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Blatter Suggests Onfield Racism Is Acceptable

With the debates raging after alleged incidents of racism involving John Terry and Luis Suarez, surely now is the time for the governing bodies to come together and work hard to wipe out racism on the pitch just as hard as they have done at ridding it from the game off the pitch.

Well insane, decrepit, misogynistic head of world football, Septic Bladder has seemed to suggest that any incidents of racism on the football pitch should be met with a handshake from the vitcim for the perputraitor under the knowledge that these things happen in the heat of battle.

"There is no racism, there is maybe one of the players towards another, he has a word or a gesture which is not the correct one." Rambled the silly old slap head

'We are in a game, and at the end of the game, we shake hands, and this can happen, because we have worked so hard against racism and discrimination. But also the one who is affected by that, he should say that this is a game. We are in a game, and at the end of the game, we shake hands, and this can happen, because we have worked so hard against racism and discrimination."

'I think the whole world is aware of the efforts we are making against racism and discrimination. And on the field of play sometimes you say something that is not very correct, but then at the end of the game, the game is over and you have the next game where you can behave better.'

Surely this has to be the straw that broke the camels back?

After making derogatory comments towards women`s football, alledgedly becoming involved in bribery and corruption in football, making a complete tit of himself and almost single handledly trying to ruin the beautiful game, comments suggesting racism occuring on the football pitch should be swept under the carpet should surely bring to an end his reign of idiocy?

It begs the question, who does Blatter answer to? And how long will they continue to entertain the ramblings of this gibbering moron?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 16 2011

Time: 7:47PM

Your Comments

italic madness - loving it!
Interesting you have a comment from a Chelsea perspective (Merlin) above. I seem to recall Vital Chelsea (ed. Merlin) removing the complete blog about a certain J. Terry as his 'issues' when it seemed the whole world was not 100% united behind the sainted Chelsea captain in the comments section. Not the first time for N. Korean style censorship from the anything but wizard Merlin.
Emmanuel Frimong just tweeted this - "If Blatter Ever Come to Arsenal am Gna Frimpong Him" LOL, Legend!
It's no wonder the Swiss have no automobile industry. How the feck would anyone get anywhere when their cars only gear was neutral?
He might aswell say shoot someone and then go and call an ambulance after. Twisted old *****.
Has anyone seen his statement he put out later to clear up any misunderstandings that might have occured after the first interview? He claims he was misunderstood, and then goes on to repeat the exact same statement!! The guy is a f***ing moron. lol
It's like he's having a "let's see what I can do without getting sacked" competition with himself. Who is this decrepit old fart even accountable to?
Little Dutch
Guess Rosa Parks should've just shaken hands with that bus driver when she got to her stop instead of making such a fuss. It's like the entire 20th century (never mind the 21st) has totally bypassed this man.
So the head of FIFA has recommended that lady footballers should wear tight shorts and that racism should be dismissed with a handshake. You’d feel uncomfortable if that came from the kit man let alone someone who has control over world football. He should be hounded out. In disgrace.
Sir Henry
It is FRIGHTENING that this is the attitude of the head of FIFA. Forget about racist remarks between players by shrugging it off at the end of the match with a quick handshake? What an INSULT to every Black or Asian player who has ever suffered disgusting taunts from the stands and opposition benches, down the years. What will it take to get rid of this old twit? A 'UN Resolution? BLATTER OUT NOW.
I've said stuff in the heat of the moment while playing that I've regretted afterwards. Not necessarily anything racist, but still stuff I regretted nevertheless. So I don't really see the big problem here.
Yes GK, BUT there is a difference between a player calling another player a f*****g knobhead and a f*****g BLACK knobhead, or there is to me anyway. It's ALL abusive language of course but WHY bring someone's skin colour into it, even "in the heat of the moment." It ought to be completely UNACCEPTABLE and punished very severely. The head of FIFA should not be trivialising the issue, IMO. I thought we were supposed to be kicking racism out of sport? Why should the players be exempt?
gunnerkid107, if in the heat of the moment you racially abuse an opponent (or whoever) with insults referring to their racial or ethnic identity than, sorry, that is indeed a big deal and any player who commits such an act should be punished. I can get angry at someone and call them all sorts of names, incl. lots of obscenities. But if I start shouting anything akin to the "N" word or "paki" or "black ____" than that is something else entirely. If that's what I resort to when I'm angry then I'm exposing some seriously racist attitudes.
The N word is so overused now, I don't even consider it racist anymore. I can see bringing skin color into a remark because it's easy. You're not thinking straight, so you go for the easiest thing that comes to mind. You're not going to come up with something terribly clever on the field. I have a feeling most people haven't played this sport at a highly competitive level. Those situations tend to bring out the worst in people. I'm not saying its right to racially abuse someone, but I can understand a mistake happening once. And that's what I though Blatter was trying to say. Mistakes happen but always try to apologize or 'shake hands' after the game.
Mistakes can happen in the heat of the game and its fine if obscenities are exchanged gunnerkid but there is no excuse for racist comments even in that scenario. If racist comments are made, players should be answerable an accountable, even if its a champions league or world cup final played on a knife's edge.
I see what GK is getting at, but I tend to agree with jaelle. If you reach for that sort of insult, you're probably exposing some base attitude within yourself. I read an interview with John Barnes last week where he made the reasonable point that you can utter a racist slur without being a racist and I think that works the other way too. You might never have uttered a racial slur in your life, but could harbour that attitude. In the two headline cases in England, I think Terry's alleged offence to be worse than Suarez's. Suarez was stupid, but I think there's reason to believe he's misunderstood a cultural nuance. The thing is about the Suarez charge is that, to my knowledge, no player present has come forward with a statement, neither has the referee and the camera angles are inconclusive. This leads me to believe it was something Suarez said in his hearing which got him in trouble. He probably admitted to saying something and didn't understand that the terms he used carries greater offence than it does in Uruguay. Otherwise, surely he'd have just denied saying anything? Terry on the other hand, his looks to be more calculated (whilst he's walking away and doesn't look particularly riled) and of course, he'll have known exactly what he was saying and all the cultural baggage that comes with it. Not the first time he's been accused of this misdemeanour either, though obviously I have no idea if he genuinely racially insulted Ledley King back in 2006 or not.
Little Dutch
The fact is if, even in any heat of any moment, you use racist language you are doing so because you think it offensive. I have played for 20years (at a fairly high standard once) and I have never called anyone 'a black.....' because I don't see being black a bad thing. It would seem to me as useless an insult as calling someone a 'blue eyed.....' Sorry but if you reach for skin colour as an insult it does say something about your views on skin colour. On another note did people hear that a Chelsea fan is being investigated for racially abusing Dan Sturridge?
No 10
Although I agree with your sentiment, No 10, I don't think that argument is completely watertight. On occasion I may call someone a 'tit', but this isn't because I have anything against the female bosom. The problem is that such words become engrained in people's minds as ways of expressing generic anger. Most people don't fully consider the implications behind these words. Here's a little clip to sum that up...
Very true AR but what you are saying is that we're brought up to believe that calling someone; 'tit', '****', 'pr*ck', 'mother****er' are all negative things. However, some people are also brought up to believe that 'black' is a negative thing. It is engrained in those people, but that is the problem with is ingrained. That is why it takes many years and many influential people (that should include you Blatter!) to change the collective consciousness. It is about context. When I talk to my girlfriend about her tits it is with love and affection for the wonderful job they are doing. When I refer to a person and a tit, it is stating that they as useful a human as a lump of flesh would be. I state that my new football boots are black...they are. Indeed they are black boots. But to call someone a 'black ****' is to use 'black' to add credence to the ****ishness of the victim. I apologise for my language.
No 10
I just can't understand what a person's skin colour has do with anything. Your blood might be up and you might call somebody a w****r when you're in the moment, but I agree with Jaelle, that bringing colour into it suggests inherent prejudice. And by pointing out colour, you are inferring that you think the other person is inferior for that reason. It IS an important issue and there has to be zero tolerance. You can accept a handshake and apology for someone calling you a c***t during a game but how on earth can you accept a handshake when you've been racially abused?

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