Arsenal - I Did Not Wait For Qualification For Transfers
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I Did Not Wait For Qualification For Transfers

Arsene Wenger has denied the suggestions that he waited to do his summer transfer work until after Arsenal had secured Champions League qualification.

Speaking to Wenger explained that the deals just took longer to go through than originally expected.

'A lot of it was planned beforehand, it just took a lot longer than expected. It was nothing to do with the Champions League, because we would still have wanted to go for the league even if we weren't in the Champions League.'


'We are not the only ones who decide how long it takes to complete a transfer.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Arsenal Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 12 2011

Time: 4:31PM

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No we just waited until an incompetently late time to sell players we pretty much knew would be leaving. Giving us mere hours to make signings (and signings without medicals at that). We royally ballsed up this transfer window, for what ever reasons and issues I do not care, it was a huge steaming pile of cack and the club as a whole came out looking amateurish at best.
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13/10/2011 10:42:00

LG - you don't know what you're talking about. Come at us with some facts and we can discuss, but 'Well, hat was a balls-up' is not fact, it's just your perception.
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13/10/2011 11:40:00

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13/10/2011 11:40:00

You don't half talk bo***cks sometimes. I never stated anywhere that it was fact, did I? Or is that something you imagined? The reasons or otherwise behind this summers errors are totally irrelevant, we STILL came out of this summer looking completely amateurish that is how it is (as more people than not who support all different types of clubs have told me the same thing, so other than calling me a liar, deal with it). Just how do you suggest I go about proving peoples perceptions of a club? Please tell me a tangible way and I will, happily. Until then engage brainbefor emaking impossible/unreasonable requests.
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13/10/2011 12:43:00

Well you did, didn't you - a number of times. You didn't 'think' or 'suspect' or 'reckon' that things were a shambles. No, you stated categorically "waited until an incompetently late time", "We royally ballsed up this transfer window", "it was a huge steaming pile of cack" and so on. Presented as facts. Even now, saying there WERE errors, as if that's fact - what errors? Never called you a liar; never called you anything, as a matter of fact (note the correct use of the word). never suggested you change people's perceptions if the club either. You're making yourself sound a little silly.
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13/10/2011 14:36:00

*of the club
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13/10/2011 14:37:00

LG is merely stating his opinion and echoing the perceptions of others outside of the club. Personally, I hope that what happened during the transfer window was not planned that way! I don’t think anyone can really say that it couldn’t have been better than it was. I liked the signings but the gelling period that we are currently undergoing should have taken place in the pre-season friendlies and not as the season starts particularly in view of our opening fixtures.
Sir Henry
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13/10/2011 15:00:00

It was/is widely regarded as a balls up. If you think it was planned to be like that (dear god I hope it wasn't) and all went smoothly then you sir are showing a huge level of ignorance and naivety. I don't have to, or need to prove anything, I can see the results of it with my own eyes and the fact we made 75% of our new seasons signings 3 weeks after the season started is enough evidence for me. If you are happy for the club to operate that way then you will find you are in the minority. My opinion still stands unless you can show me the deadline day was planned to the letter and went smoothly? Point is you can't and you asked me the same thing from a different perspective, which I also can't. I can only go on what we have seen and that has been rank amateur management of this summer, at best. if you happen to think me voicing my opinions is stupid then that says far more about you than it does me.....but I usually find that picking a point with someone (you don't know) can be started better than "You don't know what you're talking about" when clearly that person has over a period of time demonstrated a reasonable knowledge of all things football. It tends not to garner any form of respect in a response.
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13/10/2011 15:41:00

LG, unless you work for Arsenal and were involved in the transfer dealings, giving you intimate knowledge of what went on, you don't know what you're talking about. I wouldn't usually start a post/conversation/row(!) with such an aggressive line, but I get tired of reading comments from people who talk with such certainty about things which they can't possibly be certain about (unless employed by the club, or something similar).
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13/10/2011 16:13:00

I can say with complete certainty that this summer did NOT go to plan for Arsenal.
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13/10/2011 16:22:00

My point is that you can't. But it really doesn't make a difference.
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13/10/2011 16:39:00

Do you think Arsenal wanted to sell Fabregas in the first place? No. Did they want to sell him for £20 million less than market value? Of course not. There is two examples straight away......
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13/10/2011 16:41:00

Do you think they had a real choice in the matter?
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13/10/2011 17:00:00

That wasn't or isn't the point, the general consensus is that we didn't want to sell him and certainly not for the figure reported to be around £30 million. Moving the goal posts mid debate doesn't change the fact Arsenal's summer was disrupted and didn't go as planned.
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14/10/2011 09:31:00

There you go again... fact?

You don't think it was the plan to hold out for as much money as possible, which meant waiting as long as possible - both for SN and CF (because the buying clubs didn't need them)? You don't think that Benayoun was planned to sign on the last day of the window (given that he himself said 'the deal was arranged weeks(?) beforehand, so it wasn't rushed or stressed. Chelsea were waiting to get a replacement in before they let me go')? You don't think Mertesacker (who Arsenal tried to sign a year ago but his club wouldn't sell him) was planned? Park, Santos unplanned/un-scouted were they? Arteta brought in only after our central midfielders had been sold?

I don't think anyone connected with Arsenal wanted to sell Fabregas, but when the player wants to go (home), has been tapped-up, and is being offered much higher wages to play with his old mates in one of the best and most successful sides in the history of football, what can you do? Keep him, unhappy? That's an option, but not a great one.

And what does consensus matter? If a thousand people all talk bull*****, it doesn't make it true. A bit like a Spice Girls album going number 1 - doesn't make them any good.
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14/10/2011 10:19:00

You have completely moved the goal posts - You stated that Arsenal's summer went as planned. I said it didn't. You then changed the argument to say "they had no choice". Which was not the point in question was it? You can write the long posts going on and on about individual incidents as much as you like, the point is, you even made the argument for me, Arsenal didn't want to sell but were left with no choice ergo the summer didn't go as planned. I'm not arguing details or reasons with you as that is completely irrelevant to me now, the fact is you said it went as planned and now you have shown/questioned that it didn't. My work here is done...
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14/10/2011 10:44:00

LG - that's simply not what happened. YOU posted a reply to the topic making statements - presenting things as facts. I've tried to explain the difference between fact and feeling/speculation/whatever else. You don't have the intellect to understand that difference, so we'll move on.
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14/10/2011 14:49:00


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