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Team News: QPR vs Arsenal

After what seems like an eternity, the mighty Gunners travel across London to Loftus Road to attempt to wrestle a vital 3 points away from QPR.

Arsene Wenger's men are on an incredible run of form, but can we really make it 8 straight wins?

Let's find out

Paddy Kenny
Clint Hill
Taye Taiwo
Anton Ferdinand
Nedum Onuoha
Joey Barton
Shaun Derry
Adel Taarabt
Samba Diakite
Bobby Zamora
Jamie Mackie

Radek Cerny
Danny Gabbidon
Luke Young
Shaun Wright-Phillips
Akos Buzsaky
Jay Bothroyd
DJ Campbell

Wojciech Szczesny
Bacary Sagna
Thomas Vermaelen
Laurent Koscielny
Kieran Gibbs
Mikel Arteta
Alex Song
Aaron Ramsey
Robin van Persie
Theo Walcott
Tomas Rosicky

Lukasz Fabianski
Andre Santos
Johan Djourou
Marouane Chamakh
Yossi Benayoun
Alex Chamberlain

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 31 2012

Time: 2:49PM

Your Comments

Tony Gale is an absolute c***spanner. That is all.
I hope it is a figment of my immagination but it appears as if the ref was happy to see the QPR goal frm his reaction. Very different from when Theo levelled.
Vermaelen giveth 3rd place and Vermaelen taketh away
Where is the energy today?
Really can't fathom the starting of Ramsey on the wing when we have Ox and Gerv. Upsets the balance of the side.
Agreed. I have no idea why Ramsey plays out wide.
Everyone ready fo our 3rd shhh1t run of the season?
Wyn Mills
The enigmatic Arsene. No right to win football matches, but this is a game we should have won or at least not lost. Ramsey is struggling for form and has been for some time, really don't understand why we're starting him let alone playing him out wide. It's basically a waste of an attacking option and RvP looked isolated all game. Defending was also poor, we seem to go back to our old bad habits. Very disappointing, especially with Chelsea winning and we have Man City next.
100% agree with gunnerkid107 & gv. i never rated ramsey. he is never actually attacking or helping out in defense. there's no urgency in his game. same applies to walcott. i can't remember seeing both of them tracking back, not just this game but in many other games in the past
as for rvp, sorry to say but this has to be one of his worst games of the season
Well, a very pivotal day in the run or the title, wasn't it? Chelsea in resurgent form, City dropping the points at home to Sunderland and we losing to QPR, giving the spuds some hope for 3rd spot.

It's got to be all the talk about the 8th straight win to equal the record set by the invincibles. This team fails to impress once a weight of significant expectation is put on it. What a performance.
YES!!! Down to 5 points!!
Joe - yes, RvP wasn't great, but he seemed isolated and unable to get into the game. He did set up Theo though. Our problem was just not being able to create openings on a small pitch. That's where the trickery of Gervinho or Ox would have been more helpful you would think.
It would seem all the hype has got into the heads of the players and complacency set in. Can't say QPR didn't deserve to win it as we showed interest only in patches. RvP was isolated and maybe needed some support. Mark Huges and Zamora have frequently been bad news for us and that trend has continued again today. Did anyone else see how it was like our defenders were bouncing off him at times. We need to do better against these physical types.
so the race isn't over then! after all the s#it spoken last week Le arse fall at the first fence
...Zamora, that is.
All you gooners fans.. you see what happens when you assume your team are going to win all these "easy games". :-) well done QPR... So just remember, Spurs have had a bad patch of form, just as arsenal did earlier this season, so now we are going to see who is top club in London, end of season and it is not going to be you or chelsea.... I hope.. lol
Block D Spurs
credit to QPR they showed attitude and took their chances.. we didn't really create any and fluffed what little we did. seemed like a typical arsenal performance with the players lacking the movement off the ball to create the spark..well taken goal by walcott though, showed presence of mind and commitment.
My bad. Last time I took a peek at the game at the Etihad, it was 1-3; didn't realize City came back to get one point.
gv, yes i agree he was isolated. by his standard, today he was relatively poor especially missing 2 one-on-ones which he would have scored blindfolded usually. i really do not know anymore how wenger could drum in to our wingers that defending is a team's responsibility. we only seems to play with some urgency whenever we went behind. obvious complacency had crept in again like in the earlier part of the season
Hi Spuddies. See you are back to crow on the VA site again. When would you ever learn? Like Spurs will win all their "easy" games, right?
Fans have got to keep the belief and pass the belief to the lads. Anything else, and we shall get what we wish for.
Quite honestly, i really do not know what Verminator was doing today, a central defender should never be so easily beaten for the 1st goal, POR!! Theo did not come back to assist at all. With Rosicky in the team I don't see what ramsey was doing. In any case, we had ridden our luck for too long.
well done to QPR its not over till the big freench fool says "Pardon et moi" come on you spurs !!!!!!!!!!( Van Who ) Yup aura that
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Can't believe these sad spuds, i mean, they're still behind us and they're on here crowing like cocky cockerels.
They are back! Lol! Of course, it is not over!
Apart from anything else I really don't want to watch that smarmy fecker Hughes or that tosser Barton again next season.
Wyn Mills
'pardon et moi' PMSL! christ sp*rs fans take stupity to soaring new heights don't they? You bellends threw away a 12 point lead 12 FECKING POINTS!!!!! yet here they are still not embarrassed by this hilarious capitulation, the remedial kids of football shooting off their halfwit mouths before their fixture has even been played. Mange tout Rodders mange tout.
Getting interesting now fellas, we win tomorrow & its game on. Never thought I'd ever have the selfish donkey that is Taraabt down for a Spurs legend! ;-)

Keep calm niko, you're losing too many heartbeats there buddy, its only 3 points & unless we win by 4 or more, you'll still be 3rd Monday. Deep breaths mate.

And the spurs are back.. Credit to Spuds U lke though., the only spud who had the balls to show up since Feb 26th..
Wow - Massive over-reactions all across the board. In the last 9 games we've won 7, drawn 1 lost 1. It's impossible to win 'em all. It's not the defeats that tell us how far we come, it's the response to those defeats.

Funny to see some crowing c***s on here. Where have you been for the last six weeks?
Sajit, There are lots of spurs fans who who have the balls to stand up and have a go with our own fans and anyone else. As a read of Vital Spurs site on most days sees a spat between ourselves.. Just that some of us choose not to get involved. But when other club's fans have come on our site and take the p*** and try to wind us up it is only fair we return the sentiment right back at them on their Vital site!.

As you will see from my previous posts on VA most of us spurs fans have made decent posts. There is always a bit of banter that means not very much, just a bit of fun, but there is always a few who take it too far as in any club, or pub where fans get together. Now I'm off out for the evening, and tomorrow, going to WHL as a season ticket holder to cheer our players to perform the free flowing and best, exciting football that only we have been doing 90% of this season. So watch the game on TV and enjoy (if you can) two good football playing teams.
Block D Spurs
Lol, sure didnt see you on here for 5 weeks Block D Spurs.. Have fun tomorrow.
I dont have an issue with sp*rs trolling here.. Just that you should have the balls to troll in the good times and the bad :P.
Scores one goal against us and he's a Spurs legend?
Arsenales F.C
Well if you can't have a chuckle when your neighbours lose to a bottom 3 team, when can you? Having had to listen to you lot sprouting bile since our dip in form, I think it's only fair to revel in a little Schadenfreude. Yes we had a ten point lead over you and maybe it'll be all level come Monday. And maybe we'll have a 10 point lead over you again by the end of the season. Have a pleasant evening x
Think you'll find that I'VE been posting (not trolling) on here in both good & bad times Sajit, mate.

Arsenales, buddy it was irony mate, the lad will never be a Spurs legend unless he scores a stunning winning goal against you in a major final ala Nayim, or one that ends your title hopes.

Don't lie, you've already pre-ordered your DVD. I hear this time it comes with a commemorative plaque dated 18/09 - 21/03... Lest we forget.
Arsenales F.C
Cyanideyid, why would you explain away your dropped points since the NLD as a 'dip in form'? You were not exactly top of the table at the time, you know, which suggests you had dropped points somewhere, along the way. If we are to assume it was a dip in form whenever Spurs drop points, who's to say there won't be a few more dips in form before the season is over, seeing as you do have a few tricky games ahead? You get the drift, mate?
Just saw Wenger's press conference, and I've rarely seen him this publicly upset with a performance. Quite deservedly, it was poor. Tempo was too slow, there was no urgency, the entire team was being muscled off the ball far too easily. I thought the team would turn it around in the 2nd half, and we did keep more of the ball, but did nothing with it. Kenny made a good save off the RvP shot but didnt have much else to do.
you cant win them all, we had a great little winning streak that has put us in a great position, we were never going to win every single game till the end of the season, our objective is to just pick up as many points as possible, teams around us will certainly drop points as well. Disappointed with the loss but we need to pull the socks up and get on with it and not worry about anyone else but ourselves.
we're coming ;)
To be honest, Ryan, I'd be more worried about the chavs gaining ground on you. We are still ahead of you.
I bet that tool Tim wished he hadn't seen that! I hope he got stale ***** on his head to go with his light wallet, his ***** view and his well-deserved defeat.
Henry Baker Brown
Thanks for pointing out the possibility of us dropping more points Geishagooner. The question is, whether we'll drop more points than you lot. Looking at the fixtures we both have coming up, I would say yours are more difficult, especially as you can't even beat a team that's third from bottom.
In our last 9 games we've won 7 drawn 1 lost 1, that's title winning form right there. What we need to be careful of is not letting this defeat get to us. Even the best clubs lose games, but it's not the loss that matter it's how we respond to that loss.
Just witnessed two of the worst dives of he season - one by Ben Afra described by Sky as the player 'trying his luck', and Andy Carroll's shameless flop when clean through. Will be intresting to see what media coverage will follow over both. Cheating is too mild a description.
Wyn mills
Cyanideyid, if we couldn't beat a team that is 3rd from bottom but could beat your "title chasing" team well, what does that say of just how bad you are? We will respond well to this defeat and good thing it is City coming next; we will step things up a gear to ensure victory.
are you watching...are you watching, are you watching on the box! are you watching on the box?....arsenal scum ,arsenal scum, are you watching on the box are you watching on the box?
OyVeh Maria
Job done, we were a bit sloppy, but still won, so now we are going back into form. So all you gooners need to be very worried, how your team will perform, as you look at the fixture list for your club...
Block D Spurs
Yep, as suspected the Carroll dive is somehow turned into a sympathetic litany on MOTD. f'king Kenny reckons he was going so fast he lost his balance. Then there's the three wise monkeys in the studio simply refusing to condemn the blatent cheating. Pathetic. But he's a good english lad, so who gives a toss?
Wyn mills
Compare that with the commentaries and analyses during and after our game with QPR then spot the difference. They are so obvious these days, it is pathetic.
Naijagunner - Shhhhhh

More worried about Chelsea gaining ground on us? I'd be more worried about Newcastle and Chelsea getting a champions league spot than Arsenal. I said this over on the Spurs site a while back.... Arsenal are more prone to losing against teams they're expected to beat. Spurs have only lost to Manchester Utd and City ... Arsenal away ... Everton away (All hard fixtures) and were totally mugged off by a pathetic excuse of a referee to Stoke.

Spurs will have more consistancy in there remaining fixtures like they've had the whole season bar Mancs, whilst Arsenal WILL fail to take 6 points from both City and Chelsea and you'll suffer the odd dissapointment failing to take points from teams you know you should beat. (QPR being one) Sorry lads but this season.... North London is ours.
...I am quivering, Ryan. You contradict yourself there, mate. That ".... are prone to losing against teams they're expected to beat" suggests to me that we will beat teams you expect us to lose to; and that is assuming that you have stats to back that. We put 5 against both the Spuds and Chelsea already...... and beaten (at least, once) all the bottom placed sides, stuffing Blackburn along the way. Get off that stuff you've been depending on, Ryan.
*....that is assuming you have stats to back your own claim*

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