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Team News: Arsenal v. Villa

Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Squillaci, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Arshavin, van Persie

Arsenal Bench: Lehmann, Denilson, Eboue, Chamakh, Henderson, Miquel, Bendtner

Aston Villa XI: Friedel, Walker, Collins, Dunne, Luke Young, Petrov, Reo-Coker, Delph, Downing, Bent, Ashley Young

Aston Villa Bench: Marshall, Pires, Agbonlahor, Albrighton, Bradley, Heskey, Cuellar

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 15 2011

Time: 4:00PM

Your Comments

Why am I even watching, seriously?!?! Did I not see enough of this to find it sadly predictable?!?!
Pathetic. Enjoy your Champs League qualifiers lads, and congrats on finishing fourth!
2-0 down after less than 15 mins.....could someone pass an urgent message to the Whiner that the object of the game is to win... neverthe less its good to see Arsenal living up to their Nick- the Bottlers lmao
We should buy Darren bent lol......
Oh dear, just when you think it can't get worse. You'd never see Chelsea or Man Utd 2-0 down to a struggling side like Villa after 15 mins at home.
I've given up on the 1st half. I hope that the 2nd half shows some fight from our players. These goals were so simple yet I just can't understand them.
If Man Utd went down 2-0 within 15 mns, I would still expect them to win. But I wouldn't bet on us.
This game, like many others before it, epitomises our season - bad performance, bad luck. But we have no right to whinge about ref decisions if we simply don't turn up.
You know whats the funniest thing? I just dont feel angry any more. Resigned to fate.
I think this is part of some master plan to lower our collective expectations for next season.
When you get a ridiculous ref and no video, you get a ridiculous decisions. I wish i could use a time machine to go 30 years to see whether football will have evolved... Terrible...
My stream went down,oh no! now i cant watch us comically defend
Is Bendtner coming on to play on the wing? then Pat rice or AA trying to get on the end of them
Who is Vermurlen?
I now see the funny side of things
I personally can forgive the trophyless seasons. It's a competition and somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. But when we get to that stage in April EVERY year when the tactics, passion and belief get tired and stale it's just not fair on the fans paying hard earned money to see.
hahaaa top class commentary from David Pleat/Fox.Vermoolen and now Mr conker
You know, it's as though once we'd beaten Man U a couple of weeks ago the players just thought the season was done and they could sail through the final games. What a downer this season is ending on.
Why do get the feeling something is not right with Fabregas missing this one. Clichy?
6% yer avin a laugh ringing around the ground.
Why do get the feeling something is not right with Fabregas missing this one. Clichy?
If cesc got injured we wouldn't be able to sell him omogusii.
Things are really going against you when you get booked for scoring a goal
Best ever squad said Wenger earlier this season.
Bendtner on the left wing.
I can only say the ref is as useless as our dear team.
sometimes football can be cruel.. RVP scores to give some hope but only to leave pointless
3 yrs since RVP scored from a free kick
well done boys.. RVP hold your head up son, ur the only player deserving to wear that jersey.
Good effort in the 2nd half but they owed the fans.. If they'd played with the same verve all season, we'd be champions.
After all that we're gonna end up 4th and City 3rd. Just when you think the pain of the last few seasons couldn't get worse.
The team is good but the manager instructs them perfectly to win in the Spanish league. That tika-taka rubbish doesn't work in England. We need Wenger upstairs as our Chief Financial Officer and a manager who understands how to win in England in the present on the sidelines.
If I hear "CL qualification for 10+ years running" and "consistency at the top" from Wenger one more time, I'll kill someone!
WAHEYYYYYY, VILLA VILLA VILLA, VILLA VILLA VILLLAAA VILLAAA! I can hear them bottles rattling again, bunch of bottlers always will be! Whooppss honk honk!!!!
Didn't actually play that poorly, and had some awful decisions against us but I agree with Lou- no bafflegab from the gaffer. Wenger really has to rethink his tactics for next season. We'll be selling Fabregas this summer, maybe we should get a DoF at season's end and take Wenger's hands off the pursestrings to ensure the money is reinvested in the squad?
On the bright shares in neckwear company blackscarvesareus have just sky rocketed.
We've got to cut the players some slack at least for today. The ref was shocking. We've been done in by refs on many occasions this season for example Newcastle(A), Liverpool(H), Sunderland(H), today. There are many more which do not come to mind. I believe the quality of refereeing in England and overall in Europe has gone down considerably in the past year.
Oh god here we go again, we were 2-0 down already before the ref made any cock ups. Can we please stop trying to apport blame where it just doesn't belong? It's embarassing.
Gooners, lost again... while we beat the scouse... Oh happy days...
Block D Spurs
We were 2-0 down. Fine. Defence was poor. Fine. But, the game is composed of the whole 90 minutes, not just the first 20. We were 5hite in the first 20 but we showed enough fight and desire in the second half. Also we created enough chances. We were denied a stone-walled penalty and also a fully legitimate goal. Ok I admit we did not play that well today but the ref had a poor game as well. The team playing poorly and the ref having a shocker are not mutually exclusive events.
Quality fans who stayed at the end. Unconditional love that is. The most important thing in the summer is that we keep Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy. We can't keep regenerating forever. Our expectations have to change we are not a top two team anymore and haven't been for six years. Two wins in God knows how long is not good enough however and Wenger has to look at why the players always completely capitulate towards the end of the season.
We have become so utterly predictable to any team who turns up with a half decent defensive plan. What's more worrying is that Wenger and Rice seem so clueless about finding the solution.
Wyn Mills
Best ever squad? Wenger is clearly delusional.
Wyn Mills
What are you lot whinging about FFS? What we'd give to finish where you are. What decisions went against you? Both Bent goals were onside. Why can't you just applaud your team for another decent season? Get behind your team and they just might start playing better - your stadium was so quiet today apart from the fans of the mighty Villa. 60,000 have never made so little noise. Now that's embarrassing. UTV
Very poor first half. Disjointed and incoherent. But the Ramsey penalty should have been given to us. Why was Chamakh's goal disallowed? Dont think the ref has a clue why. We did enough to atleast draw the game but the scoreline is all that matters. Big decisions to be taken this summer.
Keep Wenger! It will ensure many frustrations for years to come that can be debated here.
Total knobhead
What decisions went against us? The disallowed Chamakh goal for a soft soft push in the back when challenging and the time when RVP was clear through but bizarrely flagged for a foul after having rolled a defender. A miraculous season by your standards olof but a real sp*rs of a season by ours, I know you spend seasons end after seasons end in relief at staying in the league or dodging a relegation scrap but we've spent the last few years capitulating and that's why we're hacked off and thats why the support just couldn't be bothered. Total knobhead - why do I get the feeling that handle isn't ironic?
Oh and the Ramsey pen that wasn't given, so that's 3 calls that were very poor. But as I stated in my previous post it doesn't excuse us being 2-0 down in the first place and more importantly doesn't mean we wouldn't have thrown it away again had we restored parity.
There's been too many implosions for it to be blamed on refereeing decisions, so we know no that's the real reason. Anyway, Project Youth is over. The fans don't believe in it and you can tell neither do the players. If there isn't a significant statement of intent in the summer from the Club, you can't imagine the atmosphere being any better. Next season will be seriously competitive. You cannot imagine Citeh, Chavs and Manure not strengthening, and then you have Spurs and Liverpool. Tony Parsons, the British author, and I guess Arsenal fan, just tweeted "The wonderful thing about Highbury was that it could accomodate the hard times - the bad thing about the Emirates is it was built for glory".
Parsons aint a gooner and who says that Highbury wasn't built for glory, you don't stick all that marble in the halls if you don't have a vision of a glorious future, yep it could accommodate the hard times as all clubs have to but there were many many many games when it was less than half full so please let's not romanticise. We spent many years there potless and playing eye wateringly bad football.
What can I say but thank you for making the end of the season very interesting indeed. Six points gets us third place and leaves you to qualify. That'll do me.
RE: 'I know you spend seasons end after seasons end in relief at staying in the league or dodging a relegation scrap.' Er, we've finished 6th for the past 3 seasons. And beaten you lot in our last 2 visits to the Emirates. But I understand your frustrations after a few years of glory. I've always liked Arsenal but your fans make our 'fickle' bunch look like diehards...
pens and free kicks only count if the officials see them. therefore they were potential fouls. but u would have missed the resulting pen /free kick anyway. the luck was not with you. a soft push is push non the less, tell your players not to push others if you don't like the resulting free kick. anything after the foul is not valid therefore the so call goal was not dissallowed a it did not happen. glorious result for us though and many others who will laugh at whinger and his team.
Dont you wish you had a player like bent? Paha bottlers! Honk!!
So an admission that your fans are fickle olof, why should ours be any different then? It's just the modern strained relationship that fans and clubs have with each other, particularly strained at our end at present given that we have to stump up exorbitant highest on planet earth fees to attend our club, which have just risen again by 6.5 %. If you're happy with that then you're a diehard alright, a diehard idiot.
ohhh, I can hear the sound of season tickets being cancelled as we speak. ohhhhhh, DANGER.....!!! DON'T PANIC, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, PASS, UUURGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! UUUUUUURGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! WE CAN'T GO ON!!! PASS, PASS, PASS.........
Tony Rocky Horror
Are you a goose P.Avfc? And no to be honest Bent is and always will be a bog standard player that just happened today to beat a bog standard defence, doesn't make him any less painfully average. But I suppose your league position attests as much.
Woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks. Buoyed by your Anfield triumph troll? Didn't cross your tiny mind that the scouse threw it to dodge the europah bullet did it?
Oh perleeeassssseeee help us HONK, HONK!!
Tony Rocky Horror
See you there then after you lose your qualifier...
Tony Rocky Horror
HONK HONK!! HAHA, Put wenger in the mental house now!!!! Can you hear those battles rattling? rattle rattle rattle haha!! Bent > Van persie
Yeah, wahey, put ole' vinegar fingers in the nut house, HONK, HONK, make the old bugger do the trophyless two-step shuffle of shame with a bag over his head on the pitch at White Hart Lane!! HONK, HONK!!
Tony Rocky Horror
RvP had a good game, and in the 2nd half Gibbs stepped up to show that if he could stay fit! then surely he'll be st choice! Chamakh did well, his goal should have stood. Hmmmm, finishing 3rd for The Arsenal might be on the cards as Man city play Stoke on Tuesday, surely Tony ( i need to be Naked in the dressing ROOM) will want to get some revenge.
Trolling is understandable when its by young guys, but there is something wrong with men my dad's age trying to elicit a reaction from people they don't know on an internet forum. It's quite sad.
TRH hardly posts on the VS site but finds comfort on this site; obviously, not particularly appreciated by his own. Detestable old man!
nikolaijns, I'm not sure what ironic means. After all, I'm just a total knobhead. Please explain in simple language for a poor 'ol knobhead.
Total knobhead
1) Anyone still believe we're fine without Cesc because Ramsey and Wilshere are ready? 2) Anyone still believe squillaci is good enough to be anything but the club valet? 3) Anyone able to understand how when we're down 2-0 it makes sense to put Bendtner out on the left wing and keep trying to play the same way? Seriously, the 4-3-3 works great sometimes. With the right players and against the right team it can be beautiful. But Wenger's idea of a tactical change is to just put different players into the same system with no concern over who those players are. Not good enough. He needs a number 2 who'll kindly clear his throat and ask, "boss, are you watching the same game the rest of us are?"
Finishing 4th will be the last straw. I beg to differ from other people's opinions that we have taken a step backwards this season. For the first time in 6 years I thought that we had the ingredients to challenge for the title. We were going very very strong until February. And then once more a collapse. We were supposed to finish second this season if not first looking at our performances until even the start of April. But then to collapse the way we did is just utterly disappointing. There was so much promise at the start of the season but we bottled it yet again.
My point is that in terms of overall quality we have improved but in terms of mental strength we are still the same if not worse.
My point is that in terms of overall quality we have improved but in terms of mental strength we are still the same if not worse.
Doesn't feel any better this morning. The thought of finishing 4th after the season we've had is saddening.

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