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A Bid For Hazard Dependant On CL Qualification?

It`s often been said that Arsene Wenger can be a little to tepid in the transfer market, opting to sign the more obscure player and moulding them in to an Arsenal player rather than paying the big bucks for the more renowned 'star`.

It`s a tactic that has worked brilliantly well for Wenger over the years, however the longer our current trophy drought continues the louder the call for Arsene to "spend some fucking money" grows.

In a rare break in apparent policy, the Arsenal manager has spoken publicly regarding a player he`d like to sign, and in a possible further breach of his own values (not really) it`s to talk about one of the so called 'star players` that we drool over so much.

Wenger has expressed his desire to bring Lille`s Eden Hazard to North London in an effort to produce our productivity.

There could be one minor stumbling block however and that`s Wenger`s insistence that a club should always make a hefty profit ever year.

'You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds, I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit." ESPN reported the Frenchman to say

'I really like him [Hazard] and, for several reasons: it's his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.

Hazard has what it takes to play for a top-level club, and Arsenal are a top-level club.'

The more sceptical amongst us might ponder that Arsene is simply paying us lip service, tell us what we want to hear about bringing in a seemingly top player whilst at the same time providing himself an immediate get out clause.

Qualifying for the Champions League for the 2012/13 season while not impossible is going to be an uphill task, and considering the massive amounts of revenue gained for simply getting to the group stages it would appear that the only way to achieve that figure would be to qualify for the competition.

There is of course already a rather large chunk (around 50 Million?) sat not burning a hole in Arsene`s pocket from the sale of Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas, so qualifying for the CL shouldn`t really matter should it? That said I`m not sure why the manger would broach the topic of profits before discussing a high profile signing otherwise.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 7 2012

Time: 6:53AM

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CL or no CL, it's never going to happen. Even if Arsene ponied up the money, why would he want to come here when other bigger clubs will want his services
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07/02/2012 07:21:00

Well the original question was actually "A Bid for Hazard Dependant On CL Qualification?" not actually signing him :) If Wenger is doing all he can to sign top players then that's all we can ask. If.
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07/02/2012 07:28:00

Are we back to the land of fantasy? There is not a hope in hell we will bid for Hazard as he will cost more that 3.50p. After all we have Denilson coming back from loan and he will be like a new signing and there is hope that Diaby will be fit somewhere around 2015. Also buying Hazard will kill Walcott...
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07/02/2012 07:52:00

armory, you are telling what's in wenger's mind!
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07/02/2012 09:56:00

I'm amazed that anyone chooses to believe that there is money available (50m haha!!) from the sale of Nasri, Cesc etc.... That money is not "available", it never has been. The board would have had that money syphoned out of the club before they even got it. Arsenal DO NOT spend money.... period! Even if Wenger wanted to, (which maybe he does) he has no choice. MONEY??? WHAT MONEY???
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 11:04:00

Doubt it's been syphoned yet, but if it has, that's why the Uzbek should be able to open up the books if he gets to the right amount, which I for one, hope happens. It'll either make it clear that Wenger doesn't have the money to spend of he's too averse to spending, i'm not sure what it is
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 12:41:00

lifeisagooner, if that's the case, get on the blower to the FSA quick. They can't syphon it out. It's qualified as football money and it can only be used on football as a result. Otherwise we're violating the terms of our stadium loans and probably cooking the books too. The money's there, it's entirely down to whether the manager wants to spend it. It has to be there because it can't do anything other than a) gather dust or b) be used if the whole *****house explodes and we're about to "do a Leeds."
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 13:26:00

If it can only be used as football money then what's the point in making 20m profit a year? I wonder what terms the Glaziers reneged on when they're using Utd's cash as their own.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 13:58:00

Stadium repayments I expect. But money generated from player sales can only be used on player purchases or contract renewals. Wenger didn't specify that he needed to make a profit on transfer dealings in that interview, he just said the club needs to make profit.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:07:00

All in all, i'm massively concerned, it was about a year ago he "promised" to have regular dialogue with fans. Anyone who buys into a football club with pure profit in mind in my eyes is doomed. The more I think about his & his lapdog's silence the more irritated I get, we are being completely held in the dark over any form of real intentions for this football club.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:11:00

By lapdog I mean Gazidis. Wenger appears to be arm in arm with them at the moment as well and that worries me more than anything.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:12:00

I think in reality Kroenke bought in for a risk free investment at a club that was already being run well- meaning minimal work for him. Expand a bit of the commercial capability, but basically, leave things as they are. I actually read the dynamic slightly differently. I think Gazidis has a really difficult job on his hands. He's juggling an absent owner, a manager that possibly needs some reigning in and a fanbase that is becoming increasingly vicious. But whatever way you slice it, it does like the balance of powers is not as good as it could be. Whether that's because Kroenke needs pulling further into the running of the club, Wenger needs to be pulled back a bit, or both, we can only speculate. But from the outside at least, it doesn't look quite right to me. Maybe that will change once the lockdown expires, the board are pensioned off (they're all over 70 and have seen us through the stadium move now, so they'll not be there much longer anyway) and Kroenke gets the men he actually wants as directors.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:33:00

Anyone that believes this guff is a grade A 24 carat mug. He had all last summer to sort this squad out, sack off the wantaway hobbits and reinvest heavily bearing in mind the horror show of how we ended last season, now another window has firmly closed with this squad looking weaker than Sasha Greys arse muscle and conveniently he comes out with this teasing clap trap. It's like Scrooge hinting to the Cratchetts in January what riches he could have got them for Christmas.
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07/02/2012 14:40:00

does anyone knows how the money is accounted? as i know, the surplus from player transaction has to be used only for football purpose which includes contract renewal, wages etc. say our annual wage is 125 mil, transfer surplus is 25 mil and revenue from various sources is 150 mil. if the 25 mil is first used to offset partially the annual wage, all the 50 mil net profit (150 mil + 25 mil - 125 mil) would not be tied up by the terms of the stadium loan and thus can be used for dividend payout. however, if 150 mil revenue is accounted first, then 25 mil would be tied up
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:43:00

Difficult?? Not really, not if you consider his background, he would've got a tasty performance related bonus last year, he's got a product here that's been built up significantly before him, who does he really answer to? Wenger? Kroenke? The Fans? I'll bet you they're nowhere near as cut throat as he's had it before with the MLS. You may percieve him finding it tough where he is but I bet you he doesn't from his perspective, not like he's got to explain things to angry shareholders who can make or break you every half a year.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 15:06:00

by the way, contrary to the what most of us thought, we had practically blown all the money from cesc, nasri & clichy transfer. transfer 2011/12 read: 61 mil (cesc 29 mil, nasri 25 mil & clichy 7 mil) minus 55.4 mil (arteta 10 mil, ox 12 mil, gervinho 10.8 mil, mert 8 mil, santos 6.2 mil, park 2.7 mil, jenkinson 1 mil, campbell 3.5 mil, toral 350k, bellerin 400k, eisfeld 420k). thus 61 mil 55.4 mil = 5.6 mil
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 15:19:00

Usual wenger BS.. Ill believe it when I see it. Just like he said this time last year that now we are in a position to strengthen and compete.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 15:22:00

not to mention, we had a transfer deficit last season of 14.6 mil. so no way we will be buying hazard. it's a bit scary how we used up all our money from cesc & co. and still struggling for top 4
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 15:24:00

From a PR perspective it's a very tricky undertaking. Kroenke signs his cheques, but the fans do to an extent too. Kroenke more so, but the fans shout louder and have more of a sway over the media (see totally non existent "binbag protest"). If he lacks leadership and direction from the top, it makes it harder. Because ultimately he's trying to please 3 sets of people that want different things. Only in football could a manager saying "we need to turn over a profit" by treated with such anxiety by its "customers." It's a tricky sell when the fans have it in their head that you have to be in debt to compete. For my money, the club is being run well, the resources are there and available. Ultimately if they're used properly and the team is playing well, nobody even knows what the CEO's name is.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 15:27:00

Regardless of your interpretation of this, it doesn't bode well for a major purchase in the summer since our profit last season was only 14.8m, short of the 15m minimum. Sadly, I fall on the side of the sceptical, it sounds like a pre-excuse to me. Hopefully, but less plausible, is that he's going public with who he wants to buy, saying he can't because he has to turn a profit, with the result being the board are pressurized into giving him what he wants to save face. But he never mentions to whom the profit is imperative, (is it to the board, or to himself?)or how much cash he actually has available at this time to spend. He's given only half the picture, and I'm not really sure why. Third option- he's lost faith in the system and is attempting Barca-styled tapping up in the press? Yeah, right.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 01:07:00

It's all very tiresome really. Wenger needs to become a coach again and drop the management part of his job, just worry about creating the most competitive first team he can. That's it. He needs to try and love the club a bit less and see it for what it truly is - a rich giant that intentionally pulls it's punches at every opportunity - we know there is money to spend, if last summer and this January were not the times to make a statement then when is? At what point does the club recognise the rot needs to be stopped. Roles need to clearly defined. The first team coach of Arsenal should be firing on all cylinders to get the best players, if the owners don't back him then they are either lacking the funds or they lack ambition and at least we will know who is holding who back. What we have now is a strange, confusing mix up of roles filtered through a contradicting business model which means different things in different contexts, to the point where "Transfer Window" has become a dirty word to all things Arsenal. It's ridiculous. We will not sign Hazard, at least that much is clear.
Professor Calculus
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 02:07:00

You won't be bidding then will you. NOT GUILTY..."you'll fall away when your manager gets a prison sentence" those were the words from a few of you on here. What's the reason now? Jacky boy needs to get his wallet out now eh?
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 11:44:00

We're gonna murder you lot in the next game, and with our points total come seasons end. Ha ha, "you're celebrating getting 4th" remember that? you'd love to cheer that result now wouldn't ya?
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 11:45:00

I know for a fact the prosecution was weak as f-ck, it shouldn't have gone to CPS it should have gone to a civil court, then he would've got a fine for sure and been done with it. This is more examples of the blunt CPS, full of errors. He's guilty as sin just too many weakly put up arguments from the effin prosecution. Numpties. Should be ashamed.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 12:33:00

Professional juries people. Needs to happen.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 14:51:00

Even talking about Hazard is pretty ridiculous at this stage. 2 years ago certainly, he was top of my wishlist, but there are at most half a dozen clubs he can go to and we aren't one of them. Would rather we concentrate on tapping up Nathan Redmond.
Arsenales F.C
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 15:03:00

Sounds like he's trying to get the boy at a better price... is it true that he's Vermaelen's cousin?
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:16:00

Would be nice to dream about signing Hazard. The thing is, we can't even dream anymore. Even if we could sign him, how can we fit him in? Who's place is he going to take?
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:18:00

Arshavin's, GV.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:19:00

damiano - he'd have to be a starter, not a bench-warmer :-)
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:38:00

Interesting topic on here. Mhmmm.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:48:00

Don't find much wrong with the Manager expressing his "wish" to BID for a player like Hazard. It is a gambit that leaves it to the player to work out; I am not convinced that if he has a choice between Arsenal and all those other sides, it will be an easy decision for Hazard to make, if he has to reject us. Vermaleen should be speaking with him as well and the lad will need to just take a look at the discomfort players like Ronaldo have to put up with playing for a club like Real Madrid. No one can say that he may not desire a place where he will remain the main kid on the block rather than being 'one of the squad'. Okay; dreaming over.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 17:54:00

Naija - players are motivated by money, trophies and opportunities to play (not necessarily in that order). We can only offer the last of those three, realistically. You can safely assume that unless we've picked them up by the age of 16-18, we won't be bidding for them. Also, people are forgetting Ryo. I suspect Wenger has high hopes for him.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 18:00:00

G_V, there is no reason we can't offer at least two of those conditions :-). OT; Gervinho just scored a Henryesque goal vs Mali at the African cup, after a 40 yard run. Hope it improves his confidence in front of goal.
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 20:07:00

@Arsenales F.C - Nice to see you're still hopeful on Redmond.
No 10
Report Abuse
08/02/2012 21:25:00

i expect rvp to leave in the summer as he would be 29 and is desperate to win something in his last contract. ox / walcott could be moved into the centre forward position. agree with gv, ryo is more likely to be in the squad than hazard. btw, djourou has signed a new contract. soon we will be renewing arshavin, bendtner, vela, diaby, squilacci, fabianski & denilson
Report Abuse
09/02/2012 04:55:00

Joe_@ - If we sold the players you just listed, we might be able to afford a half decent player! :D
Report Abuse
09/02/2012 07:19:00

Definitely hopeful on Redmond, I think it was something Wenger said somethng about English players breaking through at a younger age, and the skill level increasing. Could've been referring posthumously to Oxlade-Chamberlain, but he cannot have failed to notice Redmond.
Arsenales F.C
Report Abuse
09/02/2012 08:03:00

I find it hard to believe that these quotes are genuine (on the 15-20M profit). I mean, Wenger has NEVER spoken specifically about transfer budgets, profits etc in the past, why would he start now?
Report Abuse
09/02/2012 12:24:00

Hazard is either chelsea or city bound.Arsenal has no chance of capturing him.No disrespect in regards to that.
Report Abuse
09/02/2012 16:10:00

It doesnt make sense for the Arsenal CEO and the board NOT to reinvest significant profits back in the first team squad. The board comprises of people who know how to take a calculated financial risk like they did for the stadium move. Joe, we made a 5 million profit on transfer sales last summer like you pointed out and DID NOT dip into our past profit reserves. For a club like Arsenal, a net spend of 15-20 million a season should be extremely affordable. All in all, it does seem like AW is the person who has decided that he will only spend what he has earned. That said, one has closely noted Wenger's prounouncements about the current playing squad and it seems clear that he notes a decline in creative talent in the team. While the team scores high on professionalism, diligence and quality, the wow factor is missing and I'm optimistic a stellar quality creative player will be recruited in the summer. It may be a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted though.
Report Abuse
10/02/2012 08:45:00

It doesnt make sense for the Arsenal CEO and the board NOT to reinvest significant profits back in the first team squad. The board comprises of people who know how to take a calculated financial risk like they did for the stadium move. Joe, we made a 5 million profit on transfer sales last summer like you pointed out and DID NOT dip into our past profit reserves. For a club like Arsenal, a net spend of 15-20 million a season should be extremely affordable. All in all, it does seem like AW is the person who has decided that he will only spend what he has earned. That said, one has closely noted Wenger's prounouncements about the current playing squad and it seems clear that he notes a decline in creative talent in the team. While the team scores high on professionalism, diligence and quality, the wow factor is missing and I'm optimistic a stellar quality creative player will be recruited in the summer. It may be a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted though.
Report Abuse
10/02/2012 08:45:00

You mean, the Board comprisED people who could take the risk. The people behind that move (apart from Wenger are not around). I'm not sure that Hill Wood played a really active part in that decision. It was pushed primarily by Fizsman. I think this Board has gone a step too far with their conservative financial policies. You need to take a risk with CL qualification in serious jeopardy.
Report Abuse
10/02/2012 09:41:00

sorry guys, hes just said on tv that hes going to sign for londons top team, and doesnt want to play in the europa league,lol
Report Abuse
14/02/2012 23:31:00


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