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Jack Wilshere Challenges Spurs Fans

Cheeky Jack Wilshere has laid down the gauntlet to Spurs fans after getting into some banter on Twitter with some friendly neighbourhood Tiny Totts, after Tottenham`s impressive league form continued with a 2-0 win over Spurs last night.

After Jack received a few messages from Spurs fans about how they were destined to finish above The Arsenal, Wilshere offered a little wager to the following Spuds: If Tottenham finish above Arsenal he will donate £3000 to charity, if Arsenal finish above Spurs each of the Spurs fans on Twitter will pay him a pound … which will also go to charity.

Jack Tweeted - All spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). It`s a marathon, not a sprint! I tell you what, at the end of the season if Spurs finish above arsenal, I will give £3000 to charity and if Arsenal finish above Spurs, every Spurs fan that follows me must send me a pound each and I will give it to @Jack_Marshall_ charity! (The Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund) Do we have a deal THFC fans!?

Judging by the comments aimed back at Jack there might not be many Spurs fans confident enough to take up that bet.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 22 2011

Time: 7:44AM

Your Comments

That's less then he spends on a Wednesday night at Nandos. Put your hands in your pockets rockefeller
As a Spurs fan, hats off to you Jack. Nice to see a footballer with some class off the field as well. Speedy recovery, son. Definately want to see you next year in the Euro's playing well.
Your right phartman, a weeks wages would be better.
I'll have some of this, if he could just send me his account number and sort code I'll be sure to sort it out.
Tottenham Hotcore
So I assume that both Phartman and thenuge would be ok with donating a weeks wages to charity? It's always amusing to see people bitching about the amount of money sportsmen donate when they give to charity. For those who follow Jack Wilshere on Twitter and pay close attention would know just how much this 19 year old lad has done for the Jack Marshall and his family. all Manchester United fans as it happens.
Well, he doesnt want to loose his money, that explains his willingness to give away only his 4 hours wages.
Strange....All the spuds coming here seam to want Jack to give a full week wages.....but wont commit to £1 them selfs.
for me, I quite like this "banter" and it is good to see a player who publically states a dislike for a rival and passion to beat them. in this instance it is against my team, but I want to retain the rivalry and the I dont like you and you dont like us situation. Obviously I dont want things to get stupid or overly personal, but in an era when our players are more like mates, it is good to see someone fan the embers of what always has been a great rivalry and long may it continue.
I really cant stand that cretin. He thinks he is so good and it will come bk to bite him on the ass if he continues to believe his hype. He is apart from Van persie (who is class) your most important player and would not get in to the spurs midfield. Not only will we finish above you but another double over you. Be lucky jack
this is what our rivalry should be like nice one jack everyone saying he should give a weeks wages the guy doesnt have to give anything take the bet its a good cause
£3000? what a tight fisted git. with all the money this scum earns he should donate at LEAST a weeks wages.
Arrogant little *****, like his fans. Seems to be missing the fact that without vanpercey carrying them ARSE would be bottom three. He'll be out injured sometime soon and we'll see how gobby he is then!
Etrilad you gonna win the league mate? Yeah? "THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!" etc etc.
That was easy . . . .
You can get 3 wings, chips & a coke on the Tottenham high road for a quid, no way are this lot going to give that up in the name of charity. Nice try Jack ;-)
So what some Spurs fans are suggesting is that it's ok for them to believe that their team is going to finish in a certain place, but a player actually putting time and effort into the football matches is not allowed to have a similar confidence whilst trying to do a bit for charity at the same time. Amoebas, the lot of you.
Haha you could get a lot more for that up the High Rd in the summer.
Quite right Rocky. "it will come bk to bite him on the ass if he continues to believe his hype." - like Spurs fans telling us they'll finish above us for the last ten years. That's hype.

"He is apart from Van persie (who is class) your most important player and would not get in to the spurs midfield." - important, possibly - hasn't played this season so far though, has he, during our run of form where we're winning every game (incl. Chelsea). And wouldn't play in Spurs' midfield? Are you having a bubble?

"Not only will we finish above you but another double over you" - excellent, there's that arrogance/hype/insanity we've come to know and love from Spurs fans!
Now then, now then....I do a lot for charity and don't like to talk about it, except when I'm boasting on tw*tter. Cor blimey, Saville goes, and now we've got a replacement.
We did the double last season, already beat you at home this season, are above you with a game in hand... how is that insane. And no i dont think he would be ahead of Parker or Modric do you Honestly think he would? You are a team who depends on one player FACT! Oh no wait you have arshavin and mettersaker hahaha
It's strange how for the last 5 we've supposedly been a one man team for the last 7 years, but with 3 different players (Henry, Fabregas, van Persie) supposedly making us a 'one man team'....
damiano_tommassi.... are we having a "bubble"? so wilshere would replace luka modric or scott parker in central midfield? u silly, silly boy!!
The "double"? Panther? Methinks you need to understand the meaning of this word. You most certainly haven't done that dear chap.
I was on about beating you Home and Away last season and that we did my son COYS
Yeah that does hurt, not as much as if you won something, the league perhaps, on our pitch...wouldn't know though
It is good to see this sort of banter from a rival player even if it is one as arrogant as Wilshire. And just a word of advice to my fellow Spurs fans on here. Why bother? Every time they look over at the table on the right of the screen and realise they can't even see us anymore they are reminded who is the top side in NL right now. And you can bet £3000 thats eating away at them more than any comment we put on here. Enjoy your run while RVP stays fit boys ;-)
Years ago mate. Its gonna hurt more when we finish above you this season, cant wait. Your on the road to nowhere and you are going there fast. When persie leaves when his contract is up you will be well and truly screwed. But then again you will have Wiltshire who is setting the twitter world alight.
blah blah blah, replaced Van Persie with "Henry/Fabregas" delete as applicable. And that most definitely won't hurt more, what are your aspirations, really? You're 6pts above us and have a game in hand.... in NOVEMBER mate, November. Honestly I don't know why you lot do it, every year.
sorry sorry, 3 points..... really, have you not learnt your lesson as in *maybe* it's best not to brag in Nov?
so we are 9 points clear then xx
Anyone that puts the word "FACT" in capital letters in their argument is always best ignored.
Little Dutch
Is that a FACT?
Seriously though...humble question, " have you not learnt your lesson as in *maybe* it's best not to brag in Nov?" or are you just "enjoying it while it lasts" (even though "it" is only a league position not gone a 3rd through the season?
I dont mind you lot. Just cant stand Wiltshire or your manager. I am enjoying it at the moment but do believe we will finish above you
On a serious note...why do you lot bother having a motm poll??
To be fair, its always nice to see some banter. But I do hope Jack knows what he's getting into.. Pride at stake here. And Spurs look horribly strong.
Thing is, Spurs are under a lot of pressure to get in the top 4 this year. After tax, they've essentially recorded something like £400,000 profit- and that was with Champions' League football in the accounts. I accept they shifted some deadwood this summer to ease their wage bill up. But Friedel will be 41 when this season is over. Gallas is 34. Scott Parker is 31 (and reported to be on £90k a week). All of these players will need replacing in the very near future. Adebayor is currently a loan arrangement. If Spurs want him come the summer, they'll have to buy him. If not, they'll have to look for a striker of comparable quality. Not cheap in terms of fees or salaries. The spectre of Modric, Bale and van der Vaart's contracts will begin to loom large. Modric I believe was tied down recently, but the club have, as I understand it, already looked to open discussions to improve his terms to prevent him from agitating further. They essentially have to resolve these issues on a profit margin of around half a million. That's with the estimated £38m of CL income. 'Arry has never been famed for being a long term planner and Tottenham's squad- whilst admittedly looking good right now- has a tenuous future with a relative shoestring to maintain / restock it. Nevertheless, let's see who finishes 4th, but I reckon Spurs could be in trouble if they don't.
Little Dutch
Funny as fck. Good old Spurs- Arse rivalry. Nice to see a player get involved with it. I suggest the Spurs fans that follow Jack take the bet. It's only a pound ffs and for a good cause as well as being a favorable bet. I personally am looking at getting close to the mancs rather than finishing above Arsenal. The way things are going, i wouldn't be surprised to see Chelsea finish outside of the CL and Arse or Pool make there way in. Of course Spurs are more than capable of self destructing as we have seen in the past. But, the past is the past:).
If this Spurs team can't finish fourth then they can leave anyway Little Dutch. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. It doesn't matter how good people think they are. If they can't do it then they were never as good as people liked to make out. I wouldn't shed any tears over them. You're coming at it from the wrong angle. You're suggesting that we'd be desperate to hold onto them come what may. If they fail then they'll be sacked anyway.
Tony Rocky Horror
Why are Spurs fans following Jack in the first place? I would never follow a Spuddie player.
That's a nice attempt at bravado TRH, but that's a load of old ballcocks and you know it. "Sack" Bale, Modric and van Der Vaart? And who are you left with? Parker might be a decent battler now, but he's knocking on, you've got an ancient keeper and Casper the friendly ghost marshalling your back line. You're doing well now, but as last season showed, you don't have the capacity to maintain a top four spot and have a run in the CL. So if you get top four this season, we already know you won't get it the season after. I'm with the Spurs fans on one thing though, I hope ol' scrotum face stays at WHL, he's a one way ticket to destruction.
Wishful thinking there Dutch. Fact is we have just recorded a record annual profit and have de-listed to further our financial growth. Yes we are under pressure to finish top 4 as are yourselves liverpool and Chelsea. How exactly do you think you'll fair if you fail to make CL next season? You lost two of your star players this summer WITH the offer of CL football where as we kept all of ours WITHOUT it. What makes you think RVP will be hanging around should you slump out the top 4 this year??

And on the Harry point, if you think Levy lets him anywhere near transfer fees and wage bills you're more delusional than I thought. Levy is one of the most astute buisnessmen in the Premier League and beleive me there is no chance at all of a Portsmouth / Southampton situation happening at the Lane. But you keep dreaming, I know it helps distract you from your own clubs very real issues ;-)
Given that fizzog he'd make more money for charity swinging from the bell tower at St. Mary Magdelene. I'd certainly pay top dollar to join the torch bearers and throw rotten fruit. Coincidentally, his utterances have something of the Igor about them too.
MJB - Just wondering, if he's such an astute business man, why is he writing begging letters every other week to some council or other for some money or a new house?
Really Rocky7? Thats too stupid a question to even warrant an answer and even if I did you wouldn't understand it.
So we can have a massive stadium, champions leagues and titles and cups, turning you into our feeder club in the process. Any other questions Harper 7?
Tony Rocky Horror
@GoonerVin, is any player in the Spuds team worth following? Eh MJB, Tis a moment of records for ye. Currently this is your best point in over 3 decades. No wonder you lot are so excited. You have never seen yourselves in 3rd place this far into the season (and its still early days yet). Yeah, you play good football but we had a bad start to the season, in fact (sorry about fact LD) we were written off and what, we are 3 points behind you guys. Tis not a myth, you Spuds will forever remain in our shadows. Young Jackie even had to spur you spurs with cash to make you pursue your age old dream. Like we say on Vital Arsenal: A cannon will always be cooler than a chicken
So you support Arsenal because of the cannon Guyfox? Good reason:). Don't get stuck in the past, you will end up hanging yourself if you do.
Wilshere would get into our team, so would Rvp and so would Walcott. That's it though. Looking at your MotM poll over there got me comparing our respective starting 11's. Correct me if i'm wrong but other than Wilshere that's your best 11 right? Oh oh, looking again i'd take your GK too, Old Man Brad's good but he can't go on much longer and Gomess is way behind szczesny. Good on Wilshere for keeping the rivalry alive though, and on that note up yours!! I've never jumped on the "we're gonna finish above you lot" bandwagon as i've never really thought we've had the squad to keep the pace up for a whole season. We've got as good a squad as anyone now, and within that we have players who know how to win and have brought the rest up to their level. Our problem has been belief but the run we're on is giving them that now. I know it hurts, and the easy thing to say is "urggh, you say this every year" but even you guys have to admit this is a different tottenham now, even vital chelsea are running an article about how they think we'll finish above them. Only the die hards and tard are scorning it. COYS!!!!!!
LD, same situation for us . If we miss out on CL, expect Vermaelen and Van Persie and probably Szczesny all leave. Jack might hang around for a few more years. And our board will approve selling these players to match the loss of revenue by missing out on CL.
Begging isn't "astute business", it's says "I'm pathetic, and couldn't manage our own finances well enough to be able to afford our own stuff".
I have a better chance of hanging myself than Spurs finishing about the Gunners. I'm not the suicidal type. Its not the past, its been happening season after season and twil keep happening. Yes this is a better Spurs than what we have witnessed in yesterseasons. How does that make you finish above us? The league is a 38 game race. And Sajit, we will make the CL. There is only one team at the moment that deserves the top slot, i hate to admit and that is City. Even the champions are looking like a shadow of themselves since the 1-6 bashing at the hands of their neighbours. The next 3 slots are open to any of the following 6 at the moment. So get your heads out of the clouds, you Spuds.
By the way, has Vital Spurs closed down? You've got to say you love the ambience here at Arsenal. Sorry Dreamers ain't Winners. Its takes hard work to be here. So put in your shift you chickens.
You lot had better just hope that Sidwell doesn't do RVP's metatarsal on Saturday; he's well overdue a sick note.
Guyfox, i will admit, im am unsure who will finish where this season other than Citeh finishing first. I am not one that is stating that we will finish above Arsenal. I will leave that up to the results. I will say that i think we have better players than Arsenal. You have the better manager. I take each season as they come. I don't look at who has done what in the past and base everything on that. As a betting man, and i do it for a living(but not on sports) i would not bet against Spurs finish above Arsenal. You have to be very deluded to do that.
MJB Spur, you appear to have confused record revenue with record profit. Take tax out and Spurs made £400,000 WITH a Champions League run. Next year's figures won't be so generous. I'm under no illusions we'd lose RvP if we drop out of the top 4. Fact is, most of our team are pretty new so I think they'd stay together in the main. If they don't, they're all tied to long contracts bar RvP and Theo. Sajit, in your quest to be negative you haven't looked at it properly. Tottenham's players aren't as secured as ours, at the very least we'd be reimbursed well. But I genuinely think the likes of Wilshere, Szczesny and Rambo would stay for a season or two and try to get us back in. Most of the rest of the team hasn't been there 5 minutes. Spurs have to qualify just to be able to rebuild some ageing components of their team. Walcott would be arguably our biggest loss given his age. As much as we all want RvP to stay, realistically he only has 2 years left at his prime. Even if they qualify, Spurs have to replace Friedel, Parker, Gallas, King pretty soon as well as renegotiate the terms of Modric, Bale and VdV. If they qualify, they'll still not have much money to get that lot done. If they don't, they simply won't be able to. So it isn't the same for us.
Little Dutch
Pffft! LOL! let me help you with some of that. Freidal can be replaced by selling Gomes and buying Tim Krull. Parker will certainly play for one more season and will be replaced by Sandro, a world class player in his own right. No more money to spend there. Gallas was a short term addition and will be replaced by Sebastian Bassong, who will emerge once he gets a run of games. If not, Bassong can be sold and another defender can be brought in. Kaboul has basically replaced King. Modric, Bale and VDV? Yeah, whatever. One will leave if we don't qualify, and they'll probably all stay if we do. We will have the money. The players we won't get money for have already been replaced with the likes of Dawson, Khumalo, Caulker but if we need to upgrade we can upgrade. We've got a billionaire tax exile for an owner, remember? And our top players could be sold for an absolute bomb. But they won't, because we don't sell our players anymore. Sorry, but stop talking out of your arse you absolute dick..
Tony Rocky Horror
Barring Oxfordspur one fears for the intellect of some Spurs fans over here. An extremely weak grasp of their club's finances, a tenous link to reality and burgeoning optimism every year when faced with whats at best a very mediocre history.
LD - "Rebuild aging components of their team"? You make it sound like we're Chelsea, our core's young but the 4 players you've mentioned will be replaced by 2. Parkers replacement is already in the squad, Sandro. We currently have 6 centre-backs on our books (Bassong, King, Dawson, Kaboul, Gallas, Caulker) which is too many, most teams make do with 4, so when King/Gallas retire they'd be replaced with 1 player maximum. I'm not sure a replacement GK and CB represents the wholsesale changes you think it is, but whatever makes you happy. You could make a worst case scenario for any teams players to make it appear they're on the brink of doom but more wishful thinking in this case
Basically TRH, your argument amounts to, "no, no, no, we've got loadsa money, Levy told me dick." See when you resort to petty insults without provocation, you already told me I've won. Phartman, I'm not saying you're on the brink of doom. I'm just pointing out that your squad isn't hugely long term and you don't have an awful lot in the bank to stay competitive with the bar set by the top 4. Throw in stadium costs and I'm just saying there's still some uncertainty at Spurs when you scratch beneath the surface.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch, I don't think I've ever read a more rose tinted perspective on things. Bravo! If you really believe all that tripe (and I seriously doubt that you actually do) then you are in for a very rude awakening. But I guess that’ll just make it all the more enjoyable for us. Just to recap, if we finish top 4 we keep all our players and progress, if you in addition don't then you lose RVP and Walcott 2 of the only 3 players that would actually get near our side. That is a very real scenario and it must worry the crap out of you, not that you’d admit it. Sure it could happen the other way round but right now which looks the more likely?
Call it rose tinted if you like, maybe it is. Of course I'd rather not lose RvP and Walcott, but as it stands I think they are the only immediate dangers if we drop out of the top 4. There might be others that agitate, but my point- which appears to be lost on you- is that everyone else is tied to secure contracts which gives us leverage to either a) do as you guys did with Modric and put our foot down or b) at least secure a very decent price for ourselves if we have to sell. I don't reasonably see any of the new guys leaving (with the exception of Benayoun, who is on loan) after less than a year. Even if they do, they're on long contracts which gives us the whip hand. I think the likes of Wilshere, Szczesny and Rambo would stick it out for a year, possibly two. I accept if it went beyond that we'd be looking at losing them. Vermaelen just signed a 5 year deal, again, that seems a fair indication he'd stick out another year. If he didn't, we'd get big money for him. Of course we're talking hypothetical scenarios here, but the fact is, Arsenal are set up better for the worst case scenario than Spurs are. The ages of our respective teams, our accounts and the security of contracts show you that.
Little Dutch
i am dissapointed in you LD you are normally well informed with you arguments but on this one its a poor showing. whats your teams ave age i bet its not much lower than ours if it is indeed lower and you seem to think we dont have our players on contracts and thats its just arsenal that do. as has been stated we kept ALL our players even without cl football and as for our profit and loss we have spent ridiculous amounts of money on planning for the new stadium along spending a fair chunk on bidding for the OS team wise and league wise we are much better placed than you its a simple truth at this moment in time you may well finish above us but we can only debate from the current state of afairs and that is we are the better team
The difference is jl, as I've said repeatedly, with the exception of RvP (who is in his prime and will only stay there for another year after this one) and Walcott, we've secured most of our players to good contracts and have them at an age where there's good resale value to be had. Arteta for instance will be 30 in the summer. If we're not in the CL he would be lucky to get a big move to another CL club. Even in the Europa he'd find himself in a better position to that which Everton would be offering, so I think there's a reasonable expectation he'd stay. Our replacing strategy would simply be an easier one for us to handle for us than it is for you guys. Not least because we've got more money. Yes, replacing RvP with or without CL football would be a bitch. But even if you guys qualify for the CL you don't have the money to pay Adebayor what he wants. So this time next year you're going to be looking for a quality striker too. You'll just have less money than us to do it. You'll definitely need a new goalkeeper. If Arry had the faith in Sandro you guys have, he'd not have bought Parker at all. Spurs have already admitted they're looking to renegotiate Modric's terms even though he signed in February, which suggests a certain level of anxiety. You can't really say the hypothesis is "ill informed" because it's mostly hypothetical anyway! Alls I'm saying is that Arsenal have more security than Spurs do. Not to say we're going to be peaches and cream if we don't qualify, but Spurs absolutely have to qualify to have any hope of maintaining the squad- let alone restocking it. On the face of it, Arsenal less so. But of course a lot is down to the vaguaries of player personality. But even in the event of revolt at Arsenal, we'd make a pretty penny added to funds we already have. As for who's the better team. I really, really would've thought by now Spurs would've learned not to make that judgement in November.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch, a) Other than Wilshire all those you have tied down aren't actually that good without RVP carrying them, b) ALL our players are tied down to long contracts and Levy has already demonstrated that he will not sell if he doesn't want to. As stated before you already lost 2 of your star players in the summer and that was with CL to offer them. I wouldn't bank on RVP staying even if you did qualify again this season.
....and why would it be easier to replace your players? (oh wait yeah you might have a point there ;) )
I find the fact he is donating money to any charity that helps people fascinating given his track record for causing damage to people. Decent footballer but a horrible, vile little person.
North Upper
Well they've been good enough to qualify us with RvP on the sidelines. Last time I checked, van Persie didn't play in goal, or midfield and doesn't cross the ball to himself. When was the last time Bale signed on? You do realise the Webster clause implications don't you? Once a player's protected period expires you don't have as much power to keep them. Why do you think Spurs are so desperate to give Modric a new contract less than 9 months after he signed his last one? Ultimately, if you're only making £400,000 a year WITH CL football (so you'll have made significantly less in your current accounts) the choice as to whether or not to keep your big players won't be your own anymore. I take it you saw Adebayor's interview yesterday? Where he said he wouldn't drop his £170k a week wage demands? Tottenham's profits could be put towards two and a half week's salary for him.
Little Dutch
LD im suprised at your opinion regarding Spurs finances. Sure you're in a better position, but our clubs financial position is pretty decent to be honest, when you consider the amount we have piled into the stadium bids most notably the NDP. Our wage bill was 40% lower than yours at the start of last season, thats a massive difference. And that's before we shipped out Keane, Crouch, Bentley, Hutton, Jenas who were all high earners. Weve made profit nearly every year for a decade. As for Parker on a "reported" £90k. Our wage structure is capped at £75k so im not sure about that one, also our squad is young. You could point to Gallas and Friedel sure, but they are on short deals in your Mikael Silvestre/Grimandi mould. Bale, Modric, Lennon, Walker, Kaboul, BAE, Sandro are all on long deals and have a decade infront of them. And we have some cracking youngsters too for the first time in 2 decades.
As for Wilshere, i like the kid. I like this banter and i rate him highly as a player.
Isn't it like doping for a PL team to be allowed to take on a player whose salary it cannot afford, only because the rival PL owner of the player is willing to and subsidizes that player's salary? Would Spurs have had Ade in the fold but for City's generosity?
As for Jack's wager, it is so much easier for Spurs fans, who follow him on twitter, to simply take him on and accept the bet instead of worrying about the size of his bet. That will signal just how confident they are and it is for a good cause anyway. Plus, it is just 1 Pound! How tight fisted can you get?
Spurs aren't in a bad position financially. You've been run solvently. The issue that could crop up for you guys, and it's a theme that comes up time and again in Redknapp's managerial career, is that I think Levy has every intention of running you as a business and has done thus far. But this is and always will be at odds with Redknapp's aims. He is a short term manager. For now, Levy has ceded to him. When the likes of Adebayor, Friedel, Parker and Gallas (whom wouldn't accept our salary offer, but accepted Tottenham's don't forget, so you're paying him more at 34 than we were when he was 29) need replacing, how receptive will Harry be when Levy says, "Sorry, we can't pay Adebayor £170k a week, you'll need to find someone cheaper"? Our wage bill is higher because we make more money (though we've reluctantly shifted two of our biggest earners this summer too). Tottenham need to have CL football to keep paying what they are, let alone replace what they're paying. In a sense, I feel for you guys. Your current rightful place is in the top 4 but Citeh have come along doped to the eyeballs and changed the picture. I think that's unfair because I think Spurs have tried to build in the spirit of a sporting institution. Were it not for that steroid injection, Citeh would still be treading water and Spurs would be top 4 mainstays by now.
Little Dutch
To be fair, no other club other than City will pay Ade 170k.. So he will have to pay cut anyways if he is looking for a move away.
I'm sure the likes of PSG, Anzhi or Malaga would put it up.
Little Dutch
At the end of the day this is all a matter of opinion and the proof will be in the pudding. On Ade it's a bit silly to suggest we're "doping" by having him. City are the ones who created a situation where they are paying a player they only wanted for a season twice as much as anyone else could afford. If he's saying now he wants to stay with us but won't negotiate his wages then he can move on. Not that he'd admit now that he probably would take a pay cut anyway. And FYI we are paying Gallas LESS than u offered him, he took a pay cut.
Little Dutch, blah blah blah. CL money is what it's all about for any team in the prem. this is why Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United pulled so far ahead in the last decade. Without CL for a couple of seasons Arsenal will struggle to get back in just like Liverpool are at the moment. Liverpool, despite what they think, are a ways away from get into the top four again. They were forced to spend silly money on average players.
Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! PAY UP you muppets! Possibly the only support who haven't caught on that the league season is 38 games long, NOT 18!

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Wenger's sure Henry will return - in what role?
Suggested By:  Site Staff
Coach 100%
Manager 0%
Director 0%
Like Wenger, not sure but know he will return.... 0%