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VIDEO: Arsenal v Liverpool preview

The latest weekend of the season is here, the premier league game between Arsenal and Liverpool is previewed in this video.

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Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 20 2011

Time: 9:32AM

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We're playing really well under the circumstances. I'm proud of all the players, even Nasri! Whether this is his final audition for City, I don't know, nor do I care. It's just nice to see him giving 110% while he's still an Arsenal player.
The city deal is already done so I don't think Nasri has to worry about that. I didn't think he would put in this kind of shift so good on him, he has won some respect back from me. Frimpong looked a bit overexcited at first but has grown in to the game and calmed down. Jenkinson and Miquel have both done well. Excellent performance considering the circumstances.
Agree with you GK. I can't help feeling scared though. The injury situation in defence is alarming. Hopefully Nasri will win us his last game and show us what we will be missing but at least we'll be able to line up 22m on the pitch. I don't know what the club's plans are but it is not looking too clever at the minute.
Good on Nasri to play at full tilt. The defence I think has done splendidly considering Kos's injury which is very worrying, he looked in great pain. We are disjointed in midfield and are absolutely dire on the wings - both Walcott and Arshavin have been poor. Hope we pull this off.
Frimpong's off. Its not looking good. Not the youngster's fault, just a lack of experience. Come on lansbury.
Dont think we'll have any players left for the Utd match,blessing in disguise
Walcott just doesn't convince me on the wing. He's not direct enough and he doesn't have the skills of a winger to beat his man. Move him the center and put a right winger there, not Bendtner. What's Nick's situation anyway? We should have sorted all this out before the season started.
Its a shame Deni went out on loan i think he could have come back to his best this season
Sums up Ramsey's game :(
Goal of the Season
I thought bendtner was frozen out. Looks like he's coming on. This is poor planning from the club and smacks of desperation. Well maybe he'll nick a goal. Come on Niklas.
Ramsey's had a poor game, he couldn't have done much once the ball hit him but he really didn't need to be there
OG was a fluke but the EPL is no fluke. If you go into the season with a weakened squad, you will come out worse. It's a no-brainer for me. Arsene has to save his legacy. He is in danger of having all his good work forgotten.
Just came home. Verm's a rock! Shame about he circumstances, ALL of them.
We need a corner. I can't see us scoring from open play. At least It appears Nick is playing alongside RvP andd not on the wing.
This is what Cesc didnt want to be part of anymore. I mean we are running all our best players into the ground. They need help. RvP won't last the season if all has to depend on him.
Shame about the score, we actually did quite well all things considered.
I feel for this side. Too much pain. At least when you are down in the dumps, you know the only way is UP.
Good effort but so freaking predictable.
2 down. I wonder who the AKB are going to blame for this.....Saw this coming and must say that I am gutted for players like T Vermalen who was a rock for us amongst few others. By next Thursday we will be out of the CL and following Sunday rock bottom of the prem. And for those that will inevitably start hollering that I don't support the club and am a plastic fan yadda yadda yadda take a close look at your self's. To stand by idle while your club goes down the swanny so one person can prove his theory is hardly responsible. I can not see the manager buying what we need in the next 13 days and truly that will end our presence in top 4.
Frimpong's sending off coupled with Suarez coming on changed the dynamics of the game from the 70th minute onwards. We didn't have enough protection in midfield and were crowded out. The first goal had Suarez in an offside position as well. The team played with a lot of heart but need more inputs from the football club now. Nasri was far and away the best midfielder followed by Frimpong and Nasri will not be here for much longer. We have to get on with business both on an off the pitch. Up the Arse.
I think it's fair to say that Wenger has 11 days now. If he doesn't use that time wisely, then his time at Arsenal will be over come May.
Armory, everyone knows whats needed now, havent we been saying it all summer. Dont tell fellow fans here, we know the areas that need strengthening maybe send a letter to the club, the mood here is bad enough mate.
I feel sorry for they players being booed, especially the youngsters and Vermaelen who couldn't have done much more. I don't want to turn on AW, but I really have no idea what his plans are or if he has any plans at all. Arshavin, Walcott, RVP, Ramsey were very poor but maybe because they are playing in such an inexperienced team. Also the injuries may be bad luck but AW has to take some responsibility for the bad discipline. That's 3 players suspended after just 2 games, pretty shocking really.
Joke side.. Not their fault it's the managers... Wenger go up stairs brig in mourinho
Wenger really has left it far too late unfortunetly. Never mind 4th, I'll be happy just to stay up.
Wyn Mills
Delta that is not my point. My point is that we all know,including the manager, that we need strengthening but he is the one that can do something about it not us. Me or anyone writing to the club wont mean a s*it to them. The only way to save our season is to simply remove the reason that prevents us investing in players namely the manager. If it is true that we tried to get a player on a loan from OM then how much deeper can we sink? On loan ffs what is wrong with buying? he will say that they are looking all the time but cant find the quality. Well others are looking to and truth be told I cant see them having much problem finding players.
Impressed by Frimpong, despite his sending off.
Wyn Mills
RvP should have put us ahead after Arshavin had set up an easy shot on his left foot from 8 odd yards. Arshavin could have done much better in ball possession while Walcott was the definition of anonymous. Ramsey's stamina waned in the second half and his play was poor. Frimpong did really well, good tackler, good range of passing and superb workrate but needs to grow a football brain real quick. TV, Jenkinson and Miquel, take a bow, 100% commitment and high skill levels as well.
Mourinho's a ****. I wouldn't want him anywhere near our club. He's as classless a being as can be. And bowie those boos didn't seem to be for the players. Tbf we can't put it on the youngsters. It's not their fault that they are playing. No, those were targeted at the manager and how he has allowed the team to reach a state where we are absolutely threadbare.
I think this makes the CL qualifier in midweek absolutely vital to the future of our club. Players might be waiting to see whether we will be in the CL proper before signing on the dotted line for us. And I do hope plenty of those dots get actual signatures on top of them. It's a vital vital VITAL period of 11 days left for Arsene to sort everything out.
He has to act! How can we have a squad that thin and yet he refuses to buy? Unrecognisable back line?? Sagna at rb? Eboue gone, and he could have been cover?? Those U21 kids could not keep up with the pace! Unfit, and walking, doing absolutely **** all! toothless upfront? Why he hates Chamakh I don't know. Not good enough Arsene! Get your head up out of your arse! (No pun intended)
e dubbz
Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool,anyone?
Completely agree E=G, the second leg against Udinese is now the absolute priority. RvP, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Walcott have to pull their weight and deliver their best for us to go through. The CB partner for Vermaelen is the main issue. Hope Djourou gets fit in time for the game.
But why has it got to this state? Its not as if the fans havent being saying anything for the past 3 seasons. All this money spent on a shiny stadium and someone forgets to build a shelter over the bench. Says it all really.
Wyn Mills
A battling performance until Frimpong's sending off; a rare quality in the side these days. Agree with DF on the stand out performers today and will include our young keeper and Nasri in that group. It is early in the season and another clean sheet will have served to strengthen the resolve in the team and set us up nicely for the midweek game. Alas! It is not to be.

I don't know what the Manager has in mind either, but if it is bargain buys as the window closes, he may not get that either with the prospects of losing out of a top 4 and CL place (God Forbid that!) in sight. Teams are going to price their players like we are desperate and the players may want a premium for agreeing to join up. We need to gather ourselves together and be prepared for the fight this season is going to turn out to be.
Wont blame the kids...They played their hearts out.
I really doubt our ability to get a result in Udine. The condition of our squad is weaker than weak. That said we'll have Gerv and ADSB back. That's the only positive squad news for the game.
Thomas Vermalen did not deserve that.
I was surprised by and therefore, very impressed with the performance of Carl Jenkinson. He absolutely ran himself to the ground and kept Downing at bay. I do hope his injury wasn't a long term one. Frimpong also did well but with his red card, we are down to bare bones in defensive midfield, going into the game against United. Sagna appeared to run out of gas at some point; not a good sign from one of our senior players. TV does need a good partner to quickly fill the Koscielny void; if both had been on the whole game, I doubt we would have conceded today. Arshavin seemed to be trying too hard to do well and needs to be told to calm down and quit giving the ball away with his full back bombing forward. As for Theo, .....I just don't want to get started on that one. Are we in crisis? I wouldn't think so, especially given the circumstances. But, do we need re-enforcements? Of course, very quickly too, as the rest of the team will only benefit from it. Too much pressure on young players at the moment.
EG, our squad for the Udinese game will be stronger than the one today. Walcott, RvP and Gervinho in attack, Song, Ramsey and Frimpong in midfield and Gibbs should be back playing LB with JD playing CB.
Any takers for Tevez, Bellamy, Roque, SWP, Onuoha? I'm sure they'd do your team plenty of good... AW really needs to start putting some of that cash you have on the table, if not, disaster is looming...
Blue ponderer
...I did come into London in the week, en route to Canada and visited the Arsenal shop at the Emirates. I muttered a prayer and a few good luck words at the Emirates edifice (my intention was to walk around the place doing so but it was raining so heavily I gave that up on that idea). I hope this is the last Home defeat we suffer this season.
BP, I will take SWP, of that lot. Not sure we can work out something with Tevez's salary demands.
Blue Ponderer, no team can afford Tevez's wages bar you. As for the rest of the players you mentioned except Onuoha, they should try their hand in MLS or perhaps Turkey. Stick a fork in them, they are done.
Ouch, DF. I would think SWP still had it in him, as a squad player though. Agree about Onuoha.
What a desperate situation you are now in. What a crisis. Qualify for the Champions League? I can see you going down this season, it's got Newcastle written all over it, total chaos. I wonder when we play you at the Lane? I wonder how it's going to feel to finish you off? I simply can't wait!!! My god this is a just amazing, it's a dream...
Tony Rocky Horror
A right back playing left back. A novice at right back. A CB going injured replaced by another novice. The club best player gone and one of the best about to go. The only DMF suspended for a foolish act and replaced by a novice. Recruits are all inexperienced in the premiership. Unwanted players can't be unloaded because noone will pay overinflated salaries for average players. And we want to compete with ManU, Chelsea, City and Liverpool?? Are you serious? The reality is Cesc was so good that he masked the inadequacies in the squad. Wenger should stop kidding himself that all our players are super-quality. They are just young. Frimpong getting sent-off is normal. It's part of his learning curve. In 3 years time, he will have learnt and he can then force a move to City because he has one year left on his contract.
TRH, the sad thing is even at our lowest, we are still well ahead of you. All you've got this summer is Brad Friedel, says it all.
with cesc gone, you have no leaders on pitch like we dont, whats worrying for you guys is not just the 1st 11 its the 7 subs.
123 spurs, we have RvP, Vermaelen and Wilshere who are out and out leaders. The problem with us right now is the overall low experience of players and low depth in the squad.
on the train now, back to cornwall what a waste of 135 in over 60 years of supporting arsenal, i cant remember such a feeling of despondancy our youngsters did not deserve to be booed off wenger should have stood in the centre circle and abjectly appologised to all arsenal supporters the world over ive listened to his crap about money not being a problem its the lack of quality players available for months we as a club and a force in football is fast heading down the tubes this next week will define our season, if wenger doesnt swallow his pride, and strengthen our midfield and defence then we can say goodbye to the champions league, and get ready for a relegation battle unless things drastically improve, i can see an awful lot of season ticket holders not bothering next season, myself included and i never ever thought i would be thinking like that about the club i love and have suuported for over 60 years
cornish gooner
Believe me, if Wenger doesn't strengthen the squad by buying a few players who have experience of playing in the first team, the Udinese game will be the last UCL game we will watch for a long time.
Walcott and Arshavin. When will Wenger realize that they are not good enough? Both of them have had many minutes on the pitch, yet we see no improvement from them.
TV5 and Frimpong were the only two players who shone.
how would u have felt if you were samir nasri today.. would u want to play alongside 18 yr old newbies just learnig their trade or alongside world class players like silva,dzeko, aguero etc.. ARSENAL are left to depend on jenkinson, miguel, frimpong and lansbury against LIVERPOOL.. those youngster performed out of their skin no doubt, but definitely not enough in the so called best league in the world.. cesc left as he saw no future, ditto nasri.. so will RVP and TV next yr.. loose to udinese and we'll all see a new low.. well done ARSENAL
CG, well said. Maybe Arsene sees things we don't. I can't understand his approach. Maybe we are cash-strapped and Kroenke doesn't want us to spend. If that is the case, he should come out and say so. It would be easier to accept, just like at Everton. Fans pay through their noses to come to the Emirates, we have one of the most expensive seats in football. The club should show more respect to people who pay their hard earned cash. I just can't understand Arsene failing to address clear deficiencies. There must be something else.
It says a lot when one of your best performers is a player who wants out. Ferguson would have never played Nasri, to prove that the club is bigger than the player. he's done it with Stam, Van Nistelrooy, Becks, keane and others... In our case, we had no option but to play the wantaway Nasri. He did play well in the 1st half. I feel that in the 2nd half, he was protecting himself. We'll miss him.
GAEL- FORCE i am absolutely certain that its not that we are cash strapped, or Kroenke doesnt want us to spend, i truly believe that wenger has convinced himself that his way will work, no matter what the results, and no matter who wants to leave the club he has backed himself into a corner, and cant or wont admit that he"s blown it big style i wouldnt be at all surprised at his next news conference that he once again tells us to be patient and if the right player comes along we will buy, no matter what the cost i think we have been linked with more top class players than any other club surely they cant all be sub standard i for one would be happy if he splashed out on even a new toilet attendant, at least we would have bought someone before the window closes
cornish gooner
Arsene said it was scandalous luck that we had today. For me, it's our management that has been scandalous. When you sit back and conduct and analysis of our current situation, you have to say it's shocking. This scenario is the result not just of this Summer just gone, but the preceding 5 or 6 years when the obvious improvements to the squad were not made resulting in us being a nearly club that doesn't win anything and then loses its key players. I'm afraid I can see us going out against Udinese on Wednesday and being thoroughly tonked by United next Sunday. If Wenger does not change, then he isn't the right man anymore. Simples.
Yid in peace- I honestly think Wenger has done an incredible amount for you guys, he's kept you in the CL every single year, despite the club paying for a new stadium, something that almost any other manager in Prem history would have found impossible. But even I get confused about whether he actually wants to win the title, OR is more interested in "creating a side" to win the title. He has a phenominal record in taking in kids and developing them as talent, but surely the club can't hope to win the Prem with a side Entirely developed by the manager can it?
The Horses Mouth
Saw the 2nd half today, and Arse did ok, till Suarez came on, then i could only see 1 team going to win it, Arsenal looked too lightweight up front, van Persie tried but kept running up alleys, and Walcott, if he's worth 12 million i'm worth 10 and in my 40's...... sorry but you play the football with no end product at the minute, Bendtner is not the answer, and it willnot be a big loss, much like us and crocky at Etihad, the quicker thye are gone the better, but today just wasnt your day, Nasri played well is this wjhat we have to look forward to at City? if it comes off!!! unlucky today but that Suarez is class tho...
who's crocky?
The Horses Mouth
crocky santa cruz.... 17 million for 5 matches.....good business by hughes...not
No issue with the players that played, every one of them can go home satisfied that they played their hearts out. But too many young boys had too much put on their shoulders and were put in an unfair position by the manager.
Little Dutch
disappointed we lost, but thought the lads played well. great to know Wyn and others have all the answers. Bloody Arsene fancy letting the ref book our players over the last two EPL matches and giving them Red cards; and wait fancy letting players get injuries. Notwithstanding players who dont want to stay with us and return home. FFS to top it off not paying stupid prices for players who are not worth half that amount. Gees I stand in sheer amazement at people who can foretell how the season will finish after only two ****cing two games. Grow some balls FFS. Supporters my arse.
Well, Saw that coming! Can't see us going to Manure and gettting a Point let alone 3pt! Hope with a Strong Team we can beat Udinese on Wed nite?! Or this could be a Very Very Long Season........................
Even if you have the cash who you will buy. Mata seems chelski bound. How is Arsene going to replace Fabrgas & Nasri (if he leaves). And do you really think with Rosicky, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Miquel, Frimpong, Bendtner,Squillaci,Chamberlain, Chamakh you can challenge for top4, let alone title. Only hope of Arsenal is Wilshere,VanPersie&Vermalen. If one of the trio is injured for major part of season, its end of CL for you.
a liverpool fans view...... tbh you didnt play to bad, just a couple of moments in the game was pointing to a liverpool win..... wenger has to spend but now everyone knows how bad you need signing they are going to out price you so a no win situation really..... so arsene has to make his mind up here spend BIG for the first time or drag his and the teams reputation through the mud..... liverpool had the last few years struggling to keep the club going the difference here is that theres money to spend and i really think arsene has to go out and SPEND and SPEND BIG even get a couple of loans in to keep the going.... im not being funny but we have a couple of players that would be half decent squad players that would help you.... Alberto Aquilani is a very useful play maker that just hasn't been given a chance with us and then there even j.cole yeah i know best days are behind him but if it comes to deadline day and your still short they could extra numbers that you are really lacking.... apart from i dont think nasri played as good as many are saying tbh..... i think your man of the match was Vermalen but i expected that from him the other 2 players who deserve credit is frimpong who looks like he could be very decent player if he keeps his head and carl jenkinson he does look good the rest looked depressed at times hope arsene sort it out for your sake otherwise i think its time for change GOOD LUCK
muffdaddy do you really think we need more perenially crocked players. You're suggesting we sign a player who has been out for two years and another player who has been out for three years. No thank you we don't need any of them. Nor do we need any of your filthy reserves. The situation at our club isn't that bad that we start signing your filthy rejects. We haven't sunk so low
Im not sure why some take it personally when others criticise the way the club is being managed. It makes no sense to me unless you imagine these people have invested so much trust and faith in one person that it comes as a massive and unthinkable shock to them to discover that person is in fact fallible. Arsene Wenger is not Arsenal football club. He just happens to be the man managing the club at this point in time. He's not immune from criticism, and should never be. The moment that happens he becomes bigger than the club. I wont have people telling me to grow some balls. Ffs, grow some yourself. Stop jerking this man off and pipe up if you see a general leading his troops into battle inadequately prepared. We're not sheep and each of us have opinions and the right to express them. You point out its not Wenger's fault our players are getting sent off. Ok then, qwho's fault is it? frimpong gets booked in the first 10 mins of the game and Wenger doesn't have a word with him about being careful? how about Song's gross act of stupidity? are you going to say that had nothing to do with our manager either? So who exactly is responsible? And are you happy to wait until we're dumped out of the CL and have lost the first 10 games before you start asking the more difficult questions?
Wyn Mills
Eboue=GOD - LOL.......i wasn't taking the pi$$ out of you lot i was just saying that if you priced out in signing players you could try a sign a couple of loanee's but as a pig headed gonner you think your club isn't sinking get real mate we've seen it at our club we know what we see and there i was feeling sorry for your clubs fans paying all that money for tickets and getting no new players back in return..... as for AA and j.cole i was using examples aquilani is a good playmaker something that looks like ur going to lose 2 in fact with cesc gone already..... the fact is arsenal need numbers, expierenced numbers i might add because these young kids are going to suffer hearing the fans boo all the time and half decent loans wouldn't hurt you's if you cant/dont buy anyone it was a last opinion kind of thing but hey you know best.....
I just read we've only won 2 of our last 16 Premier League games. Is that correct? If so, you have to say our problems are not just superficial. It does sound as though Wenger is losing it.
well newspaper romurs today in the people is that you might be trying to get kaka ON LOAN who true you never know but there you go as i said bring players on loan could be an option if you get out priced.... i also think you should try and sign m'vila would be a good signing
It's really a no-brainer and pretty simple. You go into a season with a weakened squad, when others are reinforcing and you expect to win the league? Please. Maybe one good game (against ManU or Chelsea) here and there but not over 38 games, i am afraid. You can't expect miracles on a football pitch, in fact it's chillingly cartesian. Young players learn by making mistakes, its normal so you need experience. Players get injured, its also normal so you need a squad. We got neither. No need to be the second coming of Enstein to see this. You keep doing the same things year after year and you still expect a different result? For Frimpong, read Denilson or Flamini 4 years ago. Where are they now? We are going roung in circles...
Okay I get it Wyn your moaning and whinning is okay and I cant express an opinion against . Bloody typical of all yourcomments youare theonly one right. Do you know what is goingon at board level why dont we ick youtobe the next Arsenal manager. do youhonestly expect me tobelieve that Arsense donst tell his players tonot to be booked Okay i get He tells Song to stomp on Bartons leg. Tell me how the refs this season are differnt fromn last we always seem to get decisions against us. We have a supporter called Walter I suggest you read his comments, but of course you are always right. Its the second game of the EPL and the doom sayers are in force. Why follow the game if all youcan see is failure. Did youwatchthe last game Barca vers RM watchthe Barca player throw the ball away , what happens to us we get a red card. My opinio I would have Arsne as bossw (see Cesc and David's comments). than a supposed always correct Wyn. The season hs just started Iprefer to wait and see and always have and always will support the manager. But who am I, not like you thank god.
Ag, you dont agree with me...fine. Say you dont. Just leave out the petty insults when you do and we just might have a civil discussion. Who knows, you might even change my opinion. But i doubt it, because what you've written makes absolutely no sense to me.
Wyn Mills

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