Arsenal - Pretty Football? What's The Point?
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Pretty Football? What's The Point?

Manchester United`s Ex-Ginger Ninja, Paul Scholes has aimed a stinging jab at Arsene Wenger`s Arsenal saying "pretty football, what`s the point?"

Scholes took a big 'ol swing with his size 9s and aimed it directly into the head of a prone Arsenal Football Club by claiming there`s no point in pretty football if it does not garner results.

"On the domestic front, I expect United`s main challengers to be Chelsea and City. Arsenal, they just flatter to deceive. Said Scholes

"They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn`t always produce the results they need. It doesn`t irritate me when people say they`re the best footballing team, because while they are doing that, we are winning games."

"They do play the best football to watch at times, but what is the point of that, if you are not winning anything? Not only that, they are potentially going to lose their best players in Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy."

Whilst the first instinct might be to lash out at Scholes and tell him to put a sock in it, I`m willing to wager it`s a thought that`s popped into the head of many Arsenal fans in the last four months or so.

That said, he`s still a ****.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 5 2011

Time: 6:32AM

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Cheers Ginge, now tell us something we don't know. Berk.
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05/07/2011 09:21:00

Sounds reasonable to me!
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05/07/2011 09:33:00

Man's a genius.
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05/07/2011 11:05:00

Ah so this is why he doesn't do interviews, he's thick and slow. Well it's cleared that mystery up if nothing else.
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05/07/2011 12:52:00

It may have been a while but pretty football did enable us to win a title at your ground didn't it ginger nut! Not to mention winning titles didn't stop your best player from packing his bags to join Real did it!
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05/07/2011 12:54:00

Scholes just proves my longstanding point that his nice guy gentlemanly image is a fake & he's actually just another typical classless Man United scumbag big mouth who loves to trash other clubs. But he can't help it, that's a requirement for Ferguson. Unfortunately, what he says is close to the truth given our consistent collapse in the last 4-5 yrs. But I always find it interesting how Man United players/fans/Ferguson are so bitter & resentful that Arsenal get any praise for playing attractive football. It's like no other club is allowed to get praise for their football. You'd think a club that wins so many trophies wouldn't be bothered by it. Of course they SAY they're not bothered by it but they're always mentioning it, always complaining about it, always being so defensive about it.
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05/07/2011 13:34:00

Spot on Jaelle, it clearly bothers them a little as all their praise seems to be begrudging.
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05/07/2011 13:54:00

Biggest *****er in football, but he's spot on.
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05/07/2011 14:07:00

Tenner says he sat next to Evra on the team bus, pair of moaning joyless flaps.
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05/07/2011 14:13:00

Scholes mentioned that Ferguson would never let United go 5 seasons without a major trophy but Fergie already has let that happen. The first 5 seasons of Ferguson at United were barren and many United fans were asking for his head. Wenger on the other hand had a terrific start as Arsenal manager but is now going through a lean patch though the extenuating circumstances of the stadium move need to be considered. Just saying that class is permanent. It was in Ferguson's case and is true in AW's case too if he goes back to his pragmatic ways in the initial five years..
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05/07/2011 14:33:00

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05/07/2011 15:02:00

Slightly difference deltaforce, look how many teams he's moulded, he inherited a load of *****e, Wenger inherited a lot of winners & a world famous back 5 & Bergkamp.
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05/07/2011 15:18:00

I would disagree Shewore. Wenger inherited an under performing mid table team with ordinary (all be it full of British grit) players. They were certainly not winners until Wenger turned up. As good as Adams had been for us for many years before, he was a one dimensional defender, although a very good one. Wenger added new dimensions to his game, such as technique. Bergkamp was a genius playing in a defensive uncreative team, he would never of had served Arsenal for all those years if Wenger hadn't taken over when he did, he blossomed playing under wenger. It is hard to judge a manager in the modern game when managers move more then a jack russel on heat. If say, a manager has been with a club for 15, 20 years plus, the law of averages will tell you at some point you will have average seasons such as Wenger and even Fergy. A modern day manager can move from club to club with a ready made team full of world class players, win a few trophies then move to the next ready made club. Modern managers are just like modern footballers, its all about personal gain, their ego and their bank balance....someone like Mourinho for example. I would love to see the successful "modern" manager like mourinho take charge of a mid table club with average players and mould them into winners and leave a legacy. You just wont see it anymore.....fergy and Wenger will be the last. Yes both clubs will try to find long term replacements to keep the legacy, but in a football world run by short term gains, it just wont happen.
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05/07/2011 16:40:00

Mourinho argues that he did that at Porto, but you digress. Wenger did in fact inherit a fair amount of winners, some of them even had championship medals. The back 5 was a fantastic base for him to place his attacking emphasis on, who knows how long Bergkamp would've stayed? He signed for Bruce Rioch.
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05/07/2011 17:44:00

It has been reported that Wenger had a hand in Bergkamp's signing as he had known he would be coming to Arsenal a year before he did. I am sure I heard that in a documentary about the flying Dutchman. Of course, there may be nothing in it. And, it is true that Wenger did inherit a middle table side and turned them into winners.
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05/07/2011 18:53:00

Middle table side? Are you sure? Sure, a lot of the players had stagnated and needed fresh direction & longevity, but a lot of them were already proven winners. With medals to show for it.
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05/07/2011 23:43:00

shewore, Wenger's work in rejuvenating and giving a fresh lease of life to our back 5 in 1998 is hugely under rated. I remember our famous defence floundering and stuttering when faced with pacy forwards and their positioning and motivation were getting to sub standard levels before they were forced to change the way they trained, ate and behaved. Lets agree to disagree.
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06/07/2011 06:16:00

I'm not disagreeing that he rejuvenated a lot of players' careers, but I will disagree that he doesn't get the credit he deserves for it, I'll also point out that there were more champions and medals in that team that he inherited than there are in the current one.
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06/07/2011 09:16:00

It doesn't matter that the team members had trophies when AW came in. The point to note is when the inherited team last won the Championship before AW arrived. We won it last in 1991, a 7 year hiatus which ended in 1998.
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06/07/2011 10:13:00

I don't think that's THE point to note here, cup doubles, European Trophies, maybe we're talking about slightly different things (although I suspect not) I'm simply pointing out that the team when he took over was hardly a bunch of underachievers who were always languishing in mid table mediocrity.
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06/07/2011 11:01:00

When Rioch left there was a high degree of uncertainty surrounding the club and its players. The club was moving backwards at the time of that there was no question. It was re-engineering that was required at the time and it was done in fine style. Lets not discuss this any further as its clear we hold divergent views on the matter.
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06/07/2011 11:23:00

What a legend.
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06/07/2011 16:31:00

After a fantastic start to the 90's we tailed off terribly, and yes we were a mid table team, I remember us finishing 10th and 12th in two of those seasons as much as I try to forget, even my QPR and Wimbledon mates goading me that they finished above us! (the less said about the spudds the better) but you get where I'm coming from. Wenger took over a team void of confidence and direction, we were still reeling from the George Graham debacle! I remember our big signing at the time (Stefan Schwarz) leaving after one season when we finished 12th! As much as some people may try to sweep it under the carpet, things were bad! The club was in serious decline considering where we were 87-91. The 2 domestic cups and Cup Winners cup in 93/94 just covered up the cracks, we finished 10th in the league when we won the FA and League cup! God knows what would have happend during that lean spell if we didnt have Wrighty. In under 2 seasons wenger added some flair to the British grit we already had, as well as revolutioning the way the club was run, he won us the league and cup double, quite remarkable when you think where we were just 3 years earlier.....languishing in 12th place! To put that into perspective, Newcastle finished 12 last season.
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07/07/2011 10:44:00

As for Mourinho doing that at Porto. They won the league 5 times on the trot 95-99,The three seasons prior to Mourinho taking charge they were hardly in decline finishing 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd respectfully and already had European pedigree, since his departure they haven't fallen out of the top 3. Then there was Chelsea who were already knocking on the door after buymeeverythingabramovich took over. So like I said before he has always taken charge of a ready made already successful (in recent terms) team, unlike Fergie and Wenger. Look at Guardiola's trophy haul since he took over at Barca, if we judge him on silver then surely he must be one of the greatest managers of all time?? Even Steve Mclaren would win trophys with Barca! Lets see Guardiola at a team like Everton, and try and improve them anymore then David Moyes already has with the funds that he has.....I doubt that very much.
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07/07/2011 11:05:00

Well said Gunnerman76. I like the 12th place perspective too (shudders) :-)
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07/07/2011 11:24:00

Scholsey is spot on, whats the point, pretty football but no trophies... Get over it...
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07/07/2011 11:46:00

I beg to differ nordkap. Arsenal haven't just started playing "pretty" football over the last 6 years..... "pretty" football has won us 3 Premiership titles and 4 FA cups, not forgetting those astonishing 38 games unbeaten! A colleague of mine told me about an article they had read about "the team of the decade".....I thought that is a no brainer, it has to be the invincibles.....for anyone who's interested it was Man utd....cant even remember what year, I lost interest by then. Its funny how people have selective memories. I am as frustrated with Wenger as most Arsenal fans, don't get me wrong, but at the same time I am a realist who tries not to be fickle, if that is at all possible in the world of a football fan. When people say to me "sack wenger" I say to them "and who should we replace him with?" Its not a hard question, although nobody has given me a solid answer. It pains me to say that people will only REALLY appreciate wenger when he has gone, which is a shame. If wenger was forced out of Arsenal because of fickle fans with selective memories he would be the hottest property on the market. EVERY top team in Europe would be knocking on his door. To the Arsenal "fans" that are calling for his head.....let me put it to you like this. How would you feel if he left, then joined another club....say Man City, as they seem to have a fascination about everything Arsenal at the moment, how would you feel then?
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07/07/2011 15:07:00


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