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Wenger - Fabregas & Nasri to Stay

On rather more positive news after our previous article, Arsene Wenger says he`s positive that both Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas will be Arsenal players come the start of the season.

There has been much speculation regarding our two most creative players of the 2010/11 campaign, indeed most were resigned, and had made peace with the fact that Fabregas was joining Barcelona, however the unsavoury nature of the Nasri rumours were a little harder to stomach.

However, speaking matter-of-factly for the first time on the subject, Wenger says he expects both players to stay.

'Yes [I expect Cesc to stay]. As simple as that,' said Le Prof.

'I have never spoken about what has happened behind closed doors but Cesc loves the Club. We know the Barcelona story goes on for years now and we have to close that. Now we focus on the new season, hopefully with Cesc Fabregas."

'Yes [I expect Nasri to stay as well]. There is always speculation when a player has one year to go on his contract that he might leave the club but Samir Nasri is very happy at the Club and committed to stay at the Club."

'I hope he will sign a new contract but I am not the only one to decide that.'

One would be forgiven for thinking that this could just be some big talk hoping to drive up the prices, however our admirable stance last summer proved we`re up to the task of standing up for ourselves, and certainly in the Fabregas saga, it`ll be even easier to resist this year considering Barca refuse to even match their own valuation of the player from their last attempt at signing the Spaniard.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 11 2011

Time: 12:24PM

Your Comments

A cynic would interpret this as setting a target price which has to be met before we let the two leave. I hope we can retain one out of the two. If Samir leaves after Cesc does knowing fully well that he will pass over the opportunity of becoming the creative fulcrum of the side one would have to think that he is motivated by money only.
Yeah the key word in there is 'hopefully' lol. Far from a concrete statement more like a xmas wish list. "I expect cesc to stay I expect nasri to stay". Yeah and based on last seasons collapse all Arsenal fans expected you to have pulled your finger out of your brown hole and got us a couple of signings wrapped up by now old son but you can't (as the Rolling stones almost put it) always get what you expect.
Never mind you've already started scraping the bottom of the barrel with Downing.
And when we touch the bottom of the barrel we'll find Mickey Owen with his crocky little legs resting up on his man utd footstool as he counts his well earned wages.
With Bebe and Obertan taking turns to give him foot rubs.
*cough* Bendtner *cough* Denilson.
This is very different from Wenger compared to last year when we took a more Modric like stance of "We're not selling".
Sold to rooneyisgrunt, sorry? what do you mean you weren't bidding? sorry but the houses' decision is final and you are now the proud owner of den and ben the powderpuff men, hope you enjoy them! They're both great targetmen (for paintball and anything else you have at hand)
OT : but this was just too hilarious to pass up. Now we know why Barca are called more than a club - credits Twitter. :)
Holding a civil wedding ceremony at the stadium costs between 1,800 and 2,400 euros depending on the number of guests, according to the club. The price for the banquet begins at 110 euros per person and the club can accommodate up to 750 guests. Extras, such as displaying the trophies which Barcelona won last season, including the Champions League, at the banquet cost 1,500 euros. "The dream of so many Barcelona fans is finally possible, celebrating your wedding at Barca," the club says in its brochure to promote its new wedding services.
For only another 1,000 euros you can get to write a scornfully low bid for cesc fabregas. For 2,000 euros you can wave a personal goodbye to another academy prospect as he leaves aboard the Arsenal express, for only 3,000 euros and for a limited time only you can stroke a sample of hair from Messis' mullet.
English next time please Niko.
Niko, if they werent such utter ****s , you might actually feel sorry for their plight.
sorry guys its just a matter of time befoer both leave and it will be in August, as Arse will get the 40-50 million for the pair... it's all smoke and mirrors to appease the Arse fans....
Truly fascinating how many pundits and fans of other clubs are lining up to put the boot into our club. It'll be a sweet feeling if we still end up finishing above some of these financially doped outfits.
Wyn Mills
rooneyhascrabs....are you TRH in disguise?? Or are you his Mancunian bint who he pays a fiver to chomp on his malnourished beef whistle while trolling VA....beads of sweat dripping from his repugnant facet, as you take swigs of Carling special, wiping the froth from your spout on to your henry lloyd wearing sleeve before devouring every last drop of his man milk. For your troubles of having to receive an eyeful, he sends you off in a mini cab with a 10 pound tip and his old knock off Berbatov shirt.....all in a days work.
No drama I'll keep it simple for you rooneyisodd, veeeery simple.
Gunnerwoman and Niko - why are you so upset that I think Downing is a terrible player? You can't actually think he is good can you? There is no way he would suit you type of football even if you were to get him.
Downing is utter DOGMEAT!! He is what comes out of my annus, he is no better than my 8 motnh old nephew, he just puts a bit of swing on a cross and hopes it finds a head, he cant beat players he cant tackle he doesnt chase back, he is quite frankly F U K I N G CRAP!!!
Any way bar the secondry debate about downing good knows what is really happenong behind the closed doors, but it is an absolute dream for the press im already bored of all the speculation and its only been a couple of weeks!! But my personal oppinion is that if he wont sign a new contract then let him leave for 20+ and as for fabregas he is under contract till 2015 so unless barca stump up over 50m tough doo doo! just coz they aint got the cash y should we take a hit on him! we always seem to let players go for less than they are worth. Henry went for 16m the same season as darrent bent went for 18m hummmmm....... cashley acole went for 5m plus gallas,the worlds best left back for about 12m in effect what a joke!! clichy 7m, even if he has only got 1 yr remaining he is 25 yrs old coming to the peak of his carear and if we are having reports of 20m+ for nasari and it was city why on earth did we not put his price tag ov er 20m aswell??? y do we let players move on to these clubs so cheaply yet players like downing and torres and carol go for such ridiculous summs of money!!! carol 35m, number of profesional goals in his carer to the date of sale....34!! QUITE MAD A TRANSFER FEE!!! well done newcastle good buisness!!
What the hell are you waffling about rooneyisodd?? Please point out where exactly I have even mentioned Downing?? The whole world knows he's sub bog standard, so don't try and smear me with that mound of faeces sunshine.
I hope that both Nasri and Fabregas stay but as it looks at the present one of them is going to leave and I hope it is Fab, coz Barca will be back for him next year and he will leave next year for sure, so better to focus on Samir such that we dont lose our best midfielders within 2 season and dont have an readymade replacement available.
I can see Wenger digging his heels in over Nasri and making him stay, even if he does run down his contract. Question is, will he sulk, or will he give everything for the shirt? After his antics in agitating for a move, I'm not sure he's going to get the best of receptions from the arsenal fans, that's for sure! Either that or Kroenke breaks your wage structure to make Nasri an offer he can't refuse and the player claims he never really wanted a move in the first place! I'm sure the gooner faithful will forgive him pretty quickly if he plays like he did first half of last season, but whatever happens, at least both City and Arsenal fans can rejoice in the knowledge that lord Voldemort won't be getting his hands on him! P.S. Latest rumour has it that arsenal are about to bid for Shay Given - I wonder if the name of Nasri might just pop up during the negotiations?
Well you obviously got your period over something didnt ya.
Dozy gloryhunters would test the patience of a saint ;)
Anyone who thinks Rooney is god is retarded.
Vital manure has recently had an influx of spotty 12 year olds - you know the type of spotty-billy-no-mates geeks with hairy palms and sticky keyboards. You better get used to the juvenalia on offer.
Someone with the name Rooney who knows what a period is....Wayne prefers his women after they have gone through the menopause so no such knowledge required.
fcb, must be the post 2008 glory hunters.. Oh wait a minute, does man yoo have any other fans other than gloryhunters?
Someone with the name Rooney who knows what a period is...probably rules out even rooneys mum iceman. doubtless she rang up the doctors panicking on a monthly basis screaming "blood come blooood coooome!!!"
Speaking of blood what's the sentence for GBH in Cameroon? Haven't had a member of the filth put away since Adams. If you don't count Rix..
Tony Rocky Horror
haha like you all wouldn't want Rooney in your team. You would give up about 7 or 8 of your starting line up for him so don't act like you wouldn't
Got any pictoral evidence Tony? I'm sure I can dig up a few of Ledley 'don't you know who I am?' King raging at bouncers and dribbling and hobbling his sorry weak kneed way out of faces. :)
Gunnerwoman!.....What a retort! I am honestly stumped! :) If you are going to "try" and insult me, at least "try" to be a bit original....and funny. I feel like I'm in a verbal joust with a 15 year old, staff walking ASBO.........WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT DOWNING!.....God have mercy! You are right about one thing though rooneyisachav, I would swap 7 players for your neanderthal....starting with Almunia, Fabianski, Eboue, squillaci, denilson, bendtner.....**** it....I will even throw in Traore!.....DEAL!??:)
Ha ha, Niko who is Ledley King? Hasn't played for us recently!
Tony Rocky Horror
What is the sentence for GBH nowadays? What did Jonathan Woodgate get?
Little Dutch
I think your the one that needs to be original. I think I said starting line up didn't I.
Imagine Captain balsa wood Ledley getting into a fight with someone! The carnage...splinters everywhere, pieces of his paper mache knees spread across the street.....
It seems AW is taking the view that if he can hold onto the likes of Nasri for the next season (slightly different situation with Cesc although there will still be an impact) the financial fair play rules will change the landscape for 12/13 and effectively bring the market back to his view of value in terms of player price and player earnings . This is why he has reacted so strongly to City's 300m sponsorship deal as being an affront to the rules. If I was Nasri I would do exactly what he is doing and try to squeeze as much as I can for as long a term as I can get out of the next contract this summer (or winter where I am). In a years time AW might be right and the market may tighten - clubs may not be able to meet his pay demands which will weaken Nasri's negotiating position next summer. Nasri will ink a long-term deal this summer - hopefully with us. Just my thoughts.
Well I hope Song doesn't get the book thrown at him. Who is going to play in midfield for Arsenal? More's to the point, why would I care?
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH, you would care because you are constantly commenting on Arsenal articles and seem strangely interested in Arsenal affairs.
Gun 'Em Down
TRH if Song does get banged up we have a ready made replacement in Frimpong.
No 10
A ready made replacement in a player who sounds like a cross between a ******** frog and a ping pong ball. Sounds about right for you lot these days.
Tony Rocky Horror
I think I can pretty much be as original or unoriginal as I like....after all, this is VA, and I am an Arsenal fan :) If I ever took the time to come over to your hole, then you might have a point. Im afraid your the one with a fixation of trolling VA buddy, so I'm in a bit of a win win here am I not?
Downing went to Liverpool, I doubt we ever wanted him, and I suspect Wayne Rooney's production will be an inverse reflection of his ever increasing waistline. He's already Jabba the Hutt, in a couple years he'll be that guy eating the wafer thin mint in The Life of Brian.
And yet we are streets ahead of you TRH. Have been for decades now. What does that say about you?
Arsene, Arsene, you simply cannot be trusted anymore. In the preceding 6 summers you have failed to rectify the mistakes of the team. I thought this summer would be different but alas it seems not. Saddens me to say but you have lost the plot.
Oh dear Deltafart. You aren't actually. In fact, the gap is closer now than it has been for years. The league doesn't lie. Yes, you're still ahead of us but the margins are desperetly tight now. We are now your main rivals for fourth spot: City, United and Chelsea are somewhere over the rainbow. And sooner rather than later we'll take that fourth spot off you. We've caused you plenty of grief over the past couple of years but it ain't over yet son. You're in a crisis; just take a look at the websites frequented by your supporters! Seriously I found a website the other day dedicated to jokes about your club and its failure to win trophies!
Tony Rocky Horror
I've found one for Spurs too TRH, look. Norwich Charity Cup winners. Dewar Shield. Cost del Sol tournament. Peace Cup. Barclays Asia trophy. Whoever made them up is a comic genius.
Little Dutch
Almost failed to get that one, LD. ROTFLMBAO!!!
Dewar shield loooooooooooooolllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!. Isn't that something from 'Zelda: the occarina of time'?.........I know you can't see me but I've just fallen off my sofa and fouled myself slightly with mirth. That is a standard night in for me tho tbf.
Ahh I've missed you guys! Highly entertaining thread - still see the opposition is nowhere near our level :) I still have some faith in AW regarding Fabregas, he will appeal to his intelligence - go to Barca now just because you can or stay here and finish what you have been building. If you're gonna eventually go, prove yourself and BE something before you do, otherwise you're always going to be in the shade of the likes of Messi et al.
TRH, keep rocking the cradle which nurses the Dewar shield. Careful now, dont drop that trophy.
You are now the owner of the Dewar shield. Whilst it looks small and worthless and beneath putting on any football clubs honours list. It could prove a useful tool in your quest. It will glow in the presence of trolls, wait see how it now glows a lucid green danger lurks young warrior....oh's only tony the feeblest and lonliest of swamp troll.
Dream on!
Jog on melty!

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