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Financial Fair Play Ruining 'Sky Sports News Day'?

Aside from last summer, the close of the transfer window has represented nothing more than a day of jealousy for Arsenal fans.

How many of you watched Santa Claus: The Movie this Christmas?

You remember the scene where little Joe is wandering the cold streets of New York, freezing, homeless and hungry. He sees a branch of McDonalds, and with pains in his stomach he presses his little face up against the window, looking in with envy as he wishes with all his heart that he could be in there enjoying the festivities with everyone else?

Well that`s how Arsenal fans feel at the close of 99% of transfer windows.

At least that was the case until now.

In the summer we got to sample a taste of the joy of having a busy day with the manager brining a succession of great players for us to drool over at least for a few days and wonder how they`ll fit into the side and what qualities they will bring.

Fast forward to the New Years transfer window, and once again Gunners fans are left not in the least bit jealous. This time however for some completely different reasons.

It appears as though a mix of the financial fair play rules, the home grown player rule and the entire global economic downturn is rendering "Sky Sports News Day" a complete joke. And for that we must be truly thankful.

Most Arsenal fans were pretty certain that we wouldn`t see any players of real note coming in yesterday, not least because our 25 man squad currently has no room for any non-home-grown player over the age of 21. That said Mr Wenger still brought in a young player who in typical Arsene fashion none of us known anything about.

However when you look around the other clubs, clubs who traditionally spend obscene amounts of money every time the window is so much as left ajar, there was little to no action amongst even those.

So are the rules actually working?

Time will tell. However if the implementation of these rule do nothing other than make Jim White look like a complete bell-end trying to over-hype a short term signing of Louis Saha or the render useless the rather large face of Brian Swanson fannying around with his touch screen TVs trying to impress us with the massive total of money spent in this years transfer window (£55M combined for those who care), then it`s a job well done in my opinion.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 1 2012

Time: 9:29AM

Your Comments

I switched on SSN yesterday and lasted about ten minutes before I was going to throw up. I've been able to ignore the hyperbole and "Super Sunday" bulls**t until now (I just today cancelled by Sky Sports subscription). The vomit inducing crap they spilled yesterday over non-events was horrible. They even put a montage together of the "exciting events" of yesterday.
Put it this way, I was asleep by 10.45pm last night!
Little Dutch
I watched a man chain himself to the Goodison Park goalposts and then watched 'The Big Bang Theory' with the Mrs. Much more fun. Then again castrating myself with cheese wire would have been more preferable.
I was so excited yesterday, packed my tea and headed off down the Grove to hang about in the cold with other rent a fool nothingtodos drawn like particularly thick moths to the tv lights, I held my phone to my ear like I had any credit and friends to call, and waited, when the news came through about Arsefelt I literally filled my pants with joy... followed by the usual confusion and emptiness I feel. I am a Sky monkey.
Why do we have to wait 2 weeks for Wilsheres new scan btw? Are we that feckin tight we're doing it on the NHS?
Gotta be honest-I find the skysports hysteria on transfer deadline day very entertaining, I get a lot of laughs out of it. Esp Jim White who I think is a great cure for lethargy & depression. He makes you want to punch him out or just laugh hysterically. So on transfer deadline day I always have skysports online blaring on my computer while I'm working (assuming I can find a live stream). There's nothing quite like it in any other media outlet anywhere I know of -- TV "reporters" (if you can call them that) breathlessly trying to make the most mundane news into something Extremely Significant & Exciting for almost 24 hrs straight. The only other parallel I can think of is the unbelievably boring 24/7 election campaign coverage we have here in the US (which is suicide-inducing).
This game v Bolton is very frustrating. We are not showing needed urgency and could lose this game from a fluke of a goal (God forbid that).
Now, we are stepping things up; hope it is not too late it.
well its 90 mins gone and nothing.... same old same old. 4th place? not even looking like a glimmer of hope now
Manager, players and tactics are *****!
e dubbz
Sorry O, Naijagunner ... 12pts is the gap now ... tut tut tut.
Thank God he took Chamberlain off!! He was ripping us apart! Think that master-stroke earned us a point
Chuffed! Disgusted too.
It looks like we are jinxed; can't pick up needed (3) points when the closest rival(s) drop points. A drastic change to our play is called for now. Why take Henry on loan only to keep him on the bench for much of the games for which he is eligible?
roforofo, forget the spuds; we are talking Newcastle, Liverpool and Chelsea here.
We're just not very good. Is Walcott really worthy of a place in a side with pretensions of being a serious top PL and European team? His return is poor to say the least. Just not enough quality in this side.
Theo needs time on the bench. Arteta wasn't his calm self today, either. We need to kick up some form and start looking to score many goals in games; it may just come down to GD. A word is enough for ....
I thought 13 was an unlucky number, well that could be right, we were 13 points clear and 13 goals clear, but now we're 13 goals clear but only 12 points clear. .... So their you have it. Life's good in football at the moment don't you agree !
Dear NaijaGunner, not that I wish you rub any salt in your gash, but, I never knew a game-in-hand was worth as much as 7pts to the winner of said game-in-hand. Because, I could have sworn we were only ahead of you by '5pts + Game-in-hand'. However, all of a sudden we seem to be 12pts ahead. I mean ... what the heck, eh!

The way things are going, at the Emeroids, you may have to send a message back-a-yard for some good shigidi (to inter in the centre circle of the pitch at Emeroids o!) Anyway, safe to say that (crocked) imp called Wilshere can pay out now.
there goes our europa dream
Henry is nothing but a smokescreen, it was almost perverse seeing all these grown men w8nk themselves dry about us renting him out again, an absolute hero and rightly so, but completely finished as a threat at the top level.
Oh, by the way, what's gonna happen when we don't qualify for the CL? Everything is completely based on that, what'll happen to Europa League ticketing? They can't reduce the fees ala Carling Cup cos they'll be in our already overpriced Season Tickets. What does Kroenke do again? What does Gazidis do again?? Keep as much dosh in the club as possible so he can make a buck out of it, and Wenger's the lightening rod. I'd prefer the Uzbek, at least you know he wants success ON the pitch.
i think next season the ticket price will be raised by another 6% to compensate the loss of cl revenue. some of you will still come out and say " look we have a healthy account". e bulli price for mcd value meal, we are loving it!
Hearing what comes out of our board and management, it's just amazing how out of touch the Club is with their fans. And sad.
now the conspiracy of pushing david dein out of the board becomes clearer. as much as we would like to distance ourselves from usmanov's shady background, at least dein has the fans in his heart. he has the vision & he knew the pl was heading towards the billionaire ownership trend where money is thrown around. we were always told that we are building for the future. fab was the future, nasri was the future; we sold our future. rvp, going soon. as for ox, come barca or citeh with 30 mil after 2 seasons, off he goes. the trend is so obvious and it's amazing how many of us are still living in the state of denial
Of course, the fans are all wonderfully level-headed...
Thanks Damiano, fantastic contribution, are you sitting in the corner with your arms folded not making eye contact with anyone?
Dein had his faults, but isn't as bad as people like Arseblogger make out, reckon he'd have sat back & rested on his laurels whilst we're in mid table? I'm almost looking forward to the end of this era, unfortunately.
Yeah that's right damiano, it's all the fans' fault - no problems at all with the team. Listening to Gazidis on Fox Soccer Channel's Goals on Sunday was a bizarre experience--it was like suddenly I had been transported to 2008 and none of 2011/12 had happened at all. Same old stuff, not even a slight recognition that we're not doing well this season. We can forget about the CL next season & I'm not even sure about being in the EL (tho some gooners prefer that). As for Dein...I've gone along with those who've dismissed the significance of his departure until now. Now I've started to think that those who've been pointing to his importance may have a point-they may exaggerate but I surely there's something to the argument that since his departure the Board/manager/staff seem to have lost cohesion, have not been able to respond coherently to new trends & developments in the PL -- financially, tactically on the pitch and in the entire process of signing & selling players. Certainly since the end of last season, they seem to be lumbering along, with no clear plan as to where we're going. We have an owner who (unlike Abramovich) remains invisible, doesn't attend games and just lets things drift. It's not just money that's our problem (in terms of competing with the new world of financial doping in the PL). Spurs have no megarich owner (& no I don't want to spend money like spurs do-they spend it like water & often on poor players, & sell players at a loss). I also think tactically & stylistically on the pitch the team is utterly stale, predictable, unable to counteract improved tactics from even poor opponents like Bolton. This is long enuf, I'll stop here.
Jaelle - agreed. There's also a few Gooners that think that Arsene could potentially leave this Summer. I just don't see that happening; he always honours his contract and this Board will never dismiss him. The thing that's hardest to see now is that we don't even play good football anymore. A lot of people criticise the fans and atmosphere at home (some with justification), but when our team spends half the match passing the ball sideways at a low tempo it hardly gets you going, does it? I've sat there myself and it doesn't really inspire you. Our football has actually become quite boring. Barca pass the ball a lot, but the speed and penetration in which they create chances is the difference. I'm not saying we should be as good as one of the best sides in history, but we certainly shouldn't try to play the best football in the world without the best players in the world. At least in seasons gone past when we weren't winning, it was still a pleasure to see Cesc play in this side and his sheer class dominating the game. The football could be glorious even if the trophies weren't there. With Arsene and the Board apparently reluctant to change, you can't really see things changing and only getting more and more stale.
Dein was already losing his grip on the trends of the PL. Wiltord, Edu, Kanu and Flamini all left for Bosmans, Hleb threatened to invoke Webster and forced his move- Ashley Cole camouflaged with his bellendery just how badly mismanaged his contract situation was. Those prohibitive commercial deals everybody complains about were all signed off under Dein's stewardship too.
Little Dutch
not many people will cry a river over those names, Cole was definitely mismanaged. Also, a lot easier to not worry about those sort of things when you're experiencing success on the pitch in a beautiful, albeit smaller, stadium. Right now it's just magnified x1000 all these other things that do matter, but not massively.
Dein obviously made mistakes and was far from an angel, but he was Wengers friend and together they made a winning partnership, I think it's no coincidence that not only the efficiency of Arsenal transfers has dramatically fallen but also the prestige and standard of player pulling power is now hugely reduced. Like it or not Dein was a fantastic and tireless ambassador at every level, look at us now no club wants to do business with us, we're a feckin leper to them, agents respected Dein and he made people want to do business with him, Dein was the advisor and confidante to Wenger that he so sorely desperately needs now, look at him he's lost, unravelling by the game and noone is there to let him know what needs doing and how. Wenger offered to tender his own resignation when Dein was ousted so close were they. If the board had one iota of sense and humility they'd proffer the olive branch to David and get this mighty club off it's rapidly regressive rump.
I think it's a shame that, even in death, Danny Fiszman's work is so overlooked. It was Fiszman and Dein that presented a good blend of qualities. Dein was a great backslapper and handshaker, no doubt. But he lacked the technical knowledge and drive of Fiszman. Dein on his own would not represent the value. Don't think there's any truth that Wenger offered his own resignation. Dein and Wenger differed- just look at their ideas around the stadium and club funding. Probably telling that Fiszman was kept around and Dein wasn't when the two fell out. Whilst I agree there appears to be a lack of direction and urgency- I just think Dein is massively over mythologised- partly because Dein's very skill is self promotion.
Little Dutch
first have to question the motivation of dein in selling his shares. he knew the club's finance was pretty much secured when he decided to sell and from an investor's point of view, arsenal was a gold mine. he sold for 75 mil in 2007 and his share was worth 93 mil two years later. when manu, chelsea & liverpool were own by billionaires during that period, we we outmuscled in the transfer market in terms of transfer fees & wages. our golden era with henry, bergkamp, vieira & co had ended and our scouting secret was exposed, thus the production from quality scouting was dwindling. i believe dein had foreseen our predicament & wanted to fight fire with fire, thus he found a billionaire for us to pull through the transition years. the discontent from most of us nevertheless is not of not spending the billionaires' money (although as i pointed out in my comment in another post, as investors, the ought to assume some risk) but simply not spending the money we earned from selling our future which resulted in 6 years without a pot. 255.3 mil in the bank as of 2010 before we even sold fab & nasri. now we are very likely to drop out from the cl spot. isn't it too much to ask the club to break the bank for once? don't tell me there is no better player in the market compared to our current squad
also, completely agree with gooner_vin, don't attempt to play barca style when we do not have players of barca's quality. we have 60% possession of side-way passing every game without penetration & urgency. it's just so frustrating
Culprits being Ramsey and Arteta. Ramsey has this annoying habit of seeking out the ball in offensive areas only to get it and turn back or sideways, looking for the easier backward pass when he should be looking to make a penetrating pass to pierce defenses. I like his all round contribution but will like to see him take more risks with his forward passing.
Naija - read this article, quite interesting -
Wenger didn't offer resignation but (according to Alex Fynn so it's whether you view him as credible, I personally don't think he isn't) but he asked Dein if he would like him to tender his resignation and obviously Dein said 'no you must continue'. Fiszman wasn't the one being discussed so I didn't, not really a case of overlooking as such. Everyone I'm sure at board level will still have some differing views and that's a good thing providing there is balance & workable compromise at the club and I'm sure there were times when Dein did need reining in but on the whole I think what he offered far outweighed his shortcomings and his presence or even position has never been replaced, I'd like to see him return if only for nothing else than stopping his parasitical feckin sprog turning the heads of our best players and consistently wh0ring them out , which you have to feel would stop if it was hurting papas' livelihood.
Sorry jaelle, but we've spent relativley bugger all in the last 4 years. When you take into account our outgoings (Berbatov £31m, Keane £20m, Crouch £12m, Palacios £8m, Pav £8m plus a shedload to Sunderland & Fulham) Our wage bill is smaller than Aston Villas too. Also in Joe Lewis we have the 3rd richest owner in the UK, although Levy & Alan Sugar other mega rich Spurs fans taking more of a lead role. I know your looking for a pick-me-up giving your dreadful season but i'd look elsewhere for a morale boost.
Ramsey only does that naija because there's never any bugger to pass to. van Persie is the only striker that actually moves and tries to make a pass available. If he ain't got bread, he can't make sandwiches.
Little Dutch
With regards to Dein, it's hard to see a way back because he disagreed so fundamentally with how the club is being run. He didn't want the stadium and he doesn't want self sustaining. The point Joe makes about his shares too is a good one. Dein has made a lot of quite atrocious business decisions in his life- prior to joining Arsenal all his business ventures went tits up. At Arsenal, he voted against Sky's involvement in the game in favour of ITV keeping the Big Match. He brings a narrow portfolio of qualities- qualities though they are- I think we can reasonably get them by recruiting someone with a few more strings to his bow.
Little Dutch
Thanks Gooner_Vin. The article just about captures much of the sentiments here and some I've shared above. 'Nuff said.
LD, true. However, it was the same role Cesc played in the same 4-3-3 system and yet, he was willing to try balls over-the-top or just thread those eye-of-the-needle passes between defenders to our only striker (whether Ade or RvP). Ramsey just has to keep trying and trust that the law of averages will back him up once in a while.
So people generally rag on Dein because he sold up his stake thus proving forever that he had betrayed and turned his back on Arsenal. Now the consensus is that he's a ***** businessman for not selling up two years later losing 18 mill in the process? The fact this barrow boy rose to such prominence at the bank of England club is testament to how far one can go on his narrow portfolio of qualities, qualities that are unquantifiable in general everyday business. Qualities which some slick new corporate yes man addition just will never possess. Completely agree that it's impossible to see any way back given the impasse that had occurred, my point is though that if we are to persist with a manager increasingly at odds with almost everything in the modern game then pride should be swallowed for the greater good and Wenger is given back the necessary tools to get back on track, I'd gladly bet anything Wenger would give his swinging onion bag to have that relationship back for whatever time remains.
Europa League should be respected.
sajit GTFI .. Love gooners
***** David Dein. He's an egotistical ********* who got lucky because his wife met Arsene Wenger in a social situation and he glommed onto him. Let's see- if Dein doesn't go behind the back of the Arsenal board and get Kroenke to buy, where are we? Kroenke doesn't want him so he becomes the head of Red and White for Usmanov. Usmanov doesn't want him because he'll make a deal with the devil to get control of Arsenal. Kroenke is a crap owner, Usmanov may or may not be any better, but Dien is a capital D douche bag.
Wow..and the most hateful canadian award goes to.. personally I hold the man who played a big part bringing Bergkamp, Ian Wright, Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Pires, Sol, Gilberto, Clichy, Toure, Cesc and RVP to the club in a little higher regard. Everyone is up in arms about yeah but he didn't want the stadium, well we now have the stadium so it aint going anywhere, yeah but he wanted to bring in a foreign owner, well we now have a foreign owner. I hope the first thing kroenke does when the board lockdown ends in April is bring Dein in, our player transfers and especially the contracts side of things has totally gone to the dogs in Deins absence, I don't give a rats feck who Dein met through his wife btw it's just a really weird argument/point with less relevance than REO Speedwagon.
I think Dein already showed himself to be out of his depth on the contract thing given the amount of big contracts we awarded to people who subsequently left on free transfers. Pires' autobiography also seems to suggest Dein didn't have much involvement on the negotiation side. He says Edelman and Wenger handled his transfer in its entirety.
Little Dutch
when dein left, our wage ceiling was around 80k pw (except for henry if one takes into account his enormous sign-on fees) which lead to players running down their contracts. i guess that's when he knew we were not competitive enough and thus needed a deep pocket sponsor. the ceiling is pretty much the same now. we offered cesc & nasri around 110k-120k but never materialised. rvp is still on a 80k package i think. top teams were paying their top players at least 130k 3-4 years ago. how much you pay determines the what quality you get, except for our ticket price
Whatever way you look at it we're *****ing into the wind, only ffp can save us. And that won't, so, as long as there are clubs out there who can easily outspend us, success won't come our way.
I'm with Niko on this. However he actually is/was, and none of us will ever truly know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Wenger would still rather have Dein around. Whatever you think of the man, he certainly has charisma. Maybe we're clutching at straws simply because we're going through a relatively dire time, but I'm kinda worn out of all the self-sustainability stuff that gets spewed and apparent lack of real ambition by the owner and board. It does seem like the whole thing has gone stale.
I've heard a lot here about his talent for self promotion but all I've heard from Dein this season was after our disastrous start to the season he did a BBC interview where his sole motive was to defend his friend Arsene, much as I agree with LD when he says a lot of people have mythologised this mans' strengths, however I would also assert that conversely it's easy to demonise a mans' failings which I've seen a fair bit of here for DD, the truth as always lies somewhere inbetween.
Is there no one else in the world who can do what Dein did? Sign up players with experience, ensure contracts are renewed at the proper time etc. That's what this Board is not doing right. There was a report in the summer that the one in charge of this at Arsenal (don't remember his name) was trying to sign Joel Campbell when hell was breaking loose, with the futures of Cesc & Nasri up in the air. This club is not being managed well, and I dont only mean Wenger managing the football side of things. The lessons of the summer, and the past 3-4 seasons have not been learned. We've not done well finishing seasons for the past 3-4 years, and we are going to do even worse this season, as the key players will be tired towards the end. The only thing I need to see is acknowledgment of mistakes made, and steps taken to correct them. That's only partly happened with Wenger, and has not happened at other levels of the club.
I think prits has probably explained better what I'm getting at. I mean, from a public point of view, I think Dein failed on a lot of things. If you think the 6% rise last summer was a botch (and it was) look back at the bond scheme in 92. But I'm not saying he brought nothing to the table. I just don't get this idea that nobody else in the world could possibly fill that role. I find it a bit weird to clamour for the return of someone who left 5 years ago. I mean, you wouldn't see a player shortage in the squad addressed by simply bringing back someone you had 5 years ag........what was that you say?
Little Dutch
Heh, the bond scheme is what he's primarily remembered and distrusted for and it was as indefensible now as it was then. For me the only reason for it to be Dein as opposed to new blood is purely down to his closeness with AW, they're practically neighbours and still meet socially regularly, it's primarily for this reason that I'd like to see him return in a capacity to supervise player targeting and contracts whilst Dick Law is on his next South American jolly for the majority of the transfer window.
not that everyone is clamoring for the return of dein but we are seeing what he saw. it's the policy and the direction of the club that we are opposing. transfer fees cap at 15 mil wage cap at 80k pw isn't gonna bring you top players to the club. one can argue that we never spend big whilst did not too bad. we have to wake up to the reality that nowadays, the scouting system for all top clubs have caught up. we were linked with gotze, hazard, ozil, eriksen etc when they were only 16-17 but swarm of clubs had already spotted them too at the same time. had it been 10 years ago, i am sure at least two of them are already in the bag. even for ox, we fought tooth and nail with liv & manu to sign him. he came probably because he knew there is not much competition here at the wing. so with such policy of buying max at 15 mil, paying max at 80k pw & selling at 25 mil+ offered or when wage demand exceeding the cap, we will be in transition forever. you just feel being short changed when you were told the club could not afford who and who and keep selling all the our top players but always ended with tens of million profit annually and hundreds of million in the bank
one fine day, the club may announce dividend payout and in a flash, hundred of millions in the reserve will be gone. there is also possibility that with such attractive financial prospect, the club would be sold for a huge profit and the subsequent owner would put us in deep debt to finance the takeover just like what happened to manu. glazer is here for the profit but the is willing to fork out big money for success, abramovich & mansour are here for their ego and money is not an issue. i suspect kroenke is only here for risk free investment
I guess I'm just not convinced at how dynamic the Dein and Wenger partnership actually was. Typically, it's only ever Dein that really plays it up. (Like that time a cadre of photographers just happened to be outside a restaurant Dein and Wenger had been in that evening, shortly after Kroenke was hoovering up shares for fun). I don't recall Arsene talking about it too many times. I mean, it might well have been a very good partnership, it might have worked wonders. I just feel like it's only Dein's word I have to go on on that. I appreciate he brought AW to Arsenal, but I'm of the impression Dein and his people are the ones that implant that story repetitively. At Man Yooo Martin Edwards isn't anything like as celebrated for appointing Ferguson.
Little Dutch

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