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Wenger Confirms Cesc Departure

Arsenal have tonight confirmed the agreement to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona.

What we all knew deep down has now been made official. Barring Cesc failing a medical or the extremely unlikely event of not being able to agree personal terms, the our captain will be sold to the Spanish Champions.

Despite Arsene Wenger claiming on Friday that he didn`t expect anyone to leave the club, the Frenchman revealed the imminent departure.

'We have been clear that we didn't want Cesc to leave and that remains the case. However, we understand Cesc's desire to move to his home town club and have now accepted an offer from Barcelona. We thank Cesc for his contribution at Arsenal and wish him future success.'

So that`s that, time to forget about Cesc and move forward.

Truth be told it`s kind of a relief.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 14 2011

Time: 10:45PM

Your Comments

Oh well i'm sure life will go on for Arsenal.
Did we get Messi in part exchange?
Think I'm going to avoid the net for a couple of days, really don't want to hear the Cesc interviews or the crap that's going to without a doubt come out of the Farca camp.
Fabregas is now dead to me, I don't have to give you a reason why.
Professor Calculus
All eyes on Wenger now to bring in some world class talent. I honestly wish Cesc all the best at Barca. To be missing out on playing for your boyhood club that is dominating football and seeing them lift trophy after trophy whilst you're at a club that is all about profit must be frustrating.
A bollox, he said he wanted to win things at Arsenal. Yet again the modern football has shown himself to have no real strength of character. Cesc is such a nice guy and an amazing player that I can't hate him, but it's going to rip my heart out of my chest to see him pull on that Barca shirt, especially after the bad taste that this whole saga leaves behind.
From a Spurs fan, symapthise with you guys here, I don't think Wenger or the Arsenal board could have done any much more on the Fabregas situation...
So I assume Wenger will spend the money on a quality replacement right? I mean, Barcelona have just spend 35mill to bag the best midfielder in the PL, and they really, really don't need him. So seeing as we really, really needed him Wenger will go and spend 30mill (if he has to) on a replacement, right? It should be a no brainer but the fact we are wondering whether Wenger will go bargain hunting even though he has big funds this at his disposal says it all really.
Professor Calculus
How about converting Tevez into a floating AM? We would only have him for a year as that seems to be his attention span but it would be a year for Ramsey to develop further. I know the wages would probably halt it but I'm sure we could come to some arrangement...his own terminal at Heathrow so he can get home?
No 10
See you Cesc. We won't have to see your "I don't want to be at this club" face any more. In the end you were good, but not good enough or fit enough to win us something.
You knew it was coming. But when its finally official, it hasnt reduced the sadness one little bit. Its been 8 years since I started watching him play for the Arsenal. Not seeing him in an Arsenal shirt will be very sad. Wish him luck at Barca though. I think he has always given his 110% on the pitch for the club. And despite the frustration at not winnig stuff due to the incompetence of his teammates - he has always maintained dignity.
So, after all this pratting about, Cesc goes for a knock down price with 4 YEARS still left on his contract, right before a crucial game that will decide if we'll take part in this year's lucrative european away days. Is anyone actually thinking ahead upstairs or are they all still counting Stan's money?
Wyn Mills
really terrible to see him leave. it'll be interesting to see how he gets treated after the 'honeymoon' period of his signing ends. All the best Cesc, it was a real pleasure
"In the end you were good, but not good enough or fit enough to win us something." I very much doubt we would have stayed in the CL during our move to the Grove without Cesc Fabregas. For steering Arsenal Football Club through an important transition, Cesc will always club legend to me. I wish him the best of health for the rest of his career. Time to move on. Up the Arsenal!
Pleasure working with you Cesc. Showed your class even when the players around you were by all means ordinary. It's just sad that Arsene never found a really world class partner for you in midfield. Adieu. Always in our heart. "We've not got Cesc Fabregas"
I wish him the best, personally. He has always been professional, and carried the team on his own a few times last season. He will certainly be missed at Arsenal, and will, one day, go onto be better than Xavi or Iniesta.
Here I was secretly wishing Madrid would come in at the last minute with 45m for him and he'd be off that way instead...
I wish all the best to Fabregas, he's given us some good years..... I am just so glad that Mr Wenger has finally come to terms with it. Everyone in the modern world knew that Cesc was going but still on Friday Arsene remained in denial. It would have been more than a little embarrasing if the move had gone ahead today without Arsene acknowleging it. perhaps he is beginning to grow a little senile. Anyway, time to move on..... theres plenty of 16 year old out there that nobodys ever heard of that Arsene can use to "strengthen" the squad. Ha Ha Ha!!!!
lifeisagooner, AW said the deal was progressing on Thursday. The only reason this has dragged out so long this summer is because Barca's opening offer for the summer was 25m. It's not us that have dragged it out. We'd have sold him in May had the offer been there. As for counting Stan's money, what does that even mean? Nobody's salary has changed. Arsenal fans are going to really have to get their heads around the fact that there is no Arsenal board anymore, so stop trying to imagine the past board as some sort of voodoo dool. 94% of our club is owned by 2 individuals. There. Is. No. Board. As for Cesc, a great player and one I wish all the best in life too. But I can't wish him all the best in football because I wish nothing but ill on Barcelona for the way they've conducted this.
Little Dutch
If it really is 29 million euros with a further two 5 million add ons then I think in todays market it is a pitiful sum really. If we let Modric go for anything less than 35 million I would feel cheated, but then I suppose it's only Chelsea who are after him, so it is a bit different. Although Modric and Fabregas are very similar in style and their ability to control and dominate games, Fabregas ability to assist, but more importantly score, has got to make him worth 10 million more I would have thought.
It is a low fee in the current (distorted) scale of things but with contract law as it is and only one buyer the price would only go down further the longer Cesc stays. Outside his protected period of contract the anchor price would be somewhere around half what Barca are reported to have paid. Not the deal we would have wanted but as this wasn't to be an auction we probably did ok with it.
I've seen a lot of people being down on the way Arsenal have handled the situation, but I'm sorry I just can't see it. Think what ever you want about how we're playing or doing in the transfer market, but Wenger stood up to the biggest bullies in the footballing world for 3 years, something other teams failed to do. But at times comes when the constant battling because detrimental to the club, and it had gotten bigger than our matches which was insane, that should never happen. As professional as Cesc is, you can't expect him to be fully focussed when he really wants to leave. He is worth more money, but when the player is only interested in one club there's not muc we can do. I'm proud of our club for how they handled the situation.
I suppose the way you also have to look at it is that we got him for almost nothing, from the same club. Even as a 16 year old, we didn't pay close to what he was worth either.
Little Dutch
I think Sam Wallace in The Independent is right when he says today that Wenger's comments on the official website were noticeably low-key. That probably tells how disappointed and saddened he must be and was probably trying till the last to persuade him to stay. Although I didn't like some of the things he said at last Summer's World Cup, when the cajolement of Pique, Xavi, Puyol etc was probably at its most intense, you can't blame him for wanting to leave. A players career is short and he obviously doesn't think he can win things at Arsenal anymore. As Arseblogger says, it's not his leaving that hurts as much as his reasons for wanting to leave. If he stays fit, I have no doubt he'll go on to be absolutely brilliant for Barcelona. If he was that good in our side, you can only imagine how good he'll be in theirs. Watching him excel at Barcelona is going to be difficult to stomach. though.
There is a definite shift. We used to sell our stars after their peak. Now if Nasri also goes, we would have sold 2 promising young players. We educated them and then they left. I guess that's the risk we exposed ourselves to. My only regret is that we never had a team deserving of Cesc's talents. The support cast was never there. One of my best memories will be the Villa match. He was on the bench returning from injury. The team was struggling. He came on, made 2 goals and doing so got injured again. A true winner. I will miss you Cesc. Farewell and thanks.
There are morsels of truth to suggest Cesc didn't believe in Arsenal's abilities to match his ambitions any longer. But there's as much to say that it's the club he's going to that have offered the ultimate lure. Cesc has always wanted to go back to Barca, he supported them as a boy and he's good enough to play for them. Right now, this could go down as one of the greatest Barca sides in history, they're a side that are the favourites to win every trophy they contest. I can understand why he's impatient to join that. Think about it as an Arsenal fan, if you were playing for another club and you always wanted to play for Arsenal, and you know in about 2002 that you could go there and play in that team, you'd want to move too.
Little Dutch
i see its reported that barcelona have slapped a 180 million euro buy out clause on fabregas, if this is true then why havent we done the same to our players, ie henry, fabregas, nasri, etc etc etc. what on earth is going on with the arsenal financial wizards
cornish gooner
Not that much of a shift and nothing really new either. Anelka was a promising player too. Ashley Cole might also fall into that category. Reyes didn't go on to fulfil his promise but he wanted to go home against the clubs wishes at the time. I don't think there is much more than the merest morsel of truth in the suggestion that Cesc would have stayed if we had won something. Ronaldo won plenty with ManU but it didn't stop him wanting to fulfil his ambition to play for Real who have been relatively less successful than ManU. Cesc might have stayed a little longer if Barca hadn't been quite so successful though.
Does anyone feel that now that Cesc's departure has been confirmed as imminent that maybe Nasri won't leave? He will be the main create threat along with VP and that might be enough for him to look past his greed?
There is a feeling that Arsene is a very honest man and unfortunately that often means that the assumption is others are too. Why do we let people run down their contracts? Because we hope that the faith we have showed will be repaid by some loyalty maybe? He should take it as a complement that teams want our players but it should be his responsibility to make sure that Arsenal hold as many cards as they can. No one wants to admit that a pre nup agreement is a good idea because they enter into a marriage thinking it will last for ever. When the banks were bailed it didn't cross anyones mind (apart from Chomsky, Micheal Moore etc) that they would use that money to pay themselves bonuses...but they did, because at the heart of it they are driven by self serving interests. We need to wake up to modern football. The money needed to get a top quality player. Contracts that serve the benefit of Arsenal Football Club. PR in the world of Twitter and instant news. We need to wake up to the fact that the Top Two of the pre Abramovich changed to a Top Three, then Four. Now, once again there is a Top Two and then a second tier 'top' Four of which we are firmly a part of. So we need to protect our assets against any in a good bargaining position.
No 10
Cornish Gooner, the reason English clubs don't put buyout clauses in contracts and Spanish clubs do is down to differences in law. I think I'm right in saying it can't be done in England, simple as that. For instance, in Spain you are legally obliged to leave your estate to your children (if you have any) and not your spouse in your will.
Little Dutch
I thought Cahill has just such a buyout clause?
No 10
"There is a feeling that Arsene is a very honest man" The very same guy who said on Friday that he expected no-one to leave. Now, I think that Comical Ali guy had more honesty. Either that, or Arsene "I didn't see it" really has lost the plot if he genuinely believed he would not be leaving.
Good point well made
No 10
@ No 10 ... HAHA classic...
He just kissed their scummy badge. Cheers for that Cesc. :-(((((
The buy out clauses don't mean a lot Rochemback had one for about 50m i seem to remember when Barce had him. I don't understand why Wenger said that on Friday at all
Another Spurs fan here... HAHAHAHAHAHA selling club...
the corner pin
thanks for enlightening me little dutch if that is true, it doesnt surprise me one bit, but i always thought that a club could put whatever valuation they wanted on a player, and begin negotiations at that figure. why is it that we always seem to sell our world class players at ridiculesly knock down prices, ie henry , fabregas, nasri but other clubs hold out for, and sell their best players for astronomical sums ie ronaldo, torres, etc etc i return to my original question, what is wrong with the so called financial wizards at arsenal
cornish gooner
We sold Hleb for 13m! I think the fact that we've turned over so much profit in our transfer dealings suggests we don't do badly. But every deal is different. Barca were the only club in the mix. Henry was 30 with a sciatica problem. If reports are to be believed, we stand to get 22m for Nasri when he's in the final year of his contract.
Little Dutch
There is a lot to be said about that. Amos mentions Ronaldo but there was only one buyer for him as well.
Let's not have a go at Cesc for kissing the badge. He was actually at Barca since a kid and loves that club too. Seeing him there in the Barca shirt, on the Barca pitch, under the Barca weather, who could blame him for wanting to go there? It is his home after all. Together with winning, amazing, legendary football, it's too great a package to resist. We'd all do the same. He's even taken a pay cut for it.
Little Dutch, The remark I made about Wenger was folllowing his comments on Friday when he said he expects no-one to leave the club.... kinda foolish perhaps??? As for comments about "Counting Stans money" or "The Arsenal Board" they where made by others, not by me. I accept that you may have been addressing others in your response but it's my name you put at the beginning.
LD, I'm sorry, I strongly disagree with you or anyone who won't acknowledge that Cesc's departure is indeed linked with how he feels about Arsenal's lack of success-and not just lack of success but HOW recent seasons have failed--the spectacular failures to hold leads, the debacle at Birmingham, etc. I think the refusal to face that is a case of denial of the obvious. In the last 4 seasons Cesc has repeatedly made comments to the press (that many gooners have rationalized away) expressing his dissatisfaction in one way or another with how things were going, player transfers, etc. The one single question to ask is: would Cesc be leaving now if Arsenal were having more success, if he believed in this team, if he believed he could bring success to this team, if we hadn't collapsed every spring in such spectacular fashion, etc.? I think it amazing that fans think that a driven, ambitious player like Cesc wouldn't be affected by what he's experienced these last 5 seasons, that it wouldn't affect him at all. He publicly begged for Flamini to stay saying more than once "we need him!", for Alonso to be brought into the team, expressed his frustration with always telling the fans "next year we'll be great, next year we'll do it" and then never doing it (& that's a quote from 4 yrs ago), for not having enuf experience in the squad. He's come out publicly with these sentiments repeatedly. I think we underestimate the affect last season esp. had on the players (combined with previous seasons) mentally, emotionally - the players are not fans. They don't think like us.
I was addressing others in that point., Unfortunately I don't know how to paragraph in the comments section. The 2I don't expect anyone to leave" comments have been semantically taken out of context. If you watch the conference, rather than read the transcript, you'll see the emphasis on "expects." As if to say, "I expect no human being to murder another human being." You don't expect it to happen ideally and have a negative mindset all the time, but that's not to say you deny it happens. Wenger's spoken before about being an optimist, that's clearly what he was getting at when he made the comment.
Little Dutch
The other thing I'd say to those critical of Cesc and that he was also culpable for us not winning things is this: imagine we had a side as good as the Invincibles around Cesc for the last 6 years, imagine how much better he'd been with a Bergkamp and Henry in front, a Vieira alongside, a Pires to his left and a Llungberg/Parlour to his right, not to mention a solid defence. I believe in the coming seasons you'll see just how good he is and could have been had we had a better, more experienced side than the last 6 years.
I don't deny any of that jaelle, but we probably differ on the amount it had a bearing. Barca are the club he's always wanted to play for and they're at their most successful. He has a chance to be part of that. I'm sure Cesc has lost some faith in how successful he thinks Arsenal can be, but anything we could have achieved is being outstripped by this Barca team at the moment. I totally understand the lure and I think it has a bigger bearing than his perception of Arsenal's failures- though I don't doubt that is an element to it.
Little Dutch
@LD <*BR><*BR> without the asterisks will give you a space.

like so!
thanks Gunnerman (if this works that is....)

I always wondered how to do that :)
LD, I fully understand what you say about Wenger's comments on Friday as i did watch the conference.
It's just sometimes, when everyone knows full well what the outcome is... I wish he woud just come out and say it.
All the best to Cesc - the best creative midfielder I have seen in an Arsenal shirt. The episode couldn't have been concluded at a worse time for us and our team at the moment looks short of someone who can provide the final ball. Gervinho, Arshavin and RvP are all making good runs but our play is coming to nothing without the final ball. Its upto AW now to get us the player who can provide the killer pass. AW must be feeling a deep sense of loss at Cesc's departure but needs to find the strength to get on with our business.
I find it pointless in using the title "best" player because there are so many intangibles when trying to compare players but imo Cesc is right at the top of the list. playing in CM as a 16 year old and more than holding his own, running rings around the man who he replaced, carrying the team on his back on so many occassions, playing the last minutes of CL game against the team he wanted to join on a broken leg. This young man is largely responsible for keeping us in the CL over the last few years and that's enough for me. He never had the supporting cast to show what he is really capable of but he is a legend in my book. I hope he pushes Xavi into an early retirement and accomplishes all he wants...except when he faces Arsenal.
lifeisagooner, AW's press conference when he said nobody was leaving the club was bizzare. While AW is very stubborn he is not stupid so the only reason he could have said what he said was Barcelona and Manchester City not meeting our valuation of Cesc and Nasri. Dont think its a coincidence that Barca raised the bid soon after AW's statement which showed him as prepared to continue with Cesc for another year.
I am not sure if Cesc will enjoy the game as much in La Liga. He was the real boss of our play. At Barca he will have a shared responsibility and might not be able to dictate the play as much as he likes. It will be interesting to watch.
One thing the Arsenal management is not very good at is seeing the quick wins. Given how fans' morale has fallen recently, i think the club should have made a statement in the transfer market before announcing Cesc's departure. I don't think we should buy for the sake of buying but sometimes you need to make shrewd moves to benefit the club and placate fans. This will have boosted our own players confidence and sent a signal to the rest of the EPL. Right now, the squad feels weaker than last year's and that's not a good sign. RvP better sign that extension.
The last two times Cesc played with the core of the current Barca squad he won Euro 2008 and WC 2010. He experienced the highest of highs in sports with Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Puyol, Pique, Pedro and Villa. There's nothing more massive in sports than winning the World Cup. And now this SAME core of players is asking him to join them, in his hometown, at his formative club, with the added caveat of Lionel Messi in tow. Hard to blame Cesc. Could the club have handled it differently? Yes. Could Barca have shown ANY class at all? probably not, it's not in their "DNA". But it's still really hard to blame Cesc for anything.
I've lost all respect for Barca. After their cheating antics on the pitch and their draining pursuit of Cesc, i have had enough. They are not a great club for me. Puyol, Xavi, Pique and Dani Alves have disrespected Arsenal. The only good thing as LD pointed out is that we took their own youth team player and sold him back to them 30fold. Mugs.
Totally agree with Jaelle. This is the guy who played with a broken leg against Barca, ended his season. Then to watch the ***** ups at WHL, Wigan , etc. Why should he be part of this crap?
He was part of that crap! The team was structured around Cesc and organised to make the most of his abilities even to the detriment of other players strengths. It didn't work well enough. Time to organise things differently and even while acknowledging what a class player he is there's no reason why it can't be more effective.
Amos, we ****ed up after Cesc's injuries. For two seasons running. Not when he was in the team. Our collapse in 2009/10 is well documented. What about our screw up in the Carling cup final.. A competition he literally took us to the final - with absolutely superb performances in both semi finals.
Do what?? Both semis, he was terrible in the first leg at Ipswich.
Proof that Cesc left because he was frustrated with the setup. "At Arsenal, there were finals and semi-finals but we always lacked that little extra push to win something. That was hard to take. It was not that we didn't win titles it was that we kept going through the same routine, the same things happening to us and us messing up. I gave everything for Arsenal but it didn't show in the [trophy] cabinet because I only won one FA Cup. That is the biggest regret I will have in my career not to be able to lift a trophy as Arsenal captain."
Shewore, the whole team where shambolic that day, and Cesc was the only person who was relatively good.
Spurs fan in peace - Feel a bit for you guys (A very little bit LOL) about Fibreglass leaving. He is a quality player and the EPL will miss him. THink you will get a quality CM though and you have enough dough to splash to replace him.
would ye ever spend this cash to buy and create a backbone which you once had an were succesful
rivalry aside still a loss for the prem
No, the reason this mess dragged out over the whole summer is that we let it. barcelona may have been the only suitors but the deal we ended up with was still risible. Barcelona crying poverty. Dear oh dear. No players as part exchange to make up the difference? Do me a favour. At the end of the day Wenger was told to sort it out and had cesc prised from his fingers. No strategy. No plan . Just capitulation. And it was likely Stan wot did it, not the brain dead dummies we have sitting in the diamond club every week. Just what is ivan being paid to do except deliver platitudes to increasingly disgruntled fans?
Wyn Mills
Unfortunately lads, the news only gets worse! Please log onto for an EXCLUSIVE ABOUT ANOTHER DEPARTURE! I now fear the worst! Its worth signing up to the site, you get a chance to be entered into a free prize draw for an i-pad 2
feel sorry 4 use lot, can sympothise with our loss of young and downing but at least you can afford to replace them, modric 4 fabregas and mario gotze 4 nasri & ur back to normal
So you'd have taken 25m then Wyn?
Little Dutch
But Wyn does mention the option of player exchange. I'm sure there would be a player that is good enough to play for us that is don't needed by Barca. If they didn't make the grade we can sell them on for a few million. Did Bojan leave this summer? Dave what is that like you put? is it just a phishing post to get people to sign up?
No 10
Do you really imagine that the club didn't explore the option of player swaps? Even if there was someone we valued, on terms acceptable to the club, and had a place for he would also need to be someone up for a move to the PL. That isn't a given. There's an army of keyboard negotiators out there all of whom could have done a better deal based only on the experience they gained in buying a car. Multi-million deals on this scale are likely to be very different.
But it also seems that Wenger rates this team a lot higher than they deserve, which is why people are asking questions about him looking at other options to strengthen.
No 10
As a Villa fan know how you guys feel. Fabregas was a rare talent and 35 mill doesnt seem enough. I feel you will be getting a better deal on Nasri with only a year left on contract. But the only people in football who are truly loyal are usually the fans. To be fair your manager and fergy are two of a rare breed of manager that shows loyalty to a club.The difference between the two ? Fergy is clever in the transfer market Wenger seems unsure and appears frightened to spend big money.
Sorry, have been away so am just getting back to this thread. LD, no I wouldn't have accepted 25m, and I don't seriously imagine Cesc would have expected the club to either. Surely the sensible thing to have done would be to place a time limit on the transfer (say the beginning of pre-season training) and stick to it? We have shown incredible weakness. I can't think of anything worse for team morale than to see your best player and captain depart just before the first game of the season. Can you honestly credit that? Barcelona needed to have their hand forced. We dithered, just as we're doing now. Even if a promise had been made to Cesc that he could leave this summer (highly likely) , the proviso surely would have been 'providing we get a sensible offer from Barcelona'. We should have told Barcelona to pay up by x date or come back next summer. A clear line in the sand would have been put down and we wouldn't be suffering this chaotic disruptive start to our season. To have something drag on for so long just reeks of indecisive management. Amos, no I don't presume to fully understand the mechanics of player transfers although I hope I'm intelligent enough to realise that players also have to agree terms. But are you saying there's no one good enough or willing to make the move from Barcelona to Arsenal?
Wyn Mills

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