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VIDEO: Man Utd v Arsenal preview

The latest weekend of the season is underway, the premier league game between Man Utd and Arsenal preview is previewed in this video.

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 28 2011

Time: 6:51AM

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Utd 3-0 Arsenal
Come on Arsenal!
Ugh Ugh Ugh
Who's the sunu and anhxw(spelling?) on the bench.
I hope arsenal wins.God pls...
Wouldn't be arsenal if we didn't concede. Seems like Wenger just doesn't do defending.
Arsenal,arsenal....arsenal....what's going wrong? Wake up...
You save your money, Wenger and Gazidis. This could be a landslide.
Great goal by young.I'm off...bye...
Poor pen by RvP's standards... And er what a shot from Young.
Lets face it guys, we're not a top team anymore. Our manager and board have made that clear.
3-0 down, 42 mins. You'd never see a depleted United side getting battered like this.
I predicted 3-0 united,hope it's not worse.
Jenkinson isn't ready by a long way.
De gea is a joke :-D
De gea is a joke :-D
Van Persie bottled it. He usually smashes penalties (except against Liverpool last season) but this time it was really poor.
Gun 'Em Down
Oh well ,at least the new batch of youngsters are learning to accept defeat and settle for 2nd best..or even 3rd and 4th is fine!
i can't imagine wenger could get it so wrong. i understand that the team is short of a lot of players due to injuries & suspension but playing all ramsey, coquelin & rosicky in the midfield against mu? who is shielding the back four? and what why the heck jenkinson is deployed so advance? i thought when he was signed, he was more of the old fashion right back who could also play as a central defender. never a wingback. just look at how mu attacked us with ease. just send a long ball to the right because they know given the physical stature of jenkinson, he could not track back fast enough. this had resulted so many dangerous moment with welback looming down the flank on jenkinson's side until he got injured. the lack of pace has also resulted the foul which brought about the third goal. he is not a bad defender. you just can't play a player however you want no matter how good he is, just like it doent make sense playing messi as a central defender. we better not talk about traore. i am just amaze that he is still with us after all these years with such 'consistent' level of performance. as for djourou, he is just like diaby. one outstanding match in 20. the rest are forgettable. so our defensive cockup is set to continue for the 4th or 5th season. i just lost count. szczeney is good but without a formidable back four, there is nothing much he can do. you can just look at his frustration. i think everyone agrees with me that he is one of the best gk in the making and this position is most difficult to fill. if he is forced to play with such set up, i do not know how long we can hang on with hime when some other clubs come knocking next season. offensively, rvp is left isolated again for as many matches played this season. mind you, he is not even playing against ferdinand & vidic! i hope we could garner enough mental strength to beat the drop this season
Are we trying to match Sp*rs scoreline ffs.
We look a poor, poor side. Can't defend, can't score. Truly embarassing.
can we all cry together
Thanks for taking some of the heat off us.
It's okay guys, don't worry, Wenger's only had 6 years to learn, give him another 6.
haha at least we're leading the sending off table
good god 6 ??????? north london is not a happy place tonight
a red card a game. if we are not going to win anything, at least we will still be top in something!
In WENGER we trust. LMFAO.....Relegation.
There's no coming back from this. This season I mean.
A true man of honour would resign after this f.uc.king mess. Thanks for everything Arsene but this is the result of your summer of negligence, negligence which has brought appalling shame upon the club today. Get Slaven Billic on the blower.
blame the color of the jersy lol
@nikolaijins-- You guys are too good to support and consider this trophy less season after season after season. This is too much, 7 goals!! I think it is time for Arsene to go, he has done so much for your club, but it's tome he should leave.
That was embarrassing, any confidence we had from the Udinese match has just been annihilated much like our team.
wenger refused to change in 6 years. something else has to...
new debate your club is worse them mine lol
Who are the People those 45% in the POLL who still have faith in Wenger???!!!
so, according to espn, we had 2 wins in the last 14 games. is gazidis calling jose tonight?
Sad day for football when both North London clubs are unceremoniously annihilated by the ones from Manchester. My condolences. Shall we start a joint 'going down, going down' chant then? ;)
8-2 oh how my evening has got better Arsenal are crap
V persie is out of his depth today.
Where are the AKB's?
E17,we weren't all that much better, mate. Both teams have had sluggish transfer windows. Both have had to deal with constant speculation about their key players leaving. In Arsenal's case, the players in question have actually left. Both have been priced out of the market by high wages. Both have had atrocious starts to the season. Both teams' managers look like leaving before the start of 2012-2013. Both have been dicked by the Manchester clubs. The only difference is that we have a game in hand on them.;)
Oh, and both have injury lists the size of King Kong's todger.
Maybe on the bright side, Jenkinson can get a well deserved breather. Too young to shoulder the mistake of the manager in the transfer window. The two week break couldn't have come at a better time either.

This truly is a new low in my relatively short years of following Arsenal. Much remains to be seen on who Wenger can sign before the transfer window closes and how the team, especially the youngsters will hopefully bounce back. Woeful start to a season, 3 red cards, the worst goal difference in the table. Just plain woeful!
rvp looked so frustrated. there was almost no connection between the midfield & the forward so far this season, and of course the defensive woes continues for the as long as i can remember. wenger can always blame the injuries but which team does not have injury? top teams do not collapse like this. i have said many times that our injury problems are due to our tactic. you can't rely on a strategy that requires players to dash like 100 m olympians for 90 mins a match and over 40 matches a year. we have to be more efficient & not play highline defense with wingbacks especially when your fullbacks are not wingbacks. of course, we have been on the slide for 6 seasons and many are not considering arsenal as a top team any more. that's why we find it so difficult so sign quality players. our max transfer budget for a player is 15 mil & our wage is cap at 110k. most of our players is on about 60k-80k & when i say most, i mean even very average players. that's why our wage bill if still one of the highest even though we are not playing well for exceptional players, all who have since found greener pasture. something is really wrong with the management. if do not finish top 4 this season, the ticket will increase by another 10% to cover for the lost of income. this is how fans are repaid for their unwavering support here
60 years plus supporting arsenal, and this is definately the lowest point in my memory we werent even at the game today, im pleased and surprised it was only 8 surely something must happen at the club next week, 17th in the league after only 3 games pathetic effin pathetic
cornish gooner
after 10 years, igor stepanov has finally got the monkey off his back!
I'm going to hold my tongue until the usual Arsene arselickers come on. it will be interesting to see what excuses they will serve up this time.
Anyone fancy another stab at the poll?
This is finally the consequences of the crazy money in the game. The biggest clubs can take whatever players they want and pay them obscene money, leaving the rest of us as 'also rans'!!! We are now going the ranks of clubs who are not likely to win anything of substance again while the billionaire owner brigade run the show. It's a sad day for football and for us Arsenal supporters, our season is over b4 it even began. I don't even know where to begin in terms of our future I am so depressed.
Nikolaijns i hope u're having a good time haha.
And as you go out the door for the last time Wenger take the ******** board with you.
This is the weakest squad I have ever seen at my Arsenal. No guts, no penetration, no mental strength, no leadership. Thing is we all saw this happening while Wenger could not - he is literally insane with his crappy vision. Personally I wish we were back at the library with regular silverware and a proper team than this "big stadium:no cash to spend" rubbish. This is the lowest point in my 33 years being a gunner.
This is the sad reality of what money has done to the game. There are five teams in the world that will predictably win there domestic competitions every year. Football will die if this continues to be allowed to happen. They has to be some sort of salary cap introduced. Only the knock out competitions are not so predictable, yet those five teams will still likely win most of them. I am a Spurs fan by the way. Now you know what it feels like to be a Spurs fan.
I have nothing to say to u dannism, ur a plastic cvnt. U wanna address me further PM me and leave your number.
i.d 8 2 b an arsenal fan. yes i know. 5 1 im pathetic i know!!
Oh...Nikolaijns,why u always have something to say to me.Is my I.Q no longer below 3? Am i no longer thick that i smashed my computer while surfing e-bay? Hahaha i'm loving every minute of this.Thank u utd.Oh and niko thanks at least u called my correct moniker this time around.bye...haha....
News flash: Sky is moving all arseAnal matches to cartoon network, for more viewership! Keep the boat rocking Plonkers~
Being a United fan, it was sad to see the demolishing of hour club today. The 2 Manchester teams are now top, I have too agree with your fans stating that money has ruiner the game, PL Will turn into La Liga, FIFA must intervene, Arsenal Will be lucky to be in top 8 this year. Though money is tight in Arsenal, Wenger must take responsiblity and walk, he has failed miserably in hus strategy, and walk. Today was a result of too much money and poor management.
Bloody Smartphones,.... spelling errors.
Oh ZaaZ in that case I'll have to renew my subscription for 8yr old brother haha...these are sweet times...
Nordkap the problem is that money is NOT tight at Arsenal. It's just not used.
Can I offer two points of optimism to the Arsenal fans in their darkest hour? You seem to be forgetting the fact that you were missing virtually an entire first team squad today. I know it's only if's and buts at the moment, but I'm sure you'll all agree that with the likes of Wilshere, Frimpong etc. that you would have conceded anywhere near as many goals. Secondly, you managed to score two goals at Old Toilet (could and should have been three given the missed pen). On any other day, that would be considered a pretty good achievement. The one major problem that is extremely apparent is the desparate lack of morale shown by your squad. Aside from 2-3 players you looked totally unmotivated, and that can only be blamed on the manager. Sincerely gutted for you, hope you can pick up a couple of decent players in the next couple of days, otherwise it looks as though the Wenger era at Arsenal could be coming to a close.
Sorry "wouldn't have conceded"
League result on your webpage reads League Results (view all)Latest Results Man City 8 - 2 Arsenal Arsenal 0 - 2 Liverpool Newcastle 0 - 0 Arsenal Man City 8- ArseAnal 2 ??? come on now. How much more humiliation do you want ? Anyway Best wishes against Swansea. On the bright side you are still above Spuds. Guffaw!
zaaz, if you want to rant, at least get your facts right. "man city 8 - 2 arsenal"? get a life
We all have to have opponents the play don't we? Supporters of all clubs deserve to dream of winning the league. Without them there is no completive football and no transfer options within the game. Those at the top now think they have a divine right to win everything and spend 70-100 million a year, or whatever it takes to maintain the monopoly. I am afraid football can't carry on like this as the price is too high for the rest of the game for the wealth to carry on in this manner. It's time the FA and FIFA showed some guts and put a stop to this madness.
Glad the mods corrected it. Joe_@*% my dear, i was just pointing out an error on your dear VitalArse allright? wolwich FC for the win!! : )
deadlydave top post something needs to be done i posted the other day our 2 clubs are run correctly yet look at the rewards for such good management the game is a mess and i am getting bored of it now asa there is no hope for winning the league or even coming close unless you have got lucky with a billionaie owner who pumps stupid money in its a bad day for football
Funny, but both Tottenham and Arsenal have got billionaire owners. They just choose to take money from their clubs rather than spend it on them. (P.S. Usmanov has more money than Abramovich!)
Nikolaijns is an AKB hahaha :-D
Usmanov is not the owner of Arsenal FC Kronke is
No filth, Tottenham and Arsenal choose to run their club as the football business it is, balancing Revenue with cost, not like Man City and Chelsea who makes a mockey of running a busines. Why is it that City fans are so oblivious to the negative effect it has on football... These obscene wages and transfers are twisting the football world, the competition by City is welcome, but throwing money away year af year for fun, is just plain stupid..
Our wage bill is currently 1m per year more than manure's Nerdkrap (Source Deloitte football money league). Obscene innit.
P.S. Stan Kroenke is worth 1.6bn, and his wife is worth twice that. He might be the majority shareholder in Arsenal, but Usmanov still holds quite a stake. Pity that both of them are much more interested in taking profits out of Arsenal in the form of dividends rather than spending some money - which is quite obviously needed. Won't even mention the Billionaire Glazers and the effective raping of the rags.
Get real Filth, how about your revenues.. At least United has the highest turnover of all clubs, City...? City show huge loses, and this is my point, they dont care, they throw away money on, selling Adabayor for a fracture of the paid for him (Bellamy), paying stupid wages for mediore players, why and how should Arsenal and other clubs compete with this.. If you cant see that this is not right, then you are even more deluded than the loyal arsenal fans, that still think Wenger is right for Arsenal.
I'm sorry but that was nothing to do with money. We were beaten by a far superior team who have spent huge amounts of money but Wenger has simply mis-managed Arsenal. The people who support Wenger simply refuse to believe this. Well, now, here it is, once and for all, a total and utter catastrophe. He should go. What happened out there was so laughable I still can't quite believe my eyes. It was pathetic. Sad to see a guy like Wenger in such a ******** state.
Tony Rocky Horror
That is just pathetic. The players gave everything they have and you can't fault them for that. The manager and board simply have not done their jobs and they are sendingthese boys out to be crushed. No excuse.
"What happened out there was so laughable I still can't quite believe my eyes." Was that the Arsenal or Spuds game tony? Or both? As for Arsene though I agree he has to go he still has won more titles for The Arsenal than you spuds have managed in your whole pathetic existence....
These boy's smith where no younger than the Utd players simply not as good and not as well managed.
"Rocky" I don't disagree that Wenger has made big mistakes. Far too many boys and not enough men for starters. Even allowing for this our ability to compete is compromised by the fact that city and Chelsea are will continue to pay wages and transfer fee beyond their commercial ability to sustain it from revenues they generate. While they are allowed to do this they will take attempt to take every top player from any other club they ant by offering them money they can't resist. Look at Nasri going for I believe four times the salary at Arsenal. This matters big time as you cannot keep these players under these conditions with agent influences on players in addition. Under these conditions how are is any Arsenal manager going to build a team capable of competing for top honours when you can't keep your players. Without some sort of external control football could well face decline, as supporters become disillusioned. If the magic of the game dies, the future dies with it. Alarmist, you can argue that, but tell me what going to happen if the status quo continues to make me believe that Arsenal or any other club can challenge for honours.
deadlydave I agree completely.. Herein lies the major threat to the football as we know it.
chelsea fan here. Hard luck for both you and Spurs. I think wenger's lost it. Hope you pick up, both of you.
Mia Maynard
I just like to Thank the Away Fans, for singing "We love you Arsenal we do" when we were 3 nil down. That's the ONLY positive I can take from this Game.
sometimes i really wonder if wenger knows much about tactic. given the players we had for this match, we are no better than teams like wigan or wolves (with respect). You would not see these team neglecting their defensive duties against mu at ot. if he said the team is depleted, fine, adapt your formation & tactic. wenger only knows one way of playing. he never try to nullify other's strengths or attack their weaknesses. it is always one tactic fits all. that's why for the last 1/2 decades, more and more teams are getting results against use. i dont understand if he is plain stubborn, naive or just simply clueless
I'm not saying "boys" in regard to age necessarily. The difference is Jenkinson and AOC have been thrown in the deep end with no time at all at the club or the PL in general. Coquelin wasn't good enough to get any time at all in the past few years but is a starter in the 3rd game of the season. Traore is the same. We are now to the point where Ramsey is considered a senior player out there. That is just sad. BUT at the end of the day I can't fault those players for their play today. I think everyoon gave what they had to give. The quality just isn't there and that is the manager's fault.
I think the end to last season and the beggining of this one has sucked some of the passion for AFC out of me, because I didn't see the match but when I heard we had lost by such a huge margin I didn't feel an ounce of anger, despair or any of the emotions I used to feel when we lost. I also haven't got the urge to avoid the media which I used to do when we lost, It all feels a bit strange tbh lol
i think that chelsea, citeh, barca and madrid should be booted out of there respective leagues and they can form there own 4 team league. see how they like that. then the rest of us can copete against each other on a more level playing field. if a sport becomes predictable and there is no competition, whats the point. salary cap is needed. that would put the history-less citeh and chelsea back in there place.
Cant get the image of Rosicky walking away from the area after Rooney's first free kick goal. He didn't even bother turning round to see where the ball had gone. Thats how nonchalant some of our players have become. And yet i don t blame any of them. The buck stops with Wenger on this. What we see is a team that reflects its manager...passive, self-absorbed, inflexible and thin. Why does Wenger not take the captain's role seriously? Why does he spend millions on strikers and yet quibble over peanuts getting in decent defenders? Something just doesnt add up.
Wyn Mills
I really don't see how Wenger can come back from this. As we know from the Carling Cup, this team does not respond well to setbacks. You can really see us struggling in the next few games. Even without the injuries, there simply aren't enough quality players in the squad. If Wenger has proven one thing over the last 6 years, it's that he doesn't learn. I can see him not lasting the season.
Today for me was all about damage limitation, which we failed. If you had given me 1-0 to utd before the game, I would have taken it after looking at our team sheet. I agree with a lot of comments from above, and its not all about excuses, yes we lost to the by far better team. Why did we lose? Because our squad lacks quality. Why? Because our best players leave...yes for different reasons, but lets not pretend money has no influence. I will use Man City as an example when you say money is ruining football. They have in my opinion the best squad in Europe by far, don't get me wrong Barca still have by far the best 11. Look at some of the teams that they have amassed there quality players from, Arsenal, Wolfsburg, Ath Madrid, valencia, inter. none from Barca, Madrid, Chelski. These are great European teams now off the radar because they cant hold on to there assets. You have heard the saying "they just need one or two world class players to reach top level", well we have just lost one or two world class players, so where does that put us? look at todays score and you will have an idea! By acquiring this talented squad they have strengthened their hand domestically and in Europe at the same time weakening there direct competition. The defining factor in this is money pure and simple. The first time this happened in the prem was with Jack Walker, he proved it could work, if anything Jack Walker was a man before his time. If Man city or any other club didn't have ridiculous amounts of cash, then most of these players would still be with there respective clubs, making the domestic and European game a lot more interesting. I think you will agree with me that the past two seasons have been great to watch with the competition for places in the league. Im surprised that city didn't get modric and bale to further weaken the competition. I hear Nari had a great game today, well if it wasn't for the uncontrolled wad of cash in our game he would be having a great game for us today. It is a sad old state. I remember when players used to move to clubs for football, for the prestige of playing for a famous club, that is now yesteryear in football. The magic has gone. Kids don't kick a ball down the ally dreaming of playing for Liverpool anymore, they kick a ball dreaming of what car they will first buy. This has all come about from the billionaire playboys playing football manager. I am in fact falling out of love with football.....gagging orders, fast cars, fast women, bling bling, diving, crying, whinging tarts. I cant wait to watch the rugby world cup now, a game for real men, and refs that actually ref for the sport and not there own egos. gunnerman76 signing out
You all seem to avoid the obvious question....why don't you buy some world clss experiened players with the 60million you have got from selling two such players?. Why are you mucking around paying a few million for players nobody has heard of or are totally unproven at this level? Why criticize others for doing exactly what you shoud be doing?
Its a very sad day for the Gunners.. I cant believe that we took such a hard beating against Man U.. Im hoping that Wenger will take a long hard look and think about what must be done to put things right. I hope that he has secured transfers to join Arsenal that can fill the void that is needed since cesc and samir have now gone.. We seriously need to look at defence.. What defence I ask myself... We were smashed in this game. These are dark days and they are not gonna get any better if Wenger does not buy in players who have experience ... My family have always been Arsenal supporters, I am a gooner win or lose, that goes without saying and I have to say I admired my fellow gooners who sung there heart out at Old Trafford giving support to the team when we had taken such a beating.. There are no supports like us.. Lets just hope that right things are put in place before the transfer window is closed on wednesday... And that out of this darkness a strong team will emerge to silence our critics....
* Supporters..
Only thing Im surprised about is that Amos is not here defending Wenger and the board. :-)
Nasri must be p1551ng himself laughing tonight. Fabregas ~ after 6 years with nothing, just like waiting for a bus two in as many weeks tut, tut, tut. wenger out, Chris houghton in LMAO !!
simple question.. we all know that ashley young at 20 million pounds was ridiculous.. but MANU went ahead with it, didnt give a fart to what people thought and he was one of the best players on the pitch yesterday... why cant Arsenal do the same thing? why do we have to be so penny wise and pound foolish.. finish your business and move on.. stop intellectual corporate masturbation... bcos at the end of the day the high transfer fee is just a headline for a day but after it is about 9 months of a season after then...
i think something is horribly wrong in the way these people work after the switch to Emirates... there is no accountability... no transparency... just a lot of corporate bull***** in the form of AGA meetings etc.. and no one to question Arsene... guess everyone is in awe of him? pay 15 million or whatever to cahill and just get him.. we have made so much money... the mgmt was so prompt in getting rid of clichy, denilson, eboue and everyone.. so why the hesitancy in paying over the odds and getting the person we want especially when we are in a desperate situation... if wenger thinks that there is no quality out there for him to buy then he should take a look at the teamsheet yeaterday.. pathetic..... he is living in a pools paradise and some hard decisions have to be taken
Where's tomassi damiano,arsene's biggest fan? Haha...
Eight two....Brutal
i couldnt believe what i was listening to on sky sports this morning, wenger saying that he should be given more time to find out whether his tactics are working or not, and that its only the third game of the season, and people shouldnt read to much in to it after all, weve just signed that world class korean striker park chou young so all our troubles are now over i had to double check what channel i was on, as just for a minute i thought i was on CBBC or the muppet show i just hope that he gets his act together, and realises that after 6 years that maybe just maybe he may only may mind you, got it ever so slightly wrong and to put it into perspective, and to stop all this crap about a young team needing time to click, uniteds team average age was less than ours i wonder how long it will take them to click
cornish gooner Gus would have said, and defended like.
Wenger is delusional, what a shame a man like him cannot admit that something is terribly wrong. Time for you guys (Im a United fan) to regroup, rething the youth strategy and buy buy buy. Wenger needs a couple of years off, he just cant find his way, and wont budge, he needs a 2 year vacation, to learn and watch modern teams. Not many times has United fans felt sorry for Arsenal fans, but freak me, with manager like that, you just cant help understand your frustation.. Good luck, you will need it..
What a sad state of affairs our club has come to. I cant believe how devoid of top quality we are as a squad. To leave rebuilding to the last couple of days in the window is criminally irresponsible by both board and manager. Everyone can see we are in a mess, the ironic thing is that we are now going to end up overpaying for average players than overpaying for top quality just to get ourselves a half reasonable squad and having to work night and day to get these players in. It was obvious Nasri & Cesc were going to leave. Cesc has been leaving for 2 years!!!! The only people who seems to believe this was not going to happen was Wenger and key board members. Why have we not been preparing replacements months in advance. this is not taking into account the players the management want to get rid of anyway. IQ levels at the club must have dropped rapidly over the last couple of years to let matters get into this sate of ill-preparation for as competitive season.
Thanks deadlydave. Well said, can't agree more with u. "Everyone can see we are in a mess, the ironic thing is that we are now going to end up overpaying for average players than overpaying for top quality just to get ourselves a half reasonable squad and having to work night and day to get these players in."
Morning Dannism! You want something from me?

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