Arsenal - Time To Issue Barcelona An Ultimatum
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Time To Issue Barcelona An Ultimatum

As the Cesc Fabregas saga rumbles on and on and on and on in such a tiresome manner that even I`m on the brink of just wanting him to go, I think the time has arrived for Arsenal to issue an ultimatum.

Yesterday the Barca "sporting director" Andoni Zubizarreta said that the Spanish giants wouldn`t comment any further on the Arsenal captain as they wished to remain respectful. Are you kidding me? After the past two years NOW they want to remain respectful?

Too little too late I`m afraid, in a little over a week we begin our campaign away at St James Park and to say the least our preparation has been hampered by this whole sordid affair.

What we need to to is to tell Cesc & Barcelona that unless a bid of at least £40m is lodged by the close of play on Friday then we will not entertain any more negotiations for the foreseeable future.

If they can`t muster up those readies then Cesc will continue as an Arsenal player, getting ready for the new season and then playing his arse off and earn his rather handsome paycheck.

We all know what Cesc is worth to us, and if we know we`re not going to sell him on the cheap then what is the point of continuing down a path that is only detrimental to one club?

Let`s start looking after ourselves and concentrating on the most important thing … The team.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 4 2011

Time: 9:29AM

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Totally agree. I rather think the deadline should've been set earlier, but I think Cesc's desire to go is rather strong this time and we've been trying to do right by him.
Little Dutch
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04/08/2011 09:33:00

Yeah it should have been done much earlier, but we can't change the past, just the future. I love Cesc and what he has done for the club, but this is becoming so detrimental it's not even funny. We can't possibly wait any longer as if he's going we have to line up a replacement.
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04/08/2011 09:38:00

I believe in 2 things right now. One of either Cesc or Nasri will leave, but that hinges on Cesc. The moment Barca give up, Nasri will be gone. The second thing I believe in is that IF Cesc does stay then he cannot be given the armband for the new season. Finished! His time as Captain of Arsenal is over as far as I'm concerned. My god but can things become any more painful this summer? My belief and reolve in Wenger and our current team is on shaky turf at the moment. I am trying, but it's becoming more and more difficult the closer we get to the start of the new season.
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04/08/2011 10:11:00

I can't work out how Barca can be so happy to spend €46 mill plus Eto'o on Ibrahimovic, a deal worth up to €37 mil (if he performs) on Sanchez and Villa for €40 mil yet be too stubborn to spend £40 mil on Fabregas. I also can't see how Fabregas can't take that as an insult. Barca will happily cough up 'x' amount for the most overrated striker in the world yet not 40 mil, a modest price tag in todays market for someone of Cesc's ability, for Cesc 'Barca DNA' Fabregas.
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04/08/2011 10:52:00

This saga coupled with our hectic pre season schedule may end up costing us a breezy start to the new season if we aren't vigilant. I think the club should now accept that by virtue of Cesc's preference to join only Barcelona, we have to accept a 35 million pound offer to end this saga. Yes it would 5 - 10 million less than what we were hoping for but it would be more harmful to let this saga continue and destroy what little momentum our team has going.
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04/08/2011 10:59:00

What momentum Delta? Look I agree with you and I suspect we will end up letting him go for much less than we want just to be done with it and Arsenal will demand that the price be kept secret because they know how the fans will react to it. Baeca on the other hand will find a way to leak it so they can look good in the eyes of their fans. I must admit that I have lost all respect and admiration for Barcelona. I actually hate them because of the way they've acted over the last 2 years.
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04/08/2011 11:27:00

What a pre-season we've had this term! It has been the most underwhelming I can remember, with all the uncertainty and gloom over the exact team we shall be taking into the season. We can't buy those we want at the first time of asking and can't sell those we want out, perhaps, because the buying clubs can't believe the salaries they are on. Something just has to give and I agree with the need for strict deadlines for all concerned, including Cesc. The gloves have to come off at some point.
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04/08/2011 12:10:00

All i know is our season is *****ed up...Either ways.
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04/08/2011 13:13:00

Could we perhaps look at the Vital question facing us. Are we actually going to sign anybody else that could improve this squad? Because to me it is looking increasingly unlikely isn't it? I mean the everton defender Phil whats his name has prefered to stay at a mid level team instead of testing himself at the highest level. That speaks a lot about the guy and based on that would we really want him? Bolton have confirmed that we haven't even lodged a bid for Cahill and valencia now say Mata will not leave. So what now???
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04/08/2011 14:03:00

Trennon, while I dont know if we are interested in Cahill, if we indeed are, our bid will be lodged only a few days before the close of the window. Only then will Bolton agree to do business at 11-13 million. With regard to Mata, we are clearly likely to make a serious second bid only if/ when the Cesc mata is sorted out which is not entirely in our hands. The Fab transfer is key - the sooner it works out the better.
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04/08/2011 14:27:00

The only language Barca understand is the threat of something detrimental to their ambitions. Tell them that unless they pay the full sum of £40 million in cash before 15/8/11 Fabregas will play in the first leg of the Champions League qualifier that week and thus be cuptied for the season.
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04/08/2011 14:27:00

We can set all the deadlines we want and issue as many ultimatums as we wish but it won't change anything at all. When the window closes, if it hasn't been resolved one way or the other, the story just hibernates until the next window.
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04/08/2011 15:06:00

That's not the point Amos, the point is we need to get sorted for the start of the season, if Barca don't meet our deadline then Cesc will play for us for another 12 months, meaning we can concentrate strengthen other positions on the pitch with the money we know we have. It's not the story that matters, it's the need to get our preparation right for next week.
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04/08/2011 15:09:00

And Barca don't need to make an offer acceptable to us this window at all. There's only one buyer so they can wait as long as they want to. It won't matter to them greatly if he plays for us for another 12 months or not. There is nothing we can do to make the story go away until Cesc joins Barca. There's just no point getting worked up about it.
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04/08/2011 15:15:00

feckin sneaky weaselly spanish cunnies the lot of em. Find your stones Arsenal, they had their chance for this year and have p155ed it away (much like we did fannying around for Mata... there you go you live by the frugal sword) Get in this office Fabregas and sit down, dry your eyes, right so we tried, we let them know you were available to sell, they have relentlessly Wengered about with pathetically low offers and if they aren't ready to realise and meet what is only the low end of the market value then feck your paella snorting lizard compadres. Loads revolver and gets contract ready.. now give the armband to Thomas no not Tomas FFS!! Thomas and feck off back to training (presses button on intercom) send in that lesbian Nasri.
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04/08/2011 15:21:00

I'd be gutted if Nasri somehow got the armband as an incentive to stay.
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04/08/2011 15:43:00

I don't see any possible future where Nasri will wear the armband. Niko, I'd like to see you promoted into the role of Player Relations Director immediately.
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04/08/2011 15:51:00

Again - it's not the story, it's the player. If we allow Barca to string this out till the end of the transfer window then neither our club nor Cesc can fully focus on the task in hand. If he goes next summer, then so be it, but if we issue an ultimatum then we (Cesc and the club) can concentrate on football for the next 12 months.
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04/08/2011 15:57:00

We'd soon stop that 'like a father' bollix smith that's for sure!
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04/08/2011 16:41:00

Maybe it's Arsene and Ivan who need the ultimatum- strengthen the friggin' squad ASAP and stop using the Cesc circus as an excuse. Replace Cesc NOW and if he ends up staying we'll be that much stronger. When either of those two say we don't have to sell because we don't need the money, I interpret that as meaning we don't need the money because we aren't going to buy anybody of note.
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04/08/2011 16:42:00

I can pretty much guarantee Bartley will be our new CB, we will not be buying Cahill Samba or anyone else.
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04/08/2011 16:48:00

The real problem with this deal is that Barca know they have absolutely zero competition. They aren't desperate to sign him, Xavi won't need replacing for another couple of years, and they know that if Cesc goes anywhere, it will be to Barca.
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04/08/2011 16:58:00

Headline on within the next few weeks: 'Wenger - Bartley like new signing'.
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04/08/2011 16:59:00

Now, if that happens, Niko.......
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04/08/2011 17:04:00

I'd be amazed if it didn't Naija, Bartley has just signed a 4 year deal that in terms of our club means he's been given a guarantee of a large amount of 1st team action.
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04/08/2011 17:12:00

Barcelona don’t need Cesc right now and can quite happily wait. They know that they’ve successfully unsettled the player enough to angle for a cut price (Sepp will be pleased) because we don’t want an unfocused club captain do we? He’ll go, if not this summer then maybe January or maybe next summer, either way the price will drop all the time as he approaches the end on his contract. So it’s Arsenal that has the problem. Do we take the 35m now or take a lesser amount next time and in the meantime have a player who wants to be elsewhere. As for Nasri, he may well be waiting for our CL qualification before signing a new contract. But the thought of having another player seeing out the season to eventually earn more money elsewhere is not the way to challenge for honours. If both players stay for the coming season then we will continue to have this “will he won’t he” situation, in January and next summer. We need stability now, and as painful as it is, we need to offload those who are looking somewhere else. We need to do it now and we need to bring in new blood to replace them.
Sir Henry
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04/08/2011 17:37:00

Quite right Sir H. There is absolutely nothing Arsenal can do about it except wait until the window closes if they haven't had an offer acceptable to them before then. In this situation unilateral ultimatums will change nothing.
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04/08/2011 18:06:00

I had a bad feeling when Pep was quoted as saying something to the effect that Barca had up till 31st Aug to get Cesc; much like the intention had always been to keep us going till we will neither be able to turn down their cut price offer nor get a good replacement for Cesc. This is why a firm deadline will be apt. As for Nasri, if we are certain to keep Cesc, I say SELL him to City rather than have him leave for free next year; it is a bad omen if indeed, he is waiting to see if we qualify into the CL group stages and with the instability in the team right now, there are no guarantees, believe me.

Niko, it would be more honourable for Wenger to come clean from the start; what does he stand to gain from taking us all on the ride and raising hopes of a "busy summer", if he didn't intend to do much? I still want to believe he will get a CB or LB with EPL experience. Anything short of that and I will think he must be suicidal.
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04/08/2011 18:09:00

I can't believe we would even settle for £40m never mind £35m. Wenger is far too soft. If i was manager I would explain to the board that another 4 years of Cesc in the team is worth far more than £35-40m in cash now. Cesc signed that contract himself, he wasn't forced to. He should be an Arsenal player until it runs out and then let him go. 'Settling' for undervalued amounts of money is just giving in to these teams who think they're entitled to every other teams best players when they want them. F*** Barcelona. Wenger saw talent in Cesc when they didn't want him. So he plays for Arsenal.
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04/08/2011 18:14:00

If he has three or four years unprotected period of contract left Cesc could probably buy himself out for not much more than between £18 and £24m reducing by about £6m a year with each year that passes. Whether he does so depends on whether he is still in a protected period and to what extent he is willing to force a move. Nobody is being soft - just having to deal in the real world.
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04/08/2011 18:34:00

I don't think Wenger is dishonourable, he is undoubtably one of the most honourable men in football. It is always a busy summer for him he's a workaholic, it's what he does, and when he said it would be a busy summer for Arsenal he wasn't lying, he has been and is busy, just with none of the incisive & decisive go get your player ruthlessness that is needed. He hasn't the heart for the modern day transfer dealings that befits the superclub he has helped to shape. His fingers have been burnt before with relatively expensive signings that have flopped and he fears to be made to look foolish for shelling out for something that may not work. I dreaded this scenario, a close season of doddering, dithering and procrastinating, of half arsed offers laughed out of town, of a real struggle at shifting the underachievers and coasters off of our books, of making do and patching up rather than full diagnostic repair, of not grabbing the cesc/nasri scenarios by the scruff of the neck and taking charge, go and get Mata and Hazard, no scrimping no cutting corners, speculate to accumulate, invest in our clubs future with ready made proven class, not some green newbie from an academy. Then we are covered and we can bung fabregas in the cooler for 12 months to show Arsenal will not be f***ed with should Barca continue with their charade and we can recoup 20 mill for nasri from the arab. But no here we are, headless and pulled apart by the gleeful media on a daily basis. What a feckin mess.
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04/08/2011 18:39:00

I see you're completely ignoring my point Amos, so I'll save my energy for something more productive.
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04/08/2011 19:11:00

I'm not ignoring your point Rocky. I understand it fully and agree that it would be better for us to settle this sooner rather than later. If an ultimatum or a declaration of any kind by Arsenal would do that I'd be all for it - but it can't - it'll only be settled when we have to let him go.
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04/08/2011 19:27:00

arseblog says it all really, very good piece he wrote today entitled "Why Barcelona smell worse than anyone else"-reading it gives you an idea of just how appalling Barcelona's behavior has been. I know all or most clubs to some degree behave badly at times, & we are no saints-but they and Real Madrid are in a class all their own. I actually think Barca are worse than Madrid in this respect. I can't think of any UK/European club that behaves as badly as this. But what makes it all possible is ARSENAL's response to it. The analogy I've come up with is the Democratic party's pathetic response to the current Tea Party-led Republican party. The latter are ideological fanatics totally prepared to destroy the US/global economy to make a political point. While the Democratic response is to give them 99% of what they want and then complain "why can't you guys play nice?" when they make even more demands. Arsenal have allowed this to happen & the result is that we go into the seaon in 2 wks with a very unsettled squad.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 20:58:00

Good analogy Jaelle, with the exception that the democrats don't go and snatch the cream of the bunch from the republicans youth academy for peanuts and a faint whiff of revenge:) Everytime farca mouths off they should be repetitively be faxed pics of Bellerin, Toral Harper, Miguel and Fabregas. Throughout the feckin night if necessary so there'll be a huge pile of them to clean up in the morning. They wanna feck with us if I had my way they'd wake up with van nistelrooys severed bloodied head in their bed.
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04/08/2011 21:31:00

Bartley off for another seasons loan up with the proddy sweaties, more than happy to be wrong about that!
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04/08/2011 23:00:00

Well, now it's been reported that Kyle Bartley has rejoined Rangers on a season-long loan deal. Surely, Arsene must be confident he will get in a defender soon enough otherwise, he wouldn't be allowing that. Really hope we spice things up really quick.
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04/08/2011 23:06:00

Aw! Didn't see your post, Niko. There you go then.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 23:08:00

What I'm trying to say Amos is that an ultimatum WILL allow us to settle, even if it's only for 12 months. If both parties know that they have a short time to act, they can either get the job done, or leave it for a season leaving Cesc in the knowledge he has to give his all for us for another 12 months without him dangling wondering if he'll get his move before the end of the transfer window when he's supposed to be playing for us. In turn we don't need to weigh up our options in the transfer market and we can knuckle down and sort other areas out.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 23:33:00

Maybe the loan signifies someone could be close to coming in? We brought him back, got him to pen a new deal and refused the loan the first time of asking .... what's changed?
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 23:35:00

Im going to repeat it again. All said and done, we are anal *****ed this season. If Cesc goes, we havent bought any new player to replace him, let alone , bed into the team.. Even if Mr Wenger goes and buys Mr XYZ on Aug 31st itll take another 3 months for that player to be part of the squad. Nasri looks like he is going to play for the shop window this season (may not be bad) - but dont know what message that sends out to the team.. And finally, if Cesc stays... how on earth can he still remain the captain for the season is beyond me..... In short we are *****ed...
Report Abuse
05/08/2011 05:07:00

Sajit, we will only be phucked over if we lose Cesc/ dont buy replacement and then dont buy another defender. If that happens, one will agree with you.
Report Abuse
05/08/2011 10:24:00

Sajit, calm down! IF Cesc goes - and he has a contract, so it's up to the Arsenal whether or not that happens at all - we have nasri, Ramsey and Wilshere all capable of replacing him. And I don't mean 'filling in for a bit' I mean replacing. Those three are all as good as Cesc in centre-mid. I'm sure some will disagree with me - fair play - but when Nasri's plaed in the centre he's looked twice th eplayer he is out wide; creates, scores, dribbles, tackles. Ramsey is a fantastic young lad, almost at Cesc's level but younger than him, and Wilshere is Wilshere.
Report Abuse
05/08/2011 15:12:00


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