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Wenger Prevented From Blazing a Trail By FIFA

FIFA have refused Arsenal permission to use goal line technology in our annual Ashburton tournament.

Arsene Wenger has been a long term supporter of bringing technology into football in a bid to ensure the outcome of matches are the correct ones. The Frenchmen sought the permission to test out some technology this weekend, however that permission was refused.

'You need permission to use goal-line technology and we didn't get it, I think they do not want to start having a different set of rules here and there, and I can understand that."

"But the good thing is they are open to it and it looks like we will have it in the next World Cup. "

'You want it so you have a better chance to make the right decisions. You know it could help referees. The more help they get, the more decisions they get right. "

'If it means they get 95 decisions out of 100 right instead of 85, you have to use the technology. I would like to use it for more than just the goal-line, but that would be a first step.'

Is this really, as Wenger suggests, simply a case of FIFA not wanting different sets of rules "here and there"? Because nobody seemed to have any objections to the way the points are issued in the tournament which clearly differs from football all over the world . Or is it FIFA just being stubborn as usual.

As this is a private tournament, hosted our on own our terms on our own ground I fail to see why we need the permission of a bunch of corrupt dictators anyway.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 26 2011

Time: 10:11AM

Your Comments

What else can we expert from an organsation like FIFA which has consistently rejected rationale and good reason. Their interests lie in discretion and the ability to do favours which the current non automated system allows them to.
I laugh when i think of Arsenal, your coach makes me laugh. Its like a team of little boys running around saying "we don't want to score, but see if you can catch us and collect the ball" lmao. Hey just being honest guys.
Yeah but you're the kinda retard that likes to picture David Luiz as a train so who gives a phuck what colour crayon you're scribbling on the walls with?
Hey just being honest
Wont say Im too fussed about JET leaving the club. The lad has bagloads of potential but also a victim of too much money too young. Time to get tough on the loafers at Arsenal. Earn your bloody wages. Next on the chopping block for me is Carlos Vela.
Whats with the trolling VA during pre-season? Guess we are the only relatively active forum on the vital network. :).
Shame about JET innit, all the right equipment to be a colossal athlete, apart from the pea rattling around in the old cranial. If you're not a success at Cardiff then you've blown your chance at making it at a club like Arsenal, trouble is some of these kids are really just too thick to put 2 & 2 together, he thinks he's too good for the likes of cardiff and thinks he can coast it there under the radar, Wrong! We're lambasted for not playing enough English but what are we supposed to do when time after time after time English kids prove they have no drive to win, no ambition other than to buy flash motors, roast slags & listen to wack r&b. It's a shame if true that Lansbury is being moved on, he seemed to cut a different figure and seemed to 'get it' and impressed whenever I saw him play. I agree though Sajit it's time for a cull of the neverwillbes, time to wield the realityhammer on those who feel they have already reached the pinnacle when in fact they've achieved squat.
*shakes head in total disgust*
At what Jaelle :) ?
at our flagrant inability to keep on topic presumably sajit ;)
Give it to 'em,davidluiztrain!
FIFA's Blatter apparently won't let Arsene steal his thunder by doing a pilot test at the Emirates cup tournament. Unfortunately, even if it is a private tourney, FIFA still regulates the game and will take such decisions, which we must live with. Much like seeking to administer a new drug that is still undergoing Lab trial by a group of scientists, before the owner of the Lab facility has announced it's discovery and potency. As for those opposition fans who've been wagging their tongues at Wenger's audacity, you can go hug a Transformer (as we would advise envious detractors in Nigeria)!
yeah we're really 'getting it' from sideshowbobchoochoo. You're a bit simple aren't you dannism? You think it's a compliment when they call you 'the special one' at school don't you?
Oooo, we are quaking in our boots, eh Dannism. Werent you supposed to say something witty..Or did you already use up your single greycell?
Arsenal...hahahahaha. The best thing that happened to Ashley Cole was coming over to Chelsea! If he'd stayed @ Arsenal he would have been a frustrated trophyless LB and he'll be covering like 10-15miles every game LMFAO! U folk have managed to ruin the first half of Fabregas career....lets see if he can salvage his remaining 6yrs!
But on the bright side, with Ashley gone, most of our staff can walk around the training ground freely without the worry of getting shot..........
Little Dutch
Looks like the chav trolls are getting restless as their gangster sugar daddy hasn't blown his wad again yet. Meanwhile Torres continues his shocking run by not scoring in pre season, fat frank continues to plough his way through every buffet going, saw him recently and thought for a minute that cee lo green was using the same skin lightening treatment jacko underwent, what a blimp! Despite all the billions pumped in by the gangster you are still not even half way to the trophy haul of Arsenal. 13 league titles to your what 4? 5? Something to bear in mind next time you mindlessly glory hunt your plastic little johnny come lately arses over here.
Damn straight troll.
Richard Dunne must be shaking in his boots!
It takes an IQ of 3 to troll. Too bad yours is 2.
Dannism how long have you been, ahem, supporting Chelski for?
Second person now to ask you how long you've been a Chelsea fan for Dannism, got an answer for us?
Ooh...thefamousno7,we meet again....let me see....FrLamp is not here to bale you out...
No? No Answer?? You see, the thing with Jonny Come Latelys is, their banter doesn't really work, cos I could easily just say to you "yeah, well I support Barca" cos it's a cyber world, and you're not a fan, you know nothing of the club's "history" (word avoided at the Bridge), you probably don't even know where Chelsea is, or where Stamford Bridge is etc, so your opinion doesn't really have much weight behind it. You could just as easily support United.
He would've supported them longer shewore but his rural township only installed electricity last year.
Dannism back to school now, its 'bail' you out and not "bale you out".
Unless you're a spud in which case yeah they got baled out big time from a humiliating san siro arse whooping.
I'm not a spud,MR nikoJALIN,i'm a chav.
Yes my little nouveau plastique, I know.
Like shewore said your banter is weak, like clock radio speakers. No chelski would admit to being a chav. It's clueless stuff like that gives you away. No grasp of anything except that you chose to latch on to a recently successful club in England. Clueless.
And whilst I appreciate your politeness with all this Mr business, I'd prefer it if you called me Sir.
Sir nikoJALIN,i'm not sure we are on the same wavelength here.Please refer to the article on this forum:"NO MOVEMENT' ON FABREGAS SITUATION' to see the CHAV i'm talking about.Noun and verb.
Yeah you can invent whatever meanings for well known terms you want, here's a few more. Glory hunter - a person who cares nothing about success and silverware and has great emotional and societal ties to his club. See? anyone can do it. Likewise I'm sure JALIN is a highly witty insult involving interference with the sacred village goat but it means nothing to me as I live thousands of miles away in London and am not familiar with that vernacular. Still good to see you have abided by my wish in calling me sir. It is also common when trolling English football forums with inferior banter to refer to us all as master, ie yes master deltaforce right away master deltaforce. It's rude not to you see.
Nice article,SIR MR NIKOjalin,looking forward to your next article.
Good lad, all the best to you in your ongoing quest for the glory.
Goaline technology?eh... Be abit wasted at Arse-nal... dont seem to shoot at goal often enough... Pass.Pass, Pass seems to be the Mantra of Arsene not shoot At Goal.....
No team had more shots on goal than Arsenal last season in the Premier League c/o opta. You're welcome Cityman.
Little Dutch
is Nikojalin meant to be funny? In which Indian language, Dannism?
Heh another one swatted effortlessly away, nice try cityman. Well actually it wasn't was it? Just more thoughtless, sun style diatribe guff. Nexxxt!
NikoJALIN is not Indian.
NikoJALIN is not Indian Sir.
Sir Mr Prof nikoJALIN is English.He lives in London.He supports Arsenal.
Very good Dannism, now a little more effort with that fan, it's warm today..Ah that's better...there you see gooners, everyone can have their own chelsea slaveb1tch, a little housebreaking & training but they'll be your gimp for life.
Richard Dunne must be shaking in his boots!
Yeah you've said that before simpleton, it's neither relevant, nor funny, dunne has nothing to do with the club you saw lifting something shiny on a grainy tv in some backwater and decided to 'support' and he has nothing to do with Arsenal, so what exactly is your fecking point Dunceism?
Carl Jenkinson's o.g was world class.If he continue at this rate i see him overtaking Carragher and Dunne in the own goal all-time list.Jamie and Richard must be shaking in their boots!!
The standard of troll seems to drop on a year by year basis. You really are stupid enough to call out a 19 yr old based on what happened in one friendly game? If we'd paid out 50 million for a striker that's scored 1 goal in 8 months that would be fair game, but as it stands you're a clueless witless plastic mug.
Nickolaijn, Maybe you had 'more' shots at goal, but how many actually made the keeper save? or how many went high, wide, or worried the corner flag? as coming 4th is not the best shots on goal/ scored ratio is it?other wise you would have come higher up the league or WON A CUP!!!!
Dannism, bailed me out? If anything he prevented a glory hunting Chavski fan since 2004 like yourself getting terrorised, pretty much like the Arsenal fans are doing to you now. cityman, you won one, count it, one, trophy in 35 years, you're in no position to talk to Arsenal about trophies especially considering it wasn't too long ago you were a YoYo team.
As for FIFA, it's run by imbeciles. What have you come to expect?
At least TRH, could construct an English sentence. Sigh.
cityman51, only Chelsea had more shots on target than Arsenal last season. Shooting accuracy? Yes, that's a fair point. But it rather dominishes your original point that Arsenal don't shoot at all.
Little Dutch
Arsenal Wenger complain about everything,literally.
tf7, yes we did go 35yrs before winnig a cup, AS we never had the finances that the Champions/European League bestowed on the OriginalSKY4... Manure, Arse, Liverpool, or Chelsea, had, or have been able to spend MIILIONS ON TRANSFERS, llike these teams have, till recently, as you well know Money brings success NOT youth teams or History.... YOU of all People should it was Taggart to pay the 1st 30 million pound player not once but 3times... BEFORE Glazers put the block on it.... Wenger is trying to bring the youth throughBUT the trophies they won were in the 1st years when he spent vast amounts on the French YOUTH system... Anelka, Henry, Vieira, to name a few... so DO not tell me it was all the kids/youth team that did it.....Arsenal need to spend to get near where they were before the fans know it and sadly wenger seems to be in denial or living of past history....imho .
So you're a firm believer of Hansen's "kids won't win you anything" philosophy. Not sure whether you missed it or not but our Golden age was the main reason behind our more recent success which kind of blows that idea out of the window. As for the Arsenal related stuff, I will leave that to the Arsenal fans.
Cityman, times have changed since then sadly, but Anelka was 500k, Vieira 2.5 mil, only Henry made a dent on the balance sheet.
Get some spuddies and scousers in here, and we can have some top 6 'banter'. Not very good banter though, that implies giving and taking, and sadly one poster on here is merely taking it and retaliating with a floppy fish.
Probably a slight difference too cityman because Arsenal and United earned that money through success on the pitch, followed by good business decisions. City have done neither of those things. Maybe it's not fair that I can't run as fast as Usain Bolt. I know he's put years of dedicated training in but it's not fair. I demand the right to run the 100m with a jet pack to help me overcome this handicap.
Little Dutch
Thats funny and true LD. City remind me of Ben Johnson at the 1988 olympics.
Apt analogy; very apt. (S*******).
Good feckin grief, Villas Boas is either incredibly stupid or just has absolutely no clue as to the type of club he's just signed up. Complaining that the arabs manchester playground has been guilty of 'unfair spending' I felt embarrassed for him. Must have been a different club that lashed out 75 million on Fernando 'one goal in 8 months' Torres and sideshow Bob then? Utterly pathetic.
Yes Niko and thats not even including the near 20 million pounds spent in the last couple of months on managers! 6 million quid to sack Ancelotti and 13 million quid to get Villas Boas from Porto which is a managerial transfer record.
So 95 million in what 7 months. Yeah it's not obvious you've worked with mourinho is it? drivel spouting gobshh1te.
little dutch, arse and The rags did earn money thro sound 'business sense', and city have got money thro the arabs, and sound business sense of the previous owner Thaksin Shinawatra, who did not have the money, or through some dodgy deals, BUT had the foresight to sell City to the Abu Dhabi United Group who have,so does that not make sound business? yes we would not be where we are now without the money, but not many can compete with yourselves or Utd in the marketing sense, even Liverpool cant compete with the rags and they are the most successful english clubside, so your argument of bringing success through the pitch and good business sense does not hold up, if you do not have money, then you will struggle to win trophies, the days of winning the 2nd division then going to win the 1st division like Forest did with Cloughie in the 70's are long gone, Money rules these days, sad but true, even most teams bring youth players from abroad and not the surrounding areas much to the detriment of the national side in the long run..

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