game for clubs that will guarantee that. I enjoyed watching Blackpool almost run away with the victory; talk about lowering standards :-)
I'm afraid it's about the best the poor old Arse can muster after entertaining us once again with their blithering incompetence at Dirtburton Grub. My favourite moments? Where shall we begin? The Newcastle fiasco was remarkable, as was the Liverpool game, and for pure out and out hilarity the Carling Cup Final was a bit special, particularily Wilshire's tears which made me choke with laughter. But the greatest moment by far was when we destroyed you and Wenger at the Trash Tip; seeing you crawl out on your hands and knees in utter humiliation was perfect, a moment I'll never forget. You're now a club teetering on the brink of a total meltdown after another dreadful, trophyless season. Quite apt really for eveyone's less than favour dirty little Woolwich parasites. And believe me; when it all falls apart again, as it surely will, I'll be there to punch on the open wound......
Tony Rocky Horror
And despite all of that ... all of that, we're still a massive 11 points infront of you and you still have to face Man City and Liverpool, went out at the first hurdle in the FA Cup and Carling Cup. In a season when you take four points off of us and still are a million miles away you know that you've declined massively. Anyone can win any game on any given day, but the tabler doesn't lie girls!
I think our pet troll understandably overlooked the joy of the biggest away win in a NLD for 38 years. That's the beauty of living in Spudland reality rarely troubles their delusions. Still in another 50 years time they'll be able to celebrate golden jubilee of the season when they played in the CL.
Speaking of using Empirical evidence how do you account for the thousands and thousands of SOBOs marching on your own ground to demand change, after year upon trophyless year of that crank Wenger and his nutty project?
Tony Rocky Horror
Answer? You don't. You try to deflect any criticism of the disasterous season you've endured by trying to woft the nasty stink of shame onto someone else. Sorry my sweaty little SOBO palpitators you're going to need a much more subtle argument than that to convince your agitating souls...
Tony Rocky Horror
The only deflection here is a spud avoiding his own site and desperately trying to talk only about the relatively minor travails of a far, far, far more successful club. As someone else said Spuds talking about the Arsenal is a little like a tramp munching on the remains of an abandoned KFC box while peering through the window of the Ivy.
Crawl back under the ***** heap at C.R.A.Pburton Grub..Types like you and your sweaty legion shouldn't be aspiring to The Ivy. You'd be better advised to think up a few more excuses to defend sad ole' Prof Nimblefingers from beneath the wreckage of your season, epitomised so perfectly by the wall of silence that meets every kick of a ball at the Woolwich swamp.
Tony Rocky Horror
Tut-tut - Tony's losing it once again. Resorting once more to sitting on benches and shouting at buses and pigeons. Seems the pressure is getting too much for him. He's twitching more frantically than slippery 'arry. Yet another season when so much was predicted (by Spuds) and so little achieved as they slide even further back into the mediocrity and obscurity of the last 50 years - unable to escape from Waste Tip Lane - rejected for emergency social housing in Stratford - and all in a year that ends in one!
Of course, it is only Spurs who lose to so called lesser sides. Anyone care to quote on Stoke City?
Hotspur 1882
If it wasn't for unpredictable scores, we might as well save on all of the expenditure of energy and cash. Give Utd the title, then vote on the rest of the table. :o) Annoying when it's your team suffering a defeat or draw. But it's the real world and much more interesting.
Hotspur 1882
2 words, humble pie. It helps every now and then to eat it.
What u even rowing about? What point are you trying to make? Yeah - we're p1ssed off about capitulating again, but we've still won it 13 times - what you got to show for it? Hope you got your programmes yesterday and framed em. You know what it feels like to win the league? If you do - you know what it feels like to win the world cup as you're that old - run along now. forever in our shadow
I guess when you have great expectations of winning four trophies and it all collapses and the Professor turns nutter, then you have to set up a discussion page to **** on your neighbors. A disappointing season for both clubs, but only Vital Arsenal seems to have sufficient vitriol to bother to set up an article just to crap on its neighbor. A bit sad, really, in the sense of pathetic.
Total knobhead
Loving the banter on here. Picture of Gomes is very fitting, what an absolute gonad. Still oddly better than Almunia though. Oh what a disapointing season its turned out to be for both clubs. It looked so promising for both until be both effectivley did an "Arsenal". Also Oxfordspurs Birmingham article on the CCFinal must surely be justified reading this! Haha.
Err... HY, Almunia has not had goal keeping hooplas, the proprtion of Gomez's, to be fair. Fairplay on your re-direct on the Oxfordspurs' CC final article too :-)
tony rocky horror, i was thinking about replying to your inane rantings, but decided against calling you a complete w....r as that would be bringing myself down to your level and i could be accused of being nasty, but as i cant be accused of anything for thinking, then i think your a complete w....r but i must admit that reading your posts, certainly saves o0n the price of exlax
cornish gooner
haha ***** your team is overated *****e Aston Villa ffsake
how to qualify for everything and achieve nothing phone 0800arsenewenger

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