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Pray For Muamba

We all love football, and it`s safe to say we all take it too seriously most of the time, it is just a game, and sometimes it takes a serious event to make us realise that ultimately it`s just not that important, and unfortunately today is one of those times.

In the 41st minute of an FA Cup quarter final between Tottenham and Bolton, Wanderers midfielder, Fabrice Muamba collapsed near the halfway line of the White Hart Lane pitch.

It was clear that Fabrice`s condition was life threatening as urgent medical attention was administered.

The match was abandoned leaving everyone just hoping for the best.

As it stands there is no further news on Fabrice so let me ask you to pray to your gods for the best for the former Arsenal player, and if you`re not a religious person then send all the positive vibes you can.

Vital Arsenal sends all our love to Fabrice and his family.

Speedy recovery young man.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 17 2012

Time: 7:36PM

Your Comments

I have a horrible feeling they're making sure all Fabrice's family know what's going on before breaking any news. I sure as hell hope I'm wrong.
Really hope this no-news is good news. But it feels sickening like it won't be. Come on Fabrice. This is just awful.
Indeed BB. Come on Fabrice.
I don't know what to say. Nothing will be adequate.
in complete shock how can this happen to such a strong young man...... rocky7 - i really hope your wrong too mate but.... :( praying for muamba and his family right now......
I know Gunnerfan. I feel like I want to say something, but everytime I type it sounds so crap. Just praying, hoping there is a god and that he's listening.
Full respect to ALL of the fans in the stadium for their reaction to a distressing situation. Definitely earned my respect today. Any more news on the lads condition?
Not yet LG - They keep saying they're waiting for "official word" it's that phrase that fills me with foreboding.
The family notifications etc, yeah I know......not good. The lad wasn't breathing for well over 15 minutes while he was on the pitch and being carried off. If CPR doesn't work within that time frame then I'm afraid it is very unlikely that someone would survive let alone unscathed. Of course I hope I'm 100% wrong.
Spurs & Arsenal together .
Muamba C`mon you can do it
big cockeral
Hospital statement says he's now in a stable condition. Thank god, thank ******** god. Massive credit to Bolton, Tottenham and the Paramedics. You're heroes.
SSN confirmed he IS in a stable condition.....phew!
Just hope there's no lasting damage *fingers crossed*
read on VitalSpurs that they heard from Talksport that he's stable
Gunnerfan1987 -respect my friend
big cockeral
Get well son!
This can be used in a positive way from now on, so that whatever caused it (X) from now on every Mar 17 should be a X Awareness day in honour of Muamba
somebody muzzle Gunnerfan1987
big cockeral
Gunnerfan1987 - That's cringeworthy fella...
Difficult to believe this is happening. I'm sure all our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
Wyn Mills
Was just numb and sick to my stomach when this happened. Was following the match on yahoo when I was out. Just couldn't believe what was unfolding After waiting and waiting anxiously for news, I was so relieved to hear that Fabrice had been stabilized in hospital and like everyone I hope and pray with all my might, that this young lad pulls through. Must have been a terrible thing to have witnessed. All credit to everyone at the match - the Bolton and Spurs medics, Howard Webb, the cardiologist who came out of the crowd and everyone who acted so promptly to resuscitate Fabrice and. give him a fighting chance. Well done to all the fans for their respectful reaction and understanding of the whole, frightening situation. Tonight, all my thoughts and prayers are with Fabrice and his family, Bolton Wanderers FC and all the players, fans and staff who were profoundly affected. Please, please, please get better.
What are the guidelines for cancelling games? Death on the pitch ok fair dos understandable, players get taken to hospital all the time though, we've had two players who have been maimed and could well have lost their lower leg but their was no call from any quarter to abandon the game despite the obvious traumatic emotion from team mates. Much as it's a good thing for the football community to rally it does often lead to a rather stomach churning mawkish over sentimentality that is best left to old women and American made for TV family dramas. It's a great shame and obviously wish the bloke a very speedy recovery but jeez let's get some feckin perspective, he's a very wealthy young bloke whos suffered serious misfortune doing something he loved, tens of thousands everyday on this planet suffer murder, rape, mutilation in the most unimaginable abject poverty, again nuthin but best wishes to player & family but let's all get a grip before this gets all Diana.
He`s ok guys we can go back to winding eachother up .But remeber sometimes we must stand as one
big cockeral
Stand proud big cock.
Critically ill but stable. Hope you make it through Fabrice. Im sure you will. PS : It was heart warming to watch the entire footballing world united. From players to fans, all came together in support of Fabrice.
get well soon
Didn't watch the game. Couldn't because I had to go to the countryside for a demanding ceremony. This goes to wish the player speedy recovery. Also hope his family, team mates, fans and both sets of fans, receive strength to recover from the experience. From the posts, the medics must have done a terrific job as we have seen this happen in the past with the player usually pronounced gone, even on the pitch. This happens in 'another' country and it is goodbye to the player. So, a Big Up to the medical staff in the stadium and the hospital for bringing him to a point of being in "stable condition".
Niko that post is odd. What has Muamba's "wealth" got to do with it? He's a 233 year old who suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing on a football pitch. How on earth anyone could think the game should've been re-started once he was stretchered off, is beyond me. EVERYBODY thought he had was gone at the time and there was no news for about another 90 mins afterwards. How do you think his team-mates could've carried on? What fan could've had the stomach to keep watching the match? It's very easy to mock everyone for getting "mawkish" as you put it,with hind-sight. But at the time we all thought the worst had happened. It was absolutely the right thing to abandon the game. And your insinuation that some people are more deserving of sympathy than others is again odd. I just see a human being in distress and feel concern. Nobody wanted to see the 23 year old father of a small child, have his life cut short, no matter what pay packet he has. And people have responded as they did, because we all get so caught up in our rivalries in the game that it's easy to lose perspective. Well last night we regained a bit of perspective, no matter what you say.
I kind of have to agree with Julie here (I know, I can't believe it either) according to reports they administered CPR for 16 minutes, which ever way you cut it that's a long time and usually you wouldn't be expected to live. Put it this way if one of your friends from your band collapsed on stage and effectively died, would you want to finish your set (ignoring the obvious problem of not being able to subsitute a band memeber). It's easy for a fan to distance themselves from the event, but those guys in the blacks shirts at the very least had just watched their friend fighting for his life on the pitch. If Cesc and co had trouble dealing with playing a game of football after their mate broke his leg, how are players going to perform thinking their mate had lost his life. I also understand Niko's sentiment that what happened to Fabrice could/might be very tragic there are millions of people around the world suffering worse fates on a daily basis, and that's true, but this is a football network for football fans to express thier opinions and discuss the game we love, it makes sense that people would react this way. But to start offering sympathy to children who don't have access to clean water on a football network would be just odd.
Well said JLH4E, we get so bog down with football that we lose perspective. From the site of both the players and fans yesterday, it was obvious that there was a life threatening situation unfolding before their very eyes. I think the right decisions were made, even the ref was obviouysly disturbed by it all. Many times in other countries we have seen young kids like Muamba die on the field and we thank God, the medics, both sets of players and all the fans all over the world. Please continue to support Muamba through your prayers. May God hear all our prayers.
I'm just interested in the grey area between what constitutes a match being abandoned and one carrying on, near death is a cancellation, a limb hanging off in your sock, good to go. Does complete loss of limb constitute abandonment? people get rushed all the time to hozzy with head injuries which could quite easily prove to be fatal yet the show goes on. As I already stated I wish the lad nothing but the best and a full recovery, but it is a cold world and although I am sympathetic I'm not going to go overboard and get on the phone to Elton as some of the posts seem to be going pretty overboard in the hysteria dept, not just here in the footy world in general, I don't know the bloke and for all I know the attack was brought on by a night on the charlie whilst roasting hookers, I don't know, noone does. If he did pop off it was doing something he truly loved which is exactly the way I'd want it. If the gig was in front of 36,000 people and my boys had 3 other drummers waiting in the wings I'd go feckin mental if I'd found out they'd pulled it! :) I played a gig on the day of my old mans funeral who copped it of a ticker failure and that was only in front of 4k people. Show always goes on.
I didnt see it niko....but if Im hearing that he was not breathing for any period of time then thats serious enough in my book for an abandonment....but I hear where your coming from.
Actually what happenend? did he get a Heart attack?
I think the differnce between this an say another player going to hospital with an injury that could prove fatal would be that for all intents and purposes,the players yesterday watched their friend die on a football field. It's not like something that could be fatal, the dude died, it's just the quick reactions and awesome skill of the medical teams brought him back, but at the time of the abandonment nobody knew that he'd come back. As far as they were aware he was still not breathing by himself. That's a mind **** right there. On the day of your old man's funeral you already knew he'd passed on and one would assume had already begin the berevment process, doing something you love is going to help with that, these players didn't even know what was going to happen, there's no way they could concentrate on, what in the scheme of things was a pointless football match. That's the difference in my opinion.
What is the latest news on the young man? Anyone with an update?
Niko, the scenarios you have described are very different from what happened to Fabrice. Don't be so extreme on this matter. I am not sure the Bolton players will be the same for the rest of the season, no matter the outcome of the Muamba situation.
Quite shocked to hear this, hope Muamba recovers well.
Please don't tell people what not to say or to say Naija, it's a public forum and you can agree or disagree but once you start trying to dicatate what can and can't be said then it's all pointless. I've offered cogent thoughts, the fact you find them extreme maybe says more about you than me, I've given my best wishes, tried to look at the subject of match abandonment and generally tried to call things as I see them which is all I ever do.
I have a lot of sympathy with Niko's viewpoint here. It does all get a bit hysterical. I was watching the game and very moved to see the incident unfold- just as any stark reminder of the fragility of life affects a human. But these things are starting to turn into a grief competition reminiscent of Diana. It's very pronounced online too. I don't have a TV which means I live by the internet, but I just had to shutdown on Saturday night as people were instructing others at exactly how they should grieve. I saw someone attacked en masse for tweeting about the Barcelona game, some 2 hours after Muamba had collapsed because it was deemed inappropriate. It's insane. Thousands of people instruct me to "Pray for Muamba." I had what I deemed to be a private conversation with a friend on twitter that I resented being instructed to execute a religious act when I am an atheist. That's to say I didn't tweet it generally. Immediately it was seized upon and I was told not to bring religion into it. Brilliant, told you have to implore a deity for help (rather than the nurses and doctors who are actually charged with saving this young man's life) and when you politely decline but offer thoughts and compassion instead, you're the one bringing religion into it! It's a kind of mawkish bullying I find very odd. I wish the boy all the best and his family, really I do. But now I think it's best left to the fine medical folk and his family to deal with. The disctinction I'd make with this being called off though is that a badly broken leg is an undesirable occupational hazard of being a sportsman. This really isn't and, at the time, for all anyone knew he was about to die. I think there's a degree there that brings it one step beyond a badly broken leg.
Little Dutch
I'm sure there are many people out there that are hamming their "grief" up for appearances sake, but just as you can't tell people what to think, you can't tell them what to feel either. People who haven't experienced much distress in their lives may have actually been deeply affected by what they have seen, and what might appear to be an "hysterical reaction" to one person is simply a "reaction" to another. Much like people shouldn't judge those who offer their sympathies and move on with their daily lives as uncaring, people who continue to express their worry regarding the situation shouldn't be regarded as going OTT (though there are clear examples of some going way too far). Also whilst there will be a few people who get full of righteous indignation at someone who refuses to "pray for Muamba" on the grounds of what they believe, the majority of posters posting that sentiment are offering a mere suggestion. Take it or leave it I say :)
Aye I think that's fair enough, expressing concern at the ongoing situation. I definitely want to know of any developments because, on a human level, even if through a TV lens, I was a witness to this in some small way and very much want the boy to recover. I guess my other is a separate grievance and indicative of the bullying religion often indulges. It's ok to say "pray for Muamba" but when you object (particularly on the grounds that the nurses and doctors are going to be more instrumental in helping the lad than any deity- real or imagined), you're told that this is an insensitive time to bring it up. It's a catch 22 I really, very strongly resent in the world today. But anyway, I suppose there is a point here in living and allowing to live. Whilst I've thought some people to be hysterical, I've certainly not interjected and told them "you're being hysterical" for the reasons you point out, probably not my place to confront.
Little Dutch
Indeedy. I think we spend to much time discussing what's right and wrong when that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Everyone has travelled the path of their own beliefs to arrive at the same conclusion that was simply want the young man to recover. Everything else is inconsequential. Good luck to him and I guess the old adage "no news is good news" at this stage.
Yeah that does put it succinctly LD, and Rocky has put an equally eloquent side in an article that I do fully endorse - not just just the lad was an erstwhile gunner - and if anyone thinks I was inappropriate then fair enough & I do fully understand why. @ Tim I'll be in the tollie for a few swifties next saturday if you're in the vicinity?
nikolaijns - Fabrice' heart beating under it' own steam and he's moving his arms and legs slightly. He's apparently still critically ill, but even the longest journies starts with the smallest steps. Good news.
Great news! Just heard it myself. No jinx here but who's to say it isn't all the praying that has been elicited that has sustained him?
*not just because*
Ok I'm going to leave this thread now as if I say what I want to say then I'm going to get burnt at the stake by the superstitious brigade, laters! x
And who's to say it wasn't the hard work of the doctors, nurses, and medical teams of Bolton and Tottenham? Or a combination of everyone? Who knows? Who cares. All that matters is he's alive and showing signs of improvement. I'm sure Fabrice will thank everyone he believes helped him recover once he does so.
Niko, one of the attraction to such a site is the fact that people are free to share their views on the topic at hand and even beyond. Far be it from me to dictate what is said on the site (seeing that I can't do anything to muzzle you or anyone else, anyway). My post about your views being extreme has been taken out of the context intended. I think L.D and Rocky have done well to throw up the underlying emotions about matters of this kind. Well said, guys.
Rocky, who's to say, indeed. Just alluding to the topic of the article which was a clear call to pray.
Niko, that's exactly where I shall be before and after the game. See you there!
Little Dutch
Without wishing to overly derail the thread, I'm gonna say if the doctors and nurses had applied no treatment and just clasped their hands in prayer, they wouldn't have got very far.
Little Dutch
Sweet LD, catch u there mate. @ Naija different strokes fella I mean no ill will and chuffed to see Fabrice fighting.
First off, the depth of reaction to this event was due to the fact that people at the stadium were witnessing, suddenly, shockingly, a healthy young footballer dying. His heart was stopped. The players' and fans' reactions tell you how shocking this was for them. People were terrified that he was about to die. My friends and I watching the game live felt that way-were were all holding our breaths wondering if we were all witnessing a shocking, sudden death, ffs! That said, the imposition of religious phrases & instructing others how to react is definitely authoritarian, inappropriate and arrogant. And completely unnecessary.
And yes, niko, the sudden collapse of a player whose heart has stopped & who is not reviving after several minutes of effort by the medical staff most certainly requires the cancelling of a match. How in the world can anyone expect the players to go on playing after that? He did not have a heart attack, btw: he had a cardiac arrest. Quite different.
Stranger things have happened LD....stranger things have happened.
Well, probably not. I mean, nobody who has ever lost a limb has ever seen it just magically grow back of its own accord.
Little Dutch
The whole 'pray for Muamba' thing is a demagogic joke. Superstitious nonsense. I for one sacrificed a goat.
Henry Baker Brown
To dismiss people's beliefs as "superstitious nonsense" is a bit unfair, not to mention naive. For your own disbelief in a creator is nothing more than than a belief. Indeed, some of the finest minds in science refuse to commit one way or the other because you just can't prove anything. Stephen Hawking himself has chopped and changed his mind over the subject. There's nothing wrong with people having different sets of beliefs, but people dismissing out of hand the existence of god stands hand in hand with those religous nuts who try to force their beliefs down our throats. It's fine to discuss our beliefs, but let's not take the p*ss eh?
Thats a very balanced perspective Rocky. Hope and pray Muamba recovers fully.
Dismissing the idea of a creator may seem that way, but dismissing prayer not so much. There's as much proof to suggest sacrificing goats does indeed work. Indeed, there's as much proof to suggest me dancing naked through the streets chanting the cookie monster's name is going to help, imploring a divine being for help ignores the thousands upon thousands of young men and women that did die today and yesterday and the day before. Did the divine not want to save them or was he / it unable? Either way, it suggests prayer isn't up to much.
Little Dutch
I'm not sure that I'm able to draw a conclusion regarding the benefits of prayer, if there is a creator, then "his" presence, abilities and desires are something way beyond the comprehension of the human mind. One thing is for certain though, that whilst the positive effects of prayer are deabtable, there definately no negatives. Prayer never hurt anybody.

I know some people hold distain towards organised religon citing the millions of people who have been killed in "holy wars" and that religon was the cause of that, but that's hogwash. A collection of ideas and philosophies never killed anyone, it's the greed, need for power and the inability of mankind to accept the possibility that they might be wrong that caused those problems.

I must state that I'm neither religous nor atheist. I can't buy into the stories of organised religon, the idea of the humankind beng a mere 5000 years old has been proved wrong by science. However I do subscribe to the theory of Occum's Razor that suggests that the simpler explination is usually the correct one. There are two beliefs, that there is a creator, and that there is not. Quantum mechanics offers that it is possible for life to be spontaneously created out of nothing, which to me is just as implausible as some phantom creator. What does twist my arm as to my belief of a creator (note I say creator and not all loving god) is that whilst sciences most widely acceptable theory of the big bang (which is another hypothesis I accept) explains the current states of the universe, one thing I do have trouble with understanding is where the physics derived from in order for the big bang to, well, bang. I'm big lover of astronomy and of physics and my belief in a creator is a scientific conclusion rather than of belief or "faith", however being of a scientific conclusion it's also a dynamic belief, open to change the more we learn.

One thing is for sure is that there are "forces" at work that we do not understand, whether they be scientific, of a religous persuasion or maybe of a collective unconsious, but the power of positive thought and emotion is something I do think plays a part in the world, and the collective love and out pouring of good feeling towards Muamba is something that can not be denied and can only be a good thing, and whether this outpouring is a result of a religous belief or basic human empathy it doesn't really matter, but religon is a great source of comfort to many millions of people as it clearly is to Muamba and his young family, and that's something I wouldn't dream of denying him, or anyone else.
All perfectly fair enough, I don't think I'm far away from any of that at all. (Though I'd suggest reading most holy scriptures and texts reveals that violence and war pay a huge part in religion's teachings). I do resent the "gap" argument, i.e. if we haven't figured it out yet, it must be due to a creator. However, that's by the by. You're right, we don't know those things and the world could very much stand to admit its ignorance and dedicate itself to finding the answers. I would offer that the outpouring is very much a symptom of basic human empathy, because all people, religious or otherwise, are capable of it. I suppose people use religion to explain their empathy. On a 100% personal level, I find that confusing because I'm in no way religious yet find myself capable of human empathy and kindness. I don't do it in fear of or deference to a God. I think you're right, the positive outpouring and show of good will is very much a good thing and certainly not harmful- whether gestated through prayer or basic compassion. I guess the point I began with is that I resent being bombarded with the suggestion that it's all due to any of the thousands of Gods civilisation has believed in. By being told to "pray for Muamba" it automatically excludes the millions that don't execute that custom and it overly sidelines the role of the medical practitioners that fight to save the boy's life. Whatever your opinion of the divine, there is no denying that, if he is to be saved, medical application is going to break the back of the work.
Little Dutch
I think the "violence" written in the sciptures of way back when was in keeping with the times. The laws and beliefs of that age were just as violent and abhorant, yet the system of civilisation has progressed as have the religous beliefs of the people. It's just that until recently the texts and books remained unaltered.

The biggest positive from this horrible situation, in my humble opinon is that is has restored somewhat my faith in the common football fan. Over the last few years the garbage and bile spilling out of the mouths of football fans have been enough to question my alligence to the sport, not just rival fans either, the ferocity of some of the s*** that some Gooners spout has left me feeling completely disconnected with the game, but this last weekend has offered a glimmer of hope. Just listening to the Liverpool fans sing Muamba's name in their FA Cup match brought a lump to my throat.

Whilst you're 100% correct that the doctors, nurses and medical teams are almost complete responsible for Muamba's recovery, I think the human need to help is the cause of the mass call to prayer. Everyone feels so strongly that they'll do all they can. And because only a very small percentage of people can actually physically help, prayer, positive thought and messages of good will are the only immediate ways we can help, and million have been doing it in their millions, which I think is rather touching.
**and people have been doing it in their millions ..
Indeed, the scriptures are a reflection of what religion is, bronze age mythology. More and more we're pushing it away as a society and saying its teachings, one by one, are abhorrent. Until we're left with a situation where only the smallest segments are being cherry picked and held up as acceptable. Yet somehow it still maintains this stranglehold on society, which I find uncomfortable. Anyway, more to the point of the thread, there is a point that it's brought out the best in football fans. Not sure how much conviction I have that that perspective will last though. I've seen many say the game in unimportant in light of this and it makes me think people will instantly revert to the other extreme of using their teams and the players as some kind of badge to wear for their own significance as a person, which I think explains a lot of the bile and vitriol. People take the events on a football pitch too personally, as if it's all a personal slight against them. Football is important. This situation shows that. It's important to Fabrice Muamba and it's enabled millions of people that have never clapped eyes on the boy to wish him well and unite over this. Sport is one of the few genuine meritocracies on earth that globally eschews creed, class and colour and bases its recruitment solely on talent. That makes it important. It's just not as important as someone's health or life and death. I'd like to think that's self explanatory though and that we wouldn't need a terrible incident like this to tell us that. It should be fun, I certainly find it fun and an absorbing diversion from every day life. I like to think it wouldn't take a young man to collapse on the pitch to remind people of that. I hope this has a long term legacy in that respect. But if Hillsbrough and Gary Speed and countless other disasters haven't done that, I have my doubts. On that note, I thoroughly recommend a piece by Assou Ekotto in yesterday's Standard.
Little Dutch
I pray to the doctors and paramedics and thank them for their efforts on muamba. Without them, everybody knows what would have happened to muamba within 30 mins of the incident. Can't stop people who feel better, or feel like they're helping the situation, by praying to their deity. This would be another victory for medical science, when muamba wins the battle! The medics spend hours and hours on research to be able to tackle these kind of health problems. They are still trying their best and they are our best hope, no deity involved, in my opinion. Thank you

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