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He's Done It Again, He's Done It Agaaaaiiinnnn...

Back when Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal many fans said it was a big mistake, "never go back", "his legs have gone" and of course "sentiment doesn`t kick balls and score goals" (sorry Tim .. lol).

Thierry Henry laid that worry immediately to rest by knocking Leeds United out of the FA Cup, scoring a stunning goal within the first ten minutes of his return. It was a night of pure emotion, unbridled joy for Arsenal fans everywhere.

Of course he had his detractors "It was only Leeds United".

Well after playing a nice little cameo in the 7-1 demolition of Blackburn last week, the master was at it again, with undoubtedly one of his most important contributions to Arsenal football club in recent memory.

As we fight tooth and to qualify for the Champions League next season we simply needed to win as both Liverpool and Chelsea dropped points today, and with Newcastle and Spurs facing off this evening, 3 points was a must.

However in typical Arsenal fashion we gave a comical goal away. Per Mertesacker slipping on a terrible Stadium of Light pitch to leave Sunderland with a simple goal.

The big German had to be replaced by Aaron Ramsey. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as almost immediately the Welshman equalised.

The just when we needed him most with only seconds left on the clock, the biggest legend ever to grace the famous red and white popped up with one of the most important goals of his career.

If he hadn`t laid the worries to rest by now then this was him hammering the nails in the coffin, dropping it in the grave, JCBing it over with earth and then laying a wreath atop the headstone.

Thank you Thierry, you`ll never be forgotten.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 11 2012

Time: 5:06PM

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Credit to Arshavin too. Top bombing there. All three substitutions had a massive say in this game. Granted Rambo was a forced sub but Wenger could have brought Coqulean on! Well played all round on a very difficult tie.
Maybe he could give Torres some tips?
He's good Kev, but he's not that good!
Yes, yes, yes!! Plus Liverpool and Chelsea lost, hopefully Newcastle is next.
You don't know what you're doing? HA!
Nicely said Rocky - even Thierry's cameo goal against Blackburn is the one that puts us ahead of Chelsea currently.
Thierry Henry is one of the few players in the world who can come back to his club long after his prime and not only does he not taint his legend, he in fact adds to it massively. I'd love to win the FA Cup and get 4th this season, mostly because I love Arsenal and want us to do well, but part of me wants his contribution to mean something!
That's true Amos! I hadn't even thought of that!
henry's 229th? legend... credit to arshavin too, but did he put on some weight?
He's just had a hair cut. Makes everyone look fat!
To clarify - Everyone who gets a haircut looks fatter, not Arshavin's haircut makes everyone look fat.
I know, I know... Henry does remind me of the glory days of vitalfootball. Now it's just...meh.
Well it looks like we're staying 4th. Spurs tearing Newcastle a new one right now. Cheers Titi :)
it was rare that rvp had an off day. it seemed to me rosicky was the on player who passed the ball forward with accuracy today. glad we got 3 points. couldn't ask for more
Man I hope that puts some confidence back in Arshavin, we'll need everyone finding form for this run in. Well done Rambo & Thierry too, a desperately needed win. I was one of those that thought the Henry loan wasn't going to pay off but having gained us 3 pts today and got us through to the 5th round It's been nothing less than a joy to see him back.
spurs doing arsenal a favour?
Much of the sentiments against Henry's return bordered on keeping his legend intact; but he has come and magnified it. Who knows, he may just score in the CL game thus scoring in all the competitions we are in. What a story he's written today by helping us get a massively important 3 points!
49ers, nah! Newcastle were always going to drop points at some point in the run-in.
How much is Henry worth to New York? Surely a few million or so would be enough to keep him until May.
read that miyaichi was impressive with bolton today
For me the problem with the Henry loan thing was that we needed a loan or a signing for the entire rest of the season not just two months, I know he was only meant as cover for fivehead and Chamakh over the ACN but gawd forbid if anything happens to RVP whether Henry was here or not we are so far up **** creek it'll be more like colon creek. As it happens Henry as a super sub has worked out brilliantly but having him hasn't meant we can rest Robin at all, as theres no way Tel would be able to last a full prem game, and neither Chamakh or Park would likely see us maintaining any push for fourth.
Not looking good for The Sack, possible ankle ligament damage. Djourou straight in at CB against Milan gulp.
@niko Hadn't thought of that...I was thinking maybe Bac would play LB with the Coq at RB.
And I was thinking Vermaelen at his proper position and Gibbs at LB? It would be the first time in months our back four were all playing where they should be.
It would be asking a lot of Gibbs to make his comeback against Milan, away in the CL league. If it was at home, I would throw him in.
Henry came back to help our faltering season. He leaves with Arsenal in 4th position.
Is Gibbs ready? I know he was on the bench today but it's one thing being on the bench and another thing having your 1st game back being Milan away, although Djourou has really struggled out of position at RB at least he's relatively match fit, is Djourou at CB more or less of a risk than Gibbs back and Verm replacing The Sack? I dunno.
It has to be Coquelin at R.B and Bacary at L.B; TV should partner Kozzer at C.B. JD and Gibbs will be on the bench. I thought Mertersacker was suited for CL game vs Milan; but, tough luck I guess.
Maybe in the next window you should look to bring him back again? Do you think he could do it again a year down the line?
Don't want to tell certain people "I told you so" but " I ******** TOLD YOU SO!". Shame he can't do us a job for the rest of the season as we are definitely a "quality" striker short for the run in. Podolski would do fine for me in the summer and I think it would keep robin happy. I know it's an old cliche but every game is going to be a cup final to get this 4th spot and I'm sure there will be plenty more twists and turns.....hopefully in our favour.
Him what.....I think tt has more then enough quality to be a squad player for another season or two, we don't see half the influence he has on the younger players in training, for that alone its worth it! We shouldn't miss the bus this time when it comes to getting tt working behind the scenes as we did with viera
I never thought I'd be so happy to see us be 4th, I can't stop looking at the PL table. It's between us and Chelsea I think for the final CL place, can't see Liverpool or Newcastle getting it. Chelsea may have a more expensive squad of players but I think we have better spirit and a much better manager.
I'd much prefer to se a back four of Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Gibbs against Milan. Partly because I prefer to see players in their preferred position and partly because I really want to see the Verm-Kos partnership in action.
I guess it al depends where Wenger considers Milans' primary attacking threat to come from, if it's centrally then yep kos & verm if it's from wide then I'd be tempted to stick with Verm at LB and Banger on the right, I definitely don't think sagna should be switched to the left with coq at RB, no point having both fullbacks out of position, January has showed us that won't work.
More than happy to be wrong about Henry's loan. He's paid back whatever we put in his bank account. Just baffled cos it shows AW doesn't believe in his other strikers.
Little Dutch
Maybe you're right niko, I guess I'm worried that Djourou's stint at RB may have affected his confidence and he may not do so well in his preferred CB position as a result. Agree LD, we really need a better quality back up for RVP, baffling as to why we haven't bought anyone in that position. Maybe he has someone one lined up but for one reason or another he will only be available at the end of the season.
You have to feel for someone like Park. Chamakh at least has been given a relatively fair crack of the whip, I think he was dropped out of the first 11 in a far too wholesale fashion as soon as RVP was fixed but he has had sufficient playing time to justify his exclusion. Park on the other hand, well you can only assume he utterly stinks the place out in training, very very strange. Much as it's great to see Henry play for us, why when we were 4/5 goals up against Blackburn was Henry a player who will shortly be leaving given preference over someone that could potentially have to carry us until May? yet has zero experience of 1st team league action? I find it completely bizarre, it kind of feels like Wenger is throwing fans a bone or is it getting value for money making the most of Henry while he is here?
Bye-bye Henry. Do you think his leaving will effect team spirit for the worse, or will it help your anaemic chicklings to believe they can fly, having been under the wing of a past master? Better hope RVP can carry you for the rest of the season.
Terrific assist for the goal, and Henry was in the right place. I was ecstatic after that winner. It was a hard fought away win, all credit to Sunderland. I would have been ok with a draw, Mignolet was hardly tested apart from those 2 goals, while Szczesny was tested a few times and did well with 2 saves. I wish Wenger could extend Henry's loan till the season-end as we are desperately short of quality strikers.
With regards to the up coming Milan game, if Gibbs is fit he must play. I'm not buying into the whole "it's a difficult game to come back in to" stance, he's a professional footballer for goodness sake, Vermaelen and Koscielny at centre back with a returning Gibbs at left back is a much stronger unit than Djourou in at CB with Thomas at left back.
Niko, Bacary was signed on the strength of his ability to play across the back line and with Robinho likely to play on the right, occasionally switching with Ibra, I'd feel more comfortable seeing two fit/tested players holding the line for us at full back. Speaking of playing out of position, did you see Coq in action vs Blackburn? He didn't look out of place that day and his flair play seemed to give Theo impetus to try a few tricks himself. Well, I guess Wenger will have to make the call.
OT. Someone is, somehow, trying to relate Whitney's passing with Ramsey scoring yesterday. I read the following: "Every time Aaron Ramsey of arsenal scores,some1 well known in this world must die. He scored against Utd, ********** died. against Spurs, Steve Jobs died. against Marseille, Gaddafi died.against Sunderland, Whitney died. Who is next? RIP whitney houston*sobs*:( >:O :'( killer goal scorer." Well, maybe it was Rooney's two goals did it. Lolzz.
Mhmm. Didn't realize his name is deemed as foul language here.:-)
Who?? Kim Jong il?
Ooh, Bin Laden.
Its arguable whether either Chamakh, Park or Gervinho would have scored the sot of goal Henry did yesterday. I think it takes a certain level of anticipation and sheer physical presence we have simply lacked in our attack for a while. Henry went to the ball rather than waiting for it come to him. It was the difference between winning the game and coming away with a draw.
Wyn Mills
Chamakh would be dawdling on the edge of the box waiting for feckin xmas lets not kid ourselves, fivehead would have missed it but it may have gone in off the defender behind him and Park? well we'll probably never know will we lol?
Now, how did k.chelski get to have his entry accepted and mine edited? :-)
I have special privileges :P. Almost 7 years here? Time flies.
You've seen enough managers come and go in that time kev, another couple of weeks and you can add another to that list :) Warring between House snakes and the players in front of the gangster himself? not a good look, billions lashed out only to end up with this farcical palaver! Happy days!
That is true Niko. I've also seen a couple of trophies along the way :). I'm sure you did too. Chelsea winning them, that is. :p
You don't spell 'buying' like that kev.
Money won't buy you trophies. It certainly helps, but it's not the main factor. You can still have a more expensive squad and lose. Like you did against Birmigham. Barcelona x Getafe, etc.
It won't buy you trophies lol. Dream on son, chelski did it all through honest pauperish graft and plucky underdog spirit I s'pose eh? What was your trophy count before and after the gangster? Pretty pitiful pre Bugsy no? hadn't won the league in how many decades? & what a couple of FA cups? You were essentially a smaller sp*rs and in many ways still are.
I admire your posts, and I think you're a very funny guy. Let's not argue further, you won't change my mind, and I know I won't change your mind about anything. So let's just leave it like that. I personally don't have any problems with Arsenal. I hope you guys win today.

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