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Team News: Arsenal vs Newcastle

The mighty Gunners look to move to within a point of their North London rivals if they can`t wrestle 3 points away from Newcastle United at The Grove tonight.

After The Arsenal fought back from 2-0 down to conquer the very twitchy Tottenham we`ve managed a pretty nice run of form. A win tonight would mean five wins in the last five league games.

Another plus point would mean we would also be 8 points in front of Newcastle, pretty much ensuring the last two Champions League places will be fought over by Chelsea, Tottenham and ourselves Unless of course we fill our pants with a rather large Tottenham.

Let see how the teams line up.


23 Szczesny
03 Sagna
05 Vermaelen
06 Koscielny
28 Gibbs
07 Rosicky
08 Arteta
14 Walcott
15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
17 Song
10 Van Persie


21 Fabianski
11 Santos
20 Djourou
16 Ramsey
30 Benayoun
27 Gervinho
29 Chamakh

Newcastle United
26 Krul
02 Coloccini
03 Santon
05 Simpson
06 Williamson
04 Cabaye
10 Ben Arfa
18 Gutierrez
24 Tiote
25 Obertan
19 Ba

35 Elliot
14 Perch
08 Guthrie
15 Gosling
29 Vuckic
09 Cisse
23 Sh Ameobi

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 12 2012

Time: 7:39PM

Your Comments

NuFc is in for a hiding today, is all I can say.
Aw bother. You didn't say the ref would be Webb. Now, we have to play twice as well.
We are living dangerously.. Very afraid.
Webb being a total ****.
Bugger me that Obertans been giving a right leathering with the ugly stick, looks like Grendel from Ray Winstaans Beowulf. Lets put another past Krull the ponderer boys, time wasting in the 1st half, what a ******.
***** .***** *****
Well, it was a hiding of sorts.
What was that spat between our captain and Krul?
3rd place is within our sights now.
I absofeckinlutely luv it!! Take that Pardew you nump. Love Krull getting it from the goal machine. Dry yer eyes spuds hahahahahahahahahaha
The fight for 3rd is on bitches.
love it niko....
Ohhhh Yes...
Wyn Mills
Another brilliant result!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE late winners. Just won 100 on that 2-1 score as well! Cheers Verm :-D
Helps to have the ref in your back pocket I guess....
Blue is the colour
******** get in! What a game, still buzzing.
Wow.. Bitterness is the colour.... Just go and watch the number of hacks of Tiote .. that idiot didnt give...
Rocky, I owe you an apology. I scoffed at your article which suggested Arsenal had turned the corner, happy to be proven wrong.
...but can we PLEASE stop with giving headstarts, LOL!
motm - walcott or ver? great game for walcott today, got involved in both goals. he played the whole game and he outshone both ox & gervinho on the other flank. he was in total control of his pace, not just barging in like usual. as for verm, he just showed how much he wanted it. great character. well done to everyone!
Twitchy bum time. Bacon sarnie spluttered all over the screen chez Tax dodger.
Thought Arteta was top drawer tonight and Gibbs looked pretty feisty too
Great guts and courage tonight--go on and get 3rd now. Well done from the other footballing side in the Premier. A Swansea fan.
Cheers Philto, great result for you boys too at the weekend.
Rosicky was very good as well, niko. He really should have scored from Walcott's cut back. There were poor misses from Gervinho and RvP as well. I feared that this could end the same way as the Liverpool game, the team that dominated would lose to a smash and grab win. Fantastic fight, I loved the pressing on the ball from everyone, from Theo on the right to Chamberlain on the left. There was sustained pressure through the 90 mins on Newcastle, who really didnt trouble Szczesny in the 2nd half.
Twitchy must be have a fit now.
Wyn Mills
Cheers Philto you guys are a real credit to football.
No 10
***** YEAH! Team was top notch today, especially Arteta and Rosicky. Krul is a little girl. Time wasted all game then couldn't take the loss like a man.
Anyone see Rosicky explode off the bench when we scored the winner? What have they been putting in his Ready Brek?
Wyn Mills
Thought Walcott was MOTM to be honest. Rosicky was very good again and Ramsey was a great sub! Made a tidy sum at 80 mins for TV5 to score the winner too!
No 10
Stick that down in your mouth and suck it you timewasters !! Pardew is a horrible little bugger take that !
sky spod: Was there ever a time when you thought you wouldn't win the game? Wenger: NEVER! *smiles*
Spuds need to watch the 1 point gap. LOL!
Wyn Mills
Is this premature? Citeh have got three difficult games (as well as their Europa exit) before we play them ;)
No 10
Though it was gonna be one of those days. But what a time for Verminator to pop up with the finish. I burst my lungs screaming GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL. And so the Arsenal rise and the Spud's demise continues. Form is Temporary CLASS IS PERMANENT
Lol, Wyn. Football, sure is a funny old game. Lesson for the spuddies: don't count your chicks before the eggs are hatched. To think you have to teach that to fans of a club with a cockerel as emblem. Hahaha.
I love that clock, Niko.
Wonder what you'll come up with when we go beyond them. I am sure to find out soon, eh.
Its the first time ever a team has won 4 consecutive games after trailing. Maybe this should be our new tactic. Concede first and then go on to win the game. Maybe we'd won the league next year if we adopt this tactic.
Rosicky was great. From the TV all you could see in the replays was Krul running up to RVP after the goal celebrations, i didn't see anything happen before this, anyone at the game see what happened? Theo was great. The V mans sprint all the way from defence to the opposing penalty box to score that goal showed what he is made of, the guy has so much determination. We deserved that win.
TV scored in the last minute to be broadcast on TV =)
Someone call emergency services. Reports of choking noises coming from the other end of Seven Sisters Road.
Wyn Mills
From what I could make of the vP Krul thing was that Robin was taking the ***** out of Krul for time wasting as soon as it was 1-1. I would love to know what was said when we got the winner.
No 10
Losing in extra time for time wasting to keep the scores level? I LOVE THE IRONY
Dont agree with your comments on VS Gunnerfan.. Sorry, i might dislike Chelsea but i ******** loathe Spurs.. If I were to choose between Spurs and Chelsea.. in CL - it has to be Chelsea.. Spurs can rot in SSR for all I ******** care. Hard to choose between two sets of scumbags...but Spurs surely edge this one.
Even is they finish 4th, they still to play a qualifier which they most certainly lose. So it's not of any real significance but just some fun to see what Roman's reaction is.
what a team Faith and belief. Have faith in the boss. I've blabbed on all year this team and the boys in the wings will be winners. Tv and RVP what leaders. Theo great game mate and for all the rest of the team well bloody done
There's a new belief and fight in the team, not exactly something we've seen too often recently. By the way Sajit when you said "Shows why you're Gunnerfan1987", let me tell you I've been a Gunner since I was 9! Don't question my loyalty.
The late Hitchens always said that one of things that gave his life meaning was irony. Today I came to appreciate that. Newcastle did all they could to waste time, resulting in 5min of added time, which proved just enough for the Verminator to score the winner.
I seem to remember a few years ago playing Wigan (I think) at home and Chris Kirkland was time wasting from the get go, and when they went 1-0 it got even worse. Then near the end of the match Thierry Henry put us 2-1 to the good and had pretty much the same reaction as RvP last night. I was worried Rob was going to take a bit too far, but damn it was good to see that fire in his belly.

Watching the game I kept yelling for Vermaelen to stop bombing up front and leaving us exposed at the back .... but I didn't mind that last time though ;)

The Spuddies over at VS are positively suicidal!
Wow, WHAT a end to the Game last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Poor Krul, he was Time wasting nearly all game, to make it more lol the Toon fans were cheering his time wasting!! TV ran all the whole lenght of the Pitch to Score! What an effort! I was very luckly to have been there last night, No Voice this am. Thanks son for my Birthday gift. Cheers :-)
There's only ONE reason why you've closed the gap so quickly.

Part Rice nipped into the Spurs dressing room at 0-2 & nicked our lucky white heather!!

Good grief! 2 late, late winners to gain an extra 4 points, what other explanation is there? ;-)

Spuds mate, its called team spirit. It comes and goes like the wind, but if you can harness it for those important games its worth a team full of superstars. Your team just need to find it again... but hopefully once we've already cruised past you. ;) The race is well and truly on now. May the better team win!
Wyn Mills
...which is US and always has been ;-)
...and fair play to you Spuds for coming on here today :) Looks like a special rivalry just got spicier- what a run-in now! Let's enjoy ;)
Lucky white heather lol, an admission that you're a bunch of gyppos if ever I've heard one!
Maybe Monkey boy Bale has misplaced his ickle invisible wuv heart?
I don't know Niko, I think Bale must be playing without his lucky hair clips these past few weeks ;-)
Its the runes, see. The planets aren't aligned and the year doesn't end in 1. And don't forget them solar flares.
Wyn Mills
niko, thats uncalled for mate, I came on here in good faith with a light hearted joke at our expense & you resort to taking the gypsies! ;-)

julie, Bale hasn't been the same since he dumped his suspenders! Oh, sorry, they'e supposed to be muscle supporting straps. Also, yes, the run in is going to be fascinating & frightening at the same time. Its going to be a hell of a ride!

No Wyn, I think its more likely to be Harry's '70s flares!

Spuds, Harry may have modelled himself on Arthur Daley but you have to give him credit for being able to spot the odd decent old banger.;)
Wyn Mills
Apologies spuds :) I've just had a clan of proper romanian pikeys next door to me forcibly evicted, just the lowest - sending their kids out after dark to rummage bins, parking ticket after parking ticket ending with their merc being towed. Just a huge gang of them breaking up white goods in the street for the copper, front & back of the house just a junkyard. So glad they've been booted (owing landlord best part of 20k in ther process) Without wanting to sound like some EDL BNP oaf but seriously how the feck are these freeloading parasites allowed to stay in this country??
Back on topic (ish) Mad Jens! coming back to coach Mad Ches! Is this gonna be mentalfest or what! Sorry thought I was on vital chelsea for a minute! where every header ends in an exclamation mark! honest! they're easily surprised obviously!
Sounds like that lot down the Seven Sisters Road alright. ;)
Wyn Mills
No niko, apologies not necessary, when I said gypsies, I meant gypsie's kiss as in p1$$, bit of a take off from your gypsie reference.

At least we've battled bloody hard this fortnight past spuds, I'm just glad we can give you a damn good fight this season after all. We've got a trickier run in so we may still fall short of even fourth. Next two fixtures against what is it stoke and the chavs? are huge for you lot, lose those two and you could well be staring down into the gypsies kiss! ;)
Or looking up into a Hugh Jarse! ;-)

Niko, unless our off form players, & there are a few, can find their mojo PDQ, we ain't going to be challenging for zip, let alone a CL slot & for the first time, I'm starting to think that there really is something in all the England speculation having an effect on our club. I just wish a decison about it had been made weeks ago rather than dragging it out like it has been. We couldn't be much worse off than we are even if Harry had come out & said he was taking it.

My take on you for what it's worth is that yes, the England speculation also combined with the rather sizable distraction of Redknapps' court case which preceded this mini slump haven't helped you for sure, but also like Arsenal you can really only play one way and when that way doesn't work you struggle. Any team on their day can lose to utd and us and Everton at home are a pretty stern test as they'll no doubt show us. You were all over Everton but couldn't come away with anything. One final point is the players. You are going to go into a crucial run in and the player who has been very effective for you all season in Adebayor is reverting to type. You see he only cares about No1, we've seen it, citeh have seen it, he is not the type of bloke you want in your corner when you need to rally and dig deep, he'll be laughing and clowning before the whistle at HT and after the final whistle win lose or draw. He just has no desire to see the team do well only himself. I would argue that could well see more disruption in the dressing room than anything Redknapp has unwittingly brought. One thing I feel about Arsenal is that we have finally rid our squad of these characters in Nasri, Bendtner (albeit on loan) and even cesc brilliant player though he was and as much as he did care for us it didn't set a good example to any other player that knew his heart lay elsewhere. For the first time in a while I think all the players have a real unified team ethos, borne out of heartbreak and a painful season no doubt but the acorn from which success could grow is becoming apparant. We still have a few too many passengers in the likes of Chamakh which we need (and hopefully have already somewhat resolved in Koln!) but a couple of players of experience and we're good to go for next year should we start next season with the same desire and application we've witnessed in the last month.
Good insight Niko, can't argue with you there mate, you seem to have it well truly sussed.

Either way one thing we've all seen regarding football and that is a hell of a lot can change in a very very short space of time. Noone here if they were being really honest saw us putting in the shifts we've seen put in. I for one just wasn't sure these players had it in them after Milan and Sunderland effectively put paid to any hope of winning anything I feared the worst for the remainder of our season, thankfully for Arsenal the repeat of Birmingham in the cc final and the slump that proceded - a mental hangover which the club failed to curb, a hangover so strong it saw us go into the new season still punch drunk looks to have finally been put to bed. But then I felt the same before we entered a pointless January, which is why I'm still a bit wary of the whole 'turning corners' celebrations as a couple of poor results can still see us back in fifth.
Not only results niko, but RVP's fitness is crucial for you as well.

Yeah big time, no argument there, he's the heart and soul and instrumental in us driving back upwards, 60% of all goals have his stamp - either been scored or assisted by him, that says it all.
Heart was firmly in mouth yesterday every time RVP fronted up to Krul. Not because I didn't think our captain couldn't kick that timewaster's ar5e, but I feared something stupid would happen and he'd get sent off. Who honestly believes Chamakh can come in and keep the goal count ticking along?
Wyn Mills
See I do think as a group of players we should still have enough on paper without our captain to see us finish in hopefully the top 4, we know that goals can come from other areas but again when the players know RVP is on the pitch he becomes their comfort blanket in the same way cesc was previously having to come on & save the day when needed. It's precisely crap like this .....that we need to avoid because it puts us at a distinct psychologigal disadvantage should anything **shudders** happen to RVP. All the players need it drilled into them that they are all equal parts in the machine and all potential match winners.
Ah! Just my luck to get cramped with work today, when the site will be buzzing with interesting posts. Agree with most posts up here too.
Just bought my xmas cards in for next year....
Spuds-U-like sounds like a spud you could like (cringes); fair comments, mate and looking forward to the run-in which I strongly believe we will edge.

Niko, I firmly think this side has turned the bend and will stay the course now. There is the motivation to do well having been so far behind the Tots for so long and suddenly finding the team 1 point behind; it is too good to be true. It is not too much to ask as it isn't even a title challenge anymore and like you point out, we are out of the running for any trophy anyway. For a club like this, the lads should accept this 'nothing' challenge gratefully and ensure a strong finish.

I feel it all points to the team finishing well as the momentum is with us; in fact, were 2nd place within 6 points of 3rd (and not a massive 13 points), I would be willing to bet we take 2nd spot as well. It is looking up.
Loving the Xmas card. That's what the away end at the Grove looked like after about 75 minutes of the NLD.
You know things are going south when the stewards outnumber the crowd.
Wyn Mills
Wenger should do everything to keep RVP, if it means 200K/week so be it, he's worth it. I think next season we may be able to really challenge for the league. All of this season's signings have had a whole season under their belt with Arsenal. If we can add Podolski and Vertonghen we can have a real shot at it. By the way, do any of you think we should make a move for Fellaini?
No to Fellaini, personal dislike for a player that has such disregard for other players.
No 10
Why do we need Vertongehn? We have 3 quality CB in Vermanlen-Kos-Mert, and Song in DM. Where is Vertoghen gonna play if he is the talent that everyone's keep saying? He is a CB and I belive would not be a perfect fit for the Song role as well which requires huge stamina, and Le boss has an eye for Villa for that role.
Vertonghen's fit into the squad as some have poitned out is not clear and it could be an indication that Spurs sign him because they actually have a need for Centre Backs for next season - Ledley King is coming to the end of a good career and Gallas has faded out through injury after a good start with them. Dawson has also failed to establish himself in the first team. Unless ofcourse Vertonghen's real calling is in defensive midfield and we are unaware of that right now. Very unlikely signing. While I've been a fan of Fellaini as a player, he signed a new contract at the start of this season and will be valued at 15 million pounds upwards - not something we'll pay for him. Moussa Dembele on the other hand has been outstanding for Fulham this season in a deeper role in midfield. Dembele is excellent on the ball, good dribbler, has physical presence and seems to read the game well. He seems like Diaby only more fortunate on the injury front.
No naija, I'm not having that mate! Being liked by a Gooner!? Yeeeuuuugghhhh! "Gooner" be a squeaky-bum run in for both of us & the Chavs, it'll be that classic white knuckle ride of delerium/despair/delerium/despair we all love so much!

Tell you what niko, your card doesn't exactly show a "hive" of activity there does it?

Hey there LondonGooner, hows my little picnic snack then? See you've been doing sterling work on a certain paper's article comments! Loving it mate.

Alright china, not too bad thanks. The wind up merchants are in full flow elsewhere online eh? Left you a message there regarding the Scott Parker "We're not afraid thread". It's all good fun and I'm enjoying the more amicable nature of the posts between hardcore Spuddies and Gooners who actually have half a brain, it's more fun when it's not nasty.
Damn right there my tasty ovum, well said.

Guy's, no match write up this week?
my little picnic snack? my tasty ovum?? forget our lunch today did we spuds?!
lol @ Nikolaijins. I post under the name ScotchEggsRule on other sites and always end up running into Spuds. Whisper it quietly but he's not bad for a spuddy....
LG & S-U-L, for a moment, you had me going there. I was like what the.....? Nice to see chummy posts between Gooners & Spuddies, sometimes.
LOL.....Ive read plenty of your posts "scotcheggsrule" on the odd tabloid site. S-U-L you will be banished from VS if your not careful ;)
Nah, gunnerman, they already think I'm looby loo anyway, so I'll get away with it no probs.

Seriously though, I quite like having a proper bit of discussion & banter with ANY team's fans if there's no personal insults involved. FFS, we can hate each other's teams without hating each other on a personal level - can't we?


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