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Arsenal and Spurs Release Joint Statement

In an attempt not to harm the global image of their respective brands, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have joined hands and released a statement in which they try to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

'Ahead of Sunday`s game, both clubs are actively encouraging all fans to focus on getting behind their team and enjoying what promises to be a great match.

'A North London derby is always a special occasion and we hope this game will be remembered for both the action on the pitch as well as the positive support for both teams off it. All fans should be aware that breaches of ground regulations - including anti-social behaviour - will not be tolerated."

Given some pretty fruity Adebayor songs have done the rounds over the years, from both sets of supporters, the press decided to pick up on some unsavoury songs from Arsenal fans in the fixture at White Hart Lane earlier in the season. Having been at the game, it's only right I register my distaste for the song and, wearily, confirm it was by no means a small minority that sung it.

Frankly, I've no interest in engaging in a childish pissing contest of 'but your fans sung this first.' Both sets of fans have gone beyond the pale with their chanting since the time chanting first appeared on the terraces. (I recall my first ever North London derby coinciding with one of Gary Lineker's children being diagnosed with leukaemia- leading to some rather despicable comments from the oaf sat behind me). Whilst this statement is a puff of PR smoke to allay the media's unrelenting thirst for controversy, I'd encourage all Gooners to cheer their team on and busy themselves letting Spurs know the precise coordinates of a couple of league wins. Let's keep it classy, eh? LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 23 2012

Time: 1:51PM

Your Comments

Lets have a good clean fight, and may the best team win!
as long as its us !!!
cornish gooner
Agreed. Ox. It's a while since I've wanted the best team to win a North London derby. COYS!
With respect to Adebayor, the bloke's one of the most tastless human beings in football, reprehensible as far as footballers go.
stay classy san diego
why's that Shewore?
I agree lets enjoy this game it's gonna be both teams biggest game of the season so far!! Cheer your team on and support them when they've LOST ;)
Whitehart Lad
|No seriously lads, the NLD is probably the best Derby in English Football, many croak on about Liverpool United, but how many of those games have seen 1 team 4-2 up for it to finish 4-4 or 2 nil up to loose 3-2 or loose 5-1 ;) not many times, and it's weird how were considered the Fav's 10 years ago, bliemy thats a long time ago, we'd have been underdogs, but truly all form goes out the window and its a battle to rule all battles!!! Good Luck I think your gooner need it (see what I did there)!!!
Whitehart Lad
Shewore.. tasteless human and reprehensble. Is that always has been or just since he left your lot. Feel youve had quite a few of your legends that actually fit the bill better, but they stayed with you.
Nope, couldn't stand him in the last couple of years at AFC either. Notice he's done his usual trick with you lot, working his boll0x off for half a season then fading once he believes his own press. He'll prob score a hat trick on Sunday now or something KMT.
He setup 4 goals against Newcaslte and scored one. Hardly fading.
All he needed was a little love. we'll keep him for now and big up for your honesty.
BTW for what it's worth, I think we'll lose on Sunday, we're too mentally fragile and you have better players. The only way we can win is if we get a couple of iffy ref decisions (won't happen, you've seen who's reffin) or you bottle it - which I can't see happening.
Joint statement my arse. ***** spurs and ***** their scumbag fans too
Whilst I do agree Spurs now have the better team, they themselves are proof that the lesser team can emerge triumphant in the NLD, it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Form goes out the window on these occassions. Let's hope for a good clean fight.
Joint statement my Ar5ena1. ***** the goons and ***** their scumbag fans too :)
I'm not so sure, your players will be up for this in a way they probably haven't been in years, wounded animals and all that. Plus we don't cope well with the favourite tag. First 20minutes will be crucial, if we can get in our stride early on it could be a long afternoon for you but if you rattle us I fear the worst. I hate these games!
North Upper
Should be a very exciting match. I'll be watching it amongst Gooner and Spurs fans alike in Chicago. Despite who wins on the day, it always is the greatest match in English football every year.
It's true to say the North London derby has been one of the best around for the last 5 years or so. All the intensity without the petty squabbling between players. Since Redknapp took over, both sides always attack one another too, regardless of who's home and who's away. A treat for neutrals. Personally, I always hate these games though, I find them a bit too much for the old nerves!
Little Dutch
20million years of evolution and we get Sajit. In light of what this thread is about may I say you (and only you on this stream) are a complete To$$er.
Include TfM in that aswell, even if it was just retaliation.
best fixture of the year, no question. the amount of cracking and memorable games to list off is endless... most recently the 3-3 last april. that was how football should always be...
best fixture of the year, no question. the amount of cracking and memorable games to list off is endless... most recently the 3-3 last april. that was how football should always be...
I'm suprised to see the gooner comments have been truthful (Spurs have the better team this season but anything can happen on the day) Sajit on the otherhand, you just havent got any class. COYS
what do the gooners think of their chances of getting into the champions league ahead of chel$cum? could be tough...
Anyone coming to  Blind Pig, downtown NYC , for this one?
good post, tim. this may be the most important derby ever played, between 3rd and 4th place, possibly a make-or-break for both teams. hopefully we as fans will add to the spectacle instead of ruining it.

stay classy, sajit. you haven't lost yet.
Talking about class.. Just browse the threads on VA ruined by Sp*rs fans over the last few weeks. I dont claim to be the bigger man or anything.
All is explained about Sajit. Location NYC. 'nough said.
ippo1st: "all he needed was a little love" - not too long ago we had City fans coming over here saying the exact same thing - triumphant and gloating that they'd gotten a good striker from us who was playing very well for them. That ended quickly, just like I and many other gooners predicted. Gooners gave him PLENTY of love & for far longer than you spuds have. Enjoy him for however long it lasts-which given Ade's consistent club & country record, won't be long. I never warmed to him tho of course enjoyed his one good season with us. It was when he started whoring himself to other clubs publicly to the press around November of 2007 (same time I noticed he started to refused to pass to teammates better positioned to score a goal) that I started on my road to eventually hating him. Final nail in the coffin was his conduct at that CC semifinal at WHL. As for Sunday's game, I don't expect to win. Will be shocked if we do.
Jaelle - If his previous records are something to go by than ur right. Thats why I'm pleased we have him on loan. He has been very important in the way we play. Don't get me wrong Ill never have his name on my shirt (because of the A***nal link) but he has been very useful so far.
The Adebayor patern repeats itself time after time. Just give it a few months (assuming you sign him) and it will be the same again. Ade was loved at Arsenal, but he blew it with a massive ego and poor work ethic once he'd established himself. Just ask Man City fans what they think.
Yep, too bad Sp*rs dont have real fans outside Croydon.
Not disagreeing Rocky. We can only hope like every other club he played for. At the moment he's putting his shift in IMO and has been critical to our current success. Sajit your just a joker, it aint even real banter... try harder or just dont bother
MrPaddytheyid, absolutely right. Having him on loan is far better for you. He is certainly an asset for awhile - when motivated, he's easily one of the PL's best forwards. And he'll certainly be motivated on Sunday.
Hope so!!! :)
The closer it gets to the derby day, the less confident the spuds will get. I find it rather amusing to see how they come on here to crow about how they have the better team and WILL win, for sure. We have been the better team for years and haven't won every game; so, why can't we win this against the "favorites", as they have done sometimes?
I may not put my house on it (no thanks to the erratic team we have now) but I think someone is in for a big surprise. Personally, if we are on top of our game, the current spurs side cannot pose much of a problem. We are The Arsenal!
Sajit in a real Spurs fan and in Northampton, in fact it quite nice to see Spurs and Arsenal fans enjoying good banter not slaggin each other off, in fact I've even said this season I hope you do get 4th ahead of Chavski but as long as we still finish at least 10 points clear of you to boot. It as always is gonna be a cracking game a real show of what the Prem is all about so for that reason I slaute both teams!!!
Whitehart Lad
how can we be less confident? Were 3rd 10 points clear having thrashed Newcastle 5 nil having the best season even, haven't lost to arsenal in the last god knows how many games, we have a better squad man for man except maybe up front, your problem this season is you CANT DEFEND you look good going forward and that where we will again show and prey on that with our swift counter attacking football, well I hope anyway ;)
Whitehart Lad
As derby day comes, some doubt will start to creep in... It's a derby, after all. There is nothing certain. It is not cut and dry yet that you have "a better squad, man for man"; you play better as a team, though. Think about it. You only added Scottie Parker and Adebayor to your team of previous seasons so I am not too carried away by this man for man talk because we could have a good team performance and you don't.
Naijagunner we did win at the Emirates last season, without Parker and Adebayor. and we beat you at WHL this season with them. but as you said, its a derby after all, so perhaps this will be the turning point for arsenal's season (though i won't put any money on that happening).
Arteta and Song are vital and have to be on top of their game. If our forwards dont get any service and they are overrun by Modric and Van Der Fart we've had it. On the other hand our front three can really hurt them if we get going. Likely to be a high scoring encounter, hope its not all against us though!
Agree with WhL. It is nice to have constructive banter with the Gooners , and on their own site. Lets just hope that the weekends game is the spectacle we all want to see and may the result be without too much controversy. Good luck gooners and I also would prefer you in 4th than the chavs. Btw 3-1 to Spurs.
umm...sorry for the carried away...should be an interesting bout on Sunday, i think it will be extremely nervy and both giving away possession. I believe that if we start this game like we did against newcastle, then it could be all over for you. But if we play like we did against liverpool at anfield, then i think you guys have a bit more panache about u to put away the chances that they didn't take. makings for a very good derby indeed.
I often have constructive banter on here. Arsenal need to worry about Rafa, not Ade as he has a great record against you. Look, no matter what, Ade is gonna get it from some sections, and rightly so, for what he did. If the boot was on the other foot (sol campbell) no amount of club requests and joint statements would stop us giving it to him, and give it to him we did. We have the upper hand in this now and i see that continuing on sunday, but i would take a draw. Neck on the line...3-1 to the Spurs.
As to who i'd want in 4th? Easy, the bar-codes. No offence but the lower down the league you and chelscum finish, the less chance you have of brigning in transfer targets we want....Hazard anyone?
This could go either way. Could depend on which Adebayor turns up & or if VDV is fit. Same with you guys, which Ramsey and Walcott turn up could be crucial. On their day theyre dangerous but when they are bad the reek
Heres the deal..All of us know that if we lose on Sunday you guys will be here in hordes to take f(k1ng p1ss out of us.. So all this talk about CAMARADERIE and not slagging off blah blah blah is all BULL****.
Ramsey's injured, vdv defo will be fit, and Adebayor will turn up, i just hope that our players are wise enough to get him sent off
To be hoenst, I doubt Adebayor is sitll *****ed at Arsenal.. Hes more or less behaved pretty decently in the last few games.
Sajit - fancy coming for a drink at Floyds in Brooklyn on Sunday morning....
Sajit.. You****
To be honest both sets of fans are nervous for this one and i dont think anyone is 100% confident of anything. its a NLD after all. To be fair Im not saying that we are the bigger team and im not going to be blind and say we are better than you because you could still turn us over BUT i think its plain to see that at the moment we are on the up and can only see us improving. Unless we lose Harry. No one knows how that will effect us.. But im looking forward to it. Hope we make your position even harder for you all to handle. Im sure you want the same. But you have been there and had the success.. Now its time to take the *****! You will make excuses forever about how your still the bigger club but you know as well as we do.. Your going down and your terrified of what we are becoming.
This should be another good attacking, and entertaining football game. Spurs have to keep Arsenal's only goal scorer of real ability.. Van Persie quiet, so if King plays then it will be a spurs win... I am looking forward to this game, and another 3 points to the spurs quest of 3rd place and Champions League (as Harry is focused on) / FA Cup progress. (no insult intended to all you gooners fans) COYS
Block D Spurs

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