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MvB: City & Chelsea Can't Buy Arsenal's Class

Football legend, Marco van Basten has urged Robin van Persie to sign a new contract for the Gunners, and claims Manchester City and Chelsea do not have the class of the North London outfit.

We`re all acutely aware that Robin van Persie`s contract is winding down, we`re also aware that he`s friggin` awesome, one might go as far as to say he`s the best striker in the world at the moment, many of us are worried at the prospect of losing him.

That`s not to say he can`t be replaced, any player can be replaced as Wenger has proved time after time, but it just makes it all the more easier to keep these world class players.

We all believe Arsenal is the best place for RvP to play, and his fellow Dutchman agrees, sighting our club's class, style of play and even our shirts as reason to stay.

"Robin must not leave Arsenal. You can`t compare my situation at Ajax. The big difference is that Robin is already at a big club.

"Robin has been in London for six years. He can`t help it that Arsenal have won nothing in that time. So much has changed in those six years in the Premier League. Chelsea have become a big club and have massive financial resources."

"Manchester City have become a big force and are richer than any other club."
"Manchester United and Liverpool have American owners. The amount of money which is flowing to these clubs for transfers is unbelievable. Arsenal operate differently. I admire that."

"And I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a beautiful shirt - in every way I consider Arsenal as the ultimate football club."

"It is the club where Robin belongs.``

Being an Arsenal fan, I might be wearing a Deirdre Barlow sized pair of rose tinted specs, but I`m somewhat inclined to agree. We fit Robin just as much as he fits us.

And you just can`t buy our class.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 7 2011

Time: 10:20AM

Your Comments

Great player Van Basten....and a top top bloke. He simply says it as it is.
he is a prat u would throw all the pretty football out the window for the title and u all know it!
It's not just the pretty football though. It's the way we're run. I assume you're either City or Chelsea ... lemme ask you, if you could keep you position in the league and be run as you are now, as a billionaires plaything, or be selfsufficient in a beautiful stadium (that we paid for outselves, not some crummy council flat), which would you prefer? It's not just about rich in silverware ... it's about having some pride. Tony Robbins suggests that true victory is not measured by how many points you have on the board, but how you perform. When you're up against the odds, how do you come out? Well we've been artifically been put up against twice now, and whilst we could be in a better position, we're still hanging in there. But what we have built is something truly to be proud of. Can't say the same of City and Chelsea.
''Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style'' what is he a fortune teller. People have so many tings to say about Chelsea they forget to look at thaw own clubs. And i think this trend has been started by Wenger himself, the man spends so much time talking about other clubs that he doesn't have time to notice all his best players leaving Arsenal. I wonder what will happen if RvB gets injured? Where will all the class and style be.
RvB? Robin van Basten? Looks as though we've got the succession sorted then. Abramovich sacked Mourinho because he wanted pretty football as well as titles. MVB's right though the club is about more than just the pretty football or the trophies (at least in the short term). The iconic shirts, the cannon, the history (only club to win something in each of the last 9 successive decades), the location, the way we operate. It is indeed the ultimate football club.
And to be honest, that's just not true. I know there are quite a few gooners out there that think differently, but personally I would much rather see us keep our style of play and finish 4th then I would see us playing route one and winning the league. I'd love us to win a trophy but to be honest it wouldn't mean as much if we sacrificed our footballing integrity. I first supported Arsenal because they're style caught my eye (no, I wasn't around in the George Graham days). Having said all that, our 'pretty football' has won titles before, unlike Stoke's hoof-ball, so making such a decision really isn't necessary - no reason why we can't win and play good football.
Ops correction. RvP it is, and i must learn to type on my cellphone properly. But now with this history thing you guys are starting to sound like you're from those forgoten lands up north called Liverpool. And i don't have a problem with Arsenal playing good football (win or loose that is) but i don't understand why always Chelsea this and Chelsea that. When i talk of my club i don't say ' ya but we are better than .....' two years ago Chelsea played some great football and we scored plenty of goals but that's not enough style and class.
And we even won the league while at it. But still not good enough.
I'm not even sure MvB was referring to the style of football when he spoke about "style and class." Chelsea have columnists on their official site that would make the most one eyed forumite wince. Their Chief Exec talks about "beating the crap out of" other teams, their owner "earned" his fortune by snatching it from his own people, the captain has more indiscretions than Feltham young offenders insititute, the stadium announcer celebrates injuries to opposing players. (Funnily enough I heard him invite the crowd to cheer when Torres had gone off injured for Liverpool in an earlier kickoff). Chelsea are a sovereign ring. Loaded with gold, yes. But tacky, showy and a bit vulgar. Arsenal are a well made swiss watch. We'll never go out of style.
Little Dutch
But it wasn't anyone connected with Arsenal that said Chelsea have no class! It's just an unfortunate but popular image Chelsea seems to portray to the outside world. Perhaps partly attributable to such icons of style and class personified by folk like John Terry? .... and spending loadsamoney filched off the Russian people? It seems to be about more than just the football.
People also tend to spend too much time beliving what the media have to say for themselves. Arsene Wenger rarely talks about other teams, and when he does he's either answering a direct question or talking about something that impacts everyone (the finacial fair play rules for instance). You have to understand that for an organisation like FIFA to implement a rule such as this (even though I'm sure it won't be implemented properly) suggests quiet agressively that what has happend at Chelsea and City simply isn't right and that other hard working clubs have suffered as a result. I'm often frustrated by what happens on the pitch, but with every match that follows after that, my frustration levels are reset, my levels of pride however always remains the same. A friend of mine has a favorite saying, "success isn't a measure of where you are compared to others, it's measure of where you are compared to where you are capable of being", and with the currently climate, we're doing about as well as we can, we could do a little better but that's what the club strives for every day. However the best the Chelsea and City could do was mid table, that was their best, nothing to be ashamed of, it is a fact that without the help of oil rich barrons they would not be where they are, and as such their position is artificial.
The difference between Arsenal and Chelsea/ City is one of traditions, history and sustained success on ones own merits. Its like comparing a self made, meritorious, intelligent, cultured and hardworking student at Oxford with one of his brash batchmates who got into Oxford on the back of his father's huge contribution to the new business school building. The two students may be in the same batch but are not in the same 'class'.
Just have to point out that it's not all that fantastically classy to go on about how classy you are...
Every Gooner already knows that. And every player who has worn the shirt also knows it, even those who have left the club under a cloud.
Wyn Mills
Just a minor correction Rocky (to pop inbetween the socio-economic metaphors), the best Chelsea could do was a bit better than "mid-table". Chelsea made 4th place the year Roman bought the club, were 6th for the two years previous, 5th the year before that, 3rd in 1999, 4th in 1998, 6th in 1997. In fact they were only mid-table during the early years of the premier league (I'm counting since 1992, and since Chelsea secured top-flight status on a permanent basis) which Arsenal were too for a couple of seasons. Sure those aren't incredible achievements, but they indicate hard-earned progress, with some FA Cups picked up along the way and a champs league quarter final run. Say what you will about Roman's millions etc. but I do get a bit annoyed with the revisionism that Chelsea were midtable/relegation fodder and didn't work hard to catch the billionaire's attention. I don't expect you to appreciate what Chelsea has won at Arsenal and United's expense since Roman's takeover but the club went through a lot and made achievements I am very proud of in the period prior to the Russian's arrival. Not to mention bringing some amazing players to the league like Gianfranco Zola. Anyway, I hope van Persie stays at Arsenal. It would be shame to see such a talent wasted at a team which already has too many strikers or leave the league altogether.
My apologies BB, I fear I was a little too vague there, I shouldn't consider anyone not capable of challenging for the title as midtable, I guess my vision has been blurred somewhat by the barrage of dross aimed our way since we've failed to win a trophy. Let me ask you this, are you more proud of the progress you made from your club's own hard work or the trophies you won due to RA's input?
The 'success' that Chelsea managed before Abramovich still doesn't enhance their credentials as a well run club with class given that they were virtually bankrupt until he stepped in.
This has an ironic ring to it reading it 8 years later:
Thank you kind sir. Yours was fairly minor but I was more directing my point at the world at large, having been told by Spurs fans recently that Chelsea were a championship side before Roman and other such blind ignorance. To answer your question, yes, I am personally. However, you know how fan culture is, when insults get hurled one's way you recount recent results and achievements and lord them over your foes. Our love for our clubs is always blind and irrational. I can't stand the negativity and media attention and volume of morons who may support my club as a result of the titles won in the Abramovich era but I'm still going to enjoy the hell out of the success while it continues. Honestly, what else can a supporter do? I am also proud of the entertaining football we are currently 'trying' to pull off, as well as the goal-record double season from Ancelotti. Chelsea were mismanaged before getting their leg up from Roman, and in such circumstances I am especially proud of the footballing achievements of yesteryear. When this circus all ends and City dominate the league, I'll still be here. Roman's millions or not.
Amos, I am well aware of the looming disaster we faced before Roman arrived and what a pr*ck Ken Bates is. Which is why I like to see our last game against Liverpool then as a bit of a fairly tale for how important it was. I never said the club was "well run", far from it. I'm still proud of the football though.
Come now Rocky the trophys are there just to cup the cake. Chelsea has always been an exciting club to support and like BB said also gave us some great players to watch. Unfortunately at Arsenal there is only one great player left in RvP and after him i really don't see what we gonna talk about besides the reality that he scores more that half your goals for the past 3 seasons, if he was to leave Arsenal would surely find it self in mid table if not worse and all we gonna talk about is history. Again i'm not against Arsenal i'm too busy looking at my own club, but it is become obvious that you only find comfort in not winning by trying to find faults in other teams which sometimes are too far fetched. And seriously you guys are sounding so desperate its almost like i'm on Vital Liverpool.
'success isn't a measure of where you are compared to others, it's measure of where you are compared to where you are capable of being", and with the currently climate, we're doing about as well as we can, we could do a little better but that's what the club strives for every day.' - Thank you Rocky
No 10
What sort of reality are you talking about suppahigh? Not the reality that even in his present purple patch he hasn't scored more than half our goals this season it seems. About 37% of them in fact. The reality of the past 3 seasons is last season less than 20%,the season before that less than 10% and the one before that 18%. An important player at present for sure but important players are always replaced with other important players.
Out of 23 the man has scored 11. You were right to correct me on saying he has scored more than half your goals but i think i was quite close. The scary part is that if you minus his goals for last season from your total goals in the premier league arsenal would have only have 54 goals. No team has ever finished in the top four with less than 60 goals. Maybe i'm wrong correct me if so.
I really belive that it will be the end of Arsenal as a top four club he RvP was to leave. He's probably the only player that is commited enough to carry the team forward.
Yep, definitely, without RvP Arsenal would be nothing, sack Wenger, blah blah blah...

Honestly, a month ago the arsenal were supposed to be getting relegated, club in crisis, won't finish in the top half; now it's 'well, if you didn't have RvP you'd be nothing'. You're joking, right?
I really belive that it will be the end of Arsenal as a top four club he RvP was to leave. He's probably the only player that is commited enough to carry the team forward.
I really belive that it will be the end of Arsenal as a top four club he RvP was to leave. He's probably the only player that is commited enough to carry the team forward.
No i'm not. Your comeback is largely due to RvP form at the moment and i really don't see who will succeed him. As for sacking Wenger well that will depend on whether it is more important the success on the pitch or success in the financial books. You decide.
Okay, well I'll respect your opinion (because you're not trolling) even if I disagree. obviously RvP has been a big part of what's gone on recently, and we wouldn't expect Chamakh, Park or any other player on the books to fill-in and do as well as RvP has done recently - rankly, are there any players in the league that could, given his goal-scoring rate? - but I think it's over-simplifying the argument to say 'you're climbing the table now because RvP is playing'. The fact is that in the first few games of the season, Arsenal were beset by injuries and red-cards in consecutive games. The fact were' climbing the table now is mostly down to the freak conditions that were present at the start of the season having subsided.
Actually, having re-read your note on Wenger, I'm not sure if you're trolling or not...
suppahigh I agree that RVP is the centre of their comeback, as anyone would, but what's the point of going on about it here? Without Mata I'd seriously question our own chances of a top 4 finish so it's no good removing players from the equation. If Arsenal sell RVP I'd expect them to make a ridiculous amount of money on the deal and spend it this time. Kind of a moot argument either way mate.
2.75 mill that commitment cost, you'd think 50 mill woulld buy you a player that would stick his life on the line for you everytime he crosses the chalk wouldn't you? I'm sure 6 months ago you were saying we're washed up without Fabregas weren't you? Then Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom 5 at the bridge.
Interesting how many people think MVB is only talking about our playing style - it's obvious to anyone with some sense that he's talking about much more than that. It's the style, tradition & heritage of the club generally. Something that neither Chelsea nor City have nor ever will have no matter how many trophies they buy. United, Liverpool & Arsenal have what neither Chelsea nor City can ever have. They're institutions rich in history and tradition. The other two are just rich.
And yes I'm aware how elitist that sounds. Don't really care. It's basic fact.
I'd be interested to know both Mansour and The gangsters' respective net spends, anyone know or have a ball park figure?
This page:

has a list of net spend since '92 - with Chelsea and City still managing to come top!
(oh, it also has "2003 - 2011" or 'since Abramovich bought Chelsea')
Great post from LD. A few things: I don't know of any other PL club whose home ground does NOT announce the name of the opposition player who scores an own goal. Chelsea's announcer absolutely revels in it. Also have seen some really embarrassing stuff on Chelsea & City official websites - which I've never seen on Arsenal's website (nor Liverpool's, United's nor any other PL website I've ever seen). Will never forget on Chelsea's official website front page one of their writers wrote something like "shut it, Domenech!" when discussing the then-French manager's use of their players. And then there was that truly classless front page article trashing Arsenal with unbelievable bile, full of resentment just before a game against us. That's their official website - front page! I've never ever seen our club trash the opposition in public statements, on the website nor official publications, etc.
Also Jaelle, Chelsea fined for tapping-up two Leeds players (among others); Robinho in a Chelsea shirt; everything John Terry says or does; 'Welcome to Manchester'; buying up established premier league players and loaning them out; free stadium; 400m shirt deal that's a little incestuous; and many other examples my feeble brain's forgotten. Two good clubs that have not given a great account of themselves lately.
Lest we forget, the forked tongued snakeman that is Peter Kenyon.
What you said suppahigh was that RvP had scored more than half our goals for the last three seasons. If you're only talking about league goals then you are still only close if less than half our goals for about a quarter of a season can be considered close to more than half our goals for the last 3 seasons. Your other argument that if RvP didn't play last season nobody else would have scored any goals at all playing in his place is just as disconnected with any reality. Still if RvP does go I hear there's a 50m striker likely to be going cheap in a season or two. He's got to be good for that sort of money hasn't he?
Actually BlueBains a lot of the form Chelsea showed before Roman came along was down to spending beyond your means. Spending the kind of money only a very well run big club could spend. Chelsea were in a world of hurt with there finances. Hard work? No, stupid spending more like.
By the way, i am a Spurs fan and i admire Arsenal. I have no Admiration for Chelsea or Citeh.
asherthesmasher, smart spurs fan :-)
While i agree to some extent with what MvB is saying regarding your club, far more class than Chelsea and this new Man ity bunch of political criminals. Yet the theory falls flat when you add Arsene Wenger into the equation who is one of the most petulent and bitter losers ever to have graced the game. Great manager mind.
As for City though they have a quite large passionate fanbase up north and have had some great teams in the past. Also they have has some VERY hard times in the past yet maintained a strong loyal following (unlike Chelseas pathetic P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C 80's fanbase). As much as i resent the damage they are doing to the beautiful game i don't begrudge the fans for having success. 95% of Chelsea's worldwide fanbase have probably never heard of Kerry Dixon.
And the sending of Peter Kenyon up as Chelsea's ambassador at the CL final in Moscow is a fairly accurate summary of the class Chelsea possess
HuddersfieldIdiot, stop crying and go to bed your muppet. Btw, Arseanal and class does not go hand in hand. You all are bitter because you have no money. How you would have wished either of RA or Mansour bought your little club.
Keyser Soze
Arsenal Football Club has plenty of money but it's all our own. Self generated and not depending on the largesse of those whose ability to acquire wealth hasn't been compromised by the discomfort of having to operate within a democracy. No, most don't want an Abramovich or Mansour or Usmanov. That's the difference in class MvB spoke of.
I'd be distrought had either of them bought Arsenal, as would most others. Witness the complete contempt for Alisher Usmanov at the possibility of him taking over the club. Yes, it's safe to say we don't want anything of the sort associated with our club.
Ahahahahaha. I cannot believe a Citeh fan has come on here calling Arsenal FC a "little club." You're all fur coat and no underwear, mate. You might have won the lottery but all that makes you is a flash-git. Citeh will never have the class or history of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and even our mortal enemies at Tottenham Hotspur. No we wouldn't want those kind of owners, thank you very much. Our club is run responsibly. Now toddle off and see who else you can irritate with your little "I've-got-considerably-more-money-than-you" act.
Not connected in any way & you can tell me to MMOB, but, have any VA members come across a gooner on other forums calling himself ScotchEggsRule?

If you have maybe you should invite him to join VA, he has a lot of good things to say, including some brilliant barbs against us! I've crossed swords with him on the DM football pages, but because the posts are reviewed prior to publishing, all attempts by me to invite him onto Vital Football haven't gone online.

He's a good bloke & I'd love to spar with him on a proper football forum.

That's one of the funniest things I've read on the Vital network for some time. Not just the article but the comments underneath. Hilarious! Stay classy lads ;-)
Always happy to entertain Bluedub. What does Marco Van Basten know about class anyway huh? For class, see Gary Cook.
What's the problem BD? Marco van Basten not know enough about football to have a proper opinion on things? Guess he's not earned it like you Chelsea fans eh?
Hey dub, seems like we sold you chaps a bit of a crock, appears we knew of Nasris' tendonitis in his knee but your medical must've failed to pick it up. Don't worry we'll put the 20 mill to good use mate, not like we're gonna spunk it on a flash git jet ;)
Funny that, it would make you wonder why Arsene did so much crying about him moving on, or was that all a clever ruse? I rather like the flash git jet, and we didn't pay for it mate, it was a present from our good friends in Etihad. Where's the Emirates Arsenal jet? or do you guys have too much class for that sort of thing?;-)
You said it best Bluedub, Manchester City Football Club did not even buy the players that play for it - your owner did.

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