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Vertonghen Would 'Gladly' Join Magnificent Arsenal

Ajax defender, Jan Vertonghen has said he would gladly join Arsenal should the Gunners and the Dutch giants come to an agreeable arrangement.

Thomas Vermaelen`s Belgian team mate had been spotted at Ashburton Grove as Arsenal came agonisingly close to over turning a 4-0 deficit vs. AC Milan a couple of weeks ago sending the red tops and blogosphere into over drive.

However on this occasion it appears as though there could be something in it as the 24 year old claims he`d love to join Arsenal . Or maybe another team.

'I have instructed my agent carefully. He knows which clubs I want to join, and Arsenal are one of them,' he said.

'Arsenal are a magnificent club and I hear a lot of good things about English football, if a club of Arsenal's calibre can reach agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.

'I haven't signed anything with them yet. But I went to watch them against Milan, together with my Ajax team-mate Siem de Jong, after Vermaelen invited us.'

First Mertesacker and now Vermaelen. We better watch ourselves before we get accused of tapping up

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 18 2012

Time: 12:04PM

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It seems as though Arsene Wenger continues his search for the world's most difficult to spell defensive unit.
i dont care if he signs that great polish defender splxcretyugf kkjhrystrynech as long as our defence is sound
cornish gooner
Would Vertonghen be bought as a LB, DMF or as a replacement for Mert? Do you think having TV and JV at Arsenal would increase the lure for EH?
No 10
Check this, he has already signed.
No 10
Why would he be signed as a replacement for Mert? The guy has only been here for 6 and a half months.
If anything he would be a replacement for Djourou.
and Djourou just signed a contract extension if I'm not mistaken, so I don't see this happening unless Wenger sees him as a DM rather than a CB.
He is a Utility player which is a good thing to have. If you ask me, Song does need competition; JD signing a new contract only serves to give us good value for him, if he is to be shipped out with squilacci. We have cried out for quality; nothing wrong with having a stronger squad of CBs. If Wenger is interested, go for him and sell or release the aforementioned CBs.
If he is used at DM, then good. But at CB, his coming would overcrowd an area in which we already have loads of options.
I don't see it happening DBerg but he is a CB who can play LB or DCM. He is too good to be a 4th choice CB and utility player like Djourou. I really didn't take to Mert: he was week in the air, slow on the turn, slow generally. He has a great standing tackle but players running at him beat him too often. He seems like a nice guy and he is undoubtedly seen as a good defender but I don't think he works at Arsenal. I don't mind us being ruthless to get the best team possible.
No 10
You hit the nail on the head Naijagunner, he is a very versatile player, and a quality one at that. If Wenger is interested in this player it will be for these qualities..... E=GOD when have we EVER had an overcrowded area on the pitch with the clubs injury record!? I would say in the CB positions we have 3 quality ones covering 4, so hardly "loads of options", unless you include squillachi in that, and I hope you dont. One could say we have loads of options upfront with Chamakh and park for back up......I think you know where I'm heading :)
I'd wait a while before judging Mert too harshly it is his first season. We as fans have habits of giving some players more leeway than others. Kos and Verm both made mistakes in their first seasons but they were overlooked, with Verm probably because of his tenacity and with Kos because you could see the quality was there despite the mistakes. With Mert I would be willing to forgive the mistakes and see it as simply an adjustment period.
Sorry I don't know if what I wrote made sense, the gist being we are harsh on some players and do not afford the same patience with others.
Read you perfectly,DBerg and must say I agree. There are some who still won't give Kos a chance and are quick to slate him but he is one of our better performers. Even on his 6 months or so performance, I can see the huge benefit of having Per in our defence and this is just his first season. We need to be in a position where our substitute bench will have a few 'unhappy' players who feel they deserve the starting berths. That only bodes well as the players will know they are playing for their shirts even if they are starting games. Nothing wrong with that.
Koscielny's game against Barca was his stand out performance for me, He comes across as a big game player who loves testing himself against the best. I think your right, there is nothing wrong with having players breathing down your back for a starting berth, I think a few of our players got a little to comfy....clichy, toure off the top of my head, and became stale because of this. I think the competition for a place in the old fab role is partly the reason Rosicky has stepped up a gear and made it his own in recent performances. If we are going to be taken seriously next season we need another striker, or two if we offload, another midfielder to push song, two covering fullbacks and maybe a goalkeeper to keep chesney focused....that's at a minimum. I have a feeling this summer will be one of wengers most busiest after last summers debacle!
I don't think the fans will ever completely take to Mertesacker, simply because he lacks dynamism and elegance. It is arguable that he makes up for these hindrances with intelligent positioning and not over-complicating matters, but in a squad of such dynamic and technically proficient players he is inevitably going to stick out like a sore thumb.
Vertonghen is barking up the wrong tree. Wenger is not gonna buy this guy, and he will not buy any more CB's. We already have 3 quality CB in Vermaleen, KOs and Mertesacker. Wenger is not gonna buy another defender to warm the bench when he has Djourou and Squilachi doing it. What available money he has he is gonna spend on a DM, which is Villa which he is very keen of. ANd Vertonghen is also not a natural LB and we all saw how evffective our attack down the left was when vermaleen played there, even though he "can" play there. They are just not effective out of their natural position and affectes arsenals attacks/possesion/width and we suffered as a consequences. And he would also probably not compare to the Villa in terms of being a great aggresive box to box midfielder. Vetonghen should look eslsewhere seriously.
Picture this; we are in a crucial game with Kos and TV in CB partnership. TV comes off injured with a choice of Djourou, Squillaci and Vertonghen to replace him. Which will give the most confidence? Now, it gets better when you realise TV could be at LB and needs a replacement; or Song needs a rest with Coquelin injured, etc. These are real-life situations with Arsenal's injury record, so don't think the scenarios are far-fetched.

If it makes TV happy and enhances the possibility of getting Eden Hazard, then you begin to see how this could be an impact signing. Maybe, we are getting ahead of ourselves here and should probably let the manager do his job.
With our understandable demand for attacking flair in the team it's easy to forget that we are very light in defensive midfield. We have been very lucky that song seems to be made of tougher stuff then glass. I think there is plenty of room for this player or a player like him in our squad.
Its not gonna happen. Wenger has been playing all these years with just an "adequate staff", he is not gonna change his style now. With the limited funds that is available, he will be looking at bolstering the options in DM,striker and winger or AM, which ever combination that he can get within the budget that he has. Vertonghen IS a luxury that he does not have the funds for nor need.
Agree that Kos is one of our best players, but when people were giving him flack I was one of the ones saying we should give him time to adjust. He has good timing of a tackle and great speed. The basics were there, he just needed to learn our game and relax into his role. Mert is a very good tackler and a good reader of the game on the ground (and not aerial balls) but he is slow and that will never change. The way we play pace is important.
No 10
Like I said, I don't think this will happen....but if it does I'll be very happy.
No 10
So many abreviations!
gunnerman76, there's 4 CBs at the moment fighting for two positions. I write them down in order of preference: Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Djourou. I consider Djourou in there because he's had a bad run this season and the end of the last. He was top class in the middle part of last season. So I'm thinking this is just a dip in form and he'll come out of it. Of course, he needs more games at CB, not RB to prove that. That might be difficult to get. And then, there is Miquel and Squillaci. Lets say 3 of the first 4 are injured which should be the worst case scenario. Then we've still got 1 out of the 4 and Miquel to cover. And this kind of setting is going to be in place only for five, maximum six games because one of the injured is bound to come back even by our poor injury standards. I think we can cope with that even without another CB like Vertonghen, coming in.
I don't see this happening. Basically, Arsenal have not signed many players who are blatantly looking at clubs in this manner. And that's why I think Hazard also will not sign. I think we could do without Vertonghen, that;s not an urgent need that needs to be addressed. I'm happy with the 4 defenders that we have (Squillaci should be shipped out, with Miquel coming in if there are too many injuries which will give us 5).
I assume he'll be sold too but Bartley was playing pretty well at Rangers. A better choice than Squillaci anyway.
No 10
Sorry but I dont want Eden Hazard at Arsenal. The *****er has been whoring himself out to every club out there. Its worse than what Adebayor did to us. Three weeks ago it was Spurs are a great team. Then it became Arsenal. Even later its Man utd, Man city, Barca. blah blah blah... Shows he doenst really care about where he joins. Its just going to be another Nasri Adebayor situation where they going to use Arsenal as a stepping stone before the bigger clubs come calling. I much much prefer have someone like Sessegnon. ***** hazard.
Just get those ******** replacement for Chamakh and Park and Shava and Bendtner and we are good...With Jack, Ramsey and Rosicky Im not too worried about our AMF options..besides we dont rely on midfield creativity that much these days anyways.
Sorry Sajit bit to say we don't rely on midfield creativity is utter rubbish. Any team that plays football relies on the midfield for creativity. Where do you think our scoring opportunities come from? Just Walcott? Who do you think plays him into space? Baffling thing to say Sajit
No 10
Well, maybe I got across wrong. What I meant is that we dont rely on the intricate passing so endemic of the Nasregas period. This season, we have relied on hitting teams at pace. More direct football instead of tippy tappy stuff. And I for one am not complaining. Of course, we still need creativity - but for the kind of football we play, I rather have players in the Rosicky and Ox mould rather than Fab mode.
Tippy tippy or not I would still have fabregas in my team I'm afraid, he is one of the best midfielders in the world is he not?
i think gylfi sigurdsson would be a good signing. i am not sure if he can be in the first 11 but he will certainly bring something different to the team, perhaps from the bench with his vision and eye for goal. i don't think he'll cost a lot, he is young & with epl experience. he is the poor man's fabregas
Fabregas was one of the most direct players we have ever had. If anything Nasri and an off form Rosicky were guilty of not being direct enough after Fabregas had released them with a superb pass. Cesc was and is in the top 5 midfielders in the world. His stats - whether it be through balls per game, forward passes, passing success %, goals and goal attempts back that up.
the way i see it, we maybe reverting to the game plan with strong tenacious cm and goal-scoring wingers like those days of pires-vieira-edu/parlour-ljungberg. the tried the barca-style with mostly diminutive technical midfielders spreading a cross i.e. arshavin-denilson/diaby-fabregas-nasri/song-rosicky/eboue but were out-muscled off the park for a good 5-6 seasons until song gives us some steel in the dm role. i think 2 players can really transform us into serious title contender - m'vila & gotze. then we can have the option to play with 2 dm i.e. m'vila-gotze-song or the current way of arteta/wilshere/gotze-song/m'vila-rosicky/ramsey/diaby. then again, m'vila & gotze to arsenal? a bit of wishful thinking
The 'tippy tappy' game only got labelled as such when there was no end product, when we were free scoring it was just called beautiful football.
No 10
I think the main thing you are saying Joe is that we are starting to have options in the way we play. Even with the players we have (including the injured ones) that is true and that is one of the best things looking forward to next season.
No 10
and of course if the pre contract with Suarez is true and the Podolski rumours come to fruition that just adds to those options.
No 10
Yep.. Would have loved to have Fabregas in our team. Hes the 3rd best player Ive seen play for Arsenal (After Berg and Vieira). But hes not at our club and there arent many players who can do a job as well as he did. (So fking happy Nasri left!!). Probably the only player who comes close to Cesc's vision and passing is Goetze, and we are not getting him. Thats why I feel, its important that we move away from trying to emulate Barcelona and go back to the style of football which actually won us some trophies.
Sajit I guess everyone is allowed an opinion......but Henry doesn't even make your top 3!? Even the spuds undisputedly bow down to his unworldliness!
TOP3: Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira
I honestly can't do a top three. Too many great players in too many positions.
No 10
agree with no 10, but i certainly see vieira as a very special player. we've seen the henry's mould of skillful and pacey forward who score a lot of goals like c. ronaldo and players who are technically superb with great passing ability like bergkamp i.e. zidane. vieira is the most skillful and dominant dm i had ever seen and there is one player comparable so far
Im biased towards Vieira and Cesc because imho they played in the central mid. Probably the most toughest position to play in any team. The thing with forwards is that they can go missing (as Henry often did but we chose to forget ;) ) for 70min a game and yet corner all the glory for scoring that 1 goal. These guys need to put in a shift right from the 1st minute to the last. Cannot afford to switch off at all. Not as glamorous as scoring goals but definitely the most important position in any team. Again, just my opinion.. And Bergkamp is in there coz he is Bergkamp..
I hear you, but I remember fab Not turning up for the odd game. I just think Henry's undisputed record kind of outweighs the odd game he went missing, and I think many people forget that there are not many strikers who have that kind of consistancey, so many have a flash in the pan season....ady, torres, berbatov etc but can't keep it going over a period of years.....shearer, henry, nistlhorseface spring to mind, truly great strikers. As much as rvp has been amazing over the last year and is that this moment, priceless for us, he needs to do it for another 2 or 3 seasons consistently for me to put him alongside those other great premiership strikers. The reason the strikers get the glory is because the pressure is on them, they get paid to score goals and they are judged on that basis, for me if he does nothing for 89 minutes then scores the winning goal or the equaliser, he has done his job. Midfielders are workhorses don't get me wrong but it is a lot easier for a midfielder to hide behind other players then it is a striker, an average midfielder surrounded by great midfielders suddenly becomes a good midfielder, an average striker is just an average striker, I always believe that no team how great will ever win a title with average strikers, look at the stats.........I think we all no that we would not be fighting for 3rd place right now if we had to rely on chamakh, no matter how good the rest of the team were playing. Liverpool are a perfect example, they are a class striker away from challenging for the top four, as it happens there fighting for Europa because they don't have anyone with over 20 league goals a season in them.

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