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Arsenal vs Aston Villa

With Chelsea hosting Tottenham within the hour in a match in which any outcome will be positive for The Mighty Arsenal, it is imperitive that we take all 3 points at home to Aston Villa this afternoon, and we could do with a pretty sizable win too.

I`m not going to be in my usual position later on to post the starting line-ups, hence the early thread for you Vital Gooners to discuss the match, I will however hazard a guess to what Mr Wenger`s selection will be.











an Persie

Anyone else like to offer a line-up they think could dismantle Villa?

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 24 2012

Time: 12:13PM

Your Comments

Kos suffering a knee injury is a bit of a blow, let's hope Djourou can do a good job. Hasn't looked good all season but he's not playing out wide so let's hope he keeps it simple.
Professor Calculus
3 points today meant we will increase the gap with spurs to 3 points and 8 for chelsea. Big game !!!!
Heskey's playing too
Come on Heskey! (cough, deperation, cough cough)
@Piercemorgan: "When this #Arsenal 1st XI is all available (plus @JackWilshere ) we're unstoppable. It's the quality of the bench that's the problem". Can you believe the man? A latter day convert or fair weather fan?
Guess our boys are doing the business. Two goals up and van Persie hasn't even scored yet.
A little bit of show boating by the captain to give the fans more to cheer. The fans go We've only got one song. Hahaha!
It's 2-1 at Anfield. Liverpool conceding again after drawing level.
GREAT game. RVP didn't score, but my oh my. I didn't think the Ramsey shot would go in, didn't have much pace on it. But Walcott's goal was Henry-esque. How he controlled the ball with his first touch and then just slid it past Friedel. And Arteta scored a screamer. No bend, just a straight bullet into the net. Pool lose and the Spuds draw. GREAT all around.
Djourou did really well in the absence of Koscielny
Friedel, Gunnerfan? This isn't 1987 mate. Lol. What Ramsey shot were you referring to?
I meant Gibbs. Too excited to think straight =)
Lol... Too early to be smoking Gunnerfan87
Does Song have a PhD in passes over the top of D?
Arteta's strike <3
Ozi Gooner
Gunnerfan, you mean Given, right? Lol!
Wyn Mills
Fantastic result for us, and good to see us back to getting the early goals. The confidence surging through the team is there for all to see. I think its fair to say the team were coasting second half. Anyone still think we need to hand Wenger his P45?
Wyn Mills
Nice easy run out for you guys, glad we were able to give you a training game, must be nice not to have to break into a sweat. Not so nice for us though, sod the team, just not right for the fans! Good luck for the rest of the season, Arsenal at least play football the right way imho.
The Fear
Vitalfootballadmin, cheers. I have to admit i wasn't fretting about this game as much as I have with others. I was talking to a couple of my Villa mates last night who were just trying to predict how many goals you would lose by. You know things are bad when it gets to that stage. Losing Bent has turned your attack into a toothless moggy. I can only imagine how we might struggle if we lost RVP, although the fact that we won today without him getting on the scoresheet was actually quite reassuring. But at least you're already safe. Good luck for the rest of the season!
Wyn Mills
Great game. Thanks @The Fear. TBH, I really dont know what the owners were thinking in bring Mcleish to Villa Park. He get one team relegated and comes for their neighbours. I love Villa and would really love em to stay up. I guess Mcleish just loves working in his comfort zone - The Championship.
Watching the Stoke game against Man City, and I must say the Billionaires don't look like champions. They had this spark at the start of the season and really did look unbeatable. Now they look so ordinary. Gunners for 2nd place, any takers?
2ns is very unlikely, but of the Top2 I want United to win the league.
Long shot.. We got tough games coming up before that..
It's funny looking back now and thinking about just how important a certain victory in Udine has turned out to be.
In hindsight, but who would have thought that in August or Sept? If we had kicked off the season like this, we might still be challenging for the league
I am still undecided which of the two Manchester teams I'd rather win the title. While City's arrogant tapping up and attempt to buy the title infuriates me (then, there is Nasri to teach a lesson), I do have some noisy United fans around me I would like to be silenced. It's a Lose-Lose for me:-)
City does look ordinary against Stoke. Is it the pressure building up and affecting confidence?
I think AW works in Clarks going off his pre-match interview
It's a choice between a team built over years and years by a top class manager VS a club with no history of success performing thanks only to an Arab sugar daddy. I think the first one is the clear choice.
well, well...Stoke up against City.
Wyn Mills
Amazing goal it was too. Easily goal of the season by Crouch.
Wyn Mills
Sorry wyn,i removed comment under the vital logins and put it up as 'my' username!
The fear
@wyn and @guy fox. We are pretty baffled by the appointment and I find myself just shrugging off such performances as opposed to get angry because it is just expected. Bad times when the passion dies, far better sign when you get angry and involved. The shame of it is that so much is now right at villa, decent traditional stadium, honestly the training ground is amongst the very best in the world, then they choose a failure as a manager and the 'product' on the pitch is just wrong. Still say with our squad we should be top 7 or 8 (which still is not good enough for a club our size) but not playing like mcleish plays. If we can't win, we could at least try to entertain, something arsenal rarely fail to do. Your team could have had an cricket score today but they probably just decided to be kind to us! Lol
The fear
Been out with the family today so didn't see any of the game. Extatic with the result and with Chelsea and Tottenham drawing. This end of season run in seems to be a metaphoric photographic negative of previous seasons. Where as we haven't looked like winning a game in the run-ins of the last few years, but this year we don't look like losing. I even feel like we can turn City and Chelsea over at our gaff. Against all odds it looks like we'll be playing CL football next year. Extrodinary run of results, we'll probably see Wenger win the manager of the month award for the second month in a row. Quite a turn around.
7 wins on the bounce! Reminding me of the run of wins we had in 98 to haul in man utd were odds on to win the league by the bookies after Christmas before we went on a 10 game winning streak. Winning is a habit and the confidence is oozing through this team, I just hope we don't take the foot off so we are set up for next season. The boys will be buzzing in pre season biting at the bit, and with a few more signings next season could be interesting. Let's finish the job and take no prisoners.
Spuds and Chelski draw, Liverpool lose, and The Arsenal get 3pts and a Clean sheet! And What a Freekick from Arteta! Beautiful just Beautiful!
@The Fear. Entertain eh... I wouldn't call a 7-0 win as very entertaining as a 4-3 win. Take our game against Spurs or Chelsea. Excitement till the very end. Guess we kept the score low to salvage some honour for u folks or maybe to make Mcleish's post match talks a lot easier. TBH, Arteta's goal was not on the cards. Lol. Then again I think Mcleish is not the right dude for the job. Well that's my own opinion. Till we cross paths again, Good luck for the rest of the season.
@ Naija. I guess I would go with a Man City win. Its a lot more bearable than United lifting the Prem. Cos me dear, we wouldn't hear the last of it. Imagine how Liverpool fans are feeling now. They used to have bragging rights for most 1st division wins but United are having the last laugh and the joke will be on us...
On another note, it is said that 40 points is the threshold for survival. But I must say this season has been rather shocking for most of the teams. Liverpool are placed 8th on the standings and are just 2 points above 40 and to say we are 30 games into the season. Just 8 games to go. So what does this mean? Has the gulf between the top 6 and the rest of the league disappeared or are the Premiership teams playing really badly this term? Well results in Europe have revealed that English competitiveness has dropped: with us losing woefully in Milan, Man U and City not cutting it in the Champs League or its little brother. Nonetheless, we have been treated to some exciting results: 8-2, 1-6, 3-5, 7-1, 5-2. Do the maths. Here's to a thrilling end to the league.
Thi is one of the reasons why I likw Woj Szczezny so much class
My God. 7 wins on the bounce, cruising through March and fixing to run-in like Red Rum. Who is this lot and what have they done with our "nervous nellies?!" I'd love to know what it was that got into this team at 2-0 down at home to Spuds. It's like something out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," lol. Keep up the good work boys :)
Apparently there are no easy games in the Prem, but this clearly was an exception, Villa rarely threatened and were quite generous in their defending. I'd take the 3 pts of course and its good to get a few comfortable wins under the belt. Good times recently, but things can change very quickly, so this team needs to keep on going, racking up the 3 pts every game. Its good to have a 8 pt cushion to 4th coz that could shrink rapidly.
Guyfox, I hear you. Problem is it is not in our hands and looking like United's 20th title. City is dropping points and will drop more at the Emirates while United's run-in is not so daunting for them; we know how Fergie's sides get once the title is in sight. "A metaphoric photographic negative of previous seasons" is exactly right, Rocky, about our season's finish. I feel it is with any combination or all of the following: Wenger has been able to keep the lads' focus; timing of players' return from injuries; the form of RvP and his pursuit of top goal scorer; the 'miracle' of even being where we are, considering our start and the lowered expectations of fans; all factors that combined to make this season's closing form much better. In terms of confidence, spirit and quality, Arsenal probably ranks with the top 2 teams and could easily have been playing for the title now had the top 2 teams fared any worse than they did. But, still a lot to play for and plenty of games to change things.
Guys, I live in Nigeria, but I've been a Gooner since living in North London as a youngster, but I get the bulk of my Arsenal news through this site and newsnow. I'm giving this background information, so that my question may be placed in context. How come those folks over at legrove always manage to sound like we've lost, even when we just won? Why are they always so negative? I've tried asking them severally, but they've always responded by either deleting my posts, or by censoring them outright. I only seek enlightenment, and whilst I've resolved never to go back their, I'm seriously baffled as to why they are so negative.
Welcome deledudu. Well em folks at Le Goof are sorta an Anti Arsenal Brigade. Well they are Arsenal fans but they don't really like Le Prof over there. And my dear its absolutely pointless trying to talk sense to em or argue. They are really a vile lot. Over here at Vital we don't bash anyone (except Spuds tho). Its a fun house here. So again, Welcome!
Thanks for the lowdown fox, I was just wondering how come they seem to take so much pleasure in running everything down. It's obvious we have issues to resolve over the summer months, and it's difficult to pretend the issues haven't been with us for some time, but credit where it's due, the team has recovered sufficiently to finish the season well, and I am sure that Wenger, the board and the players can see the need to do better next season, what I find exasperating, is the mindless negativity that pervades every article and most of the posts on that site. Chelsea have spent big for years, but it's looking increasingly likely, that it is UEFA Cup for competition for them next season, in spite of all the money spent. Man city are looking increasingly like they will end the season without any trophy as well, all after spending tons of money and running on fuel whilst we've had to run on sweat. I am not excusing the shambolic manner of our pre season, and I agree that we could have done a lot better with replacing lost players, but what is to be achieved with the excessive negativity that does nothing but kill fans morale? Again, I apologize for raising this issue on this thread, but after reading yet more negative posts on that site, I was just left puzzled as to the purpose of their vitriol. Wenger out, and then what? Harry Redknapp? SMH in wonder!
Deledudu, the site isn't called Le Groan for nothing. It is strictly made up of those who can't handle the marked improvement of our club, considering our start, which had them predicting all manner of woes for the club (even relegation). They have an urge to say "we told you so". Easy to see why they can't help themselves.
I guess I've heard enough to know never to go back their. Thanks guys for the crash course.
deledudu, re le grove-I actually think a few of their blog pieces (main articles) are decent enuf--mainly those written by Pedro, not Geoff (who's almost always v. harsh). I never read the comments, tho. Ever. I used to on occasion but it was just a complete waste of time. I don't have adequate enuf words to describe the species of human being who post on that blog.

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