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Team News: Spurs vs Arsenal

So the first North London Derby of the season is only moments away, and the two managers have names their starting line ups.

As expected Alex Song partners Mertesacker in central defence, whilst bizzarely Francis Coquelin starts in central mindfield ahead of the always impressive Frimpong (I hear Chuck Norris wears Frimpong pyjamas?!).

• 24 Friedel
• 03 Bale
• 04 Kaboul
• 26 King
• 28 Walker
• 32 Assou-Ekotto
• 08 Parker
• 11 Van der Vaart
• 14 Modric
• 10 Adebayor
• 18 Defoe
• 23 Cudicini
• 19 Bassong
• 22 Corluka
• 29 Livermore
• 30 Sandro
• 09 Pavlyuchenko
• 17 Giovani

• 13 Szczesny
• 03 Sagna
• 04 Mertesacker
• 28 Gibbs
• 08 Arteta
• 14 Walcott
• 16 Ramsey
• 17 Song
• 39 Coquelin
• 10 Van Persie
• 27 Gervinho
• 21 Fabianski
• 11 Santos
• 25 Jenkinson
• 23 Arshavin
• 26 Frimpong
• 30 Benayoun
• 09 Park Chu-Young


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 2 2011

Time: 3:50PM

Your Comments

I' give my right nut to wallop Spurs today ... but I'd settle for a scrappy 1-0 win.
looks like you wont have to give anything Rocky... we are *****ed.
Ramsey doesn't really seem good enough to play in midfield just yet. Coquelin has been excellent. Walcott never seem to do enough for me. Big test now. Do we have the character?
This is the worst Arsenal team I've seen in my time as a supporter. I've never been one to be too hysterical but Wenger has some serious questions to answer. I don't think he'll be here next season. How have we become this bad? This is just terrible.
Pretty even game 1st half, continental in tempo due to the weather. Ramsey is having a mare - looks like he'd struggle to pass wind let alone a ball. Scum had to cheat to go a goal up. Lot of players need to step up and be counted esp Gerv and wally who have been totally ineffectual. I'm almost glad it's them that have scored 1st as I'd fear the worst if it was us.
gunnerkid107 - you're completely wrong; Wenger will be here next season. It's clearly a transitionary period for us, so I'm not getting too worked up about it, my expectations have been watered down considerably. We're missing Jack big time. You can't afford to carry people in these games and Rambo and Walcott have to deliver more. At least it's only 1-0, coz in the past we could have gone further behind quite quickly. Such a shame about our defensive injuries, could have really done with Song in there. I'd like us to play Song and Conquelin in midfield more often, esp away from home. I'd take a draw now.
We've been in a transitionary period since '07.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those people who want us to lose. I'd love a comeback here
Speaking of comeback! Rambo!! He's been terrible so far but 1-1 now!
Sagna off... Nightmare begins.
Personally i would have moved Coquelin to RB and brought on Yossi.. but all the best to Carl...
Almunia or Fabianski there? :))
*****. I thought Almunia went to West Ham.
Bring on the dribbling feckin hordes. What a clueless pile of cack.
I haven't missed watching a league game in over 9 years and I have never before seen an Arsenal team this lethargic in attack for so many games. Something needs to be done, and I can't help but think the majority of the blame falls on the manager.
Stop whining gunnerkjid... Seriously!
why is the vital arsenal site empty when they are losing to spurs? let's see some support for the ars when they aren't doing well. shameful. disgraceful lack of support by the supporters. you'd never see this on vital spurs.
Total knobhead
Rather sums us up. You just always know this team is gonna concede. I think we can say goodbye to 4th. Apart from his goal, Ramsey was clueless today. We're gonna lose many a game this season, coz this team just hasn't got the mental strength to defend as a unit. Awful mistake by goalie, but he kept us in the game before that.
Haha. I guess I can't express my opinion on Arsenal on an Arsenal fansite. Apparently you are more of a true fan.
Worst thing is sp*rs looked awful, a really average team there for the taking but noone had a clue how to go about it. Eunuchs the lot of em.
Agree GK. It also seems Wenger has drilled the symbolic importance of this fixture out of the team. We played okay but there was no urgency, none of the inherent hatred for the opponents that existed at one time.
Oh dear gooners, we yids beat YOU AGAIN ..................
Another nightmare performance from Walcott.
Too many Errors from Ramsey. No wonder he chose Arsenal instead of MU. He would have been slaughtered by Ferguson.
Well Arsene this is the fruit of all your past summers of sitting on your wallet and neglecting a squad crying out for quality replacements for the exodus of talent sold. I can't believe you can look to our bench with a straight face.
I'd usually have a witty retort for you Micky, but considering I just said the the Mrs "I can't remember the last time we beat Spurs" I'm just going to go and sit in a corner and rock backwards and forwards chanting Bruce Rioch's name.
Coquelin did well. Surprisingly, Gibbs had a good game too.
No support for RvP at all.. He gotta be frustrated. 5 midfielders supporting one striker, but the services were poor.
players or manager?
e dubbz
Overall, decent team performance.. Only if we had a good player to take over Walcott's place...
Capable of losing any game at any time. That sums us up. And as LD mentions, all teams know it.
Maybe we should consider playing Santos as a left winger.
Honestly guys - Arsenal were at their best & Spurs were at their worst of the season and yet, Arsenal couldnt win.
15th place. Damn it
Just as the game at Old trollop was lost when Sagna went off and Johan Djisaster came on thus it was today when Jenkinson replaced him, just another appalling switch off prior to the filths' 2nd.
The edge may have been taken out of the (significance of the) NLD. Could it be the lower number of English players the teams can call on these days? Not sure what it is but you would have expected more of a fight being put up by the lads today. We live to fight another day; at least, it wasn't the drubbing the press would have had you believe it would be.
Arsenal fc-a bunch of kids running around in a big fancy stadium.
...For God's sake, we looked too scared to go for the equalizer; like we didn't trust ourselves to hold on to the scoreline, if we did. The side is shorn of all confidence and this is what must be improved upon; not so much the quality in the side.
Big fancy stadiul lol, picture on the b&w 8" screen a bit wobbly in your hut was it?
I thought you were unlucky today and the result was not a fair reflection of the game. You still look a good side and will improve over the next few months I'm sure. Glad we won though, especially as that was one of our 3 worst perfromances this season!
Nah naija, when all you bring bring on is an idle fat russian who hasn't offered zilch in an eternity, Benaybloodyoun and some league 2 standard rightback you aint ever gonna change a game in your favour. Quality is exactly what we're lacking, because we balked and stalled over a few mill and got NONE of our playmaker summer targets. Guaranteed Arteta and Benayoun weren't even in the top 10 possibilities as Fabrejudas and Na$ti replacements.
Imagine the number of DVDs they are going to sell this time.
Just wait until january when we sign Goatze and rocket up the table to finish 4th......OK!
Is it not time to start worrying now? Based on the games played so far, we will lose more games. A win is so hard for Arsenal to achieve with this squad.
Too late then ajwb, time to show a statement of intent has passed this summer, unfortunately our statement was 'we're desperate and miserly'. Who'd join us now in our current shape?
Well now that that's over u guys can carry on with telling the Yids how sheit ur lot are!!!
We need to find momentum and build confidence,we have 3 home games coming up so you'd think that would be the best platform to push on from..or the nearest thing to grab hold of before we slip deeper and deeper into the abyss
Forget about top 4. Forget about UCL for next season.
It's sad that we have to still depend on Walcott to deliver. He probably has one good game and 4 bad games after
We've essentially undergone the footballing equivalent of having a heart transplant operation, trouble is we operated ourselves to save on medical bills and replaced the heart with a wheezy squeaky bicycle pump.
naijagunner it isn't both teams who cant call on english players, it's just arsenal, spurs started with 4 english players and bought another 1 off the bench, im a spurs fan and you were unlucky today, but you just didnt seem to have anything in the box, i dont remember friedel making many difficult saves, if any, but sczcsney has to make quite a few. i still expect you to be up fighting for top 4 come the end of the season, it's just gonna be a difficult few months
I am utterly sick of the sight of that spineless little ****** matthew, everything about him annoys the living shoite out of me even his half hearted timid little clapping winds me up. Marbles for testes.
Niko, you may be right there as I couldn't, for the life of me, understand why Wenger hesitated to sign up Scottie Parker, at least for the fight he will put up, plus he is English and skillful. However, a confident team, even if short on quality, will put up a stronger opposition; we need to beat a strong side to get that kind of confidence.
Walcott worries me too. On his day, a threat and provider. When not on his game, very frustrating and a liability. Time to groom the Ox to gently grow into the position. I like Theo though, as a person only.
Average team Ey niko? Thank your lucky stars our strikers didn't have their shooting boots on or it could of been a massacre with the chances we missed. I thought once sandro came on we made you look about as good as Swansea. Tactically Harry underestimated you as we lost the midfield for spells. But chance wise we fluffed at least 6 one on ones and I don't think you can have too many complaints. Unlucky fellas!
Hehehe, Niko. I like the heart transplant analogy; very apt.
Also never seen Modric shackled like he was today before, that coquelin deserves praise I thought he looked excellent
I said i would be back to gloat. Well here i am. Not the performance we at Spurs expect but we still should have walloped you based on chances. That was as bad as you will see us play. The difference was and is, quality. COYS!
We used to play badly and whoop you all the time. That's a scarey thought that you just did it to us.
We can have no sp*rs related complaints HY true, we were beaten by a bog standard mid table outfit and it won't be the last time this season it happens, much as it won't be the last time this season you watch Adepaymore dawdling offside or Dewoe flattering to deceive, both have made careers out of it. Nope our complaints are solely Arsenal related, as we wonder just how it's been allowed to slip from the Invincibles to the unthinkables in the space of half a decade. Wenger must have buns of steel for those laurels he's been resting on so long not to****le.
My God, there are more Spurs supporters on this site than Gooners. Come on, lads, show up like men and support your club even when its performance is pathetic.
Total knobhead
Yeah p_r.i-c.kle is not a swear word is it?
I wont even be buying the DVD this year, nothing special about beating the arse anymore :p
You lot are going through a major overhaul we are now starting to show we are a top 4 side again ( its taken years but hey ;) ) Players are not content with just finishing in Champs league positions anymore the baron run of achieving nothing for the past 5-6 years has cost you dearly along with players moving on for the massive pay day!! and until wenger or the board decide to buy some top replacements for the quality you have lost then it will only get worse.
only 1 spurs
You really don't struggle to live up to your username do you knobhead. See a lot of postings on VS after a loss but it's a pretty deluded statement to say they're postings of love and well wishing. You snarl like muzzled dogs at your squad, each other and at ballbag features so do us a favour and put the Gladiator speech back in the cliche case, cheers!
If Ade and Defoe flatter to deceive than what analogy would you use to describe messrs Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamak...... As for bog standard your midfield and defence isn't exactly good anymore is it? I'm not gloating here I'm just saying that if were bog standard then you must be relegation candidates.
Again only1sp*rs?? One fluke is hardly the regular occurence is it now lol?
I'm not going to sugar coat it HY, you are bog standard and we are a clueless self destructive mess. All of the players you have mentioned are a s*****tstain on the club and I would at this moment in time gladly line them up against a wall after drinking several kegs of ale and spray every single one relentlessly with the warm contents of my heaving bladder. Hope that's answered you're question.
Danissm - Arsenal have some very good young players ''kids'' as you call them, Chelsea your team, have some very good old age players, both do a job.....when you have lost Fabregas a top top midfield player and Nasri, that takes some replacing, the heart of Arsenal's midfield has been ripped out, but they performed with great credit today and for long periods, had as on the ropes, but we battled through and the changes Arry made, worked. That was the difference in the end.
spu 4 life
Your blessed with 1 of the best Keepers around, 2nd only to Hart, for age & potential. Today it was us who won despite not being at our best & it was you guys who had the better game. Does this mean the powers shifted ? Well not really, but we're gathering momentum & psychologically our belief is growing from strength to strength.

All this flannel about Wenger, he's an EXCELLENT Coach/Manager & he has run your Club superbly & will carry on doing so until HE calls time. Your hands were forced with Cesc & Nasri, although he HAS the money to rectify the 2 great players lost. Yossi & Arteta are excellent players, but today you seriously missed both Vermaelen & Wilshere.

Im not going to lie to you coz it feels SO sweet, does this victory & the fact we're making it a habit against you now makes it taste so much nicer. Our respect for Arsenal is still there obviously & always will be, however the fear factor (especially of playing better & loosing) is over. Its taken long enough but we're FINALLY getting back on track.

It won't take very much for the gears to change in your season, & people writing your CL position off this season do so prematurely, still I can see us chasing & pushing for 2nd & probably obtaining 3rd. Some will no doubt say Im delusional in thinking Spurs have come on that far, but we've been developing consistently under Harry. No longer are the Sky 4 the formidable type of fixtures that haunt us as of yesteryear, obviously we're yet to defeat Utd (a special credit must be awarded to the "officials" for this being the case !).

Keeping hold of Modric has been instrumental in our season & continued development, its still not 100% certain he'll still be with us from next season, but us achieving CL again would surely be something to make him re-think is decision to leave.

Anyway whilst us Spurs enjoy the next 2 weeks with a smile, rest assured we know your pain, or should that be "knew" your pain !
True Spurs Supporter
Whilst you speak some truth spu 4 life 'ripped' suggests it happened unexpectedly, truth is we had months to prepare for that duos' departures, way before the window opened, we should have purchased in advance as befits a club of our standing not scrabble about in an undignified last day of the sales rush. I also wouldn't be too concerned if I didn't think our only battleplan is to wait another 16 yrs until Archie Wilshere is eligible.
Nikolaijns thanks for the chit chat :) although i will say this Spurs are v.much NOT the "bog standard mid-table" side you stated finishing 5th 3 times and 4th in the past 6 seasons does not suggest it!! times have changed you are no longer a top 3 side and will not be near it now Man City have bought that place for the forseeable future and Chelsea are bankrolled by the greedy russian its going to be another rollercoaster season the great devide gets smaller when fighting for 4th were all in the mix!!
only 1 spurs
I always wondered what all the fuss was about kyle walker. atlast he showed me. and how!
I'm sure many of you said the same about Bentley after his equally fortuitous strike neymar, Just goes to show - swallows, summers and all that.
What did he show, Neymar? He had help from the goalie, didn't he? He could have taken the same shot 100 times and Sczessny stops it 99 times.
we should of scored the same amount of goals as you do have points
nikolaigns bog standard mid table lol your so bitter we were poor today but still had enough to turn you over your pathetic
where are all the plastic arsenal fans on from here, to many to name, gone hiding cant blame them really
But you didn't, because you have bog standard strikers 123 ;)
we were there for the taking we were shocking even though we had and missed 4 1 v 1. but we stuck at it
That's it there. You make Niko's point, perfectly, clearer.
No ones hiding 123... Just that we have better stuff to do than go to rival forums when we win..
nikolaijns, you are obviously in a lot of pain. "Bog standard". That is quite obviously sour grapes. You know, Arsenal played better, but Spurs had all the chances. That comes down to shear quality and mentality. We WILL finish at least fourth this year and i WILL be back to gloat about it and i am sure you will tell me it was all luck!. COYS!
..And that is just 7 games into the season; Spuds already awarding places. Mhmmm.
asher*****smasher, why not go for 1st spot? Are you that low on self esteem or is 4th place the limits of your aspirations?
Why does someone have to be in pain to point out you are a very average bog standard side? Obviously I'm not happy about losing to average bog standard sides but it's a genuine view, that's the thing with you lot, you have no realistic objective middle ground you are either the worst team in the world or the bestest team ever in the history of spherical ball games. You are incapable of realising your true standing which is an upper mid table unspectacular bog standard side. I have stated my views on Arsenal above and it's not pretty but you, you're not top 3, you're only a top 4 if things go hideously knockers up for others. You're just an Everton really, a team that always used to finish behind the big boys, that nicked pts off them from time to time and even troubled the CL once but that's all you are and the sooner this is realised the sooner you can all get on with whatever passes for your lives :)
I said at least 4th Naijagunner:). "and it's Arsenaaaal, Arsenaaaal F.C., we are by far the best the world have ever seen", that is what the anal fans were singing when you were beating Olympiokas at the Emirates. Yep, i see the Arsenal fans realize they are more than a "bog standard side". Damn, we should just realize we are mid table and sell Modric, King, Bale, Parker, Sandro, BAE and send Ade back to Citeh, because we just cannot compete with those Arsenal stars(true mid table giants). Godd night all:).
Tut tut Sajit! I swear I saw you bleating on Vital Spurs when your B team beat our C team in the carling cup last season! perhaps you,ve forgotten! ;-(, Hi Niko, me old sparring partner, good to see you holding the fort mate, well done!
Heh born&bred, I have my rac***** hat on and trusty musket and rifle are both powdered ;)
oh ffs! the filters here are getting beyond a bleeding joke. Ok so you won't let me name a small furry critter native to N. America so I'll say Davy Crockett hat, sure I can still say Crock??? Fer fecks sake.
I visioned you more with a pith helmet Niko, you know, at Rorkes Drift! well you deserve a VC for your bravery, fair play, laters!
laters mate
That's rac00n-skin hat, nikolaijins. Worn by Davey (ro(ket. King of the Wild Frontier. By the way, what do you fellows think of Obscene Whanker refusing to shake hands after the match once again. At least, there are multiple reports to that effect. Jezz, he's been like that a lot after frustrating loses, no?
Total knobhead
Arse_end_Hole are in turmoil and I for one intend to enjoy every second of it.
Cape Town Spurs
Clive is so dull Wenger probably thought it was a particularly uninteresting featureless tree with an outstretched branch.
Well you have to have something for entertainment now you can't shoot blicks eh cape town?
Broken leg for Sagna, Good job we invested well in a proven savvy experienced PL/CL campaigner when we got shot of Eboue eh? Had a temporary horrific hallucinogenic vision of us picking up some greenhorn from Charlton with only 6 months of any league experience and expecting him to make do but I'm wide awake now.
nikolaijns is a helm, and an embarrassment to this forum.
Welcome wussybwoy you'll fit right in.
wussybwoy? Tough words from a man sat at a computer.
I'm not sat I'm pumping iron in my gym and typing with my chin.
Which chin? The fact I can't differentiate is probably the reason why you're in the gym, yes?
lmfao @ nikolaijns and chrissbwoy keep it fellas
Seriously did anyone expect a victory for us at the lane today? I was merely hoping that's all. I remember that a few weeks, someone said it was only 2 games in the new season and we can't criticize the team. We've been in this funk for far too long. As for the game, we flatter to deceive. The attack only works if RvP is on fire. The defence is always on the brink of leaking one. And we can't afford to groom any more Jenkinsons or Oxlades if we want to get something out of this season. Time to deliver.
So the defense of the rude behavior by Obscene Whanker is that he thinks one should treat people like trees? Good one, nikolaijns.
Total knobhead
No knobhead (ah it's a dream I don't even have to try) I didn't say Wenger should treat Deadly dull as ditchwater Clive like a tree, please read carefully I know it's hard for you but do try. I said Wenger had mistaken Deadly dull as ditchwater Clive for a tree such is his soporific air. I mean the man makes Shearer sound like Stephen Fry. He could find some extra money working in hospitals as anaesthetic such is his ability to send you to sleep. In short he's an easy bloke to overlook. Wenger was probably already back on the bus by the time Clive had finished his opening "Heellooo meee Cllliiive"
Let me re-phrase. So, it's OK to be boorishly rude to people who are dull? Polite behaviour is required only for people who are interesting. I guess Clive wasn't enough of a celebrity to rate common curtesy. Too dull to rate being treated as a human being. Sufficiently dull to treat as a tree. That does seem to be the position you are taking, no?
Total knobhead
Sagna broken leg. All the best Bacary you are one of our defenders who can hold his head high. Perhaps the only one.
If that was the case then I'd tell you to **** right off then wouldn't I knobhead?
Oi, nikolaijns, I've been accused of a lot of things, but none of them is being mistaken for a tree or any other potted plant. For better or worse, I usually get people's attention. Hard for me to believe that either you or Obscene Whanker wouldn't notice me if you passed by. By the way, allow me to say that i'm sorry to see Sagna badly injured. Never like to see a player hurt like that. I was sickened by what happened to Ramsey a couple of years back. Hope Sagna recovers and can get back to the same level of play in a few months. There may be some political leaders I would wish ill, but no football player. Even if he wears a Gooner kit. Best of luck to Sagna in making a complete recovery.
Total knobhead
Sucks to suck. North London is ours. COYS. Sincerely, THFC
Hotspur Hero
"oh Arsene Wengers magic, he has a magic hat, he took 1 look at a P45 & he said I'm having that!"
Tot-Nam Vet
The difference in the end was we had a plan B today swapping VdV for sandro, where as the scum are now clueless one dimensional has beens!!
Did Redknapp shake Boro Primorac's hand? That's what I want to know.
Little Dutch
Spurs fan here, i'll try and give an honest appraisal. I thought Arsenal in terms of football and posession did very well actuall whist Spurs were a bit off colour in that respect. In fact, it reminded me a lot of the derbies from a few years back when spurs would play well and get beat. That is the telling thing. For all of Arsenals play, Spurs had the big chances and took the spoils. I think Arsenal are in trouble right now.
Did Boro Primorac offer his hand to Redknapp LD?
Hey LD if he put his hand out towards Harry then I'd say yes, unless some media person put a mic near him ! Then Harry wouldn't of seen anything but the mic, tragic but true !

Although LD if I was you I'd be more concerned whether anymore of your Squad get injured during the international break... You have my un-sarcastic sympathies regarding your injury list, still we managed 4th & then 5th whilst reaching the CL 1/4 finals with only half a fit Squad. It will be interesting to see the League table at the end of the season.

1 question for you tho, IF you guys fail to achieve CL football do you think David Dein will return ?
True Spurs Supporter
Nikolaijns you call em as you seem em, no bloddy bublewrapping the comments, and I agree completely with your overall assesment of Arsenal and Tottenham. At least at fan that does not keep rambling in wenger we trust, when he so obviously does not things under control.
nordkap i think wenger will get it right next season hes going to come out of this one battered and bruised by your fans and that is something he is not used to so he will do everything he can to prevent it happening again. if you dont see alot of transfers next summer i would be worried but i think you will. as for this season i think you need to write it off as you are a poor team this year, i say that as unbiased as i can i ealy do believe you are slightly below villa everton etc
I am no football manager but for me it has been blatantly obvious that this team can't compete and is vastly inferior to the previous side of Henry, Vieira etc... What's the point of having a great fancy stadium if you don't have players who can play? The team was built around Cesc and without him they don't know how to play. Even last season, we collapsed after Cesc's injury. Wilshere is too young to take Cesc's role and he's injured anyway. For years Cesc has carried us to 4th. The reason we couldn't be 1st was that the squad was not good enough around the true wold class midfield general he was. The league table doesn't lie. I am tired of Wenger saying he can't find players to add because he needs players of super super quality because his current players are so good. I am tired of him protecting his youngsters by saying that adding experienced players would be killing them. If they are good enough, they will come through. It's a natural law. We are not a football nursery. I am tired of paying one of the highest ticket prices in world football to watch a team that doesn't reflect the price, where is the value? What this team needs is players who know how to fight with heart and courage, players who won't tolerate defeat, not pampered millionaires. Come on Arsene, are you serious? By the way did you all see Armand Traore, this product of our famed academy, getting sent off last week? So dumb it was unreal.
It was a mixed bag. There were some good moments, but overall, the bad moments over shadowed them. Too many players had poor games - Ramsey was poor, as was Theo. RvP did not get any service. Gervinho missed a super chance, and then disappeared. The defence did not communicate well (no surprise there), with Sagna not tracking VdV for the 1st, and Gervinho not closing down Walker for the 2nd, plus Sczcesny missing that! Song covered Adebayor well, Per covered Defoe well, but together, they didn't perform well enough (Bale & Adebayor should have scored in their one-on-ones). However, we knew there were going to be defensive weaknesses. Where was our attacking intent? We kept the ball well enough (aided by Redknapp's tactical genius in keeping only 2 in mid field, compared to our 3), but there was not enough goal scoring intent throughout the game. So so disappointing, but not unexpected. This team is probably not getting 4th place, but I would like see us fighting on!
Born&BredSpur,... if you see the number of spurs fan invade our forum.. it might put things into perspective.
jljyid, I am United fan, and I used to enjoy watching Arsenal play, just glad that they never won anything (lately) :) However I also want to see Arsenal perform well at least for the competitiveness of the league, but having watched most of your games this season, you look like a mid table side.. Totts were bad, but you couldnt beat them.. Wenger has now got it wrong for so long, that his merits do not justify his decisions any longer.. I dont believe you will be back next year.. However I will say that City and Chelsea have ruined football with their pathetic wagestructure, and no one can compete with clubs that treat money like dirt, making it even harder for clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham and other to compete.
Sajit, I will say that it bemuses me to see Spurs fans that post on here, but never on their own site, now that is strange! trouble is these NLDs are like a red rag to a bull to the victor and absolute hell to the loser, as you are no doubt now finding out, personally I wont come here goading, as it is merely one game which will soon be forgotten by the time the next one rolls around, PS Has anyone seen my brother in law, a gooner and normally a jovial Irishman, but I cant get through to him on his mobile! wonder whats wrong!!! ;-)
Another DVD,damn im running out of space on my shelf!!!

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Totally Deserved, says Gus Poyet
» Sunderland : 22/12/2014 01:34:00
Pardew Will Have To Live With 4 In A Row Tab.
» Sunderland : 22/12/2014 01:12:00
4 In A Row @NUFC
» Newcastle : 22/12/2014 00:52:00
Sunderland Beat Newcastle Yet Again
» Sunderland : 21/12/2014 22:31:00
Anfield Points Lost, Saved, Won And Dropped
» Arsenal : 21/12/2014 21:25:00

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