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Wenger sacking calls 'ridiculous' - Keown

Martin Keown has branded calls for Arsene Wenger's dismissal at Arsenal as 'ridiculous'.

The former Gunner, part of both of Wenger's double winning teams, believes there will be a change in personnel at the Emirates Stadium this summer, but that will come on the playing side of things.

Speaking at the Home International Final of the 2011 Tesco Cup, the UK's biggest grassroots football competition, which took place at St Andrews' stadium in Birmingham, the ex-defender backed the manager to bounce back after a sixth consecutive season without silverware.

Keown, capped 43 times by England, has also reiterated Wenger's view on Jack Wilshere playing for the England Under-21 squad at this summer's European Championships in Denmark. The 19-year old, who has 4 caps with the senior squad, wanted to take part in the competition, very much against his manager's wishes, before withdrawing. Wenger believes he's in need of a rest in order to be in peak physical condition for next season, a view which his former stalwart defender very much agrees with.

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The Journalist

Writer: Lee Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 24 2011

Time: 5:20PM

Your Comments

I agree with Keown. Something I find interesting is that before the Fulham game he was saying the same old stuff- we'll buy if we can improve, can't afford £50m on a player, blah blah blah. After the match he alluded to spending some serious money before the FFP regs come into being. He was probably going to anyway but always keeps transfer talk to a minimum to keep prices down so I have to assume he has heard the rumblings amongst a section of the fan base and decided to 'go public' to appease them. Optics. Or maybe he heard the 'spend some fekkin money' chants at Fulham and realized that supporters understandably want to see the season ticket increase spent on the squad. I think if we sell Cesc and replace him with Arteta there will be backlash, but if we sell him and replace him with Kaka everybody will be happy. As so many have said elsewhere, this is a make or break summer for AW, and I have full confidence in him that he will do what is necessary. He has already built the foundation of a team that can dominate for a decade; a couple of key, established player additions will mean that domination starts next season. He makes sense about Wilshere too. In hindsight, would Theo have done double-duty if he knew it would lead to burnout/injury, a poor season and not getting selected for the world cup? Theo might not have made a difference in South Africa, but even Capello admits he made a mistake and that a Roomba™ robotic vacuum cleaner would have been more effective on the right than Aaron Lennon was in that tournament.
elbondo < is there a better portrayal of Arsenal's plastic, middle class support than that, hahaha. Soft fans, soft team!
I really hope so Elbondo, he is certainly saying the right things but then he always does. I saw this comment on Goonerholic: Now many of the Irish pundits can be very poor and withering – but there are one or two who I’d be inclined to rate such as Brady, Giles and Houghton. Houghton said something at the weekend when he was commenting on the Fulham game which caught my ear, he said from what he’s heard, the club are about to sign 2 players in quick succession and that each will break the club transfer record.
Jackstain your dead granddad must be spinning in his grave at the cowardly braying little troll no life his grandson has become. Classless little w*nkkker.
I'd rather have Arteta than Kaka. Kaka hasn't done anything for the last 2 years, whereas Arteta has proven he can take the knocks the premier league. That's not to say I want him to replace Cesc, just that Kaka has gone. Brazil's Michael Owen
Totally with you ted kaka is another soft lad, he'd never survive in the prem let alone better his game and thrive.
Why are people talking about Arteta? Any specific reason?
Evra, he really does hate us doesn't he? What a c*'t,17033,14018_6951120,00.html
So after spending all last summer ensuring every player was gobbing off & disrespecting our club & captain and generally behaving in an appalling brattish manner, yet we show how to behave with dignity & class by letting Barca train at Colney
Bet our classy offer does nothing to deter Barca from their classless behaviour.
I hope Evra gets turned inside out and is on the back of a proper 5-0 humiliation against Barca. C&$t.
Evra really does have a massive chip on his shoulder about Arsenal. Did he feel snubbed by Wenger before being signed by utd? His team have just won the league, a Cl final is only days away, yet what is he talking about? Arsenal. That's bordering on TRH level obsession? What a weirdo.
You know, Niko, I've been thinking the same thing about Evra's obsession, re: feeling Wenger snubbed him. I wish him well against Pedro, Alvez and Messi, who all operate on his side of the field. Bound to tear him a new one, that trio.
i have to admit i'm beginning to get a bit concerned for the well being of TRH, usually he's one of the first to comment on our articles. hope the old chap is alright, still at least we've got jackstan to tide us over for the time being. although i still think arsene is the man for the job he's certainly running out of time & the fans are clearly running out of patience.
I have already found the next coach for Arsenal. Marco van Basten. He is going to promote youth get all the experience out talk ****e all day and ... oh i forgot to add 0 trophies. He might get you top 8 next year though.
I'm sure we get something from Barce for this, it must be some sort of revenue attached to it. Re Evra, I think the old saying "the truth hurts" rings here. Fair enough, the press ask him questions, they know what sort of answers they're gonna get.
Guys, Samir is an intelligent kid right? I hope he doesn't fall for United...
Talk of getting rid of people, i heard players like Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Clichy, Nasri, Arshavin, Cesc are leaving. Is it true these players wants to leave? That is a whole team being decimated. Fans are also calling for Squillaci, Eboue, Rosicky, Vela to leave. That will be too many changes for me.
If we can get rid of a few like Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia, Squillaci and probably Vela, i am okay with that but not Clichy, Nasri and Cesc.
Yeah shewore i imagine it's not an act of philanthropy and we'll add it to the outstanding bill for Henry that we're still waiting for! Hell who knows maybe they're blackmailing us not to release details of the deal in place for cesc who knows? @ arseniger we'd all be gutted if cesc and nas departed. All of the rest mentioned will not be allowed to leave in one go but going through them individually again just brings an indifferent shrug of my shoulders, I struggle to care over any of them really at this point in time.
Wenger's interested in Benzema eh? Right guys we're going to have to split up and help him find his wallet, he apparently lost it a few years back and when asked if he could remember where he last put it he said it was "near the key to the trophy cabinet". This might be a little harder than I first thought :P As for Evra, don't be too harsh on the man, he was pitched the question afterall. What do you expect him to say?
TheFamousNo7, I expect Evra to be respectful and classy -- oh I forgot, he's a United player, what am I thinking of?
blue_iceberg, are you Chelsea or Man City supporter?
Found the wallet when it came to helping Ramsey escape the drudging drone of Gary Nevilles' tour though eh famousno7? I expect nothing from Evra apart from the bigmouthed obsessing with Arsenal we always get. He obviously in some way feels betrayed that he wasn't invited down to the french brotherhood that has housed such a huge coterie of french stars over the years and has never gotten over it. For all his talk of men and babies he always comes across as the latter. Patrice tiny tears he walks, talks and gives pressers. oh oh nappy needs changing again.
Evra is a fool, a little and a stupid man. I mean, please get a bit of class. He has been mocking Arsenal for way too long and he's becoming irritating. The sad thing is that he's right. United always compete to the end and Arsene's Arsenal just gave up 3/4 of the way. Arsene needs to rebuild his reputation and show we mean business. Mehnnn this season hurts...
In fairness has Evra said anything you Arsenal fans yourselves haven't said before? "11 men v 11 babies", basically (in Alan Hansens words) "you can't win anything with kids" (par the couple of anonymoles) and recent records (say since the project itself began 6 years ago) of Arsenal v Man U/Chelsea back this up. You yourselves have said the squad needs some older heads to demand focus and provide leadership. "I watch them play and enjoy it but will they win the title? That’s what people will remember.", once again haven't some of yourselves already said that whilst the positive football is nice on the eye the one-dimensional play coming from it makes you easy to read and predictable against sides and that you should adopt a more physical approach. Telling Nasri that signing for Man U almost guarentees titles, once again, is he wrong? Im pretty certain Fergie has an average of over 1 trophy a season whilst Wenger averages at under 1 trophy a season. As for your club being in a 'crisis' he was overexaggerating a bit but how many of you are happy that you haven't won anything in 6 years? He does describe Arsenal as a good side one capable of beating the best sides but ultimately questions your new philosophy. Wenger seems hell bent on making this project work despite its obvious flaws and failings.
TFNo7, you fail to grasp some basic aspects of football etiquette perhaps due to your United heritage. Fans of Arsenal or that of any team can speak of their own team's failings or that of any other teams. Analysis of ones own team and banter about other teams is all fine but footballers are meant to show courtesy atleast in public to their rivals. Too much to expect from a troublemaking chav like Evra perhaps but that is the standard nevertheless.
TFNo7, no other United player has built a reputation for a lack of respect for fellow professionals and another club as Evra's done. He always has something to say on all issues Arsenal, almost as if obsessed. His case is pathetic and has reached 'serial' proportions. I used to be amused but this one is going too far, especially as Nasri has not shown/stated interest in United. The disrespect will be more evident when Nasri signs a new contract and remains with his club. Attention seeking, childish fool.
A very flawed defence of our serial stalker there no7. It is an ongoing saga with Patrice (is he upset that Wengers no 2 has had the same name for far longer?) So because you feel something has truth and merit in it you're basically saying that it's ok to say it? But there are no interviews with our management outraged over fergusons' recent despicable witch hunt of a reporter where he was caught banning him from future interviews for asking a perfectly innocent question over Giggs. None of our players have questioned why giggsy wiggsy is held up as the patron saint of humble unaffected purity despite being caught hanging out the back of a big brother slapper? Both of these are undeniable truths too but out of decorum and respectfulness our club wouldn't answer either. Evra could simply issue a 'no comment' as most other players would do but due to the continent sized chip next to his head regarding Arsenal he continually feels the need to whine, why blame the reporter for asking when it's obvious tiny tears will oblige?
Don't get me wrong i'm not defending him, he's being disrespectful there's no two ways about it, Arsenal is not his concern. I'm simply asking you to bear in mind that his opinion does sort of coincide with some of the others i've read on here before. How can you feel so insulted when you said it yourselves? nikolaijns, that's an unfair comparison. How can you possibly compare Evra's opinions over footballing matters, to off the field affairs? As for your management actually talking of footballing affairs, does anyone remember Wenger's comments of Scholes having a 'darker side' to him and talking of other teams 'negative' tactics? Is he therefore not in the sameboat as Evra, talking about matters that should be of no concern to him?
TFno7 Wenger's comments were isolated and there is no trend to them. He doesn't come out with monthly statements about United players. Evra meanwhile comes out with a press release about Arsenal as consistently as he gets into rows with the French football association. Fans can criticise their club in private forums like this but professional footballers tend to live by a different unsaid code of conduct. Evra has no respect for anyone other than himself and deserves all the flak that he will get from gooners. flagrant breach of
I agree with TFN7 on this one. You can't help but think that there is a tinge of truth to it. Nasri hasn't won anything over here and Man United have won title after title in recent years. It is disrespectful of him take nothing away from that but there is some truth to what he says. And he was asked the question so he has to give his honest opinion albeit an aggressive one.
One more thing: Evra's a massive and utter CNUT
What no7 so we've all said Nasri should leave and go to utd have we?? And my comparison stands - telling Nasri to leave his club and go to utd is NOT on the field matters. If these comments were said in an interview prior or post a fixture as Wengers' comments about scholes shockingly 5h1t tackling were then fair enuff but there is just no reason for him to be talking about us and if the question was loaded at us then a 'no comment' is the only professional response, but of course all journos know that Evra is a gobby classless attention seeking little oik.
You're telling me a player commenting on transfer speculation and the opposition can be compared to someone publically sharing their opinions about personal affairs like Giggs personal life and standing in society? Gulf of difference. Also, when was the last time you heard a player say 'no comment' and act professional? I'll have one of what you're on please.
It's not transfer speculation it's tapping up and it's just as pathetically irrelevant as the subjects of purple noses' military junta style press clampdown or Ryan 'tearing your chavvy vadge apart since 99' Giggs' recent outing as a Big brother bint banger. And you can't afford what I'm on so I'll pour you a value gin with a line of persil cut speed.
Tapping up?! Hardly. Barca's pursuit for Fabregas is tapping up. Real's Ronaldo pursuit is tapping up. A football manager imposed rumour with no real foundation, logic or backing from the supposed buyers is far from tapping up. Evra didn't even know anything about it until it was said to him.
It's tapping up of course it is, ridiculous to even attempt to argue. Enticing a player under contract to leave and join your club, what else could you possibly call that? Evra didn't know anything about it?? what the frig are you talking about man?? The matter didn't exist until it spilled from his bitter mush. It's exactly what Barca tried to do which is use their players as bigmouthpieces to unsettle a player.
He may have answered with a simple "Oh! Well, that will be nice because Nasri is a quality player who will be great at any club in the top flight, as he has been for his present club." Or something to that effect. He didn't have to poke fun at Nasri's decision making (signing for his present club) or at the club he plies his trade with.
Evra is simply a low life, classless specimen of french dross.
“Really? I didn’t know" - Evra's first words when he was told about the rumour but you're right he did know he's just lying. Barca and Madrid were constantly talking to the media about who they wanted to sign, every day there was another player for their squad talking about Fabregas/Ronaldo/Reyes, Reyes and Fabregas also wore the respective clubs shirts, that's tapping up. Nasri on the other hand, how many United players have said anything about him? 1 and only because he was asked, not freely speaking or going to the media and he was clueless of it. You're on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, your comparisons are hysterical.
So Barca and Real players weren't asked then? They just strode up to the interview table and shouted out their desire for whoever yeah? Nobody knew that's the whole point it was a journalistic cv'*ts trick but now it does exist and that thick tw*t has added fuel to a previously unexistant fire. It's tapping up though, no matter who instigated it he ran with it like the maleovolent dwarf he is.
Off topic : Can we sue Pique and Troll for vandalizing the Emirates?
One thing I want to say is we have paid Barca back in kind. By signing those two 12 year olds right under their noses.
Who've already said they want to go back to Barce one day, which I suppose is natural, but still.
What is with these kids?? If they want to go back then why leave in the first place. Ridiculous
Go easy on the lad, maybe he was trying to smooth the waters to placate a reportedly furious Barca, lads' only 16 and about to undergo one of the biggest moves of his career it's only natural for him to look back over his shoulder and attempt to leave a door open, like letting down an ex gently by telling them they're still beautiful, but just impossible to get on with due to their arrogant classless Cesc obsessed cocksuckery. :)

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