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Arsenal 1 Wigan Athletic 2

I wrote in my Wolves match report that I felt the race for 3rd would be kept alive eventually by Arsenal`s lack of professionalism when facing in certain situations. We totally lost focus in the second half against Wolves and focus isn`t something you can switch on and off wantonly. It has to be there 100% of the time. We were sloppy for the first ten minutes last night and now we`ve thrown the race for 3rd wide open again through a mixture of stupidity and failure to respect the basics of the game. I think I`ve been expecting another result like this for a while. The team didn`t learn from dropped points at home to Wolves or away at Blackburn, Bolton and QPR that you need to play all 38 teams with the same intensity. So why would they have learned by now?

Arsenal began brightly enough. A Vermaelen rangefinder flew just wide of Al Habsi`s goal. Then the Oman keeper turned Benayoun`s header over from Sagna`s cross. Then the game changed, Arteta appeared to injure himself taking a free kick. He went off for treatment but when he re entered the pitch, it was clear he couldn`t continue. Arsenal won a corner. Instead of appreciating that Arteta`s injury meant we were down one defender, the Gunners considered if left them down one attacker. Rosicky and Song both piled into the box and left Arteta as the covering midfield player. Quite idiotic to leave a player that can`t walk as your defensive cover, but there you go.

Arsenal have form for looking more likely concede than score from their own corners this season- think City in the League Cup, Villa nearly took the lead three weeks ago because we didn`t get back from our own corner quickly enough. Wigan cleared and Jordi Gomez raced down the left with di Santo merrily skipping into green space. Gomez played the ball centrally to di Santo, Szczesny raced out to block his first effort, but the ball looped up in the air and di Santo converted the rebound despite the attentions of Yossi Benayoun. It says something quite damning when Benayoun was able to race back to that position with Rosicky, Song, Santos and Vermaelen all huffing and puffing in his wake. When Arsenal attack, those same players don`t seem to lack the pace or urgency to get forward, but somehow lost their legs when it came to the dirty side of the game.

It`s the same attitude that leaves a player that can`t walk back to defend. Like when you were a kid and you just picked the teams in the playground according to a basic principle. The better you are; the further forward you play. All the kids that are rubbish go in defence. Arteta being banjaxed cost us an attacker in this team`s eyes. Even though we were only 8 minutes into the game and had no need to force any issues. A more common sense approach would be to plug the gap and respect the game until he can be replaced. Respect to the defensive side of the game means running as hard and fast towards your own goal as you do towards your opponent`s.

Arteta needed to come off with Ramsey not warmed up. Arsenal were down to ten and were two down within seconds. Victor Moses turned Sagna on Wigan`s left- and not many left wingers manage that. He cut the ball back to McCarthy, who prodded goalwards. The ball was blocked. Szczesny should have dived on the ball using his whole body, but tried to grab at it with his hands. Jordi Gomez was quicker to the ball and Wigan were 2-0 up. Arsenal had a mountain to climb. The home side had form here, coming from two goals down to beat Villa and Spurs. But sooner or later, you get your arse bitten.

Arsenal reasserted themselves and enjoyed their only really meaningful period of the game. Benayoun had another header which was tipped over by Al Habsi. But the goal came when Rosicky powered his way out to the right hand side and spun a cross into the area; Thomas Vermaelen met it with a firm header into the bottom corner. Game back on. Arsenal were briefly inspired. Van Persie dropped deep to collect Song`s pass and sent an arrowing shot towards goal, which Al Habsi tipped over the bar. The Gunners came closest when Rosicky`s corner was headed up into the air by Caldwell. Djourou caught it on the full toss. Al Habsi was completely stranded but the ball flew centimetres wide of the post.

The Gunners had the whiff of blood in their nostrils, but Wigan were clever in the way they killed that momentum. James McCarthy pretended to have an injury on the edge of the area, just after Djourou`s shot flew wide. He took his time getting treated, left the pitch via the most circuitous route possible and Al Habsi must have made the stadium clock yawn with the time it took him to take the resulting goal kick. Al Habsi was eventually booked for time wasting in the 93rd minute. Roughly 91 minutes after he had started. The referee was exceptionally weak in his dealing with it. What on earth is the point of brandishing a yellow in the 93rd minute when the offence has been allowed to persist for so long? A totally token gesture from a referee that lacked a spinal chord.

You can`t blame Wigan really. Szczesny is more than adept at getting rid of a ball when we`re winning and the ref`s not looking. The issue seems to be that referees are so unwilling to see at times. Arsenal did manage to harry Wigan into an error at the back, with Figueroa`s pass to Caldwell going astray. Rosicky picked up the loose ball and found himself in a two on two situation with van Persie. But instead of teasing the defender out, Rosicky passed to van Persie far too early. The Dutchman returned the ball to Rosicky, but by then space was tight and the Czech could only sweep the ball over the bar. Half time came and gave Wigan a chance to reorganise. Given their sterling second half performance, you have to deduce that Martinez used that 15 minutes very, very well indeed.

Arsenal simply couldn`t get through Wigan`s Maginot Line on the edge of the Arsenal area. The home side were guilty of rushing their build up play which prevented them from asserting any kind of rhythm. Still, in these sorts of games, when you`re finding opportunities at a premium, it comes down to the smaller things. Hounding your opponents when they`re in possession, forcing errors, gambling on loose balls coming to you. When I think back to the aerial duels, the 50-50s, the tackles, the loose balls and who got them, Wigan dominated that aspect of the game. It`s why they won and why they deserved to. Against City a week ago we scored a goal as a direct consequence of pushing City into an error in their own half.

Arsenal seem to have trouble doing that when facing opponents in the lower half of the league. Is it because they play with more bodies in our attacking third, or because we don`t consider them worthy of the effort? I would say a mixture of both. We certainly don`t address those opponents with the same intensity we have against the likes of Chelsea, Spurs, City and Milan at home. Without wishing to pick out individuals too much, I`ve noticed a nack Walcott has developed for completely hiding in these situations. His fear of responsibility saw him abdicate on two occasions last night. Like in the second half, when he lost possession to Figueroa, he pretended to lsoe his footing so that he didn`t have to chase back and atone for his error. Or in the first half when Figueroa made a run off his shoulder. This happened right in front of me. He turned, saw Figueroa had gone past him and turned his head again, pretended he hadn`t seen the run and all of a sudden tucked into central midfield so that Figueroa wasn`t his problem anymore.

Wigan probably created the better chances of the half. Moses muscled his way past Sagna, only to find his shot blocked by Szczesny. The ex Palace forward should have buried Arsenal when he latched onto a high bounce, which Santos tried to deal with with his left foot when his right would have been a better option. Moses was through but could only curl the ball into the arms of Szczesny. The only opportunity of note we could carve out came when van Persie wriggled to the by line and found Santos at the front post. Again he went with his left foot, meaning he stabbed the ball well wide, when his right was much better positioned. But there was a dearth of chances for Arsenal and that fed to the crowd, who didn`t muster much of a roar when the board for five minutes stoppage time went up. We knew the game was up.

Wigan competed better and defended well. They were worthy winners. Now we`ve made Saturday`s game extra hard for ourselves. Not only have we pressured ourselves to win it, but we`ve let Chelsea back in to the race for 3rd, thereby handing them more incentive. Suddenly the "Mind the Gap" jibes that rang out prematurely from N5 have stopped. There are always twists and turns at this stage of the season, the only surprise seems to be that so many people are surprised by it- supporters and players alike. At a time when Spurs should be down in the dumps, we`ve handed them a glimmer of hope too and really, the intensity at which we address these games needs to be seriously re-evaluated. Our long term prospects of challenging for anything are completely compromised until we learn to treat every game the same. Sadly, the lessons have been so regular and gone so consistently unheeded, that I have little hope they`ll learn now. LD.

13.SZCZESNY, 3.SAGNA, 20.DJOUROU (15.Chamberlain `74), 5.VERMAELEN, 11.A.SANTOS, 17.SONG, 8.ARTETA (16.Ramsey '8), 7.ROSICKY, 14.WALCOTT, 30.BENAYOUN (27.Gervinho `61), 10.v.PERSIE ©. Unused; 18.Squillaci, 21.Fabianski, 28.Gibbs, 29.Chamakh.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 17 2012

Time: 10:13AM

Your Comments

Really dissapointed with the attitude of the team last night. Theo, Song, Ramsey and Sagna had poor games - some just from a footballing point of view but others due to attitude. I want to like our Brazilian left back but Jesus he is simply terrible. Johan showed yet again how he is simply not Arsenal standard. Have given the Blues something real to aim at now. And Stoke away to come and to top it all off Art is likely gone for the season. Bad night.
Galway Gooner
Not sure I can remember an awful lot Djourou did wrong? All of Wigan's threat came from their left too so I can't see how Santos can be blamed either?
Little Dutch
I thought Santos was poor last night defensively when needed, positionally especially. But Sagna last night, never seen him play like that before, he had a torrid time - he's allowed an off day. Walcott - agree 100%, think Ramsey's performance deserves a mention as well, he slows the game down more than Denilson in my opinion, i'm hoping he can get back the level he was at when he left us, Rosicky was "back to his best", did well, great cross, but still, not good enough for that position in the team, likeable fella and works hard - but his goal return says it all. I'm just off to read an article about how we can win the league next year to cheer me up.
I thought Arteta injured himself chasing down a tight cross. As soon as I saw him go after the ball I was thinking 'dont break anything please'. That chance for Santos in the second half almost got to Vermaelen whom I'm sure would have buried it. But overall you're right. Wigan deserved their win through sheer commitment and tactical nous. Wenger's preference for zonal play is a double edged sword in my opinion. It may work more often than not, but in tight games its often an excuse for players to absolve responsibility, and sometimes makes us a little too predictable.
Wyn Mills
LD, I don't think either of them did too much wrong, just slightly below par. When you consider Santos is coming back from an injury and Djourou hasn't played an awful lot lately, I think they were good enough. I didn't see a problem with attitude... I did see Wigan nick a couple of early goals and then put 10/11 men on the edge of their box, though, and at least 8 Arsenal players attacking them for 75 minutes. Unlucky lads. Win the next one for us.
I would say there was an attitude problem in that Wigan won the 50s-50s, the headers, the loose balls. Think back, they won most of them and that suggests we didn't have the right frame of mind. Compare to the City game where we win it with 3 minutes to go and one of our players hounds City into a mistake to score. How often did we see that last night? How often did we see one of the midfielders or even the forwards really pressure Wigan in possession?
Little Dutch
Is strange Damiano eh, gosh darnit, amount of golly unlucky goals that happen to us against teams around the bottom eh.
Have to agree with you about Walcott. While this admittedly wasnt the sort of game where he could use his speed, but his laziness in tracking back and the ease with which he was dispossesd must be ringing alarm bells with Wenger. Compare his attitude with Oxlade-Chamberlain, who quite clearly sees it as unacceptable to lose the ball without a fight. We also, as a team, often fail to tackle collectively when there is an oportunity which again I can only imagine is a consequence of our zonal marking system.
Wyn Mills
LD - we had four players closing down centre-backs on the edge of Wigan's box right at the end of the game; they were running their ********* off. Little bit too much, maybe, because it left us vulnerable to the counter.
Shewore - have you got a point to make, or are you simply being a**** for the sake of it?
Did we? I don't recall that. Even so, it's all very well doing it in injury time when you're 2-1 down. The point is, you need to do that for the whole game. Against every team. In every game. You can't convince me that Arsenal have been as ruthless in their closing down in defeats to Wigan, Blackburn, QPR and draws with Wolves and Bolton as we were in victories against Chelsea, Spurs, City and the Milan home leg.
Little Dutch
No idea LD, you'd have to look at the OPTA figures I suppose. You're talking about very different circumstances though; a team breaking quickly on the counter (where many players will have been taken out of the game), as opposed to a team trying to play through us, which is much easier to close down. I just think it's all to common when we have a bad result for the fans to say 'you're not trying hard enough'.
I agree, but given the fact we've dropped more points against the bottom 5 than the top 6, there has to be a pattern, no? I agree, reaching for "they didn't try hard enough" is easy. But it's clear the focus isn't as good against those teams. Just look at the goals conceded v Blackburn, v QPR, last night. Apply the same level of focus to the City game for instance and they'd have taken us apart.
Little Dutch
Point is that we can't continually claim to be unlucky when this happens to us on a consistent basis, no man in his right mind would truly believe that. Unlucky against Blackburn, unlucky against QPR, unlucky against Wigan etc etc
Tell you what is desperately unlucky - losing Arteta at this stage of the run-in. I have a very bad feeling his absence could scupper things for us.
Wyn Mills
Arteta not being on the pitch cost us a goal last night and his absence for the rest of the games is a massive massive loss. We dont have another player like him with Wilshere injured as well. So desperate that am wondering if Diaby will be fit against Chelsea or not. Otherwise Chamberlain would need to play in midfield because we cant afford a low tempo game against Chelsea. Benayoun cant play and Ramsey's tempo is far too slow at the moment. The game last night was perhaps the first time Sagna was completely dominated by a forward - Victor Moses trumped him. Djourou didnt make many individual mistakes but was positionally at fault and commited himself in attack too many times. Walcott was absolutely dire and limited, if he isnt given space there is not much he can do. Its unfortunate that RvP is going through a phase of poor form at the moment - only by his own high standard. The team need to fight for their lives on Saturday. All our good work this season is at risk.
Szcezsny needs to look at video replays of both the Wigan goals as well. As LD suggested, he didnt use his 6 foot 5 frame to his advantage and didnt collect the ball cleanly on either occasion that we conceded. He can do a lot better than that.
Thought we'd get a tough game, but didn't expect us to lose. I think the players knew it would be tough as well, but were probably surprised at just how well Wigan played and their tactics. Perhaps psychologically going into this game our attitude was we were at home and the 'better' side so we played in that vein, but the reality of what we faced was a side that were playing well above what you'd expect, even granted their recent form. I never thought they could play that well. What's disappointing is that we're going for our own mini-league championship for 3rd place and keep slipping up in seemingly avoidable circumstances. That doesn't bode well if we were are ever again genuinely in the hunt for trophies. Walcott is just too inconsistent and not sure if he'll ever lose that. For me, Ramsey is either just too tired or looks as though he's lost a fraction of speed from his injury. Definitely think we need three more world-class players to add to this squad - a creative midfielder, a defensive midfielder and a striker - to be genuine challengers.
shewore has a very good point, damiano, because it's irritating to constantly hear from you predictable excuses for a blatant lack of focus, commitment, urgency and determination. Some idiots have said the 2 goals were just "unlucky" like AW said. This kind of idiocy makes me want to hit something. I'm glad LD pointed out Theo's attitude--it is extremely rare for me to use a harsh word like this for any of our players but I'll use it: cowardice, pure cowardice. And I don't want to hear from him any more post-game comments saying "they wanted it more than us" or "we were complacent" or other such bull*****. There's another point I'd like to make, tho--about the manager. On twitter someone said we were "bamboozled" by Wigan's formation & tactics. Before the game AW said at home he wouldn't play according to Wigan's wingback play but just go out and impose our game. That's what it looked like to me: zero preparation for Wigan's game. BTW, AW looked incredibly pale & upset in his post-game comments to skysports.
And btw-we conceded those 2 ridiculous goals BEFORE Ramsey came on so why gooners are abusing the kid is beyond me. And I have to echo LD's statements re the loss of Arteta. As long as we had him in the team I was confident that we'd make top 4 and most likely finish 3rd. Now I'm worried again it'll be a battle for 4th. Arteta is absolutely critical to our game this season. We have no one adequate enuf to replace him. It's not just Chelsea--Stoke away, a good Norwich side and Roy's West Brom can very easily get something from this team.
Did anyone see Wenger shake Martinez's hand after the match? Rumours are he headed straight down the tunnel. Just watched the replay again and I have to say Djourou lacks a lot of natural instincts of a defender. For the first Wigan goal he simply follows Benayoun rather than moving around Chesney to protect the line. I really can't see Kos being so passive in defence.
Wyn Mills
Martinez has figured out we always play towards the clock end in the first half. Wigan won the toss last night and made us play towards the north end in the first half. It completely bamboozled us! That's why the defence didn't know which end they should have been covering! ;-)
re the handshake thing all i saw was Martinez congratulating his staff etc, if Wenger was waiting it would've been for a minute or so = eff that
Also - I really like Wigan's hierarchy, Dave Whelan is a really humble and all round good bloke, seems to be a real realist as well and you can't help but like Martinez.
Its scary now that we can't play Benayoun on saturday and Arteta is gone. Glad not to see Djourou again this season and hopefully there will be a reason not to play Ramsey any more. He nullifies everything Rosicky does. They dont play well together.
Whelan did name a stadium after himself. I like Martinez, Whelan has always struck me as a bit of an arse.
Little Dutch
no one is blaming ramsey for the 2 goals but i think critics here are in general pointing to his style of play. he always seems to make 3 touches more than he should before he releases a pass and ultimately, he would leave him with no option other than passing it sideway to the nearest person. rosicky makes those 3 extra touches too but for a purpose - to dibble pass an opponent and then pass it forward, not slowing the flow of our attack and pass it backward. ramsey has the skill of ball retention and the knack of getting into shooting position. if only he learns to pass more incisively and improve in his finishing, he can be someone like lampard (though i have to compare him to this guy) - not exceptionally skillful but can make an impact in a game and deliver goals from midfield
haha that's a fair point, but listen to his interviews, he's pretty down to earth - and hardly bristles when asked about Martinez, says he expects him to leave for a big club one day, sure that's not a ploy for a fee either.
btw, comparing gervinho and walcott, just look at how gervinho tracked back last night. there was once i saw him running back to cover for sagna and it struck me that he came from the other side of the flank! it is either wenger changes his game plan or players like walcott and arshavin change their approach and attitude. they can't always think they are strikers and refuse to cover for our fullbacks. our fullbacks always give the fullest support to our wingers when we were on offensive and they deserve fairer treatment
A lot of criticism has been aimed at Theo, just like to add that he did not support Sagna for the 2nd goal. Sagna was covering 2 Wigan players while Theo was jogging back which meant that he gave Moses a couple of extra yards. I don't see how one can blame Sagna when Moses is the probably the 1st or 2nd winger who has had the better of him this season. I didn't see any attacking threat in the 2nd half, Al Habsi only had one save to make. There was a bit of fortune for Wigan in both goals, in addition to the lack of focus. Szczesny got a bit of the ball for the 1st and thats why it lobbed up, it could have gone anywhere, same for the 2nd although Szczesy could have gone in with his body. Wigan deserved their win, Arsenal had no clue how to score.
Would it be wise to give RVP 150,000 k /week with him going back to his old self? I believe Coquelin should be able to play in Arteta's position Vs Chelsea. He also has the attacking flair when needed but most importantly he is Defensive Midfielder. I hope Wenger does not bring Diaby. Will take Coquelin over Diaby
It's easy to scoff at the role that luck plays in games such as this one but Arteta breaking down as high up the pitch as the ball broke for Wigan, with Benayoun momentarily switching off as he signalled to the bench that Arteta was in trouble, was at the least unfortunate. I guess if everyone had been alert enough they might have made a better fist of defending the break even with Arteta out of the picture in which case the purists claim that 'there no such thing as luck' might seem reasonable enough. But for me and that break and the second immediately afterwards while we were still down to ten men justifies the verdict 'tough luck boys'. Apart from those two goals we played pretty well though Sagna had his toughest game for sometime against Moses. That might be because he misses the calm assurance and reading of the game that Kos now provides but Djourou did what he did well enough. Rosicky was superb again and most of the team played well and though Wigan are set up well enough to provide quite a barrier we weren't really short of chances to win the game.
How many times was El Habsi genuinely worked? A team that was bottom a couple of months ago, luck plays no part in our inability to score enough last night.
We are always very wasteful with our chances, Arteta is the only one of our central midfielders who has a decent shot on him. Song, Ramsey and Rosicky never manage to get enough accuracy or power on their strikes. Newcastle seem to be the opposite of us, they only creat a handful of chances in their games but make the most of it.
3rd place is yours, we royally screwed it up, since the derby result. The points swing is frightening, we were so clear of you guys a lot of spurs fans were jerking off over the league table but we blew it so bad that your Wigan horror show means nothing. Tottenham are looking over their shoulders nowadays so I'd relax, if I were you. Wiltshire can at least find something to be happy about in knowing he doesn't need to donate that money now.
Amos agree 100% with your comments. spot on mate. Likewise agree in part with LD but Theos ability was nullified by Wigan's game plan. Theo does rely on Sagna which explains his poor play when we had no full backs available. He did have a glorious chance but the ref saw fit to overlook the push in the back when he was clear. One goal from the lad and we would have been singing his praises. The Ox although he tries hard there were a few times when the lead up play was spot on but the final pass went straight to Wigan. Would love to see Colquelin back but he will be not be available for another week and will not be match fit. Artteta being out is a worry but we do have Kos back (and i suppose its not just luck he missed the Wigan game by six hours?).
Yes ok-we were just unlucky to lose the game and Wigan were just lucky to win it. Nothing to do with their tactics and ability at all.
jaelle as you have said before only you have the correct opinions I have no opinion worth considering. Just like all your opinions you know best. If memory serves me right you were one of the gang who wanted to get rid of the boss.
I wonder when we're not unlucky when we lose? Why not look at it constructively instead of laying everything at "poor us" 's door. I really hope Wenger and the team don't take that approach & learn from it.
Seems to me Wenger firmly believes the defeat had nothing to do with Wigan and was all about us being 'unlucky', 'running out of petrol' and not being 'sharp enough'. Tactics? Who needs tactics? We just play beautiful football, we do. Wigan were just fortunate. Lol.
Wyn Mills
I fkin really really hope that's not the case Wyn, I really do
He's either kidding himself, or worse, trying to kid the rest of us.
Wyn Mills
Well here we go the knockers are on form Wyn and shewore where is the rest of the gang. Going to get your bin liners out again? Noticed you Wyn have been mouthing off on the Scum site with your Varoom etc. Told you before a humble pie is baked slowly yet you are one of the first ro laud the team when we are winning and one of the first to knock us when we lose a game. Are you two still at school? The rub of the green luck or call by any other name plays a part in life; when you have been on this planet a while you will also come to that conclusion. But why am i wasting my time, my feeling is your both only fair weather fans.
AG, as always you are welcome to your opinion. Please feel free not to read my posts if you think I'm wasting your time.
Wyn Mills
Btw, where exactly have I been mouthing off on VS? As part of the banter between our clubs I gently ribbed them about hearing distant approaching gunfire when they still had a lead over us. What's so bad about that?
Wyn Mills
Well it just goes to show, there are no easy wins in Pl against lesser teams, like Norwich and Wigan...they are fighting for their lives now. As we found out against Norwich and you did by losing to Wigan...
Block D Spurs
Oh do shut up alwaysgunner, why are you so offended by people daring to assert that maybe it's not bad luck that has seen us rolled over by the likes of Wigan, QPR, Blackburn etc? If we turn in these sort of consistent performances on more than a few occasions it's worth looking at isn't it? Instead of "chin up lads, you're not accountable, wasn't your fault, it was pesky lady luck". And as for your assertion re being a fair weather fan & this bin bag nonsense - I won't rise to it, although would be interested in your away day travels over the last few years?
I suspect a humour by-pass.
Wyn Mills
@Block D Spurs. Quite right. But while I don't condone the mass self-flagellation you're inflicting on yourselves on VS I do think its right to give the so called 'lesser teams' credit where its due.
Wyn Mills
shewore try getting a grown up to read my comments for me you silly little boy. Your last comment says it all your cretin
calling me someone that always knocks the team? utter balls, i support em mate, properly, i give feedback on internet forums and pubs when i think things aren't going too well n all, in a rather more constructive way than most (well i try to), if you choose not to accept any of it then that's fine - but calling someone a "cretin" or a "little boy" hardly adds to any sort of debate does it? In fact, it's embarrassing, would you speak to people like that in real life? If you would, i'm assuming you've been put on your ar8e a few times? You haven't answered whether or not you're blaming bad luck for us having the worst record against the bottom clubs out of the top 6 either, QPR, Wigan, Blackburn etc?
shewore once again you are showing proof why you are a cretin. Dont you have a grown up who can read my comments for or are you still in colouring stage.As for putting me on my arse you pathetic little child once again grow up.
Alwaysgunner, please cut out the insults and at least try to hold a sensible debate about the club. For someone who has been on the planet for as long as you say this rather infantile name calling is a bit surprising. Yours is not the only valid opinion, and you wont win many arguments by hurling abuse.
Wyn Mills
Hurling out abuse and not backing up any opinion when asked on it, and at the same time calling someone else childish - I sincerely hope the irony's not lost on you and that you're not this angry and upset in real life. Oh, and I never said i'd put you on your arse, what sort of person would say that in this anonymous world? I simply queried if you ever have been a few times if this is how you approach the big, bad, world.

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