Arsenal - The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - Sagna Breaks Leg
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The Hits Just Keep On Comin' - Sagna Breaks Leg

At the moment it feels like this run of bad luck is never ending.

Sure, we`re playing badly and we`ve deserved to lose the games we`ve lost, but it seems like we just can`t catch a break (eesshh, how`s that for a wrong choice of words?).

After losing Jack Wilshere for 5 months due to an ankle injury we will now be without the services of one of the best right backs in the league after the Frenchman broke his leg in the 2-1 defeat at White Hart Lane yesterday.

It looked like an innocuous incident after Bac challenged for the ball on the left flank, landed awkwardly and will now be out of action till after Christmas.

Carl Jenkinson will now be our right back for the next three months. I really like the player because he work so damned hard for the team and no matter what mistakes he makes he never hides. I`m just not sure he`s ready for such a mammoth task.

Maybe the run of games will inspire some great form out of him, who knows, but these really are worrying times at Arsenal.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 3 2011

Time: 8:07AM

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It'd be interesting to know what the Spurs fan who abused him as he lay on the floor thinks now.
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03/10/2011 08:39:00

^^err probably the same as the arsenal fans who were shouting vile things to adebayor, us to adebayor, spurs fans to judas you see a pattern? its what people do at football you moron(right or wrong)
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03/10/2011 08:52:00

sagna deserved abuse he plays for the arse. he does not deserve a broken leg good luck with the recovery sagna. fans (me included) will always give boat loads of grief to opposition players esecially from our 2 clubs which is fine as long as its not racist or peprsonal (family etc). but injury to players is not good no matter who they play for. before any one picks me up on the sort of chanting that has been aimed towards players by thfc fans let me just say if it has been of the 2 sorts mentioned above i wasnt involved and no one i go to games with was we dont agree with it.
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03/10/2011 09:00:00

Wishing you a speedy recovery Bac. I thought i would be more worried but I am not. Jenks will just have to step up. Can he do it? Well we are about to find out whether the qualities AW saw in him will come out.
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03/10/2011 09:35:00

For me, Jenkinson isn't ready. How can he be? - he's only played 6 months of Championship football. It's another case of too much responsibility on too young shoulders, as Lee Dixon pointed out the other week after loss against Liverpool. Is this how we develop youngsters? Breaking in youngsters at a time when we're struggling is just crazy. It too much resolve to stay positive about our prospects this season, but I really think we're doomed. Gervinho looks like he's playing his own game. Walcott is frankly average. The only true class players this team has are Sagna, Sczensney, RVP, TV5 and Jack. That's it. And 4 of them are now out. To top it all, we have a manager who can't get this team organised sufficiently to defend as a unit. Arsene's comments the other day about never understanding the difference between playing away or home are telling. It shows you just how naive he is. Firstly, he believes this squad is good enough to win the title. Secondly, no matter the injuries/suspensions, he'll send out a team to Old Trafford and ask them to play the same way and win the game. I mean, ffs. He ain't changed and ain't gonna change and the only thing I can see is a gradual descent into even further mediocrity.
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03/10/2011 09:45:00

initially I thought he had done his ankle ligaments, which of course can be at least as bad, but irrespective of his injury, I genuinely hope he gets fit soon. you will miss him badly in my opinion.
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03/10/2011 09:54:00

vin this season you are mediocre but just write it off. im not having a pop, i believe wenger will right next season and you will see some big changes so there is light at the end of the tunnel for you
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03/10/2011 09:55:00

jlyid - I wish we were mediocre, I genuinely believe as it stands we're worse than mediocre. In 2011 our league form has been nothing short of relegation standards. I keep telling myself I'm just being overly cautious, but the longer this goes on the more we have to consider the possibility. I know some people will think I'm talking ********* and say we're to good to go down (and I do believe that myself), but we've been saying that we'll turn the corner for 8 months now. And I just don't see when it's going to get better.
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03/10/2011 10:10:00

i for one wish him a good recovery....i hate arsenal i hate your players but would'nt wish injuries on anyone...on another note how are you guys feeling about your sham of a club at the moment and where does the blame lie in your opinions.. owners manager players coaching staff....and you supporters that said we wont miss fabregas you've got to be kidding yourselves
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 10:12:00

Rocky - you know, the worrying thing is all the portents suggest we won't turn it around: no cohesion in our team play. offensively or defensively; too many injuries to key players; squad players not good enough; a lack of belief amongst the players. I look at Arsenal under Wenger and honestly it all looks as though it's gone stale. I can't see him turning it around with this set of players and his current philosophy. We look a really ordinary outfit and you just sense we've lost the momentum and real belief that we're a big club with serious ambitions. Sadly, I predict it will get worse, coz I don't see Wenger changing any time soon. Next summer he'll say 'Oh well, last season had exceptional circumstances with Cesc and Nasri leaving and our tough start to the season'. Up until yesterday I genuinely thought we could get 4th place. Now I'm convinced we won't.
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03/10/2011 10:40:00

So much negativity... Jesus. We narrowly lost a NLD away from home,possibly to a handball(?) having already been affected massively by injury (4 of our 5 central defenders injured for a start) and with our right-back having his leg broken. Don't understand where all the bile is coming from. Jenkinson is young, but he's started well and since when did we NOT give youngsters a chance? Cesc was playing at 16 years old, without the benefit of "6 months of Championship football", so what's the problem? And have you noticed that we conceded a goal (to a dodgy handball) and you're saying our manager "can't get this team organised sufficiently to defend as a unit" - but what about the goal Spurs conceded? Surely the defending for that was a thousand times worse than the goal we conceded? I agree Wenger isn't going to change - and I'm so glad of that. If he listened to the *****e that's on these message boards...
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 11:28:00

Arsenal the pride of london
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03/10/2011 11:28:00

Damiano - On the face of that one game yesterday, you could be right .... but if you don't think anything is wrong then you clearly haven't been paying attention for the last 8 months.
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03/10/2011 11:38:00

rocky there is no way you are going down i know you have been poor but you wont and cant go down there will be no NLD and that would be awful we all love that fixture. we played poorly yesterday but there arent many teams going to come to WHL and dominate the midfield for spells like you did yesterday. and i think the 2 results against city and utd are hiding just how good we can be this season so there are positives to take from that game for you. take your arsenal hat off for a moment and forget it was spurs you played yesterday and look at the players on both sides if that was the same players at lpool or utd would you expect to win at there grounds?
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03/10/2011 11:55:00

Damiano - I respect your right to have a positive, half-glass full view, but I think that's detrimentally clouding your judgement and analysis of the game. Cesc is one of those rare one-off talents that you can blood at 16; you can't with everyone though. Plus, Cesc joined a team of established winners, did he not? I recall him playing in a team with Henry, Gilberto, Bergkamp, Pires et al. But not everyone is a Cesc, Jack, RvP, Rooney or Messi. You also have the likes of Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby and Walcott, players who won't ever really be top class. Maybe they would have been had they joined a team with more established players though. Forget the dodgy handballs etc, it's plainly obvious this team is not set up defensively and working without the ball as is required of a top team. All the respected pundits - Dixon, Keown - say it, so why can't you see it?
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 11:59:00

damiano_tommassi the difference between the goal we conceded and your goals yesterday was we could go to a plan B to tighten up-Take VDV off you guys have not got a plan B its just knock the ball around in Midfield all day looking pretty but having no end product anymore!! its a sign of the times my friend when we are confident enough to let you overload the midfield against us, and we still create clear cut chances all the game. Prehaps people are right saying Wenger wants to concentrate more on the defensive side??
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03/10/2011 12:00:00

I'm paying attention Rocky, and I see repeated mistakes particularly in the defence (which I still put down to players flooding forward and leaving the defence exposed) - but that does not mean that the players are awful, the manager should be sacked, he's lost the plot, they're not trying, Pat Rice is a dick, we need a defensive coach, spending £100 million would fix it overnight etc. And it doesn't avoid the fact circumstances have been against us for some time.
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03/10/2011 12:01:00

GV - Jenkinson isn't being blooded at 16, and he is playing well. I don't see a need to criticise the boy because he's been good so far, and early in his career. Playing in a less established and settled side will make it a little harder for him than the side that Cesc grew up in, agreed - but what's your point? That unless we have 10 excellent, established players to play alongside, we shouldn't play young players? Shall we pack it all in and go home? Don't start me on pundits... firstly, they generally talk nonsense and repeat cliches - everything's either the best ever or the worst ever - and if you're talking about two players who had a reputation as part of the greatest defence ever, what do you expect them to say? What exactly do you mean by 'team is not set up defensively'? how well set-up were Spurs when they conceded? how much of a shift was the great VanDerVaart putting in at the time? Which brings me to...

WSE - two problems with your post. Firstly, the goal that Spurs conceded was poor defensively, as no-one got near our central defender as he walzed down the wing to put a cross in, and then there were Arsenal players queued up in the box to score. if thta's your 'Plan B tighten up' then it's not very good. Secondly, "we are confident enough to let you overload the midfield against us"? Did you not drag on Sandro and then Livermore to close things up?
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 12:13:00

It also does not mean, damiano, that you can blame 'circumstances' for all our ills. But I'm curious - if the defence is left exposed, how is that not the fault of the players, or manager, or both?
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03/10/2011 12:17:00

havent you just answered your own post there damiano? you scored so we switched to plan b and brought on the players you mention and our plan b worked we won
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 12:17:00

I think all decent people wish him a speedy recovery. It's just one of those things. BAE wasn't really involved in it at all... it was pretty much all of Sagny's own making... he challenged, bounced off the player and had an awkward landing. I think you're going to miss him big time, especially when City & the Chav's come to town.
Cape Town Spurs
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 12:38:00

Prits - what the Arsenal players and manager choose to do before, during and after the game is their responsibility, so if the team is flooding forward and leaving the defence exposed, they are responsible for that. Whether you put that down to players, manager or both is conjecture but for me it's ultimately the manager's choice whether or not to do that. I can only presume he wants them flooding forward incessantly, where I personally would prefer to hold bodies back a little.

jljyid - not sure we're talking about the same thing. I was trying to point out that all teams concede goals; when Arsenal concede it's 'the worst defending in the world ever, sack 'em all, the manager is rubbish', but the goal that Spurs conceded was very poor too; no-one's saying 'sack harry, he can't organise a defence'. Someone else answered 'yeah but we've got a plan B' - which is irrelevant. Spurs' plan A yesterday included really awful defending.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 12:51:00

i cant argue with that at all damiano i misunderstood what you were trying to say. i forget who put the ball in for your goal but he was allowed way too much time with no pressure from us. it happens at spurs we have never ben that good at the defensive side of the game lol. what i did notice was a real lack of bite from your midfield they moved the ball well when in posession but when you lost it they all seemed to look at each other as if to say you should be back helping the defence rather than taking responsability themselves. wenger needs to drill that into them.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 13:29:00

I did see one or two 'no, after you' moments. Big cause of that, of course, being that we had three of the back four filled by people who were either new, new to each other, or filling-in in an unusual position. And you could apply that to the centre of our midfield too.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 14:20:00

Alright, then.... Enjoy your CL games this season goons...We aint seeing that for some time now.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 16:04:00

Bit early to say that, isn't it Sajit?
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 16:15:00

Doubt it DT, 15th in the league, and a good 8 points away from 4th spot.. And have two other serious challengers for the 4th spot (pool and Spurs) .. In the only other year where we were in the danger of losing the 4th spot (2006 and 2009) - we were in the top 8 and had only one other serious challenger (Spurs and Villa) respectively. I'm resigned to losing the CL spot personally. The earlier we re-adjust our expectations this season the better.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 16:26:00

Yeah Jenkinson has had dodgy moments but its not every week he will face the likes of Ashley Young or Bale running at him. I think he looks decent personally.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 16:45:00

Sajit, the club has played 7 of the 38 scheduled premier league games. Now, bear in mind that our first eleven hasn't taken to the field once yet; that the first few matches were blighted by injury and red-cards; that we've played Spurs and Man Utd away... is losing to Spurs, Liverpool and United really THAT bad? Unwelcome, certainly, but even in the Henry and Bergkamp days losing to United and Spurs away wouldn't have been a shock.
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 16:53:00

Here's wishing Bac a speedy recovery. The side will miss him and the grit he brings into our defending.

.I do feel we have not been fair to Jenks who is being thrown in at the deep end when he should be an understudy to, at least, 2 RBs. A lot will depend on how much he wants to prove something; he looks a very good lad who is happy just to put on the shirt but may not have the confidence of his team mates, which can be disruptive in defending. He will step up to the plate if he can get one good game. The key questions are what do we do if he cops an injury before Sagna's return? Should we put Coquelin at RB, as a temporary measure? What impact would such a snub have on the morale of Jenks?
Report Abuse
03/10/2011 23:55:00

damiano_tommassi - and just how often do you think we'll be playing our first XI DT? What about the poor results of last season since February? We have 5 wins in about 30 matches, this isn't a new pehnomina to us an dthe manager is coming up to a calendar year and he still hasn't been able to sort the team out, just how long does someone need, especially when you consider EVERY single player is one he signed. We will NOT , repeat will NOT finish top four this season, we are getting tanned here, there and everywhere and I hate to think we'll not be in the CL next season. . . DT, we also rarely if EVER lost away to Sp*rs with Bergkamp and Henry int he team, check the records, your point holds no water at all.
Report Abuse
04/10/2011 14:24:00

Well, based on recent games, I'm doubtful we'll ever see our first eleven again! But you can't expect a team to perform at its best when the best players are unavailable. It's been a couple of years that injuries have impacted our club; consider Ramsey's development (a year lost, in which he could have been getting closer to Cesc's level), Diaby's injury (mock it if you like, but the guy has massive quality), Eduardo's break (an expensive goalscorer with a great record, that we were unable to get anything out of because he was destroyed by some dickhead), and all of the more minor injuries (like Cesc being out for half a season, Rosicky, Walcott, Vermaelen etc).

"We will NOT , repeat will NOT finish top four this season" - such certainty! If I knew you personally I'd ask you to put your money where your mouth is. We didn't lose to Spurs often, no, but the point is that derbys play differently to other games, and unusual stuff can happen.
Report Abuse
04/10/2011 17:12:00


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