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Bendtner Looks Set To Join Denilson

Nicklas Bendtner looks set to join Denilson on his way out of Arsenal Football Club, after his agent (who is his dad) made claims that Nicky is "100% open to a move".

Bendtner has struggled to secure a starting berth at Arsenal, this year could have been his year, but the early season form of Chamakh, the sensational Robin van Persie upon his return, and Wenger`s insistence on playing him out wide (AW actually said last week we don`t need any wingers as we have Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott and Bendtner, yes NB52 is a winger now, not surprising he wants to leave) meant he was nothing more than bench fodder.

'Nicklas is 100 per cent open now to a change of clubs,' Thomas Bendtner said in the Daily Mirror.

'He has made his decision and he has told it to Arsenal. Nicklas needs to be playing from the start so, sadly, he must leave. He wanted to finish the season first, so no-one could say he didn't fight for a first-team place right until the end.'

'There is real interest from both English and German clubs, and Bayern Munich were after him, earlier, but talk about Aston Villa is rubbish. He has not met anyone from there.'

Much like Arsene Wenger, the Gooner opinion polls on Bendtner are split, I`d say the slight majority lean towards wanting NB to leave, but there are a good portion of Arsenal fans, like myself, who think Nicklas is a great player, and played in his position is a dangerous asset and an excellent squad player.

It will be a great shame to lose him, because I think he`s got a lot to offer. Good luck Nick.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 23 2011

Time: 9:49AM

Your Comments

Wenger saying that Bendtner is one of our wingers is astonishing. I really think he's lost the plot.
I feel bad for the lad.. I know Wenger likes to educate his strikes from the wing ala Thierry and Theo but they are lighter and faster than Nick. He deserved at least a try in the middle. It has pained me to see him stuck on the wing throwing crosses in for noone.... I don't claim to be a tactical genius but i ain't stupid either so..... What is going on?
one scarey scenario is that NB is looking for a new club, and Tottenham are looking for a competant striker, he could be great for them he really could. He wouldn't have to up sticks and move, it would be perfect for him. A susstained run of games in the middle with people like Bale, van Der Varrt and Modoric supplying crosses and little through balls for him ..... scarey thought.
Even with a run in the team I think Bendtner has the ability to be decent, nothing more. He'll be about as good as Zlatan Ibrahimovic I reckon and I've never really rated him. The thing that worries me is that without another top striker, we're one broken RvP toenail away from being toothless up front. And Chamak ain't that man. I'd love to see Samuel Etoo at AFC. Can you imagine him and RvP up front?
Bendtner is a good striker with a good record. But he ain't gonna get past RvP in a month of Sundays. He's at an age where he needs to play or else he'll stagnate and I don't blame him for looking elsewhere. He'll have a good career. I think he could've made it here but he's got the best striker in the world in front of him.
Little Dutch
I don't think we haven't really seen the potential of NB. What i know is despite being played out of position and limited opportunities, he has always managed to score a few goals. He could very well turn out to be a 20 goals a season striker if played at CF with the proper supply. I rate him higher than a lot of strikers in the EPL who have hurt us over the years. Wenger doesn't like out and out specialist wingers like Fergie does (with Ronaldo, Nani, Park, Valencia, Giggs, Beckham), he prefers to play central midfielders or strikers there (Arshavin, Theo, Nasri, Rosicky)... Maybe he ought to learn something from Sir Alex. A man with 12 prem titles can't be wrond. Mind you Arsene wasn't always like this. His most successful teams had Pires and Lunjberg, who both scored plenty of goals and could both write a book on wingplay.
With 4-4-2 next year he won't need to get past Van Persie, and with his obligitory 3 months out next season in the mix as well.... if we're moving to 4-4-2 - HOLD.
Not only that but Ljunberg and Pired scored beautiful goals and a lot of them were important as in when the team needed something special. I will always remember the 2001-02 when Pires got injured before the run-in. I was worried because he was such a key player for us. There came back Freddie and he had this telepathic purple patch with Denis... Amazing players.
I'd say Wiltord played his own part in replacing Pires on the wing then. Anyway, that was a different era, a different regime you'd think as well.
I'm not going to lie, first Denilson now Bendtner? Ssssomebody pinch me! Although it has been painful watching him lumbering out wide I'm under no romantic illusion that it wasn't equally painful in the times that he was in his preferred position. What worries me is that neither of these two departures are actually Wengers' decisions and that he'd have happily plodded on with them. An OK player that never will be a worldbeater due to a lack of urgency/complacency, a very ungainly unnatural looking poise wih a bobbins 1st touch & no sense of positioning himself in anything remotely ressembling a danger area. He has had a multitude of chances here and with few exceptions failed to establish or make much impression.... Next!!.... Ah Tomas how nice to see you...come in and take a seat.
niko - lol, but don't bet on Wenger persuading them all to stay! After Tomas, hopefully waiting in the lobby is Emmanuel...
niko - lol, but don't bet on Wenger persuading them all to stay! After Tomas, hopefully waiting in the lobby is Emmanuel...
I think the views of fans of other clubs (other than the partisan SHL rabble) are often illuminating in getting an objective viewpoint as to how others view our players, so visit villas page to see how they've reacted to being linked with Bendtner.
Hope he doesn't go to Spurs, Harry does love Arsenal rejects though. It is worrying that Wenger would be happy to keep these players, I'm hoping he is saying one thing but thinking the other, but right now he seems incapable of cutting the umbilical cord of this six year stagnated project.
Professor Calculus
Most overated player in premier league history, oh wait does anyone apart from the arsenal fans actually think he has any talent at all? No...Heskey > Bendtner and no i am not joking.
To be overrated you have to be rated.
Difficult one. Until about March, I had no complaints with the 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 and Bendtner was rightly kicking his heels because we saw Chamakh excell in the first half of the season and obviously RvP be the shining light in a dreary second half. But I think we've all realised 4-4-2 would have been more apt in the latter months, and Nick could have been given his chance then. He's capable of driving me up the wall but I rate him and seriously fear he'll score 20 goals a season at somewhere like Spurs. He says he's the best striker in the world which is obviously some distance from being true, but 5 years down the line, if he's playing regularly I don't think they'll be many better than him. Best of luck to him if he goes abroad. If he stays in England I'd be more happy to see him warming the bench. I'll throw it out there and say he is in fact underrated.
Stewart Dowing? Ashley Young? Gabriel Agbonlahor? All massively over-rated, more so than Bendtner, and all playing for a team whose potential lasted for one season .... and even then you bottled it. Shoulda had fourth sewn up, but you blew it .... back down to mid table mediocrity.
Its a strange one because for all his faults he does score goals. The previous season he scored 12 between January and May which is more than Carroll, Torres and Dzeko combined between the same period this season, yet he has the touch of man who has just been given new feet after 20 years on crutches. P.Avfc observations are typical of someone who just hasn't seen him play or has been watching his recent games stuck on the wing, nobody in their sane mind would choose Heskey over any premier league striker.
agree with most of you that wenger did not allow nb's potential to flourish. he is faster than most of the players of his physical stature. if he is played as an all out striker with proper supply from the flanks, he could easily be a 20-goal a season striker.
NB52 has not been given a fair crack at the whip in my opinion and how on earth Wenger can describe him as a winger is just mind boggling. However my main concern is that we will still be left with Diaby and Eboue come September, I think we should cash in on Cesc this year as I do not think that is heart is it any longer and use the money to strengthen the squad (New centre back & midfield power pack (Scott Parker), and make either RvP or Thomas Vermaelen captain. Oh, and get ride of Eboue and Diaby.
To squeeze you in the side he'll stick you out wide...Wengers wingers...Wengers wingers. Just a brief snippet there of the theme tune for the new ITV comedy I've just had commissioned.
Your problem is you cheat and moan to much if it isnt Wenger moaning its a player on twitter or facebook - Everyone has lost all respect for you everytime u lose its never your fault and you moan on about it for weeks in the press/twitter/website plus you are vile towards other teams and fans not to mention the abuse you give your very own players ex-players!, Cesc Wilshire and Persy should all learn some humility and stop being so big headed and they all should stop diving too!
Nick is not and will never be a tricky winger although he can beat his man from time to time. I am worried that all this time spent on the wing may have dulled his edge and confidence (if possible) in front of goal and that may be why he couldnt convert his chance v Barca. I am a firm believer that players should play in their best position and become better by playing there. For next season, I dont care who we get but I would like players with the attitude of Vidic/Vermaelen. Vidic for me is worth so much more to United than the 7m they paid for him. True gladiator.
Sounds suspiciously like a good moan there Mark, irony isn't what your mum does to get the creases out your little sky blue shorts.
And I won't hold my breath for any dignity free toadying "Oooh thank you Stan Kroenke sir" banners at the grove.
I, for one, would not like to see him leave because hes popped up with a couple of important goals in the past and gives us a different dimension. We need to see NB playing in his proper position on a regular basis before and conclusions can be drawn, unfortunately we will never see it because Wenger thinks hes a winger! RvP needs help so another top quality striker would be nice but who could that be? I wish Tevez was interested.
Sir Henry
mark, objectivity and analysis are beyond you so keep to your brief which is to write mushy love letters to Abu Dhabi.
Its clear that AW rates Bendtner as a replacement for Arshavin rather than RvP. Considering that Arshavin himself is available at the right price, what chance does Bendtner have at AFC? None at all unless Chamakh wants to leave as well. Bendtner needs to play centrally to flourish and he is a good player - his scoring record is proof enough of that. Good luck to him for the future.
Bendtner as a winger, Diaby as a striker, Eboue as a forward, the Arsenal do do do, do do
Apparently Walcott is being fitted for big padded gloves just in case Fabianski isn't fit in time for the start of next season. It's all part of the Total Football philosophy.
I appreciate Rocky's comments and granted i havent seen him play as often as you guys on here, but i havent been impressed at all by Bendtner. He reminds me of Heskey in a way - I'm not knocking either Heskey has been a decent player - But as good as Ibra i read on here, really? Is he that good? You worry he'l join Spurs? I WORRY HE'LL JOIN SPURS!
Heh touche HY
Nicholas Bentner: what is for?
Tony Rocky Horror
I honestly think he would be great at Spurs. How many amazing crosses has Bale whipped into the box this season to be met with no-one ... or worse, Pavlechencko? Bendtner would thrive on that service, he's a great finisher too. If you can play him in so his first touch will be a finish you'll be on to a winner. I honestly hope he doesn't go to Spurs.
Rocky why not fax over a binded presentation? ;)
Rocky you call villa bottlers? AHAHA! Thats rich coming from you, dont arsenal bottle it every year? No im being serious, every single year, you couldn't even beat a scummy team who got relegated and your apparently this team who plays this 'wonderfull' football when lets face it your boring to watch. Pass, pass, pass, pass and pass and get nowhere...All i got to say rocky is Darren Bent! When you got one of those maybe you can win the league ;) Bendtner? AHAHAHAHHA
P.Avfc, what would your mediocre team not give to be in our position though. Our worst season in years is better than your best finish for a decade :-)
To be fair villa aren't bottlers, to be a bottler you would've had to first be in a league position that insinuates you are capable of challenging. When that hasn't happened for 30 years you can't be a bottler because that implies you had bottle to lose in the first place.
I'm not going to make dismissive comments like 'he is just a big donkey', but at no time have I ever considered NB to be good enough. Potential is nothing unless it is realised. You can argue that he never had a proper run in the side, but he certainly had chances. Denilson, Bendtner for starters, clichy, rosicky, arshavin, almunia next please.
honestly, is Chamakh better than Nick? I dont think so.. Yet Chamakh has been played upfront (when RvP was not in the squad) and Nick was again forced to the stupid wings.
I think he is Sajit or at least the finished article of what Bendy could become, bloke was on fire at the start of the season and looked a shoe in for bargain of the season before the winter happened and we hear it's fatigue then personal problems but the last couple of games I thought he was getting back on track. he is what Bendtner will be if he came back in 4 years.
I think if Chamakh gets his head right he can be ten times the player that NB is. I fear he is quite delicately balanced.
Bendtner had had plenty of chances as a striker and on most occasions has not looked good enough. I can excuse his performances when he has played as a winger somewhat. There's no way in a million years he will be anywhere near as good as Ibrahimovic (and I like a lot of people think Zlatan is bit overrated and bottler in big games). AW has given the likes of Denilson, Eboue and Bendtner far too many chances if anything when the quality clearly isn't there and the quicker he moves them out of the door the better. I think AW himself has indicated to these players that they should move on by their lack of playing time if nothing else. I'm a bit split on Clichy, he can't cross and has looked poor defensively on occasions but there aren't a lot of good left backs out there to replace him with at reasonable prices. Unsure about Diaby also as he never seems to get a decent run in the team because of injuries, but he is one of the few strong physical central midfielders have despite his stupidity at times.
I won't miss Bendtner, really, but cannot doubt that he has potential. Like to see him curl the ball into the far corner of the opponent's goal, after opening his body up, Henry-like. He has also come into games a few times to change things, but so can a good many other subs. His first touch does not do him much good; deceptively pacy as I have seen him leave defenders in his wake a few times. But if it is going to take so long for his potential to come to the fore, we are better off letting him go elsewhere to build up his game. I won't miss the man much.
Sajit, Chamakh is a more effective player than Bendtner. Good hold up play, willing to play others in, precise with headers and works hard for the team all round.
Could it be the Manager has figured it won't do the value of the players any good if we appear uninterested in keeping them? So, better to bemoan the player's exit, say the right things and get interest up for best value in the transfer market.
Just hope Wenger doesn't spend all his time trying to hold on to old players and forgets we need a few new faces too. Won't cry about Bendtner's departure. He won't take us to where we want to go.
Wyn Mills
I think Pav despite his many shortcomings has far more talent than Bendtner. Both arent exactly great players though. If you could merge the too you'd have something resembling Alan Shearer though
Would prefer he got one more season, but for those saying "he doesn't think he's the best in the world that's you being naive and believing the media twist, blah blah blah" he pretty much says it here. that was a little while ago...actually, maybe he can go
Chamakh will be a very good player if he ever learns what shooting is. For a striker, his shooting ability is absolutely woeful. In Bentdner's favour, he does have a decent shot on him. But I won't shed any tears for NB going. He's a good player at a mid-table club, but he's not quite good enough for us.
Now there's a massive blow to the squad. 2 useless players, wasting space leaving? Say it isn't so. Perhaps more talented players in your side might be given a decent chance now.
If all you Bendtner haters actually looked at his goal scoring stats given the amount of games he played in, you'd be singing a different tune. What was Drogba doing at the age of 23? In Ligue 2, ffs! Bendtner has never been used properly by Wenger-he's a good player and will definitely become a better one. Shame Arsene never used him to his best potential.
jaelle < is there a better portrayal of Arsenal's plastic, middle class support than that, hahaha. Soft fans, soft team!
Bendtner has been used many many times in his correct position, the fact is he never cut the grade and is now shoehorned wide in some bizarre attempt to garner him further experience. Ligue 2 is where he should be tbh, as he is in no way ready to hold down a regular first 11 place with us.
And noone here hates Bendtner, there is a vast difference between hating someone and holding the opinion that they are a bog standard footballer whose career should continue elsewhere.
Agreed - the hate is a bit of a strong comment, especially here, bit sensitive there Jaelle.
I could never hate anyone that demands the manager to play him then comes on and straight away bonces one in against the filth. I don't care what he says and how much he wants to big himself up or is misreported as saying as much, all I care about is how he fares on the pitch and sometimes he's ok but like with so many of our players he is awfully inconsistent and frequently poor.
As an Arsenal fan i have to agree with all none-Arsenal fans for once and say, the only people i ever hear say he is a 'good striker' are Arsenal fans. It annoys the hell out of me. He's an absolutely average striker at best. If Bedtner played for Spurs, you most of you wouldn't be saying he's a good stiker. We wanna win trophy's and be the best in the world? Bedtners not the striker for us. You wanna be a mediocre premier league team? Bedtner is the striker for us.

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