Arsenal - Fans To Make A 16 Man Squad At Emirates
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Fans To Make A 16 Man Squad At Emirates

64 winners will be selected by the online community and a jury including Arsenal, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain and Shakhtar. On 15 May 2012, four 16-man squads will compete at Emirates Stadium.

Indesit, official partners of Arsenal F.C., AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain and Shakhtar Donetsk, is launching the Indesit Football Talents competition, offering football fans across Europe the opportunity to fulfill any football fan`s dream, to compete at Emirates Stadium, London.

Indesit Football Talents is a contest in which football fans throughout Europe can register and be selected by Arsenal, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain and Shakhtar Donetsk to wear their colours and be coached by living legends of international football at a real football training camp. Finalists will then have the honor of playing at one of football`s temples, Emirates Stadium in London, home of Arsenal Football Club.

The contest commences on 20 February 2012 and is open to men and women who are at least 18 years old. Participation requires registration at the website or the Facebook page

Once registered, candidates can create a profile and will have until 13 April 2012 to upload material showing off their football talent in the form of videos (lasting no more than three minutes), photos (in .jpeg format no bigger than 1MB) or texts (maximum 2,000 characters).

The goal is for candidates to show off their football talent and demonstrate a true passion for the game.

Selection will be in two stages: the first will be carried out by the entire online community, who can vote their favourite performances (by 13 April 2012) to produce a shortlist of 250 contestants.

In the second stage, a panel from each club will then judge the shortlisted candidates and on 26 April 2012 announce the four teams, each with 16 players, who will meet in London on 15 May 2012.

The celebrity judges broadcasted in the viral videos promoting the activity online are Arsenal`s Vermaelen, Djourou, Walcott and Wilshere, AC Milan`s Boateng, Aquilani, Emanuelson and Bonera, PSG`s Lugano, Maxwell, Jallet and Hoarau and Shakhtar Donetsk`s Mkhytaryan, Srna, Luiz Adriano and Pyatov. In the videos they embody the jury that will enable the lucky winners to see their dream come true, that of being coached by international football legends and playing in one of the world`s most famous football stadiums wearing their club`s strip.

'We`re delighted to be launching this project, which we`ve put so much energy and enthusiasm into, because it`s a perfect expression of the concept of talent and puts at the centre of the whole operation the Genuine Football Fan, the cornerstone of all our football activity,' explained Indesit Company Brand & Consumer Marketing Director Marco Rota, who also pointed out that 'the formula we`ve devised doesn`t only involve the active contestants but the whole community, who do the first stage selection. In this way we intend to reward all our users, who`ve been growing in numbers, and enthusiasm, ever since we set up the platform'.

Indesit`s initiative is a new step in its strategy to position the brand in the world of football, which it launched in July 2011 by sponsoring Arsenal, AC Milan, Paris Saint Germain and Shakhtar. The project`s underlying concept is that of the genuine football fan, a concept that neatly sums up the essence of the Indesit brand - genuine efficiency.

The rules for taking part in the Indesit Football Talent contest (in English, Italian, Russian and French) can be found at Click Here. There is also a link to the homepage of this site on the brand website

Click here to join in the debate on the club forum.

The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 14 2012

Time: 12:50PM

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Damn, that's a sweet sweaty corporate horizontal jog between football and washing machines/fridge freezers. Brings a tear to the anus. I can just hear voiceover guy now...Indesit... for a cleaner more beautiful game.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 13:01:00

The cynic in me sees yet another moneyspinning exercise by big business trying to milk the global popularity of the sport. 'The Genuine Fan ... the essence of the Indesit Brand...Genuine Efficiency'? PPlluuuleeeaze! We, the punters, get to send in a wealth of valuable video skills for Indesit marketing, then run around as mobile Indesit billboards. Yep, certainly makes genuine efficient commercial sense to someone.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:22:00

Slightly off topic - alarm bells start ringing for me whenever Hill-Wood starts prattling to the press about players being happy at the club.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:29:00

Off topic should be positively encouraged here.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:34:00

Too right! I mean how much are Indesit paying Site Staff to put this fluff up?
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:39:00

Before I get flamed and banned, sorry site staff. I see giants everywhere instead of windmills.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:42:00

When you are swamped every minute of everyday with invasive adverts in your feckin mush screaming at you it gets to be pretty annoying to find them infiltrating articles on sites that are supposedly fan run. For me it has the opposite effect to the one it seeks to achieve, everytime I now think of Indesit I will think of a desperate wormy firm. Job done!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 14:52:00

Just listened to the footballistically Arsenal podcast, where Dermot O leary had met up with Walcott. Theo told him a story that took place about when we played Barca away. Walcott was doing a Spanish press conference with Wenger and was waiting at the top of a flight of stairs, he saw Messi who was waiting there too and said alright to him. When he went down and took his place next to Wenger for the interview Wenger leaned in close and whispered in his ear "Why didn't you kick him down the stairs?" :)
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:07:00

The only thing I associate with Indesit is cheap junk designed to break down after a year or two.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:15:00

Niko, that's brilliant! Love Le Boss' sense of humour some times.
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:15:00

OMG, Niko, that's hilarious!
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:17:00

Niko, if that's true it shows Wenger has a truly dark mischievous side, which I guess we all knew from some of his more classic interviews. Who will ever forget the 'prettiest wife at home' quip?
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:20:00

I genuinely lolled, and that generally takes something a bit dark and mischievous to make happen. Apparantly Theo was laughing that at the start of every season he goes up to Wengers' office and asks if he can play up front this season, and Wenger says the same thing every year which is 'yes not sure when though' :)
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 15:57:00

Lol! That was rib-cracking. Now, when will Theo start to seize the initiative and get it done right, eh? To think if he had done, we would be the ones going through ;-)
Report Abuse
14/03/2012 19:17:00

I can imagine Wenger being a bit of a prankster when he was younger....hes just a more grown up one now. It seems Wojciech Scezney was right.....Did anyone notice John Terry barking instructions at the team tonight when he was in the dugout? Poor Dematteo....hes the teams puppet as well as Abramoriches. Can you imagine one of our players getting up and shouting orders to the team with Wenger there!? He would be shipped out to Grimsby Town on loan for an eternity.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 02:20:00

The Ox training with the U21's....I just jizzed in my pants watching this, the fella is pure class.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 04:09:00

You have to give it to Chelsea though, coming through against a plucky Napoli side. If you can ignore the vomit inducing flops by Drogba you have to admit it was the experienced heads that pulled the team through. Much like the ressurgence of Rosicky, Vermaelen and the maturity of RVP have dragged us back into contention for a CL spot. Without the old guys I doubt the chavs would have got the result.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 06:53:00

The only thing I could give to chelsea is pure undistilled hatred Wyn, I just cannot stand the poxy little club and I don't think anyone could possibly ignore the ridiculous individual that is Drogba, just a pathetic excuse for a man, had both me & the missus cringing with his shameful hammy theatrics. I hate that cheesy roll out the barrelesque shoite 'blue is the colou'r that they blasted out after 1st period of inury time to try and inject some atmosphere and everyone duly waved their free plastic flags. All paid for from the 2bn thus far injected from the theft of a nations' national resources as their benevolent gangster sits high judging yet another touchline gladatorial puppet, thumbs itching to be turned up or down to the chav horde. **** em all. Will be cheering on whoever their opposition is in the next round.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 09:31:00

Wow, Niko.

Couldn't agree more.!
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 11:57:00

In fact as much as I loathe the sp*rs I would probably actually prefer them to achieve CL if the choice had to be between them and chavski. I just think that if Fatfrank, the diving ponytail, captain racist and the oligangster had to endure europa league I think it could be the beginning of a massive infrastructure crumble, one that could bring this whole pathetic multi-million loss making house of cards come tumbling down. Death to Chelski!!
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 12:10:00

I should hope so damiano! stamford bridge falling down should be a unifying cause for all us gooners ;)
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 12:15:00

Heh Heh. Don't hold anything back Niko. But I know what you mean. The club's image is encapsulated these days by Abramvovich sitting there behind his bullet proof glass, playing real-life Championship Manager. I thought Drogba's theatrics were quite obscene and the fact that the camera caught him slyly peeking at the ref must surely be taken note of by UEFA. It kind of spoiled the match for me.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 13:41:00

for anyone that missed his sickening flagrant cheating...
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 14:10:00

What was it Wenger said earlier last week about players over-reacting by removing shin-pads and clutching faces in mock agony? If I were a Chel$ki fan I'd be cringing with embarrassment over that Drogba episode.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 15:07:00

If anything, Niko's distaste for Chelski is a dilution of my feelings. The old guard that so brilliantly dragged Chelsea through all played in limp defeats to QPR, Bayer Leverkusen. WBA and Villa amongst others when they were throwing a strop to unseat a manager that didn't bend to their every demand. Lampard has played 37 of Chelsea's 43 games this year, Terry has played 31. He'd have played more had he not been conveniently "injured" during the latter days of his coup on AVB. Drogba played 23 due to having missed eight games for the A.C.N. Watching them drag Chelsea through now they've had their way and seeing John Terry puppet managing from the sidelines whilst JT and Lamps' smarmy journo mates barely disguise their putred cock swallowing act of the "old guard" should make ny right minded individual want to puke blood. Chelsea are a horrible, putred little club from the owner to the ballboys. I would proudly and emphatically put it on record that I would much, much rather Spurs finish in the top 4 than Chelsea.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 15:07:00

I think Chelsea reverted to Mourinho-mode last night. The 'Tactical fouling', as both Graham Poll and most recently the Napoli coach have put it, was back. I know all teams to some extent commit cynical fouls and blocks but by common consensus Chelsea have developed it into a Dark Art.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 15:41:00

If and when Terry actually officially becomes their manager I hope we have the foresight to secure some of our more valuable away dressing room fixtures, ie shower heads, taps, any electrical appliances, any wiring containing copper, in fact a wholesale inventory is probably wise. I mean seriously the only places you see the likes of him in conjunction with the word 'leader' is generally in court.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 15:48:00

I bow to your superior hatred LD :)....Sounds like they top the list of despised clubs. Speaking of which I was in a boozer the other week and some kid was in there with his dad, the kid was asking his dad questions as they do. 'dad which team do you hate the most?' he asked (got the feeling he asked this on the reg in much the same fashion as Lenny consistently asked George about the rabbits and alfalfa) The dad was a blatant spud (permanant on the bog straining expression signifying decades of relentless pain) replied 'Arsenal', the kid then followed up with 'which team do you hate second most dad?' to which the old *****t replied 'Arsenal reserves' I had to chuckle.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 16:05:00

Bilbao tearing Utd another hole. Amazing team. And they all look about 18 years old.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 19:26:00

City having torrid time at home to Sporting Lisbon. Labouring to level scores at 2-2, after going down to 2 well taken goals.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 21:45:00

Well, City look to be in a fighting mood now, needing only 1goal now, with Lisbon failing to score.
Report Abuse
15/03/2012 21:48:00

Agree with Niko, damiano and LD, Chelsea should have ceased to exist as a club were it not for money which instead of serving the public of a country sits in the grubby hands of one individual. An individual who began by selling plastic ducks, before bribing his way to an organised loot of Russia and then buying a formerly proud club who are now reduced to being his western outpost.
Report Abuse
16/03/2012 08:37:00

Here you go, have a smile at our expense:


Report Abuse
16/03/2012 10:33:00


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