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Team News: Arsenal vs Aston Villa

With the opponents for the next round already known, it`s time to knuckle down and make sure we`re the name in the next round and not Aston Villa.

With the game just about to kick off let`s look at the teams.

Fabianki replaces Chesney, Chamberlain`s impressive game vs Man Utd earns his a starting berth, Bacary Sagna makes a welcome return to the bench and Thierry Henry makes a comeback after a brief injury.

21 Fabianski
04 Mertesacker
05 Vermaelen
06 Koscielny
07 Rosicky
14 Walcott
15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
16 Ramsey
17 Song
39 Coquelin
10 Van Persie

13 Szczesny
03 Sagna
08 Arteta
23 Arshavin
30 Benayoun
09 Park Chu-Young
12 Henry

Aston Villa
01 Given
02 Hutton
03 Warnock
05 Dunne
21 Clark
24 Cuellar
07 Ireland
19 Petrov
09 Bent
11 Agbonlahor
20 Keane

22 Guzan
30 Lichaj
32 Baker
25 Bannan
38 Gardner
18 Heskey
26 Weimann

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 29 2012

Time: 3:55PM

Your Comments

Here we go....
I don't know what's happening anymore. Crazy stuff.
DUNNE AND DUNNER .....starring el ricardo duneo at the emirates spu 4 life bent IN FROM bent hahahahaha spu 4 life villa 2 x 0 arsenic Total knobhead 2-0 Villa THFCHHI Great goal by Bent -0-2 half time big cockeral very nice finish by bent on the rebound . very nice. Total knobhead YES VILLA 2-0! :D wiltshirespur ARE YOU WATCHING ARRRSSEENNNNALLLLLLLL spu 4 life
spu 4 life
DUNNE AND DUNNER .....starring el ricardo duneo at the emirates spu 4 life bent IN FROM bent hahahahaha spu 4 life villa 2 x 0 arsenic Total knobhead 2-0 Villa THFCHHI Great goal by Bent -0-2 half time big cockeral very nice finish by bent on the rebound . very nice. Total knobhead YES VILLA 2-0! :D wiltshirespur ARE YOU WATCHING ARRRSSEENNNNALLLLLLLL spu 4 life
spu 4 life
2-0 down at the Library. Both goals made in Tottenham. Dear oh dear ...
Where are we going? Were a defensive shambles.
Wyn Mills
Let's not kid ourselves, we're an average side right now. Our midfield is just plain ordinary. You feel this is a seminal moment; if Wenger can't resurrect any form in the next few games, it's over. At this rate I don't fancy to us to win any game.
Oh and how many times have I seen Arsenal fall asleep when the opposition has a corner.
WTF ? all the possesion but not goals .To say you lack a creative midfielder like Modric or Silva is understatement of the year
big cockeral
Vital Arsenal seems to be a mostly dead site these days now that the team looks dismal. Change allegiances, come over to Vital Spurs where supporters log on by the dozens and comments tend to range into the hundreds whether Spurs win or lose. The low activity here makes Arsenal look like its supporters come out only when the sun is shining.
Total knobhead
We feel your pain.
Total knobhead
In fairness, Spurs fans had to live in the rain for such a long time that if they didn't come out in the rain, they never got out at all. You're just used to it.
rain is normal in London. it's weak kneed to hide away when it rains. to be a fair weather fan, you might as well support the Galaxy in LA
Total knobhead
Rocky7 does need a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing.
Total knobhead
One bit of great creativity from a midfielder then .............
big cockeral
finally some luck for the gooners. what a lucky goal to tie.
Total knobhead
Not bad
Sniff it spurs fans. Sniff it long and hard. lol
Suddenely the Spurs knobheads disappear.
Wyn Mills
Very very impressive fightback. Heartening to see players like Walcott Rosicky and Rambo who've been poor for some time give a real lionheart of a 2nd half. Well done lads!
i see rocky turnes up after the arse nal got back to 3-2 , glory hunter .
The day began so promisingly and ended so poorly.
Total knobhead
the only difference between a dog turd and a spurs fan, is that a dog turd cant type and doesnt look a total knobhead at full time
cornish gooner
Still, pathetic that so few Gooners care enough to get on the site during an FA match. Disheartening year, it seems. As many Spurs supporters on here as Gooners. On VS, comments by the dozens or hundreds almost every day. Much livelier place, come rain or shine.
Total knobhead
sp*rs fans lol, they should all have the total knobhead moniker as a network default. Hope that humble pie is laced with some lovingly prepared Marriott hotel care. Better get your running shoes on boys - your flapping mouths have got a good head start.
Heres a thought knobhead, maybe we were actually WATCHING the fecking game, you utter utter phlegm licker.
No Ledley, funnily enough during the game I was ... well ... watching the game.
I can watch the final coupla hours of the 24 Hours of Daytona race a happy man now! Yes!
Great second half recovery. Amazing what a little commitment and belief can do.
Wyn Mills
My choice of the name Total Knobhead insulates me totally from insults such as "utter utter phlegm licker." Did you intend to offer me your hanky? That's about all that I could expect a Gooner could offer.
Total knobhead
Good point Knobhead, I imagine the Arsenal fans at the Emirates were making sure they logged on to Vital Arsenal during the game, I'm also sure that the huge internet presence Arsenal fans have (which has actually gone up during the last six years) will make sure they all flock to this one particular site just to show insecure spuds like you that we're not fair weather fans.
Professor Calculus
What grounds do you have, Prof Calculus, to call me insecure? Your name tells me you are pretentious. Mine tells me I have a sense of humor. But by what psychological grounds can you infer that I am insecure? I do dislike Arsenal. That I'll grant you.
Total knobhead
The only busy sites for prem teams on vital are the scum and those that follow the russians' plaything, Liverpool & utd are both cemetaries, ours is probably on a par with the citeh site that has a few core posters and a few that dip in & out same as here.
"My choice of the name Total Knobhead insulates me totally from insults such as "utter utter phlegm licker." Er just opens you up to more ridicule. Which crap university misold you that degree in reverse psychology?
Wyn Mills
lol like he went to university, straight to the dole queue.
I'm pretentious to give myself a name based on a character from the Tintin comics? Lol, Yet again spuds jumping to conclusions and making fools of themselves.
Professor Calculus
I don't really understand why they care so much about the site activity. One would assume that they believe internet membership size suggest they're the better fans. It's some kind of childish need to feel superior to us, because it's not like they have won 13 league titles or 10 FA Cups to cheer about. Snoogans.
The words 'Spurs', 'fools', 'jumping' and 'conclusions' have a familiar resonance.
Wyn Mills
Anyways fv
fv(k spurs that shoulda said, hope we get boro up next as opposed to a resurgent sunderland.
Also hope we get boro. Interesting Wenger didn't give Arshavin even a sniff of a run out today. If anyone really needs to get his season and act together its our little pocket russian.
Wyn Mills
Great comeback there! Now, that's the spirit, Gooners. Delighted.
******** spurs coming to our forum and messing up the html.. ******** scumbags.
Theo did his claim to the shirt a lot of good today. Not sure I have seen him play in such controlled fashion in recent times. Rosicky was just flying in the midfield that I was worried we could get a similar reaction to his substitution as we did to the Ox's substitution vs United last week. Good job, once again, lads. Let's keep the momentum up.
Wyn Mills, Wenger may be a stubborn man but I don't think he is that brave :-)
As for Spud TShill7, "2-0 down at the Library. Both goals made in Tottenham. Dear oh dear ...". Guess what; the ex-spuds made 2 goals and gave up 2 goals. How is that for a well laid out dish of humble pie. Don't count your cockerels until the eggs are hatched, my friend.
What a comeback! Well Done The Arsenal! Thanks You saved my Sunday :-)
And so back to the actual game. Was it an elbow by Van Persie? And if so, do you think he'll be done by the FA over it? (Haven't seen it, just read McLeish's remarks)
It was an elbow fcb but I'm not sure it was violent conduct he did look at the player before he jumped and he did lead with an elbow but I don't think he swang with it, basically no different from what the likes of Shearer and Davies have made careers out of and get lauded by 'these soft johnny foreigners don't like it up em' pundits. McLeish has got a feckin nerve given that none of his players have ever left our gaff with their foot hanging by a tendon.
Heard that a medical report has just been printed that a scum supporter went to the doctors because everytime he masturbated he would shout out come on you spurs, the doctor said not to worry most wan*ers do
FCB - You see 'elbows' like that every week. If Lescott didn't get done for his the other week they can't really do anything about that. All Spurs fans who feel the need to come to Vital Arsenal - Seriously, do you have a life orrrr?
ITV commentary said the elbow should've been a red. I think it was ESPN that said it wasn't even a foul. The FA could look at it and it could go either way. The elbow was low, below shoulder hight. There was no swing to it but he did catch him. But remember Rooneys elbow on the Wigan player in the centre circle? That went to the FA and they said that was fine.
No 10
The second half was great: The passing was quicker, the running was direct and decisive, the movement was interesting and fluid. That is how this team needs to play and I hope we see it from the start against Bolton.
No 10
It was more a push with a forearm than it was an elbow. Not quite a red but it was a very silly thing to do as the ref could have interpreted it that way.
All depends on what Jones says, if he says he didn't see it then I think RvP could be in trouble, wouldn't surprise me at all
Good game from Theo and Rosicky. Theo really befitted from having a more natural RB playing behind him and I hope that people recognise that his drop in form is linked to having Djourou, a very good 3rd-4th choice CB, covering that role. Very nice to see Coquelin back and playing really well. And I hope the return of Bac is smooth too. Well done Arsenal!
No 10
I align with the views of Rocky and No. 10 above. RvP only tried to gain the needed advantage over the covering defender by raising his arm; the elbow was a low one (not to the head) and grazed the defender. Hardly malicious and something we see every other game. The FA will not see it as anything else, irrespective of ITV and McLeish, who agreed he hadn't seen a replay at the time he spoke.
By the way, is here any news on the transfer front? Are we going to "miraculously" do a deal before the window closes?
Let's be honest, if Rooney had done it you'd be spitting feathers, looks a bit iffy to me, reckon he could be in for it
As Fuikaka said, you see elbows like that every week. Two guys jumping for a high ball. I've seen players like Shearer and Fellani get away with much much worse. I think McLeish is just trying to switch the focus away from his own disappointment. And if we're starting to point fingers why wasn't Dunne given a second yellow for that rash challenge that resulted in the first penalty? Swings and roundabouts.
Wyn Mills
Got to say the Dunne thing got me. I just think it was a late challenge and anywhere else on the pitch it is a yellow.
No 10
I'm sure if we were in a title race with utd the FA would ban him but being as we're only a danger to ourselves this season you gotta hope for it to slide.
Lol, Niko. Correct!

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