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Enough Is Enough

It was only two days ago that I spoke of the need for Arsenal fans to conduct themselves with respect and class, and how that doesn`t mean we shouldn`t be quite and watch on silently as things go down the swanny, but just we need to be careful on how we voice our opinions.

As such I`ll be wording this article as carefully and respectfully as I possibly can, but the long and short of it is that something needs to change and it needs to change as quickly as possible.

Arsene Wenger is the single greatest thing to happen to Arsenal Football Club, he`s been a genius, footballistically, he`s done wonders for the longevity of our club and we`re in a position that I genuinely believe if the financial fair play rules are ferociously implemented we`re in a position to really take the league by the scruff of the neck. In short, he`s given us memories that few fans of other football clubs can ever claim to have.

But I believe he`s done all he can.

However his genius was at it`s finest in a different time. 10 years ago the Premier League was a completely different place to the one we see today and I don`t think Wenger`s philosophy has a place in it anymore. It`s really painful to finally say what has been on my mind for the last 12 months or so, and I`d love to be proved wrong, but recent history seems to suggest this period of the season sees us fold after quickly exiting all the cup competitions.

It`s something that happened with a scary regularity since around 2007.

I`m not sure who could take his place, maybe it would be better to wait till the summer, but the undeniable fact is that we`re getting worse, and with Liverpool and Spurs coming up over the next couple of weeks it could get worse still.

I love Arsene Wenger, I want him to leave the club with the legendary status he deserves, I feel sick at the thought of wanting him to leave, but I think it could be the best not only for Arsenal Football Club, but also for his career.

A fresh challenge with fresh ideas could do the world of good for both parties.

The TV companies seem to take great pleasure in showing close-ups of Arsene Wenger`s pain addled face, and in these moments I see sadness in his eyes, he`s been let down by his players time and time again, but ultimately these are his players, players he brought to the club.

If the players aren`t following instructions then they must be replaced, which they clearly haven`t, and with £50M+ in the bank, sitting on our hands is costing us massively. If the players are playing to instruction then the manager`s philosophies are clearly at fault.

Neither one makes pretty reading, but both need sorting out, and how.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 18 2012

Time: 7:18PM

Your Comments

NO. simply he is way too much of a top manager to let go. his issue isnt his style or philosophy its his or your clubs reluctance to buy top players. that squad of yours is terrible thats why you look as bad as you are. you cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear
I would still like Wenger to take us to 4th and then think about replacing him. At least give the club a fighting chance.... and I do think thats what he's been trying to achieve. Wenger and his methods are only one of the problems that this clubs faces, but a new manager cannot solve everything. There are things that are fundamentally, wrong with the way this club is run, and they need to be fixed before we can move forward, with or without Wenger.
can i just say before loads of spurs trolls come on here that if you are gonna kick arsenal fans when they are down, i hope u can take it as well if we lose to them next week as the gap between us will be reduced to only 7 pts.
If Wenger is being restrained by the club then he needs to leave to keep his reputation in tact. IF his hands are tied then he needs to come clean and say so. The club is heading south, and until somebody says different it has to be Wenger's fault. If I were him I certainly wouldn't be covering for the board while they sell him down the river, ruining his relationship with the Gooners. I'm sure Arsene has more self respect than that.
That has been a thought in my head too prits. But the suits in the boardroom don't pick the team, sort out the tactics and motivate the players, which, to me at least, seems to be the main problem. Again I love Arsene, I want him to make me look like a tit, but I just can't see it.
Rocky, it has been obvious that Wenger's hands have been tied on a few things so far. We, as fans, need to be intelligent to figure that out. The club cannot come out and say they've been tying Wenger's hands and charge the high ticket prices that they do, at the same time.
I agree with that part, Rocky. There are some basics that are being forgotten on the field and that's Wenger's fault. However, any expectation that replacing him will cure all our ills is not realistic, just wanted to bring that up as well.
Rocky, Prits - I don't see this as the board tying Wenger's hands. The fact is, he has so much power at the club and the board trust his judgement completely. Wenger has been allowed to create the entire club in his image. Even if we currently had 100m sitting in the bank for players, I doubt he'd spend it. And I don't see him being sacked or resigning. He sees this as the start of a new cycle and has too much competitiveness to not see this team through, what with the likes of Ox, Wilshere, Ryo, Kos and Sczc there for years to come. He'll definitely see his contract out. It's next season that will be pivotal. If it's more of the same like this, then I don't see him renewing. If we get close, then he probably will. The only thing that will see Arsene leave is if the majority of fans at the stadium start calling for his head quite vocally. It's difficult to understand what our game plan on the pitch is nowadays. We simply don't have the players to play the kind of game we're trying to. The only two players of today's team that would get into the Invincibles team, and even they would find today's league a lot tougher than when they won, are RvP and Sagna. That tells you everything about the state of our club.
"However his genius was at it`s finest in a different time. 10 years ago the Premier League was a completely different place to the one we see today and I don`t think Wenger`s philosophy has a place in it anymore"

I agree with this statement, there was a time when Arsenals football was ahead of its time (premiership wise) to the point where you were able to go unbeaten for 49 games. Your style of play was so superior to most sides that you didnt even need world class players to look world class, you could play the same style of play against all opposition and still dominate. But that was then and this is now, even teams like Swansea and Blackpool last year know how to keep and use the ball efficiently. The premiership has caught up, time to adapt or fall behind. Wenger showed his tactical naivety, by thinking he could go to the San Siro and play "the arsenal way" but you're not Barca, you have Arteta and Song not Xavi, Iniesta or even Fabregas!
It's a sad day. I feel for the players and Manager as I am sure they gave this their best shot. We have to give some credit to Sunderland who worked their socks off, closing down our players so well in the first half and carried this on into the second. No doubt, changes are needed in the club, just not too sure it must be the Manager; or, perhaps we give it till the summer to see how far he takes us this season. So disappointed.
But we all know the money is there NOW. In the past I think that Arsenal fans have been more understanding because of the financial restraints due to the stadium move, but we have been told by the suits, Wenger, and indeed the accounts, that there is money to spend on players. If the board is stopping him from spending money then he has to say. If he just doesn't want to buy players then he's at fault. And again, his tactics and motivational skills seem to have desserted him, that's nothing to do with the boardroom. We get out played all the time by players who are clearly inferior. Something has to give.
@Prits/Rocky. In the past few seasons Wenger has got this team into great positions where it was ours to lose. The Sugar Daddy clubs didn't prevent us from having a storming first half campaign last season, we had the easiest run in for the second half and we bottled it. No super rich club or crap yank owner or copy & paste corporate suit prevented us from reaching the CC Final, yet we bottled it. Outside influences and restrictions, if they are imposed, have not been responsible for our inability to finish a job, if they had any impact on us at all then we would not have reached a final or play the best most effective football in the league for about half a season. I'm afraid Wenger totally has to take the blame for not being able to construct a team with application and good habits. Totally. There is no way that exact set of players would be so weak under the guidance of other top managers.
Professor Calculus
Prof, your last sentence is exactly right. Which is why the time for him to go is now. He might be able to get us fourth place, but he seems completely devoid of ideas and motivation at the moment, so we also have to rely upon the current ineptitude of Chelsea and Liverpool (and possibly even Newcastle)- if any of those three teams gets hot, we're toast. At this point we need a decent manager whose skill is in getting the most out of a limited squad, not a man who sends out this bunch and tells them to play like Barcelona. And the new man needs time to evaluate the current squad so he can make the necessary changes over the summer. Maybe Steve Bould as caretaker for the rest of the season (if nothing else we'd probably defend better) while we search for a new man?
@ProfCal&Rocky in my head I've tried to use the board/financial restrictions/awful summer etc arguments as a defense. But you guys have bluntly and painfully laid out what I have tried to ignore. Quite simply put he is not fully utilizing the resources we have. This team IS bad/mediocre etc, but they should not be this bad. We should not be predicting their collapse. This is painful, because I love this man and everything he has done for this club.
professor calculus please read my 1st post then just ignore it as you make a really strong argument there top post fella.
find a better man for the job first. with the way this club is run by this current board, there is no one who can work under such restrictions with so much success as him. 15 years in the CL on a trot. fans like yu Rocky wont appreciate that and its Arsene's fault cuz he has spoilt most of us with such success. go ask the guys who supported the club throught the 70's and 80's, or even the 50's n 60's how many times they saw the team play in the European Cup and have so many great nights at the top clubs of Europe, or win the title n the fa cup, and compete for the title more times than not during those years. Wenger's true worth will only be realised by all Gooners when he is gone, but i dun want that to happen, cuz my beloved club will go into a freefall if this man is to leave..
i agree the team is in a mess right now, he has made some mistakes, but who doesen't. with all that he has done for the club both on the field and off the pitch, he definetly deserves more respect and a chance to rebuild the team in the summer..
@elbondo, exactly. By now why hasn't Wenger taken his... let's say less smart players aside and told them that dip*****s should not try to be clever, it doesn't work. Djourou is not smart or technical enough, he tried to take a touch in a scenario where the risks are high. Eboue did this throughout his entire Arsenal career and cost Arsenal points with alarming regularity. Two different players, same self inflicted issues. It's a management problem.
Professor Calculus
Ouch! but who would you want or who could you get and who would want the job? Takin goover Arsenal two years ago is a far different prospect from taking over a team that looks set for mid table mediocrity. I mean the players knew the football world was watching them after the mid-week performace and that was the best they could produce. Its not even enjoyable poking fun at Arsenal at the moment, its like shooting a fish in a barrel. Tough times ahead. The only saving grace is it hasn't cost you places int he league yet. Ye're still fourth like we were a week ago but is this how ye wanted to prepare for the NLD? Arsenal will be in the papers all week but for the wrong reasons.
Slurms McKenzie
@jijyid, took me awhile to realise you were'nt being sarcastic. :)
Professor Calculus
@Slurms, if I was a Chelsea supporter I don't think I'd be gloating at the moment.
I don't think its a management problem. I think its a coaching problem. Wenger may be saying all the right things but the message isn't being transmitted to his players tactically. Our midfield looked painfully inadequate today, as it did on Wednesday. We seem to have reverted to a type of football where players are not taking collective or individual responsibility. I've never seen Arteta look so poor creatively. We don't seem to hunt or close the ball down in packs. We lack any kind of appreciation of danger or risk. Our passing has to be precise or it's a disaster. Somewhere, somehow, the grafting ethic has been coached out of this team.
Wyn Mills
I hope he stays on for years and refuses to buy players for as long asd he is there :)
Tottenham Hotcore
This end of season slump has been the norm for the past 4 seasons. Its just depressingly familiar.
And what is going on with our players and injuries at the moment? I know some of the pitches we've played on recently have been little more than vegetable patches but we've had a lot of self-inflicted sprains and strains. Incredibly unlucky or is something amiss here?
Wyn Mills
Anyway. There's always another game. Fourth place or not we've got nothing to lose now as far as I'm concerned. Let's just be supporters from now until the end of the season. Wenger seems to be about 3-4 years behind the curve, maybe this summer, he and the club finally get it.
Professor Calculus
Too soft in the middle & at the back ,Arteta looks way out of his depth as does Ramsey .Still the 3rd best EPl manager ever only behind Mourinho & Ferguson ,he`s a genius whose ran out of ideas .
big cockeral
Wenger is by far a better manager than Mourinho (In terms of EPL hitory). Mourinho spunked millions of pounds in order to win a few quick fire trophies whilst Wenger's achievements were all bought and paid for, as well as a new training groud and stadium, and breaking some amazing records along the way.
couldn't agree more elbondo I was on their earlier on giving them some stick too. Sorry mate I'm spurs and I'll be hones,t I felt at the start of the season 2nd 3rd and 4th would be a split between London with City Gate crashing for first place. But I was way off! Still at least Chelsea have another game to worry abut and fit in. Fourth is all ye have to worry about now. Straight fight between ye and Newcastle for me.
Slurms McKenzie
What is it with Ex everton players, Peanut was a shadow of his former self when he joined us now hes superman? Arteta was a creative genius fot them he looks lost for ye! What does Moyes do to them? Is it just the scary eyes? And the old chestnut of Wenger only inherited his invincibles back line from George Graham is doing the ounds again! cause that is way Graham was unbeaten for all those years!
Slurms McKenzie
Enough is enough, No long may the misery continue, I am loving it.
FYI Slurms, the Invincibles back four was Lauren, Cole, Toure, and the great man, Sol Campbell and the keeper was Lehmann. Not a one from the Graham era. If you want to make a point, starting with facts might make you more credible. Sorry for confusing you for Blue scum when you're lilywhite scum, maybe it was when you wrote this: "Ye're still fourth like we were a week ago"?
Arsenal are toilet
Agree with you there Rocky7, who wouldn't do well with the money Mourinho had. Fergie and Wenger have amazing PL history, but had AWs come to an end?
Tottenham Hotcore
He got me confused there too, Elbondo. Hope he gets what he seems to wish for.
Arsenal fans are buying into the media vendetta to get rid of Wenger. Media unfriendly (unlike Harry), moody and totally stubborn... means that they have been sharpening the knives for Arsene foe some time now. 4th on the league (some slump from 3rd!), one of only 2 EPL teams to qualify out of their Champs League group and still one of the most feared teams in the English game. I could understand it if you were in a relegation scrap, but Wenger turned an injury ravaged season into one where you may still qualify for next years Champs League. If Spurs lost Bale, BAE, Walker & Modric... there's no way they would have the season they've had. Stop you're whinging - you Gooners have been spoiled big time!!!
The days are gone when 4 clubs shared out the top 4 spots. You would be mad to remove Wenger who is a great manager.
Rocky, your article is a disgrace to Arsenal full stop. I hope Arsne goes and boy oh boy will you clowns will rue the days. I am in my 70s' and at times I wonder if there are any Arsenal supporters left. I cannot believe some of the comments left on this blog. We have not won silver ware boo boo hoo. Some you and especially you Rocky after this article need to grow up and get some balls. How many other teams in the EPL other than those above us would like to e in our position? We are not out of the CL (yet). Yes I know its a very big hill to climb but so what as TH said and you praise him (or did you) belief and faith. Thank god you lot of moaners were not around when we were really doing it tough. The team need us now, the season is not over, play for pride and bloody support the team and if you dont want to do that then P2isoff. Go you Gunners aqd balls to the rest.
PS if that gets up your nose ban me .
Very well said always gunner !!!! believe
Edinburgh Spur
@alwaysgunner, who gives a damn about silverware? In fact whilst we're here let's list and debunk all the fake issues the club and the media keep raising on our behalf. 1) We don't want to spend our way out of trouble and we especially don't want to "Spend £50m on one player". We do want our best players replaced with comparable quality and we do want a sprinkling of key signings to compliment our good young players so we can avoid The Blind Leading The Blind Part 2. This is easily affordable for the 5th richest club in the world. 2) The lack of trophies is not the issue. The lack of any progress or identity is. 3) We don't want money from the Black Gold or the Yanky Dollar. 4) We don't want Wenger to leave, we want him to rediscover his mojo. If he can't then the club has to move on. Sad but true. 5) We don't take our position for granted. Whether you or anyone else likes it, we are a big club and expectations are part of that status and I am absolutely sure Wenger wouldn't have it any other way. People are just frustrated with a club that contradicts itself with every new sound bite, conflicting messages from key positions, a lack of honest, open dialogue with the fans or an explanation as to what exactly are we sustaining in our self sustained model. Selling our best players and not replacing them? Hows about signing players and not even benching them? Is this what we're working hard to sustain? If collecting dead wood and not playing half our new signings is a model of responsibility then the Sugar Daddy clubs have already shown us the way. Hows about the near identical Arsenal Meltdown© we've experienced for the last 4 years?
Professor Calculus
There comes a time in many (most?) marriages when you look at your spouse and say, "I love you, and will always love you. You gave me three beautiful children but I'm just not happy anymore." You part ways, move on, and everybody is happier - the good memories remain but the bad ones fade away. Or you stay together and the smallest of faults gets magnified beyond reason creating bitterness and resentment. I think we are there now. I would be happy if Arsene moved up to the board at the end of the season- his service to the club deserves no less. He's a decent man and the last thing I want is for him to suffer an ignoble end to a stellar career. But he has been working for almost 8 years to make the New Invincibles, with diminishing returns. He said today was a good team performance but we had bad luck. Which makes me assume all those shots of him with a grim face were shot with his back to the pitch. I say give him a week. If he can't coax a better performance out of the team for the NLD, then it's time to say, "I will always love you, but . . ."
A disgrace in what way AG? There's no room for sentiment if you want to be a successful team. We must always try to improve, when we stop doing that then there is no point in bothering. If we can improve, then we must. Not only have we stopped improving, but we're measurably worse. If you want that to remain this way just so as you can hold on to the past then that's up to you, but don't call me a disgrace simply for voicing my opinion. People don't have to agree with each other, but they do have to have respect. I offered my opinion about Arsene Wenger with respect, you offered an emotional rant with no respect.
Hes single handedly destroying le arse but you will never fire him but hes pretty much dragging you down oh well you deserve it .
Leprofesori he said Modric wasnt good enough he would give both his ballz for him right now
P.C replacing like with like where on earth do we find the money? We have waiting in the wings a team that will take all before it, but on here its knock knock knock. Just refer to the last years since we have not managed to win silverware. CL final Jens sent off after 10 minutes we played the best team going and were beaten 2-1. Following years three broken legs at critical stages when we werre approaching silverware. Last year we were in four positions to win silverware oh yes but injuries let us down. Ces off etc. This year we lost Ces and money bags Sami why because they wanted more money along with Clincy. But that is the bosses fault he should have known their contracts were up. Flami Helb similar Greedy players along with Cashy. Money/greed of players has ruined and i said that ages ago. Half a billion pounds to make sure you buy buy buy. Man ure in debt trouble, wait till they pay off the debt the owners have harvested from the club. Our Boss has risen above all that played managed with dignity and put our club at the foremost in the football world. Yet you clowns would have him out. elbondo this is not a marriage this is football. As for Rocky how have we stopped improving look at the youngsters coming on line. Four of those in fact five will represent GB in the very near future. How many yell why buy more teenagers and now how many praise OX? We played on a pitch fit for a farmers paddock, deliberately watered so that GB polo team would have beenat home. Lost three players with injuries had no Kos no Mert no Jack Wiltshire. We have played the major part of our season without full backs and you the head clown want the greatest manager our Enough is Enough. Rant all you like but sweetheart in the real world we dont have the money we cannot always buy like for like. When you have a chance see Bolton site to see how one of the managers buy is performing. You are upset that a few schoolchildren from down the road are upsetting you. We will give them double when we are on top stop MOANING START SUPPORTING OUR CLUB. You are the big cheese on this site, you went quiet a little while ago when we started winning now you have joined the merry band who call themselves the know-it-all of how to manage this club. The lot of you combined would not have one percent of the knowledge our boss has on football. If you want silver ware if you want top spot in the EPL follow a club that will provide that Man City. Change this site to the Bacca or Man City site. Finally you have in my humble opinion have presented an article which is a disgrace to the club. Get your bin liners out and prepare your banners. But mark my words you and all the other clowns who support your premise IMHO will rue the day Arsne leaves this club.
spelling mistakes are many but when you get up a head of steam its hard to stop. Rocky fell free as I said before ban me.
You lot need to pull yourself together. Ever since you left Highbury for the Hemorrhoids, it seems Wengers hands have been tied by mis-management and disagreements at the highest levels of ownership. We need Arsenal to be the Arsenal that everyone loves for the last 14 straight years of CL qualification. We Spurs need Arsenal to pull your finger out, because without the goons threatening to retain N London bragging rights, it gives us no joy to claim it. And that we've done already, but at least put up a fight FFS!
alwaysgunner, you are entitled to your opinion. I'm sorry you could not understand my marriage metaphor and chose to take it literally, but that's neither here nor there. What I take offence at is your attack on our mod, Rocky7. He has always been the staunchest supporter of Arsene, and in fact wrote an article after the Milan debacle calling for cooler heads. But today for him, like many of us life-long supporters of Arsenal, was one tactical disaster too far. He espoused his love for Wenger and only suggested that perhaps his time has come and gone. I understand that you are older than most here and probably resistant to change (get off my lawn you young whippersnappers!), but sometimes change is both good and necessary. I think we are at that point now with regards to Wenger. Nobody has disrespected the man, least of all Rocky7. The only disrespect here is you suggesting that Rocky7 and I are less of an Arsenal supporter than you just because we think it's time for a change because both of us are Arsenal 'til we die.
@alwaysgunner- why the hell would Rocky ban you? You are just expressing your opinion on an open forum. that's why it's here. @tengboon- ***** off spud, nobody cares what you think
i am with rocky & elbondo
@ alwaysgunner, thats delusion of the highest order right there, we have waiting in the wings a team that will take all before it? Get back in the real world old timer, you think Robin is sticking round for this load of 4th rate bottle jobs? Every year another major player will depart because that poison dwarf Evra had us banged to rights when he labelled us an academy, kids come here learn their craft then sod off to get paid in full, we're further than we've ever been from challenging with the most mentally & physically weakest squad in generations. We are no longer a club with the first clue of how to assemble a squad of physical yet skilfull players to suit the league we play in. We play a system we haven't got the players for, we never have any gameplan other than the usual pass it to death, no end product, slow dance of death that allows the oppo all the time in the world to fall back into their shape and nullify us. Our tactics are simply non existant, as is our defence as is our midfield and as is our strikeforce with the exception of one world class player. This is what we've been building for 6 fugging years??? Wenger has been allowed to potter and tinker for too long, the final sraw for me as I've stated many times was the inaction and procrastination of last summer. Irrespective of Nasri and Cescs' departures we badly needed strengthening as we all witnessed a collapse so pitiful, yet nothing then the inevitable happened and those two left and still nothing. Just like on the pitch, no Plan B, no backup Sweet FA, just a mad trolley dash from a club in chaos. I finally lost my faith and patience with Wenger then and the relentless cackiness of this season with record breaking defeats all over the shop plus the keystone cops defending, a dire paucity in attack save for the Dutch master and our MF creativity utterly drained, like Wilshere last year we're running rambo into the ground this, killing him game after game til his confidence will be Denilsoned to fv[k. It is an absolute godamn miracle we're still in 4th but it will never last, we'll see the exact same collapse in the league we witnessed last year upon exiting the cups - only this time we won't be falling from the cushion of 2nd. In short Wenger has been coasting for too many seasons, whoevers choice it is whether boards or managers to insubstantially invest in the squad has killed us increasingly to the point I wonder if Wenger has a gentlemans wager with Hill Wood as to just how crap a squad he can turn out to still keep us in 4th. Wengers' good will has run dry, every window gives him a chance to strengthen but the overwhelming obstinacy and stubborn reluctance to act in the transfer market is hurting the very thing he loves so much. Fully agree enough is enough. Change, adapt, be man enough to admit a hell of a lot needs a massive overhaul or go.
There were positives from yesterday - Miyaichi scored for Bolton, Henry-esque goal; O'Neill set out again to stifle Oxlade-Chamberlain which largely worked, but when he scored that OG he seemed to step up a level and began to create a few chances. Vermaelen was assured. And the rest V_V
Arsenales F.C
hear hear, Niko.
We do have some great young players AG, very exciting ..... but hasn't that been the case for the last 7 years? Thinking that Wenger's time might have come in no way makes me a moaner of less of an Arsenal fan, infact the only reason I want to see the club improve is because I love it so damn much. My own personal opinion is that your opinion of not to acting soon (whether that be now, or at the end of the season) will be detrimental to the club in a pretty emphatic way. Now I don't think that makes you a disgrace, just a sentimental Gooner who also loves our club very much, I just happen to disagree with you. But you know what else? I want us to act because I love Arsene Wenger so much also. I hate seeing the hurt in his eyes, I hate seeing his legendary status being slowly eroded away, I hate seeing Arsenal fans spit bile at him (Loved seeing the away fans singing "There's only one Arsene Wenger" yesterday), it's not what he deserves. And that's the most painful thing. I'm not sure on what planet that can be considered a disgrace or moaning.
The Arsenal squads have always been 1-2 players away from challenging more seriously for the past 5 seasons. You would think that Wenger learned from this and invested in that extra player or two. Whether from paucity of funds, or an intent for youngsters to flourish, this strategy has not been successful. The lessons from the summer could have been partly corrected in Jan, but no, the club did nothing to sign that extra player required (like Arshavin 3 years back) to boost the remainder of our season. I don't see the effort made to rectify blatant errors, forget going deeper and analyzing the root cause behind our constant under performances. Wenger was delivering 4th (par for the course given our wage bill) but it's been increasingly difficult to do that year after year, and for the past 2 years, this club has struggled to fix what is going wrong.
oh well you deserve it Uskok - So why do we "deserve" what ever it is your blabbering on about? I would hazard a guess r that there isn't actually anything, just a "rival" fan from our smaller, far less successful neighbours trying to stir up s*** just because his team has punched above their weight for two thirds of a season. Never has a posters name been more appropriate than in your case..
rocky 7 im not as old and as wise as alwaysgunner, im just a mere whippersnapper of 69 but i feel i must come to your defence , your articles have in my humble opinion are always well thought out, constructive and honest. dont stop what your doing, arsenal needs people like you,to keep everything in perspective. i went to my first arsenal match at highbury in 1949 as a 7 year old , and no matter where we finish, be it top or bottom or even relegated i shall always support arsenal
cornish gooner I think this piece sums it up nicely.
Little Dutch
That is a good piece LD. It's a fair, reasonable argument to make, and he's put it across nicely (far better than I could). If Gazidis and the management know of the fans discontent, and they clearly do ( since they've been reading blogs and increasing direct communication with bloggers), but are not willing or able to do anything about it, then it suggests that there are some issues. That said, I think the club has improved a few issues - like increased fan connect through bloggers, our defence did look good earlier this season which suggests that it's not a coaching issue, signing experience in Arteta, Mertesacker. However, it does seem like they don't recognize the seriousness of these issues or are not able to fix it completely.
It does make painfully true reading LD, this is a very sad time for us all here, we know deep down we're witnessing an endgame and it's one which could have been so easily avoidable with a couple of hungry solid additions each season to replace the Flaminis, the Hlebs, the Adebayors, Cescs and Nasris that we leaked each summer, sure we don't buy superstars every gooner knows that, but equally we all know that we don't keep them either. When you lose your main man, the guy you've built a team around, built a system around the guy, a bloke who 80% of your creative play goes through, you don't not do anything or look to solely make a profit on it. You take the money, yes Arsene all of that money and go hell for leather to replace that individual, sure we may not shock horror make a profit in this window, we'll survive. Sure we may get taken to the cleaners over a few extra mill as clubs know we're desperate, we'll survive that too, but realise the team is the most important tool this club has, moreso than a s*****y medical centre, moreso than comfy padded seating, moreso even than a carpet for a pitch. This team miss cesc, that is the crux of it, we'll always concede due to our style of play but when we don't create which we no longer are from midfield then we're dead in the water. What the hell was the point of playing walcott in the centre when he can only play with balls to feet? and we have noone that can thread those for him? I notice Wenger has now changed his quote from ' never worked half a day in football' to 'never managed a European team in football' due to the plethora of ex players now coming out and laying the size 10s in. But like always everyone else is wrong.
s..w..a..n..k..y medical centre that was supposed to read, someone seriously needs to adjust the filters on this network Mr Fear! when ordinary decent upstanding words in our great florid vocabulary are seen as dirty filthy swears it's a sad day, well it's a sad day anyway for us gooners but it makes it an even sadder one :)
Not much of a weekend either for Arsenal or for Spurs. At least Spurs still in the F.A. Cup, but embarrassing today vs a lower division club. But chin up, lads, Arsenal may be down now, but as the bible suggests, the last shall be first, so your day will come eventually. but whether that can happen next Sunday? We'll let the play on the pitch speak for itself next week. Right now, you merit our compassion.
Total knobhead
Sorry for the typo there Elb, there should have been two "ye's" in thge statement. I also see sarcasm is lost on you aswell. I actually agree with you on the invincibles but seems the media like to peddle that line to try and undermine Wenger.
Slurms McKenzie
LD, that piece was brutally correct as to the state of affairs at our club, these days. We have gotten to the point where our ambitions are reduced to mere qualififaction for the CL/Europe, as if that's an end in itself rather than a means to an end: more money in the coffers.

The article was spot on on the several arguments to explain why Champions League qualification is vital for the club…and made a good point about how the club can still appeal to good players even without CL as was the case with Suarez signing for Liverpool. At this point, it is safer to simply retain support for the team and hope for the best for the rest of the season rather than be a die hard optimist. It will be a happy day if the team as much as shows up for the NLD as I am sure a good Arsenal performance can see us take 3 points from the game; but, it has to be a really good performance.
Arsenal have not been the same since David Dein left. The club is imploding from the boardroom inwards and this is reflected by Wengers belief that he is untouchable. There is a similarity with another great manager who found that the game had moved on and he had stayed still. Brian Clough. There is nothing sadder than seeing your hero's fail. I had always had the utmost respect and admiration for Wenger and as a Spurs fan watched with admiration as arsenal played arguably the best football that the Prem League has seen. However, he is now in danger of being remembered for all the wrong reasons. Someone, whether it is Kronke or someone else has to step in and sort it out from the boardroom downwards and bring that sense of unity the club had under Dein.
Be careful how you mention Dein, vicspur. There are some on here who take personal exception to the very utterance of his name. For what reason I am at a loss to explain to you. Someone is not talking team performance to Wenger in the way I believe Dein once did.
Wyn Mills
Villa fan here in peace. Just wanted to say from an outsiders perspective AW is one of the best managers in the league if not the world, from a consistency perspective. He plays attractive football and has an amazing record for discovering exciting players. As some posters have said (notably alwaysgunner's first post which hits the nail on the head) you need to be careful what you wish for and don't get washed up in the media circus. Personally I think that getting rid of AW would be a MASSIVE mistake. Aston Villa went through a similar sort of situation a couple of seasons ago when the media and armchair fans were calling for O'Neil's head after he "only" delivered 6th place for three seasons in a row without supposedly showing any improvement (despite the ludicrous amounts of money being invested in our rivals). I'm pretty sure any Villa fan would take 6th place and some stability these days, rather than the laughing stock regime we currently have.... I digress.... AW has built Arsenal into a force to be reckoned with, you should get behind him and your club. So you didn't get any silverware this year - so what? You're still up there and will be for years to come. When the so called super club's billionaire owners get bored and stop pi$$ing away their millions, you'll still be there to mop up. Alternatively, we'll happily swap Wenger for McLeish, then you'll have something to worry about!!!!!!!
I am just a silly old duffer. Cornish gooner love yer mate but 10000 cornish men still want to know the reason why. I leave you all with these comments “Every time we lose a game we have a crisis. Our job is about winning and playing well. “We will get criticism but I feel that it is a bit hard on the team. “At the moment I get many lessons from many people who have managed zero clubs and zero games and zero European games. And once again this From TH belief and faith. And you lot know better? I am so sorry if I have upset anyone; honest.(BS). I wish you all well but you will rue the day he leaves. I expect after the next four matches when we return to our winning ways comments will once gain be in praise. More so if we beat and I believe we will beat Milan. This man the manager of Arsenal is without doubt the best IMHO to have ever been the manager of our club. I have said it before and i will say it again we have a great team in the wings. Ces will be forgotten once young Jack comes back. Everyone knocks Theo we are still waiting, yes we are but we had to wait for RVP, Song; remember the lad left in tears because of our fans. I can remember the wails when Paddy left and The Boss introduced Ces the wails were he is only a kid.(Or words to that effect. Even the Arsene who? Be more like the away fan supporters of our club love your club love your team and allow the manager to do his job because he will bring us the rewards we want. Not so long ago we were begging him to stay and now comments such as Enough is Enough are just crap.
Good to see a few people on here with a little more restrained perspective; this is not a crisis. This is a team that had its worst ever start to a league campaign after losing key players (incl. captain and playmaker), has suffered a terrible run of injuries, and has STILL managed to get back into fourth place in the league. I hear people talk about the weakness of the squad compared to strength of the old Arsenal squads - well, name me an old Arsenal squad that could play without its first four full-backs and two best centre-backs for most of the season. The old legendary back four without those four - who would've been on the pitch? Garde and Grimandi? It's been an exceptional season for loss of players (one way and another).

The only thing I've been unhappy about (from within the club at least) is the way we attack; by constantly pushing players forward, the opposition is allowed to sit-back, defend and counter which leaves us vulnerable and makes it difficult to find the space to score goals.
Isn't it just as reasonable to make a point questioning the fawning over Dein as it is to fawn over him in the first place? All I ever ask is for some substance to that fawning and also that Fiszman's role also be recognised. Frankly, it's a disgrace how little he is remembered and nobody seems arsed about that.
Little Dutch
I dont know if its just me but Theo seemed to work well with Coquelin, when he played in the RB position. Their link up play I thought was brilliant at times. Like-wise they seemed to cover each other. We kept playing TV in the LB position, then despite all the early comments about Mert earlier on we missed his presence. Take Kos out, Mert not available along with Coquelin on a pitch suitable for farming spuds and what a mix. Yet its a point not to be missed they try. So to cut a long story short I agree d_t.
alwaysgunner, I did take note of Theo's effectiveness alongside Coquelin at RB and made that point; indeed, I had half expected Wenger to play him vs Milan, at RB with Sagna at LB, but all that is in the past. A small voice kept telling me Theo's showing may have been due to the weakness of the opposition as a Blackburn side shorn of the Yak and a few key players with injuries isn't exactly top quality. So, I will like to see them do it again together to be able to say for sure.
alwaysgunner nice post, but i think you will find it was 20000 cornishmen and i think 19000 were gooners !!!!!
cornish gooner
CG maths was never my best subject thats why the judge said army or borstal'. Me being very clever took the army which meant 3 years boy service did not count and I had a further bloody nine years plus 3 years reserve to serve,borstal was just 1year. That first comment was from the Boss to the media Muppets by the way. Anyway I shall stop banging on can hardly see the keys on the computer so Ill shut up and kick the cat.
What were you up for ag?
Nothing serious, today would be a caution or at worse couple hours community work. Details I would rather forget but the beak was kind sent me to join boys from orphanages, child abuse, petty crime and such like, who the army turned around. Most could not even spell simple words such as cat dog mat etc. My great granddad was not amused he was the school master in charge child education that had been detained at H.M. pleasure on the isle of Wight . He was a Prison Warder at Parks.
Thanks Nicko now my past is out there rocky will ban me Lol. Not to worry its been a struggle to see and type.
That's one thing to look forward to with age though - giving less of a crap what people think of you. Rocky only warms the ban hammer up for those that fully merit it. Let's face it if he lets a tool like Tony rocky whatever spout his tedious guff then I think it's safe to say you're alright ag. UTA.
Good to see that the Spurs contributors on here - of which I'm one - have shown a bit of respect and civility. I sometimes wonder what the retards from both clubs would think if their wishes came true and their rivals were relegated so there were no NLD games. Easily the best derby of the season with 2 teams who don't set out to kick the opposition into submission but actually try to outplay each other.
LD, I think part of the problem with Fizsman is he shunned the limelight so most of us are not as aware of his contributions as perhaps we should be. No doubting he was a driving force behind the move to Ashburton and was a great man. But people remember Dein bringing Bergkamp and Wenger to Highbury. You knew when Dein travelled he wasn't just going on holiday to get a tan. It was invariably to do some deal. He was the supreme networker. So it has always seemed strange to me that Dein, who was the one who originally networked Kroenke into the Arsenal Board, ended up being sacked for it. He may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'd rather listen to him than Gazidis any day of the week.
Wyn Mills
BTW, I still think Hill-Wood's problem with Dein (apart from Dein wanting his job) was that the shares he'd sold to this young whippersnapper for a pittance was now worth an absolute mint.
Wyn Mills
There's no need to go on holiday to get a tan when you get one out of a spray can. Sorry couldn't resist that one about Dein. On a serious note, Dein's impact in my opinion is more a result of excellent PR and image management - a skill Danny Fiszman never had. Not disputing Dein doesn't love the club but seeing who Dein is in bed with (Usmanov) and witnessing the devastation that his son Darren is wrecking on the club in his role as super agent one doesn't have any yearning for him to be installed as Chief Executive.
You have a point about that scumbag Darren Dein. Can't imagine that's happening with the blessings of Dad though. You could also argue its something of a wake-up call for the club in terms of player/agent power and hard economics. We don't like it but it isn't 1972 anymore.
Wyn Mills
I agree Wyn, its not 1972 anymore but its hard to recount another example of a toxic agent having a club over the barrel through the level of key player control that Dein Junior has over Arsenal. Only Jorge Mendes at Real Madrid comes to mind. Its also hard to envision that Dein Senior doesn't have knowledge of the damage that his son is doing and that he has no control over it. I see a Machiavelli in Dein Senior - he will do whatever it takes including damaging the club to get back to power.

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