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5 Shining Lights Of The 2010/11 Season

As the season draws to a welcome close most Gooners feel deflated, annoyed, down right angry about how this campaign panned out (and the subsequent ticket price increase), quiet rightly too, but I feel that we should also look at the positives.

That`s not to say we shouldn't still be pissed off about what`s happened and sweep it under the carpet and pretend all is swell at Casa De La Gooner, because it isn`t. However it is important to realise that many of our players have busted their balls for the entire season (last two games excluded) in an attempt to finally win something shiny. They didn`t do this on purpose, we need to show some love.

So in an attempt (futile?) to raise the spirits of my fellow Arsenal supporters let`s leave the negativity behind for one article and look at the shining beacons from our 2010/11 campaign.

1. Wojciech Szczesny

At the start of the season we were all hoping and praying for a new goal keeper, reports even filtered through of a big money move for one of the finest keepers in the world in Liverpool`s Pepe Reina, but it wasn`t to be and we started the campaign with what we already had.

Shakey displays from Almunia and Fabianski (injuries? Yeah right) eventually led to Szczensy being handed the gloves, and he didn`t disappoint.

Still in his early 20`s WS commands his box like no keeper (bar Lehmann) we`ve had in years, he`s an excellent shot stopper, and while his decision making isn`t always the best that is something that will only improve with experience. But don`t let this fool you, he is the real deal.

It`s often said that you have to be a bit mental to be a goalie (see Jens Lehmann for details), and if this is true we`ve got about 3 keepers in one. His most important attribute however is his confidence. Many a keeper has looked to be a bone fide number 1, but as soon as he makes a mistake he crumbles like a tea soaked hobnob. Not WS though. He made an absolute howler in the Carling Final and it hasn`t troubled him one bit. And that`s how you need to be to be one of the greats. Don`t care about what has happened, because you can`t change it, just concentrate on catching the next cross or stopping the next shot.

If things go our way we could be set with a top keeper for the next 15 years.

2. Jack Wilshere

The past couple of pre-seasons we`ve been getting sneaky peeks at the young Englishman, and he`s been exciting to watch, however after saying he`d like to push more for a first team place during the summer, he`s absolutely exploded onto the scene. No-one could have expected this, not us, not Wenger, probably not even Jack himself.

Arguably one of our players of the season, Wilshere has put in stunning performance after stunning performance, even when he didn`t play well he desire and work ethic was there for all to see. If the rest of our players would have had his commitment we`d have won the league at a canter.

His finest performance came at Ashburton Grove when faced with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Lionel Messi and all their mates. He stood toe to toe with them and came out on top. At 19 years of age he was on top of the world.

In Wilshere we have a player who the entire nation is excited to see, and that`s very uncommon in Arsenal players, everyone hates us and our boys, but because of Jack`s nationality he`s cut some slack. However on this occasion, the hype is right, this kid is immense. Future Arsenal captain, future England captain. Never in doubt.

We all dream of a team of Jack Wilsheres, a team of Jack Wilsheres, a team of Jack Wilsheres.

3. We`re bigger and stronger than before.

A criticism of Arsenal for many years was that we were wimps. Easily pushed around. Not up for the fight.

"Get in their faces they`d say", try that now and they`ll get it ripped off. Over the past few years we`ve been top of the fair play league every year, and that`s in spite of some of the ridiculous bookings we`ve seen simply because we`re Arsenal, and I feel that it`s been detrimental to us somewhat.

Now I`m not one to condone the kicking of players to stop them, but strong tackles and beastly players and make or break you. And slowly but surely over the last year or two we`ve began to show our strength. Players like Alex Song, Thomas Vermaelen, Jack Wilsere, Bacary Sagna, Robin van Persie and Mouranne Chamakh have really gotten down with the nitty gritty and kicked a bit of ring piece. We`ve come in for a bit of stick for being dirty, but better than than being wussies right?

Now it just needs to be fine tuned with a bit more defensive discipline and shape at set pieces and we`ll be on to a winner.

Getting the monkees of our backs.

To win the league you`ve got to beat those teams around you, and over the past god knows how long, wins over Manchester United and Chelsea have been few and far between. And wins over Barcelona . Well, we`ve never beaten them.

That all changed this year.

The win over Chelsea was emphatic, we battered them, whooped them all over the park. We asked questions to which they had no answers. The victory over the chavs put us right back in the title race and proved we still have what it takes.

When we faced Barcelona at the Grove, we`d never previously beaten them, we`d come close in the Champions League final of 2006, and we`ve been pummeled before, but we`d never got the job done.

Coincidentally this was one of the first times we`d faced them not crippled with injury or had players sent off or other such hindrances. The start of the match Barca threatened to dish out another beating, but we defended valiantly, and had our name have been Stoke City or Bolton Wanderers, they likes of Hansen, Tight-pants Redknapp and Fat Sam would have been drooling at our defensive prowess.

However not only did we defend well, we played barca at their own game, and we won. The moment Arshavin smashed that ball home was one of the happiest moments of my footballing life.

A few weeks ago we had to beat United to remain in the title race, and we did just that. As with the Chelsea match we passed them to death and played them off the field. We proved that we have what it takes to beat some of the biggest and richest sides in the world (we beat four of the five richest teams in the world this season), we now have to figure out how to motivate ourselves against the lesser sides.

5. Robin van Persie.

I`ve saved my personal favorite till last. As Tim Stillman wrote in his match report, as it stands, RvP is the best striker in the world. He has become what I always knew he could if he could stay fit. He still struggled early on in the season, but in 2011 he has become untouchable.

21 goals in 20 games, assists galore, stunning pieces of individual brilliant and exquisite team play. The guy is big, strong, intelligent, and his fight and passion is there to see (I think he tried to fight the whole Villa side in the space of ten seconds the other day).

There had been some mutterings that van Persie could be sold on, I didn`t exactly agree with them but I could understand why people started to think it, but imagine where we would be now if van Persie had gone in Janurary? Mid table? Perhaps worse?

I believe Fabregas is as good as gone, but we must ensure RvP stays with us. Indeed he`s already talking about next season. I`m of the opinion, and this is complete speculation here, that as long as Wenger is at the club then van Persie will remain also, whether it be loyalty to AW for bringing him to England and escaping the reserve team of his former club, or thanks to the father figure that stood by him through some extremely tough times, what ever it is, a season full of van Pizzle and we`ll be close to, if not, Champions of England.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 17 2011

Time: 10:42AM

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A good round up of some of the positives. It's been a strange season and another in which we've been taken along by events rather than being in a position to control them ourselves as much as we'd have wanted. Who imagined pre-season, when we were pondering loan offers for him, that Wilshere would end up starting more games than any other player? That's both a testament to his ability and our inability to get our first picks out as often as we'd anticipated. Szczesny is a plus and fans rightly have more confidence in him. He seems to be made of the right stuff but perversely has a worse loss percentage than either Fabianski or Almunia. RvP is a positive. Hopefully, and with a little good fortune, he can learn to look after himself and stay fit for longer. He seems more grounded and far less mercenary than many too.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 11:02:00

I bet his win/lose ratio was alright up until a couple of weeks ago Amos. lol. As far as I can remember WS has only made two mistakes then genuinely cost us points (and one trophy ... doh), were as the other guys, man, they were just scarey. The fumbled, dropped, dillydallied, and instilled no confidence whatsoever in the team. Our defence now has a man they can trust.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 11:07:00

Playing for a club like Arsenal is about more than just talent. Senderos, Manninger, even Almunia, had talent. But you need the balls to cope with the extra scrutiny playing for us brings to you. The aforementioned haven't been able to do that, Szczesny seems to be able to and that will stand him in good stead.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 11:32:00

Good points Amos but for Szczesny, stats like shots saved% and aerial balls won % would be more relevant than a win/loss% which depends on the team's form as well. Rocky, these indeed were the bright spots of the season. There are a few lesser ones which could perhaps be added- a) Growth of Djourou over the season and b) Emergence of Nasri as a potential match winner and c) Consistency of Bacary Sagna.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 11:47:00

According to opta Szcesny's shots to save ratio is bettered only by Cech and Hart in the top flight. Though that was before this weekend's games.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 11:53:00

I know this isn't a Wilshere-fest article but anyone think he's had a better season than when Cesc was 18/19? I think it looks that way because its his first full season, whereas it would have been cesc's 2nd or 3rd?
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 13:15:00

These, truly, are the 3 exemplary players we saw during the season. If we have room for more (including those added by DF above), I kind of like the contributions of Kolscieny seeing it is his first season in such a tough league as the EPL, especially when he plays alongside JD. The man is sometimes, almost psychic with his interceptions and covering play. He did 'cost' us the CC and some penalties as a result of rash challenges and some ref errors but his tackling can be improved with time.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 14:03:00

Wilshere = overrated. End of.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 14:18:00

When you do think of all these bright spots in the season - Nasri's early form, emergence of WS, Wilshere, Djourou and to a certain extent Koscielny, the improvement of Theo, the red-hot form, talent and sheer technical ability of RvP, the consistency of Sagna - it really makes you wonder why we didn't do better than we did. Seems like we have some good/great players - we just need the right system, playing philoshopy, organisation, workrate and some top quality experience. That's all then!
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 16:09:00

Anyone who uses a "1" instead of an "i" does not have a valid opinion. End of.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:18:00

Ramsey and Nasri slows our game compared to when we had Cesc and Hleb
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:20:00

Wilshire is a really dirty ******** and a filthy chav. He deliberately tried to injure several players this season, and was caught spitting at a taxi driver. Nasty little toe rag geering up for Rooneyesque proportions. I hope somebody 'sorts' him next season.
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:26:00

Starting IX : Szcezny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermelen, Clichy, Song, ?????, Wilshere, Nasri, RVP, ????( Marco Marin). Subs : Fabianski, Djourou, ?????(New Defender), Theo, Coqenlin, ????? (New Striker), Ryo Miyachi.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:30:00

Oh, you mean the same way Szceznsy tried to maim Bale by having the audacity to palm the ball away to safety? You really are a big girls blouse TRH.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:56:00

Hold on mate i'll just boot up Champ Man. Haha - oh no!! Wilshere is geering (sic) up to Rooneyesque proportions - TBF he's effin terrble, that's the last thing we want is our very own Rooney.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:57:00

He moaned about Sczseny on Bale? Straight up?
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 17:58:00

Yeah - He said it was despicable the way he didn't consider his fellow professional's safety. lol
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 18:19:00

And also that he could have "killed him"!!!!!
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 18:22:00

Shez won the ball but was in no way concerned about going through Bale. He could have broken his neck...
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 18:42:00

Haha! Classic. If Bale didn't pull out why should Szcezsny? If Bale isn't concerned about his walfare that's his baboon faced problem.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 18:44:00

Absolute bobbins Trolly, 50 50 ball that chesney was always fav for. Stop trying to turn it into some RSPCA simian GBH crusade it's pathetic.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 18:51:00

Another thread hijacked by the troll. Lame.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 19:42:00

s1mm014, Bale=most overrated player in European football in the last 3 yrs=END OF.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 22:21:00

Think Chez should have ran out and poured a bucket of confetti over Bale ala Gomes.
Report Abuse
17/05/2011 22:23:00

Rocky7... anyone who's named themself after a ridiculous fictional boxer and then put the length of their dick (in cm's) after it clearly shouldn't have an opinion either.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:01:00

I guess you really don't know anything about football after all huh?
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:14:00

Am I the only one who hasn't forgotten Fabianski's resurgence? Man City, Wolves, Everton.....
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:18:00

s1mm014, please google David Rocastle and retire from discussing football for a while.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:21:00

Fabianski's resurgence consisted of him not throwing the ball into his own net and having a couple of good games, nothing to shout about.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:53:00

LOL Simm you absolute div. You and football really don't mix, do they.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 13:54:00

That was fun. Reading s1mm014's comment. Absolute roflmao at his/her pure ignorance.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 14:57:00

Caaaaman!! We all know he got his name from the Stallone character!! YO ADRIAAAAAANNN!!! Now you're claiming he got it from somwhere else!
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 15:10:00

Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 15:11:00

Sure Rocky films are far too violent for your delicate little eyes.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 16:17:00

Hey shewore do you know the origin of your name?
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 16:32:00

Yes, my brain, and subsequently my typing fingers.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 16:38:00

Sami Nas has got to be in there as well. He showed his brilliance in the first half of the season. A marked improvement in his goals and assists tally form previous seasons.
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 17:51:00

Oh is it? Is it really? Oh, yeah of course, it was your brain sweetheart!! Silly me. LOL!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Report Abuse
18/05/2011 18:16:00

Report Abuse
18/05/2011 20:04:00

TRH must be a real arsenal fan in denial.. Dude posts more on this site than most gooners...
Report Abuse
19/05/2011 17:54:00

What a magnificent season for london clubs u.u ..... Ah bloody hell, at least we're not west ham.
Report Abuse
20/05/2011 01:55:00

Or tottenham. ; p
Report Abuse
20/05/2011 01:56:00

*****in' lol @ this simmo spanner. Rocky7, a boxer? Serious? As for Gareth Bale, regardless of whether or not he's as good or better than Wilshere, I just find it priceless that the first time Spurs get a taste of the real European competition there best player will be leaving them now actual big clubs realise they exist.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
21/05/2011 07:12:00


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