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Cheers Fergie, You Did Us a Favour

I think it`s safe to assume that even the most elderly of Gooners will find it hard to recall a worse defeat than the battering we took at Old Trafford yesterday.

I`ve been supporting Arsenal since the 80s` and whilst we`ve definitely had worse teams, I can`t remember a result more humiliating that the 8-2 mauling that occurred at the Theatre of Nightmares.

But you know what, I feel pretty good about it today.

I`d almost go as far as to say "cheers Fergie".

We`ve had a spiralling situation for a few years now, quality players leaving our beloved club with egotistical mercenaries or inadequate players replacing them.

But make no mistake, no matter what Arsene or the club tells us, we`re not Champions material right now. Transfer market inadequacy and oil rich sugar daddies have put paid to that.

However call me crazy, but this could turn out to be a good thing.

We have become, rightly or wrongly, somewhat of a laughing stock with the rest of the country, people are taking great delight in what has taken place over the last three or four years (how many times per week do we have to hear how long it`s been since we last won a trophy, yet despite almost exactly the same record no-one ever mentions Liverpool), and because of this and our inability to win a trophy, the players who don`t really care about this club are jumping ship.

We`re ridding ourselves of people like Adebayor, Samir Na$ri, Gael Clichy, Nicklas Bendtner and such. Players who care far more about themselves than they do about the team.

The players who are left might not be as good, but they`ve got heart. Young players who`ve been unfairly burdened with the pressure of holding up the image of a fallen giant. But they`re not hiding.

Players like Jack Wilshere, Manu Frimpong, Carl Jenkinson, Sczczczznzzny etc, they will be honest on the pitch, and give their all, and as long as they do that they`re alright by me.

In the pre-Wenger years we wore our shitness as a badge of honour, supported the team through thick and thin, and despite what Samir Na$ri might tell you, we`ve got a lot of passion in the stands, even if it doesn`t always appear that way.

It`s time to accept that we`re not top tier anymore, that we`re the chasing pack, now is a time to rebuild. The sooner we accept that the majority of the time we`re not going to be able to attract the world class talent, the sooner the players we do sign will be able to benefit from our support.

The world didn`t end when we lost 8-2, just as the world didn`t end for Manchester United when they sold Denis Law to City and he helped relegate them, and today Arsenal fans still love their club as much as they did before the 8-2 loss, as much as they did before The Invincibles, as much as they always have done. We might not agree with the manager, the board or the players, but we still love this club.

And that's all that really counts.

'It ain't about how hard you can hit. It's about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep - moving - forward'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 29 2011

Time: 11:05PM

Your Comments

100% agree, regardless of what the people in charge of our club tell us, we know what we are now. And I'm fine with that, because its only through acceptance that we as a club can move forward. And the liverpool point is so true. They have been talking about us not winning something 3 years into our barren run, yet liverpool who are entering their 5th year without a trophy, have not been subjected to the kind of bull***** we face. People with agendas eh.
Liverpool haven't won the league in my lifetime. I haven't been around that long but still 20+ years of league failures while your biggest rival has won plenty and even overtaken you in terms of total titles. That's got to be pretty difficult to take.

Life will go on for us.
"We cannot keep selling our best players and claim we are a big club"-Arsne Wenger,July 2011.
Beautiful piece Rocky... At risk of sounding gay.. I love ya
Cum on Dannism wat are u do09 here?shar09 arsenals burden! I hope i guess wrong.
The other game that reflected badly on us this weekend was Citeh's thumping of Tottenham. Because Citeh's lineup reads like a list of not just ex-Gunners, but players that we have been strongly linked to in recent years and failed to sign. Dzeko, Yaya Toure, Kompany, Richards, Barry. Obviously we can't compete pound-for-pound with Citeh's wealth, but it demonstrates our clubs (or Arsene's) lack of determination in the transfer market - we had opportunities to get Kompany and Yaya earlier in their career but decided against it, and now they are exactly what we need. Likewise Dzeko is the clinical goalscorer we've been crying out for, but Arsene wouldnt pay what he was worth. I don't think anyone has been asking Wenger to pay the sort of ridiculous fees that Andy Carroll was bought for, but his reluctance to pay 2 or 3 million more for quality is killing us.
i love your passionate plea rocky but the comparison between us & liverpool is not right in my opinion. the last trophy we won was the fa cup but the last trophy they won was cl. in fact, they won 1 cl, 1 uefa cup and 2 eufa super cup in the past decade albeit spending some hundreds of millions to achieve that
Actually Joe, the last trophy Liverpool won was also the FA Cup, in 2006. And whilst the CL is the most prestegious trophy in club football, the UEFA cup isn't even as coveted at the FA Cup in my opinion, and the Super Cup is a glorified Charity Shield.
I love you too Sajit ... lol ... Love is a powerful thing man, much more useful than hate. The criticism Arsenal fans have received for booing players over the last 6 months was undone with one afternoon's passionate chanting. The players loved it, hell even the media loved it. If we can project more love to the team rather than hate, the atmosphere around this club will be a beautiful thing.
This 8-2 defeat must have hit Nikolaijns really really hard.Why is he not posting comments? Accept my sympathy,Niko.... :-(
Thanks Rocky7! Great article, and Well Said We the Fans Love The Arsenal Football Club and will do 4EVER!
Easy to be positive in face of worst defeat since only men could vote, when there is no Almunia in goal, Diaby and Denilson are kms from the ground and there are obvious winners dotted all around the preferred starting XI in Wilshere, Frimpong, Szcezza, RvP, TV5 and Sagna.
Great sentiment expressed above. Esp Rocky7.
It may well be a blessing in disguise Rocky that we lost so badly, but more so I think it has opened the eye's of a lot of supporters that there is now time for a change, not only in how we dio things but in who directs it. I'm skimming over the headlines and we are now linked with every dick harry and joe, manager has said he needs to bring in more people then that buying is not nesserserely the best option. Buying now is panic buying, nothing less. If they bring in players between now and tomorrow night (Less than 49 hr's from now) questions must be asked why it was not done much much sooner. It is our inability to act in the transfer market as early as the need is there. Sorry guy's before we can start rebuilding properly the manager must go, this is happening in every window and before people start saying this is the boards fault where is the prove of that. And a brilliant piace Rocky, totally agree with you Arsenal forever, our club is bigger than any manager player or owner.
DOn't think the country is laughing at you folks, you are just joining the club along with my Club Villa, + Spurs, Everton ... big clubs, no real chance to compete in the modern world of football with the stupid obscene Man City/Chelsea money and the mercenary players. Football's bubble is about to burst in my opinion.
The Fear
Try being an Arsenal fan for a day JF, it certainly feels like everyone is laughing at us. lol. Doesn't matter though, I love my club and that's all that counts. It's kind of liberating to accept our status. I don't feel any negativity today, infact I'm excited to see who we sign, and can not wait for our next match. It's like the dawning of a new era for me. I fully understand, and can not or will not criticise fans who are still pretty angry at the situation (especially in the wake of the ticket price hike), but I'm just at peace with it all now. But you're right, 4th place has actually now become the 1st place for the rest of the league. Upon relfection it's bloody amazing we held on for as long as we did.
The likes of City, Chelsea, Barca and Real are destroying football as we know it.. City and Chelsea are a joke, throwing money in the toilet every season, not caring if they turn a profit. Spanish football is ruined by the TV deals that favours Barca and Real in such a massive way, that no other team can compete.. Come on FIFA, UEFA and EU do something, its a farce..
nordkarp,What's ur business if city and chelsea waste money? Worry about ur own team...
Just found this in the Oxford English dictionary:

moron - Spelled[mawr-on, mohr-]
1. Informal . a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.
2. A rival football fan on our forums telling us to worry about our own team.
3. Dannism
LMFAO rocky
lol rocky, listen up dannism I've told you before I've nothing to say to some brainless gloryhunting kid that lives in some backwater shanty on another continent, absolutely nothing. An 8-2 result would slay you because you have no connection with your club other than your need to follow some successful foreign team because your peers do, you only chose chelsea because some guy who raped the wealth from his own people enabled you to do so. Now you're here cowardly proclaiming his financial feats which mean nothing to us, making empty retarded statements because you think that's what football fans should do. You're a fv
and I're a fv
Ok it does'nt like that lol must be new swearing measures. you are a friggin embarrasment, try that!
Yep? ok good I'll continue, try turning off the computer and go follow the Botawana Billawong Bush 11 or whoever your local club is and connect with football at some tangible level as right now you're getting pretty much everything wrong.
By all means carry on here on our page if you want, but let me warn you should you do so I'll be all over Vital chav like a rash, humiliating you at every turn pulling down your skidmarked shanty panties in front of your fellow gloryhunters on a daily basis, revealing you for the plastic johnny come yesterday you so painfully are.
Great article, totally agree.
Hi I am a Sheffield Wednesday fan through and through who normally pays little interest to the Premiership. I used to but we are so far away now it just seems silly to look up. Anyway over the years I have a watched a team on the tele that we used to rival and grown fonder and fonder of them. Arsenal have entertained and gone about their business in such a decent manner that the neutral fan can't help but admire. It seems that Arsenal is the scouting system for the Premiership. Anybody Arsenal want is signed up by Chelsea or Man City when they come in with their silly money at a later stage and it is no wonder you have struggled to complete some of the brilliant sides you have put together in the last few years. I agree now is a time to look up, you will actually find other fans are (maybe begrudgingly) behind you and not laughing at you. I hope you sign Metersacker and a decent centre forward. I always hoped you would sign Darren Bent because he would have scored bags with Fabregas or Nasri behind him. But you will come good. All the best, Sundays 8-2 has actually made you my second team officially now!
Oh and I hope you keep Wenger. Maybe not Bender or Ars-shavings.
Heh cheers Devon_ Owl.
Dannism you moron, Im a United fan, but not one thats too stupid not to see *****ty and Chelski ruining football with their messed up business model.. Of course I need to worry, I love watching football, I love watching United vs Arsenal, classic games, but when City and Chelsea spend like their is no tomorrow, and dont give a s... about profit, then inevitable clubs will suffer, and in this case Arsenal amoung others.. Clubs cant compete with a f.... up strategy laid out by *****ty and Chelsea, no respect for money or the competition, just hiring a band of mercenaries.. Thats why I posted on Vital Arsenal, as their current slumb is not only down to poor management but also the sugardaddies who has no respect for money, so Danism, I hope you are happy.. Someone here posted earlier, anyone can go to top of their premiership with unlimited cash, where is the glory in that.
well said nordkap
Rocky, great read! We are right now being pushed into becoming the best of the rest with 4th place the new 1st like you said. If all of us realign our expectation from the club in the light of the existing scenario of the PL it will be easier on us when some disappointments come our way. That said, I am happy to see the club moving decisively in the market and even though it is very late in the day, I agree with LD that late is better than never with regard to squad strengthening.
nordkap why point man city and chelsea. Arsenal has money, they are in very good profits. pandits say that arsene has atleast 120M pounds to spend(got from sales and budget) but he never spends. This has nothing to do with chelsea or city. with that money he can get wesley, Alex, hazard, goetz etc.
if Arsene continues this way, I am sure RVP, walcott and others too would leave. Cesc left and already won 2 trophies. fans and players just wants trophies, nothing else matters.
vinay, one simple reason why nordkap is bang on the money. Chelsea and city wouldn't be in the top 3 clubs of England if it not were for their owners. The fact that they take up 2 out of the 4 CL places using resources their clubs dont technically have is injustice to other clubs.
vinay, 120M?!?! WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! If you really believe AW has that amount of money to spend then you really are laughable. 120M! Hah! Hilarious!
Jaelle. Fab was sent for 40M, nasri 25m and clichy Eboue 3.5M and clichy 7.5 M and about 5M for young players he sold to QPR, rangers and other clubs. 30M yearly transfer budget.
and arsenal already in 60M euros profit
I think expectations might be in check now. Finishing 4th last season felt like a disaster- largely due to an unbelievable collapse. But I think most Gooners would consider 4th an achievement this year and one that would be appreciated if we get it.
Little Dutch
Deltaforce. man city was not in top 4 but chelsea was in top 4 before Abrimovic bought it.
Only for a season in the CL before being bought. Chelsea was also on the way to being ruined by Ken Bates when Abramovich bought it. I worked in the city at the time and know how perilously close Chelsea came to having their assets sold by their creditors.
Hargreaves having medical at $heikhsville?? what do utd fans think of that? Bizarre. How could he possibly pass any medical? (except ours obviously)
How *****ed are we ? Per Mertersacker is another Squillaci.. Why do we need two in our team? The awkward moment when the board and Arsene realize that waiting for the last day of the window gives you ***** players.
Park chu Young signing confirmed. Welcome Chu!
Sajit, dont know if the transfer is finalised but he is an experienced German International with vast experience. Yes, mobility is not Mertesacker's biggest strength but neither is Terry very quick nor was Sol Campbbell very quick. We have Vermaelen who has excellent recovery pace and in combination they may be able to play together. If the transfer happens, Koscielny will be backup. Thats decent cover. Predicting the future with 100% confidence is for soothsayers!
Our Park kept on scoring against ya so you went and signed you're own :P Good to see you bringing in some real quality to the Premier League I still reckon you'll get 4th. Best of luck for the rest of the season except when we meet at the Emirates of course.
Sorry for the terrible grammar there.
Deltaforce, pls read this pretty well researched article Per was a good defender a long loing time ago.
Sajit, you may be right or wrong but right now we cant say. That is the bottomline. If the transfer goes sour and the player isn't good I'll remember to contact you and let you know that you were right. Right now your reaction is premature.
Nothing the world renowned defensive coaches at Arsenal can't turn around sajit. ahem.
Excellent performance from the away fans on the day; well done. Very entertaining game, just not particularly pleasant for us... The scoreline flattered United slightly; it's not every week that they'll hit top-corner shots like that, score a pen and see their opponents miss a pen at 1-0. No need to panic.
Excellent Article.Well said.I actually feel that the mauling at the hands of the Chumpi9ns may atually be a blessing in disguise as well.True Gooners will still love Arsenal thoroughly even if we got stuffed 10-0 by Ayr Utd.:). On the plus side though it will appear as though we are starting to make some moves in the transfer market albeit belatedly.Better late than Never though.I would have preferred Cahill to Merterseker though truth be told,who knows maybe with a bit of luck we will manage to ship the Squid out and sign Cahill on deadline day so that Djourou takes over the unenviable mantle of the Cygans and Stepanovs that we inevitably have in every Wenger squad. Chu signs.Lets hope for once since Smudgers we have a number 9 who does the business(even though i thought Eduardo was worthy of that shirt until the horror break at St.Andrews in '08).It will also appear we are getting an experienced Brazilian left back.Now we only have to sort out the creative engine room in the middle of the park with hopefully a few deadline day surprises and it could be Happy Days and a Moderately Decent Season all of a sudden. OOh to Be a GOONER!!!!!!!
Sajit Im with Delta on this one. Wait and see. T Adams was never a sprinter but had excelent organicing skills. And one thing for sure is that Mert would not have played 70 + games for Germany if he was as bad as that "well reserched article" implies. Wit Mert Verm Santos and Sagna as back fore and the pole in goal we actually have a very good back line.
vinay, Fabregas went for 35m, not 40. Plus the deal was not one in which Barca paid 35m - Barca will pay in 2 installments, the first being about 12.5. About 5m will be paid only when Barca win 2 league titles and 1 CL trophy with Cesc.
Also, Vinay - much of the money Arsene has is being set aside to offer higher wages for RVP & other players he wants to keep - their contracts are up for renewal this season.
As a villa fan i can honestly say its about time a team like arsenal fell flat on ur faces, u have sold ur souls as a club buying foreign for how many years know you have a manager that is obsessed with young foreign players so much so he forgot when he did win things he won them with an english spine in the team? arsenal are just classed as a foregn team by us all these days thats what wenger has turned u into
I don't think the transfer activity should change much due to that result. The squad was weak before that itself, and the Udinese was a good one-off performance. Wenger is taking a lot of flak when he is being let down by the club. The transfer team seems unable to close out deals even when good players are identified. LD made some really good points in another article, where he mentioned that Law was sent back from Bolton, when trying to bid for Cahill. That's appalling for a club like Arsenal. I hoped that with Kroenke coming in, there would be a more professional environment around everything (commercial deals, negotiating signings, contract extensions), but it has been one disaster after another. He needs to set our house in order this season, that is the priority. Getting to 4th place is the only realistic target this season, if we get there, I will be quite happy.
Ok Clive... Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey, Henri Lansbury, Theo Walcott, Carl Jenkinson, Manu Frimpong, Oxlade Chamberlain are all part of the squad and are all british, Although it ain't about where your from, it's where you're at. And you're at a gooner site, so ***** off you ignorant****,]
ClivetheVillain's just another one of these hypocritical fans who'd totally change his xenophobic tune re "foreign players" if his club were taken over by a big sugar daddy and bought trophies for them with a bloated squad of foreign mercenaries.
Rocky, great piece and one we should all take to heart
The defeat has waken up Wenger. Thanks, Fergie
Is this a new business model? Turning players heads at 10:55pm? Leaving clubs unable to properly replace prized players. Thought you lot were against this kind of thing.
Very good article Rocky. A nice good feeling about it. For a while now, I had forgotten how to enjoy watching Asenal as I was always so tight and on edge, I now feel so much more relaxed about things and believe would enjoy my football lots more as the spirit of expectation has greatly reduced. Even during the 8-2 drubbing. Like most people on VA, I have seen Arsenal annouce that they have offered Xmillions for a player and the next day Chelsea or City get the same player for 2Xmillions just because they can. ManU has also done the same probably not with money but they have approached players that we want after we had shown interest. We must give kudos to the wonderful Arsenal away FANS who sang their hearts out at ManU. You guys are my heroes. What was so great to see was that you even waited to cheer the squad after such a defeat. I believe the defeat has regalvanised the fans me included into the reality of things. That we could maintain top four position and even be reckoned with in the past 6 years with minimum funds is a miracle in itself and goes to show the quality of this football club. I plead with all gunners to replicate the spirit of the away fans at ManU in all games.

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