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Dann, Hazard & Mata: Adequate Replacements?

With speculation mounting that we`re about to lose two of our most creative players in Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, rumours are also strong that Wenger is set to go on the biggest spending spree in his 15 year reign.

Despite all the criticism of Wenger, I think even he knows that failure to "spend some f***ing money" will result in a poisonous atmosphere (Or should I say 'even more poisonous`) at the Grove.

The most common of opinions is that both Cesc and Samir will leave the club by the end of the week for a combined fee of around £55Million, couple that with our current £30Million transfer kitty then we have a mammoth £80+Million to spend on replacements. Kinda exciting huh?

What I`d like to know is what would represent a good summer for the Vital Arsenal members? We`ve already made three decent signings in Gervino, Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and now there`s plenty of stories linking us heavily with Scott Dann, Eden Hazard and Juan Mata.

My opinion would be that that would be one hell of a statement of intent, and could possibly still leave us with money left to spare.

What players would you like to see realistically brought in? £80Million to spend … that`s fantasy stuff for Arsenal fans, let`s have some fun with it while we wait out these last two days for the proper stuff to begin.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 11 2011

Time: 11:34AM

Your Comments

Assuming that both Cesc and Nasri leave, would love to see Alan Dzagoev OR Juan Mata be purchased followed by Marouane Fellaini to challenge Song and add depth to our DM. Brede Hangeland would be my favourite candidate at CB. Dzagoev is an excellent player and has only a year left on his CSKA contract. He will need to bulk up for the premier league but skill wise, he has nothing to learn. Fellaini would be very difficult to prise from Everton but is worth the trouble as he ticks all the attributes one looks for a holding player besides being remakably good going forward and on set pieces. Hangeland was part of the 5th best defence in the country last year at Fulham and is good in the air as well as on the ground. A total of 45-50 million pounds outlay would be required for the three positions. So much for fantasy football! In reality one expects two players - Dann and Mata.
Honestly the three that you mentioned would make me very happy and if we signed say someone like Sakho, who correct me if I'm wrong can play CB and DM, then I think we'll go into the season much stronger than last having lost two players, who while being two of our more creative sources, just don't want to be here anymore.
Good opportunity to change formation too
Alex + cash for Nasri,anyone?
Remember we are also very close to confirming the signing of Cambell. There are numerous reports that we are close to signing Dann. He looks decent enough. Mata for me is a given. I'd bet though we don't stand a chance signing Hazard. What I would like to see over and above Dann and Mata is Benzema.
Ok, Alex and £25M and you've got yourself a deal.
Trennon, Campbell would require a work permit to play this season which seems unlikely. We have already had one exceptional talent work permit granted to us this season and given Campbell hasn't played 75% of Costa Rica's games in the last year, he would need one as well.
I would be over the moon if we signed those three. Not sure if Hazard would come though. Marvin Martin would be a good shout.
With that kind of money to spend, why not Wesley Snjeider? We could get him for the same money we got for Cesc, and I think within our current lightweight squad he'd be an improvement over Cesc. Plus it would be nice to get one over on Man United. Plus any two of the defenders we've been linked with, and a first rate defensive mid- Song should be our DM/CB back-up, not first choice.
I was thinking about Snjeider the other day too. That would be pretty awesome.
Seb Coates
Ozi Gooner
Sneijder is a great player but Arsenal signing him remains fantasy. United is a candidate for Sneijder's signature because they can offer him 200,000 pounds/week. We cant. Besides, at 27 he has another 3-4 years of top football left in him. For 32 million transfer price + 8 million/year*4 year contract = 32 million in wages, Sneijder is a 64 million pound investment over 4 years. City, United, Real Madrid and maybe PSG can afford this but not us.
But then again Delta, the loss of Fabregas and Nasri's wages almost make up for a very healthy wage.
Absolutely agree with Ozi Gooner. Did anyone watch the Copa America? Coates is big, strong and young and would be a top signing for us.
Rocky, once we set a 200,000 pound/ week benchmark for one player, a domino effecct will take place. All our then top players - RvP, Wilshere, Vermaelen, Maybe Mata will demand some sort of equality in their next contract negotiation. We will get sucked into the same kind of astronomical wage spiral thats devoid of any sort of financial reality.
Let's see- Cesc on £110k/wk, Nasri offered £90k/wk, that looks like about £200k to me! Besides, while the press gets valuations nearly right, his wage is COMPLETE speculation/fabrication. It's a doable deal financially but sadly I think we've lost the prestige needed for a signing of this calibre.
True true Delta!
We can either use the transfer money received for Fab and Nasri to buy one or max two huge stars or remodel the team with good players in 3 positions and maybe even have money left over for a 4th player. I understand if you choose the former option but I prefer the latter option as it would give us better squad balance and performance for some years to come.
Delta there is no reason why we couldn't get a permit for Cambell, although I agree it is unlikely. Sneider is good, but he is also very injury prone. nd lets face it, if his hamstrings can't handle Italy, how the hell is it going to cope with the Prem?
Did anyone else catch the Catalonia Cup Final between Valencia and Barcelona? Valencia won 3-0 with a 19 year old French monster of a striker called Thievy scored a blinding hat-trick. Looks pure class.
I doubt we'd buy 2 replacements for Nasri and Cesc. I reckon AW will think that Gervinho covers Nasri. It's Cesc that really needs replacing. We can only hope that targets are lined up for this contingency, although I don't always believe the targets the media mentions. I think in defence AW is looking for a 4th choice centre-back (after TV5, Kos and Djourou), so he won't spend lots of money on a Cahill. As for Cesc, I'm really sad to see him go, it definitely feels like an end of an era. Had we had success over the last few years and not our annual implosions, I think he would have stayed but the lure of playing in a team that is going down in history is just too much. As for Nasri, such a shame he received so much adoration from the fans. He and City deserve each other.
Agree. 3 years and suddenly he turned into a complete ****! He'll never be hated like Ashley Cole was though. He'll never deserve that hatred that Cole deserves. He'll be more like Adebayor and his career at city will go exactly the same way. No doubt it wont bother him though to sit on the long as he gets paid.
Whether a new centre back will be considered a 4th choice is irrelivant. There is no point in adding a new centreback unless he is in the Cahill/Samba/Merts class as we already have a dud in Squid and a good upcoming CB in Bartley so any addition would have to be a step up from that and i am not sure Dann is that step. As for replaicing Nasri and Cesc I agree that Gervhino may be considered a replacement for Nasri to some exstent but we need to bring in someone for Cesc, Mata possibly Mario Gotze or Gourcuff, which ever is awaileble.
Have to say Götze will be a very good replacement for Nasri.Fab doesn't need to be replaced,a 4-4-2 system with Jack and Song in the middle like the invincible season.Hopefully,u don't get Götze.
L'Equipe has linked us strongly to Shakhtar's Brazilian attacking midfielder Jadson. Watched Jadson last month in the Copa America - Brazil Vs Paraguay. He played well and scored before being subbed.
Gotze/kagawa from BvB! Fantastic players.Jadson? never really seen him play at club level but looked decent enough for Brazil at the copa america as Delta said
We're likely to get around 7-9m for NikB52, 4m for EbouetheClown too Fantasy football - "who would you buy, eh?" - ok I'll bite Much as though I'd love to see Benzema, I don't think he wants to come nor Mourinho absolutely want to sell him. If you're going to get Hazard (20m), (and I would), then its a real shame we didn't get Lukaku too (btw, the fee is agreed but the player hasn't signed for Chelsea yet - sneaky 11th-hr bid Arsene? - only 13M + addons). If we can't get him then I'd go for the young German sensation Samed Yesil who is pure quality. Remember when we had the Vieira, Petit, Pires, Henry axis from the 98/00 French team - they gelled very well and won us lots. Could do the same with some quality Belgians now. Sakho would have been ideal - but now PSG are filthy rich it won't happen. Since Man City want Nasri so much - I'd take a couple of their players WITH City covering 50% of their wages (making it easier for us) instead of flat cash. Kompany (another Belgian - would work well with Vermaelen in defence) and Adam Johnson. Bear in mind we are low on options for def CM, and both Kompany and Vermaelen can play there comfortably. Mata I would buy outright and put him on a LONG contract with VERY expensive release clause for Barca/Real. He is star quality I'd also buy Cahill (16m) and Dann (6m) and pair them up in the centre and rotate the English pair with the Belgian pair to keep things fresh at the back.
I wouldn't read to much into any media links in the next few days. The news these two are on their way out alone will lead to us being linked to every creative player whose ever been referred to as 'the next whoever' under the age of 23. Guess work at best. Let the nightmare begin.
Ozi Gooner
What about Modric or Van der Vaart? ;-)
Rohit Chand. \m/
Wenger admits to taking Arsenal out of the 'big club' league 1 month ago it seems... good job AW, please do the decent thing and Foxtrot Oscar.
BBC making me feel worse -
Englishman-in-NY, you wouldn't get Kompany or Johnson alone for Nasri let alone both. ajwb, Gotze and Kagawa are fantastic players but Dortmund are pretty adamant that they won't be selling them whilst the players themselves have expressed their desire to stay. Lille won't entertain any transfer speculation over Hazard. Mata is a very good shout but being Spanish there's no doubt that when Barca or Madrid come calling you're resigned to losing them in the end. I genuinely believed Nasri when he said he wanted to win trophies so this speculation with City shocks me. Nasri: "I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like" - Apparently having 11 men in your own half for 90 minutes of a game is the football Nasri likes then, in fairness he hasn't signed for City yet. Can't knock Cesc really, its been made abundantly clear that he wants to go but his been professional about it and it's reflected in his performances and where he's moving to is also fully understandable. If I was Wenger I'd let both leave and play a 4-4-1-1 with Arshavin/Mata wide left, RVP playing a CF role, Walcott as the ST, Gervinho wide right with a midfield pairing of Wilshere and Song. Best of luck for the coming season lads.
I thought I would be back just before the season start, hoping to focus on the football and the season ahead. Wenger has put himself in this position - he ought to make a few more signings, and quickly, as the start to our season is not easy. I was hoping to be excited about the start of the season, but I dont have a good feeling abt the upcoming season.
Scott Dann is *****.. do me a favour... getting almost £60m for nasri and fab and he's looking at a 6m championship defender... ***** right off. spent 17, get cahill. move on to mata... its getting beyond a joke.... the whole country is laughing at us and he doesnt seem to give a *****. wenger does nothing but talk in riddles.... oooo err i like the player but that does not mean i will sign the player... what a crock of ***** the bloke has seriously *****ed me off. he could have sorted this in january and we'd be premier league champions... nasri wouldnt be *****ing off and we'd have world classes players interested. instead, we're heading out of the top four.. what a *****ing joke.
If we sign Scott Dann i'll be absolutely ******** ashamed, with the players out there and with the money coming in for the other two transfers we have to go for Cahill, Jagielka or Mertesacker not Scott frigging Dann. Then I believe that we need to sign Mata or Gourcuff and then Hazard. I'll be gutted to see us not sign anyone, and if we don't Wenger has to leave with Nasri and Cesc.
So let's take a small bit of the money from the sales and buy barton, shawcross, and taylor. when we inevitably face barca we just send those 3 out in the first leg to break the barca team into 83,000 pieces. then we can quit hearing about "the bestest team evar!"
Tbf dan_83 AW is not gonna spend all of the Cesc and/or Nasri sale earnings on just one player. He needs that money to replace them as well with Mata or Jadson or whoever else. Also what we need is not a first choice CB but a person to cover for Verm and Kos if/when they get injured. I think people would agree that it isn't the first team that lets us down but the replacements. And I say Dann could be a really really shrewd signing to solve this problem. He's got that British grit and he can put in a shift when required. That kind of player could be a wildcard in the title race. I mean look at O'Shea and Fletcher for Man United for example. They don't play all games but when they do play they leave their hearts and souls out there on the pitch.
OShea? I know a lot of Utd fans that get very nervous each time they see Oshea in the team. Having said that he is a good jurneyman and no more. We need much more than that from our 4 choice CB as our first 2 joice CB are inevedebly injured for half the season:/
Eden Hazard looks amazing if we could sign him I'd be very happy!
We need a centre back of a quality equal to or preferably higher than Vermaelen and Koscielney- neither Djourou nor Squllaci are good enough to be better than fourth or fifth choice. We need a first choice left back- Gibbs is inconsistent and oft-injured. We need a first choice defensive midfielder- Song would be excellent backup in that position and emergency CB, but IMO not good enough to start at either position. We could buy those three necessities for the money we have now, and have all of the Cesc/Nasri money left over for our pick of midfielders, but it's more likely that Wenger won't spend much of it, if any. I'd not be surprised if our summer dealing was done- forget Mata or Hazard or anyone you've heard of, Scott Dann is about as good as we can expect at this point. Maybe a freebie like the admirable Joey Barton or Craig Bellamy . . . I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the absurdity surrounding the club while Wenger fiddles and Arsenal burns.
I think we'll be seeing one if not both of Jadson and Mata signing for us this coming week. If that happens then I'd be a bit happier about our prospects this season because at the moment I have almost zero expectation from the team. Hasn't been the case in previous seasons. This season, anything we win, I will consider as a bonus.

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