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Wenger - We Were In Control

Arsene Wenger believes we were the most likely to win against Man U until they hit us with a sucker punch.

Speaking to Wenger explained that when Welbeck scored, he actually thought that Arsenal were on top and were the more likely to take the lead.

'We have seen that so many times. You have to defend every single ball well over 90 minutes. We defended well overall and it's a shame we were caught just at the moment when we were in control of the game.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Arsenal Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 24 2012

Time: 6:31PM

Your Comments

Can't argue with this quote and i think as much as there is alot of pessimism about our players, [typically certain ones get critisized and others don't for being 100% focused] vermaelen's rustyness at the back cost us the first goal, replays show him ball watching..and van persie's glaring miss trying to overhit the shot. those two moments changed the game for arsenal and showed how our most revered players are susceptable to brainfarts as much as say..walcott. I think this game could have easily had a different outcome and so things would definately feel alot rosier than they do.IMHO. given we get some key men back [arteta for one] we will definately have a stronger run in.
Wyn Mills
fuzzbag, rvp did missed one but he made amend the second time. it was not even a half chance. with his back facing the goal, he turned and poked the ball that through evra's leg and squeezed through the tightest space between the keeper's palm and the far post. rvp was so isolated throughout the game. and no wenger, we could have been 2 or 3 down before the half time. there is a gulf of quality between us and the weakest mu we seen for years. something for you to chew on
Is he on earth through the week or what? does he travel to some odd dimension where Arsenal are clear top and playing the type of football Barca dream of? I'm all for people sticking together but come on. It was the same when Spurs beat Arsenal 5-1 in the two bob cup, he said you were the better team. You've gone backwards, of that there is no doubt, whereas most around you have moved forward. The man needs to bite the bullett and change his ways (slightly).
Was not TV at fault for both goals? I think a RW is a LBs job. I remember playing for a new team and my LB was shouting at me (at LW) to cover their winger. That's not my job, that's his. The better defender (LB) takes the better attacker (RW) - remember CR vs A Cole? When you let your attacking player AA try to defend against a good winger there will only be one winner. Can you imagine Pires trying to cover Ronaldo???? AA did the right thing and decent basic defending, to show Valencia onto his left. But he was out of his depth to cover a good quick passing move.
No 10
I agree that we are too quick to judge those we earmark for poorness and should really be more objective in our criticisms. I went into this match not expecting anything. Had we lost 1-0 I don't think anyone would be shocked. But the fact that we put in a pretty decent (although scrappy from both teams) performance I felt the score at half time was unjust. We played some decent football in the second half and I think we're good value for our goal. Does anyone think that the crowd reaction to the substitution had negative effect on AA? I know he has been poor recently, but had he been given a rousing cheer and constant support do you think he might, just might, have put in a challenge on Valencia? We have all seen him pull out a couple of great tackles in the past.
No 10
Can I also draw attention to the difference in Blackburn, with the same team, the same manager and the same tactics. Their upturn in performances and results coincided directly with an agreement to stop the negativity during matches. OK it didn't stop 100% but it did reduce and has continued to do so. I do believe that you as a fan have the right to express yourself but you have to know that there are implications and consequences to doing so. Why do teams play better at home? because of the 'support'. Last season our home form dropped at a time when it was the home support that housed the boo boys. Our results got better after the 8-2 because most fans agreed that the team was in trouble and the best thing to do was get behind the team and see where we end the season. We did get better but have we forgotten that this is the same team in trouble that needs, and will do better, with our support at matches? I don't mind fans saying it's their right to sing what they want but they need to know that they are a cause as well as an effect of what happens on the pitch.
No 10
I think that's exactly what Henry was saying when he offended some fans the other week, wasn't it, No 10.
Maybe DT
No 10
In my view Henry wasn't offended because fans weren't getting behind the team, it was that he was struggling to come to terms with the fact that only a few days ago he was feted from the rafters by 55,000 ecstatic relieved worshippers at the church of Tel, (had he dropped his drawers that night we'd have broken the world gang bang record) and now he's in some backwater pit in Wales being shouted at by a handful of fat sweaty blokes livid at travelling hundreds of miles only to watch that capitulating drivel. His ego just ain't used to that kind of reaction and it's light years away from gooooooooooooo red bulls whoooooooo!!
booing should never be condoned. in the context of nationalism, one should never sabotage his own country but he has every right to question the governance (or misgovernance) of the power that be
I don't think any fans were offended by Henry either, i'm yet to meet one that's for sure. No 10 are you really comparing what's happening at Blackburn with that of what's going on at Arsenal? They're a spot of dust compared to us, tiny club. Away wins are going up in the league across the board, i'm not sure the exact reason why. but i'll bet it's got nothing to do with people getting p1ssed off about paying the highest prices for tickets in the world yet seeing a team that doesn't come close to reflect the pedestal that AFC as a PLC has set itself upon.
hey joe,van persie's goal was seriously impressive.. how it crept in at that pace, just gutted that he couldn't bury manure with the other one. sometimes misgovernance requires sabotage to be recognisable to the powers that be..and a country's relationship to its people like the club to their fans are hugely romanticised these days..commercial necessities an all. something for you to chew on ;-)
agree with you totally No 10.
I go to every home game. Even without the recent polarisation, I have to say our home support haven't really been friendly to each other. Maybe it's a London thing, where people don't really talk to people they don't know, but it's a bit sad really when people who support the same team can't be friendly to each other. Jeez our club seems to be in all kinds of mess, don't it!
He should have said "I took off our best player", and then they hit us with a sucker punch". Jesus, he's just taking the ***** now.
Tony Rocky Horror
Yeah cos you can really talk about managers taking the ***** can't you tony? Wenger managed in Monaco winning the league and the coupe de france for them, your shady jowelly villain just used the principality for the purpose of squirrelling away his ill gotten gains. The feckin well dodgy twitchy scrotum faced crook. 'lacking credibility' was todays courtroom verdict on Mr 'you aint got nuffink on me' lol.
Rosie47 as account name. LMAO! Evil genius.
Let's see how it all plays out. I shouldn't need to remind you that one of the most sucessful managers in your history had his hands in the till. You sacked him because he was thief. We sacked him because he just wasn't good enough for the greatest team in North London. LOL! Mind the gap by the way....10 points now I see.
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH, exactly. We sacked Graham DESPITE him being the most successful manager in North London, because he was a crook. Spuds, on the other hand, are quite comfortable employing villains and fraudsters. Therein lies the essiential difference between our two institutions.
Wyn Mills
Ha ha... watch out how far you go with that morality crap. Has your season become dependant on our managers court case? Oh how the worm has turned. He's probably guilty as hell but what does that have to do with us or you? It relates to pompey business. Do you think for one minute, even if found guilty, he'd go away for it? He has the same Brief as Gerrard did, he got off with it even though there was cctv showing him hit the guy unprovoked. Hey!! we're way above you, 'Arry's court case will change NADDA!!!
Graham: crook and scumbag. Merson: Drug addict and Alcoholic. Adams: Drunk driver who did time. Need I go on? Will I be forced to give you a history lesson about your own club? No need, I think. Oh, and by the way, if you're looking for a new striker why not have a look at Zamora? He fancies a move I've heard. Great pedigree in the Europa..
Tony Rocky Horror
Ha! man you're such a lame troll, comes here to do the winding up and gets wound up himself. History is history whatever troll, for every Merson there's a wifebeating useless fat lowlife thicko like Gazza, for every Graham theres a kerb crawling dwarf raincoat like Pleat. We're talking NOW trollboy and right now you're managed by a proper villain. This criminal Redknapp and his simpleton brood sum up everything that's wrong in the game today. Himwhatwhats two words Lester Piggott, this arrogant gobby 'Arry is exactly the type of oik the authorities love making an example of.
Hey, is this a real conversation? What about Zamora niko? Like I said, he's good in the Europa! How about it?!
Tony Rocky Horror
Good adebayor replacement then eh? being as theres no way he'll be with you next season. Still 14 games to go and 42 pts up for grabs, a lot can change in that time so don't count your ball balancing chickens just yet, though maybe you'll be able to set a live satellite link up from Wandsworth for the artless dodger?
"I write like a two year old and cannot spell" the latest in a long line of comedic gold from the embezzler. They should turn this trial into a sitcom, PMSL "I didn't even know what bank it was I walked into - and neither did my wife," aaaahahahahahahahaha.
Can't be that thick. He hammers you virtually every time he plays you. Poor old spent niko. Is that what it's come to? Sad. Still I don't blame you. At least it gives you some brief respite from the desperate state your own club's in. I'd sooner a dodgy geezer than a senile French dictator who's destroying the club he helped to build. Sorry sweetie, I know you're hurting at being well and truly bested by us but really.....
Tony Rocky Horror
so you've managed to get your sorry chutney chute of a club within 8 points of the league leader in January. Whoopee shoite, in the lean half a decade we've experienced that was par for the course. In short your freak season thus far is what we've achieved in our leanest recent times. Typical gobshoite spud running his mouth off before anything has actually been won or achieved. You have so much mouth I'm guessing your wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired in the old trouser dept.
I can see it now: SPURS GLORY SEASON: The year we finally finished above Arsenal (Special 2 Disc Platinium Edition) including the extras: LEVY'S PHONE TAPPING TIPS, THE QUEST TO RELOCATE TO EAST LONDON, HARRY'S ADVENTURES IN MONACO, VAN DER VAART ON BALE:"HE'LL GET EVEN BETTER AT A BIGGER CLUB" and much much more!
Wyn Mills
Ouch, touched a nerve did I? Speak the truth did I? And doesn't that truth hurt? Running his mouth off before anything has been won or achieved? Well, we've left you for dead, and as for winning anything...I'd suppose that's rather a distant memory for you. As for Harry, at the very worst he put a few bob away for his grandchildren. The sort of thing any normal human being would do, especially one such as him who started out life as an impoverished east end kid. Not that you would understand. All you can muster are playground insults, tiresome ad hominem. There used to be a time when vitriol was all we had, too. Not any more. These days you're just another club that will in all probibility be thrashed all over the pitch. I can feel a DVD coming on...Spurs in the CL, Arsenal in the Europa! Just so fecking brilliant! Spurs fans everywhere these days! We're just taking the *****! Marching all over Arsenal! By the time we beat you in the league we'll have virtually booked our place in the CL, years dining at the highest tables of European football. Years of trophies and great players. While you wobble on with Professor F.U.C.K UP trying to keep your head above the high watermark of mid table. Glory, glory. And all wrapped up at Ashburton S.H.I.T heap! LOL!
Tony Rocky Horror
Oh dear. Tony is going off on one and trying too hard. Take it easy, fella.
Worst.Troll.Ever. Like I said comes on here trying to lamely wind up only to be laughed at and have his own blood pressure rise! What a silly old fart. We've heard it all before gramps, you're having one freak season that's all, noone at your run down trampy club has the wherewithall to build on that, then the skinny chicken will settle down for another 50 years of night. Doubtless you'll still be here banging on about the glorious 12/13 season where you won feck all lol but hey that doesn't matter does it? no all that matters is your all consuming gollumesque obsession with us. Managed by a crook, supported by sociopathic inbreds. Marching over Arsenal lol joker, you'll never even win the league let alone win it TWICE at our ground. THAT is taking the ***** out of your neighbours troll and you'll never be allowed to forget it 71/2004.
GV, dont worry about TRH. His medication will deal with it. In any case I haven't laughed this much in ages.
Wyn Mills
Just saw the title of your next article on Vital Trophyless. Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Having had the displeasure of meeting some of your support the answer for them would be "Yeah, my sister". Get it up right up yer scum!!
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH i think your really a closet arsenal supporter, as you seem to spend more time on our site as you do on your own,
cornish gooner
Your sister Tony? Why would any of us know her? If she's anything like yourself she probably pushes a shopping trolley of jumble up & down seven sisters rd shouting 'come to nursey' whilst wearing a necklace of dead pidgeons and leaving a liquid trail of super strength bum cider in her shuffling stinky wake.
Ah, memories of your childhood eh niko? Did bad boys get sent to the den under the stairs?
Tony Rocky Horror
You brought up your sister, we all should know her apparantly? and something about getting right up her scum? That's what happens in T*ttenham folks, lowlifes pimp their family. Anyhow I'll let you into a little secret, your team are playing tonight, yes I know you'd rather be here getting cyber pummelled but you really should take an interest in them from time to time.

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