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Stupid Players, Scum Bags & No Consistency

After a tortuous summer for Arsenal fans, the season has finally started …. And I can`t say it`s any better.

In a match which finished 0-0 which was largely uninspiring (did we create a clear cut chance?) there was much controversy.

First of all we got our first glimpse of Gervinho in competitive football for Arsenal He looks tricky, but his final ball let him down, he clearly likes a dive and he`s hot headed.

Along with losing Gervinho for the next three games (including Liverpool and Man Utd) we`ll also be likely to lose Alex Song after he stamp on Joey Barton`s leg. Of course we`d all love to stamp on the little c***, but Song has got a responsibility to his team mates and to the fans. He let us and himself down and I`ll be surprised if he goes unpunished.

Lastly I`d like to know where the consistency is from referees? Last season saw Abou Diaby sent off for grabbing Joey Barton and ragging him around by the shirt, yet when Joey Barton returns the favour his crime only warrants a yellow card?

The most ironic part of the whole sordid affair this evening is Barton grabbed Gervinho because he took exception his dive, yet does exactly the same thing when Gervinho punched/elbowed/barely touched him.

To think there was plenty of Gooners actually wanting to bring in Barton on a free transfer.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 13 2011

Time: 7:34PM

Your Comments

It actually wasn't a dive. Videos clearly show Tiote clipping Le Gerv. Joey Convict's worthless. No reason wasting our time on him. And to think some people over here actually wanted to sign him
Disgusting. Just stupidly disappointing. The game itself was 2 gallons of ***** in a 1 gallon jug. The typical Barton performance was just so predictable. The fact our players line up to laugh and shake Barton's hand is just as infuriating to me as anything else. I have a hard time believing Viera or Bergkamp would be so chummy with the scum.
that definately wasn't oughcontact t bring him down. As I said in the match thread. This is a contact sport, just because he touched him doesn't make it a pen. He took a dive twice in that match then got himself susspended for three matches. Nice debut.
I'm not saying it's a penalty but it certainly wasn't simulation. I mean the guy got clipped a bit. He lost his balance. Went down. Does not mean it's a penalty. Even the ref wasn't gonna book him for simulation in the first place. It's only when convict incited him that he reacted and got himself sent off.
I don't defend Gervinho in any way over his reaction to convict. Our players should know he's gonna try to wind us up. Song and Gervinho need their brains sorted out
Not a good start. We lacked creativity and players like Walcott need to remember that they have to be dangerous on the ball instead of.... doing whatever it was he is doing. I am trying not to be negative but if this was our best 11 (except Jack) then we are in for a tough season...
gervinho made the most of it, surprised he didnt break his ribs they way he threw himself to the ground. I actually think got that incident right, I like to think he would have booked gervinho for simulation. Barton only picked him up, see that many times in games. Song deserves to miss the games. As an AVFC fan, I may not know much about arsenal, but I would sack wenger. Going backwards as the profit margins get higher, all because his ego is bigger than the club. He has to find lesser known players or kids, cant let his ego clash with players who have a bigger ego (these are usually world class players). Good Luck.
Robbie Savage (a pr1ck) says it was a pen. Kevin Keegan (ex striker) says it wasn't. I don't even need to see the event to know who I'd go along with. Any contact made was made as Gervinho left his foot in. Again I have to say that allowing the whole fabregas/nasri debacle to overhang the seasons' start is negligence, I'm sorry but it is, pure and simple negligence.
Long season ahead folks.. A little worried about RvP. Looked unhappy totally.
Personally I think the club is lying. We didn't sign the Gervinho some people have been excited about, Wenger simply changed Eboue's name and had him grow a ridiculous mop of hair.
I would have punched him harder. The scumbag has been a disgrace for years
Wenger has become less ambitious and over-protective of his overpaid, underachieving youngsters. Based on this performance, it was no difference from the last few seasons. If he is serious about finishing in the top 4, he has to buy 2-3 quality players. If not, the next player to leave next summer will be Wilshere (sorry, can't think of any other good players whom Chelski or ManUre would buy from us).
I have supported this club since I was 6 years old in 1971. At that time Charlie George was my hero. Did he ever dive? Don't recall him ever doing that truth be told. To night Gervinho did and its not a judgment on him but a sign of the times. Players to day dive and cheat in every way they can because they get away with it. When our player goes down its a clear penalty....when the opposition does its a dive. If it had been Vermalen dragging Best to his feet after a dive in the penalty area we would have applauded him and in the same breath said Best had assaulted and punched him and that he went down was the result of a punch in the face. we all know Gervinho dived and he will from now be a marked man and J Barton will be the guy that was wronged...not because the girl y way he went down from the touch of Gervinhos hand but because when he tangled with Song he was clearly stamped on and what ever punishment Song will get he deserves. Our manager has for years now been making excuses for our failures but i can no longer excuse his. If we are ever to progress we need to change what we have been doing for the last few years and truth be told Arsene will not do that. We are loosing Cesc and Nasri and not getting any replacements that I can see. We are on a slide downwards and have been for few years now. Why do you think Cesc is leavening and nasri? If Wenger is here next year I can tell you that we will not be in the top 4. To day i saw no progress from last year only regress.
Didn't Diaby grab Bartons neck and throw him to the ground and then push Nolan who tried to break it up? Quite different from grabbing someones shirt and lifting them up on to their feet. He wasn't right in telling him off or taking the law into his own hands but at the same time to warrant a red card would seem harsh. Personally, I don't think Barton is in the wrong here, if Gervinho stayed on his fit in the first place and then kept his hands to himself the incident could've been avoided.
Armory I think you've hit the nail on the head with the whole Gervinho-Barton incident.
Also last season, Nolan put Szczesny in a choke hold and threw him to the ground.
The foul in the first half wasn't a dive, certainly there was no contact, but there doesn't have to be contact. As long you impede the player, then its a foul. As for the pen, there was some contact, but not enough for a pen. He was making the most of it, the same way Chamackh made the most of half the pens he won last year. I kinda feel sorry for him, because out all our front 3 he looked the most lively, but as many pundits have said, his decision making and final ball can be erratic. Totally agree with the hypocrisy of not sending off Barton. I thought Kos and the defense(gibbs got caught out a couple of times) were outstanding. I mean the depth and organisation has to improve, but we will be hard pressed find a CB that is much better than Kos. I hope the Song situation bring about the stark realities of our DM position. I guess sometimes you have to actually witness a situation before you do anything. But if starting frimpong against Liver and Utd doesnt give you nightmares, then something is seriously wrong with the boss.
When you ignore all the bull*****, there are some positives to take from this match. I thought the defence looked great. I hope Frimpong can come in and do good when we lose Song for the next 3.
And now we are hoping that a 19 year old Frimpong can come in and do a job? How low have we sunk? J Barton was NOT the villain tonight but Wenger is. Ffs we have lost 2 of our more creative players and 1) Have NOT replaced them and 2) The manager is doing everything in his power to make the transition of the players as painless for them as he can! Sorry but what about the poor wretches that pay the wages at the club namly you and me. Do we not deserve something?
Also the way some of our players were just hugging and laughing with Barton says a lot about some of them. He just got one of your own sent off and you are laughing with the man. They need to go youtube what happened when a United player once got a teammate sent off.
What other choice do I have Armory? Frimpong is Song's backup this year. Since Alex won't be available of course I'm going to give my support to the 19 year old.
What Gervinho did today was no different to what Suarez did against Sunderland - he made the most of slight contact, which is what virtually ALL strikers would do in such a situation. Letting Joey Barton wind him up was a mistake, and if you're going to risk a 3 match ban, the least you can do is make a canute like barton feel it!
Its just really sad it has come to this gunnerkid. Say the boy has a couple of bad games, the fans get on his back, could be the of his career at arsenal. I knew what our bench was gonna be tonight, but I actually had to see it before I realised how weak we are.
they both should of been given a red card. Barton didn't only grab him up off the floor, but hid had him by his collar around the neck for some time and was quite viciously pulling, pushing and shouting. There was no need for it and it was more violent than what Gervinho did. Obviously Gervinho can't expect to slap somebody like that and not get a red card, but i would of done the same if that ars*hole wouldn't let go of me!
gunnerkid107 You are not getting my point. I will support Frimpong to the hilt. I hope and pray that he will become a pivotal player for The Arsenal. But the proplem is that Wenger is leaving it up to a 19 year old to cover his mistakes. Namely not buying the players that can make us stronger.
I am sorry to say but Wenger out!
I agree about RVP, he doesn't look happy. We simply have to replace both Nasri and Cesc in the next 2 weeks, we cannot rely on Ramsey, Wilshere, Song and Rosicky for our midfield. RvP needs help upfront badly and Chamakh ain't the answer either. The squad as it is today without Cesc/Nasri won't finish in the top 4. Long hard season indeed.
It's a shame that Gervinho's debut has been an eventful one, even earning him some doubters among the fan base. It is his first game in English top flight and we know how long it takes even the best players to bed in; we need to give him a chance. I just hope our style doesn't take something away from his own game/style. We've got to stay positive. United started the 08/09 season at home, with a draw against the same Newcastle United but went on to win the Title that season. On the other hand, we have always had a fast start but ended up with nothing in the last 6 seasons. It isn' the way you start but how you end, it'll seem.
It could have been worse, you know. TV and Kos were solid.
Gael-Force, A year ago former England international Chris Waddle hinted at English footballers' cerebral deficiency when he said winger Theo Walcott lacked a "football brain".
If you had signed Barton, It would have been a different story. All this wouldn't have happened and he would be fighting for you instead. But Wenger thinks he is running a Children's play ground. Instead of signing extra defenders and midfield spine, he signed who again? ...Yeah, Chamberlain. Take away nothing from the kid but he is not what you need now.
Song stamped on Barton. Then Gervinho dives and slaps Barton. Barton's crime? To gruffly pick the lad up in order to let him know how we do things in England. And yet, predictably, he's the scum bag of course, whilst the others were just 'stupid'. The lad can't get a break because of other people's obsessions with what he did in the past. Well done Barton, you did nothing wrong. Shame on Song. And shame on anyone who tries to defend his behaviour, whatever their alliegances. Shame on you.
Tony Rocky Horror
Wenger is utterly shameless. He simply doesn't care what others say about him because he has the backing of the board who are lining their pockets off the back of his qualifications for the champions league. This season he'll use the transfer funds from selling the club's best players to satisfy the board's greed. The man is a puppet, and an ego maniac. If he gave a ***** about the club he'd walk away now.
Tony Rocky Horror
What was the deal with the Arsenal-Barton love-in at the end of the game. Just shows our players are gutless wonders - hugging that little anus! Not one of us stood up and told him he's a little knut.
TRH - If you're calling Gervinho for diving, then why not Barton? Then again, I reckon that would have been enough to floor a pansy like you who believed Szczezny could have killed Gareth Bale last season. lol.
You either die a hero , or manage long enough to see yourself become Wenger.
What Song did was not a stamp, he gently rested his studs on the back of Bartons leg, after which he cried like a girl. I know there was no need for it but there is no universe in which that was a "stamp".
I think we can all see why Barton only starts fight with little boys now. Jeez, wonder if that kid he dropped outside McDonalds went down that easily? Totally disillusioned reading some of this hysterical whingeing ***** from Arsenal fans. United went to SJP last year and ground out a 0-0 and everyone has a hand shandy over what a masterful defensive performance it was. Our back five were superb today and that's very encouraging considering what we were seeing at the end of last season. It's a good base to build on. Things weren't happening upfront, the players had the calm and intelligence to say, "D'yer know what? Let's just make sure we give nothing away then." They did that and didn't crumble after the red card. I watched our last league winning team do this on a plethora of occasions. That team drew 12 times, 9 of those away from home with similar performances where in-game adaptability and intelligence was shown.
Little Dutch
I can't be arsed to dig it out, but I'm thinking back to what this thread looked like after Braga last year, where eveyone moaned (not incorrectly) that things weren't happening for the team going forward, so we should've taken the point and gone home rather than overcommit the way we did. We did that today. Everyone still moans. Seriously.
Little Dutch
Frankly, some of you don't really know what the ***** you want other than for absolutely every thing to go our way absolutely all the time lest you start lashing out like hysterical children.
Little Dutch
i think the defense was good. they did not commit many fouls inside our own half & that nullify the long ball threat we so use to succumb to when playing teams like newcastle. you do not lose if you do not concede. another point to note, we were more penetrative when attacking from the flank albeit some poor final passes. gervinho certainly offers a new dimension in our tactic. it was something we were longing for. we use to pass around aimlesly at the corner flags. now we attack the fullbacks. some runs by arshavin & rosicky were great too. gibb, ramsey & scesney were promising. song was the motm in my opinion. he shielded the back 4 very well.
Couldn't agree more LD! Arsenal fans need to stop whinging and create a bit more of a positive vibe around the club! Nothing wrong with grinding out a draw away from home every now and then...
This victim complex is now too ingrained among some Arsenal supporters for them not to see fault in anything other than a win. Not that there's anything wrong in pointing them out but flaws can always be found, even in a comprehensive win. The prevailing attitude of some is to allow the frustration of recent seasons to blind them to the good parts of our play and despite the result, and a little early season lack of composure in the key pass, there were some good signs in yesterdays performance.
Last time i checked everyone is free to express their opinion on this website. So whether people are whingeing or not, as long as it remains courteous, they are in their right and i don't have an issue with it. Some people should stop getting on their high horses and pretend to have a higher footballistic opinion than others. Unless you are Arsene, your opinion will not change a thing but you should still be allowed to air it. Clearly some fans are frustrated because they can't see progress. It is going to be a long hard season and I feared that because of our overreliance on Cesc as creator of chances.
A bit of a contradiction there GF. It's ok for people to have an opinion or just a whinge about anything they want to but not apparently about other people whingeing???? You can't have it both ways.
this quote on the arsenal website sums it up: Wenger: 'We will learn from this today' we should have learned from this last season and the season before that... the truth is we DONT learn from anything... its same old same old every single game... and we as fans are fed up of it! I think its time we all sent an open letter to arsene and demand change or he leaves
We did change, a solid defensive performance, never looked in trouble at the back and the goal keeping was decisive and confident. Isn't that what everyone wanted last season? Goal scoring has never been a problem for Arsenal. That will come soon enough...
We did look good at the back, we did look void of creativity in the middle. It does seem a little like we have been whipped into a frenzy of doom and doubt. A draw away from home on the first day isn't too bad, but had we sorted a creative CM and won the there would be a better feeling at Arsenal of that there can be no doubt.
No 10
Barton should have walked for violent conduct.
Exactly Amos, GF I didn't say people didn't have the right to express their opinions. But I absolutely reserve the right to disagree.
Little Dutch
We have a wide fanbase and Arsene will be criticised whatever he does by one faction or another. I don't agree with the people who say: 'AW out' but i think they have as much right to be heard as the AW faithful without being labelled as moaners.. Back to the game, I have no insight into club affairs but I am disappointed that for a while now we knew Cesc would leave and I feel we are unprepared on yesterday's (and last season) evidence. As for our defence, one game is too little to judge so i reserve my judgement until we play Stoke.
Well, it is the start of the season, and given that our creative mid field was out (Cesc, Nasri, Wilshere), it was an ok performance. RvP was out of sorts, there was one defence splitting pass from Arshavin that he couldn't exploit. The defence put in an assured performance, so that was good to see. Overall, not an exciting performance, but I was ok with it. The team did better than I expected, but that might be due to low expectations :).
I also thought Szczesny had a very good game. He came out of his line on several occasions and got the timing right every time, he commanded his area well, punched the ball on several crosses and I don't feel nervous every time the ball goes to our goalie. Some positives did come out of the game. The sooner we put Cesc and Nasri behind, sign some replacements, and get on with our season, the better.
Agreed with most of that prits. GF, of course, everyone has every right to give their opnion and voice them in any way they see fit. But then they must prepare to have those opinions challenged. Why are those that disagree on a high horse anymore than those carrying out the chanting?
Little Dutch

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