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He Wins Awards When He Wants.......

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie was last night named the Professional Footballers Association Player of the Season for 2011-12. The award ballots all members of the PFA and asks them to vote for two players each for their Player of the Year. Members are not permitted to vote for themselves or their teammates. The Arsenal striker won the vote for this season having netted 27 Premier League goals so far this season, eleven of which have been winning goals.

The Arsenal captain becomes is the fifth Arsenal affiliated winner in the trophy`s 39 year history, with Liam Brady (1979), Dennis Bergkamp (1998) and Thierry Henry (2003, 2004) having proceeded him. The PFA Young Players` Player of the Year award was this season won by Tottenham`s Kyle Walker. Van Persie was nominated alongside Joe Hart, Wayne Rooney, David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Scott Parker. But the Arsenal captain nabbed the award following a truly sensational season. The Dutchman commented; "If other people are saying it, it is special, but it is even more special if your opponents are saying it,' he told Press Association Sport.

'It is very special because you are playing against them week in week out and every single player does everything to win. In the end, if they make up their minds that I am the best player it is a big honour.'

The 28 year old Holland international was quick to pay tribute to his teammates and coaching staff too; "Without them I could not have achieved it,' he said.

'For example Theo Walcott, he has given me more than 12 assists and I do really appreciate that.'

Van Persie was the sole Arsenal representative in the PFA Team of the Year, which was announced as follows: Joe Hart (Manchester City), Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur), Vincent Kompany (Manchester City), Fabricio Coloccini (Newcastle United), Leighton Baines (Everton), David Silva (Manchester City), Yaya Toure (Manchester City), Scott Parker (Tottenham Hotspur), Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Robin van Persie (Arsenal).

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 23 2012

Time: 8:31AM

Your Comments

Congrats to RVP - don't think any rival fans ( Utd and Spuds fans excepted) can argue about the decision. Bit bemused that Walker beat Aguero to the young player award, but that's another debate entirely.
Congrats Rob, fully deserved. I too am baffled at the decision to award Walker the Young player award. Though considering it was voted for by the players, it's not overly surprising. I'm disapointed that Koscielny didn't get any recognition for any awards or in the team of the year, he's been one of the best central defenders in the league this year. Still he knows that he's appreciated by the people who matter most.
It is sometimes an odd one. I agree that Aguero should have won the young award and he (I think) was the only real candidate to run Robin close. Sometimes it seams young, yet established, players get overlooked for the young player. Didn't Rooney win the player of the year award a few years back but failed to win the young player award he was also nominated for?
No 10
Thoroughly deserved accolade for RvP. Robin proved that given a season free of injury and a sustained run in our team, he was every bit the world class player that gooners knew he was. The architecture of our team means that RvP has got good service almost throughout this season and we couldn't have asked for a more talented player to have put away those chances.
Also to see Coloccini nominated and Koscielny omitted is utterly bizarre. And for all his mistakes I thought TVs goal tally might have got him noticed, just as Lescotts did a few years back. I doubt that had Parker or Walker been from Portugal they would get a nomination.
No 10
Glad that Kos is soo underrated.. Will keep the Barcas and Reals away. World class defender.
Hehehe, Sajit.

Those things are so subjective and it is anyone's guess what criteria the players are given to carry out the ratings. Isn't Aguero a bit too old to be in the running for Young Player? Hence I asked to know the eligible age band for this category. Anyone know it?
Ask those in the game about Van Persie. The way he tried to humiliate his own team mate against Newcastle was a perfect example of what that man is like. Pardew was 100% spot on, but did Van Persie give a *****? Did he *********. Also Kosh whatever his name is is a world class defender? hahahaha the intelligence on this page is overwhelming. Dissing Parker and Walker, what a bunch of idiots here, over on the smelly side of the fence.....
Henry Baker Brown
Juan Mata didn't even get a mention? I thought he was a breath of fresh air in the Chelsea line up this season.
Get back down there you snivelling little pecker, don't you dare even look up here from your pitiful 5th soon to be 7th place hovel because you are nowhere near worthy, you disgust me you cock loving mong. I wipe my arse repeatedly up and down the face of your rancid dog mother as i hold onto her flappy jug ears.
RVP should have won TEAM of the season. Let's face it, for much of the seas HE WAS ARSENAL. Said, the contract will be sorted out before the Euros. Please stay Robin.
Wow, what a charmer, I bet you say that to all the girls......
Henry Baker Brown
Wow, what a charmer, I bet you say that to all the girls......
Henry Baker Brown
Scott Parker and Kyle Walker not fit to lace Sagna and Song's boots. It was only a couple of months ago your lot was crowing about how non of the Arsenal players bar van Persie and Szczezny would get into your team, fast forward to today and I couldn't fathom any concievable situation where one single Spurs player would even get a sniff in our team. Gareth Bale arguably has the talent, but he has an ego that doesn't belong. Plus, since Martin Keown retired we put a ban on allowing any more gibbons in the side.
Rocky7 To be fair, van Persie does humiliation pretty well....................
Little Dutch
HBB I don't think anyone was actually 'dissing' Parker or Walker. Just stating the fact that Aguero has been one of the best players in the league and was eligible to be Young Player of the Year as he was aged 23 at the start of the season. I think 99.9% of spurs fans would happily swap him for walker, just as I think most Arsenal fans would accept loosing RvP but gaining Aguero but 99.9% of them would be utterly horrified if we lost RvP and gained Walker. The fact that Agureo is an established international, foreign and a consistent performer seams to have acted against him in this category.
No 10
And if you are looking at DMs: Song has been involved in more clean sheets, scored more and is the highest assist provider of any CM never mind DCM! He has more than double what Lampard has managed! He has the BEST through ball completion rate of ANY player in the PL. He, in short, is with out a doubt one of the best MFs in the PL this season. Can I just point out that he is still only 24. If he was English then I think he would sort out a big problem we have in that position. A problem that Parker, age 30, is meant to fill.
No 10
Nope henry, shes the only one I go to for my bum wash. Song wazzes on parker and sagna likewise for Parker, more merely above average players overhyped purely because they're English. I wouldn't take any scum player ever, especially from their present squad of inferior league plummeting bottle merchants.
Congrats. RVP, you earned it. Our Kyle Walker has as well. As to the fans of both clubs, on a pure football basis....lets hope these 2 players are still in N5 & N17 stadiums start of next season! But, we will be very happy to take RVP off your wages bill, and onto ours... lol
Block D Spurs
nikolaijns You are clearly deluded, Bale & Modric are too good for you and would never consider a sideways move to your club. Yes we are in a slump last few games. BUT were way ahead of you all season.. and will be again next year when we get rid of Harry, who has caused our drop in form, by 1. Not admitting he wants / accept the England job, just making sound bites to the Media & FA, and behind doors meetings etc. This is after we supported him in his Inland Revenue case, for 3 years, and the very next day Fabio quits, and Harry is the man in line. This has to be questionable decisions and the timing of it. 2. Our players subsequently lost respect for him and just stopped playing and dressing room disrupted. 3, His tactical decisions are just woeful. 4. Harry blames every one else for defeats, NEVER accepts blame for his decisions, disrespects the fans who pay his wages through ticket sales merchandising sales etc. Have a look on various articles on VS and you will see what THFC fans from around the world, think about this.
Block D Spurs
I don't care how cack your manager is & I don't give a fvk what you bellends from all around the world think about him either, I don't care about your beautifully bullet pointed list of how guff he is or how much of a crook he is or how hard done by you are that the crook hasn't worked out the way you wanted, boo fackin hoo talk to someone who gives a s4it. You knew he was a feckin crook b4 you hired him so feckin deal with it. Just wanted that on record.
and fvk your rat boy and chimp too, wouldn't even swap those bottling hiders for Denilson.
You have just proven what many at WHL think about Arsenal fans in that they are of a lower mental ability than the rest of the population, and that their inability to talk in a concise and adult manner is rampant. Well done sir, you should be proud of yourself... Or do any other Gooner fans disagree, and can prove me wrong?
Block D Spurs
In short there is nothing you have that i would want at Arsenal, NOTHING, not players, not coaching staff, not whiffy run down dump of a stadium, not crest, not paltry poultry history, not even your one carling bleeding cup in an eternity. Nada, zilch, rien. Hope I've made meself clear there. cheers!
Just stay in your bad copy of the Lisbon stadium and hug the railings, looking around at the highly expensive match day seats it will amuse you for hours.. lol
Block D Spurs
It does when I look at your bike shed! I can sit there and laugh for hours after a game, stewards come up and go 'come on mate time to go, what are you laughing at we've just lost two-one to feckin Wigan??' and I go "I'm laughing at the state of WHL it's a s4ithole!" and he goes "fair enuff" and sits down and joins in with me, after an hour or so theres fifty of us sitting there just in stitches, Wenger too comes over and joins in.
Then after a 4 hr rousing rendition of '61 Never again we hear RVPs mobile go off, it's only modric and bale, cheeky feckers want to come over and polish his awards for him!? Apparantly they're the only thing that will reflect their faces anything like something approaching normality?
We also had a very good laugh when Man Utd put 8 goals past your goalkeeper at Old Trafford.. and wingers face when beating you lot...ha ha ha... LOL even more thinking about it now.:-)
Block D Spurs
Are you trying to spell whinger? I mean obviously I don't want to tell you your onions, being as you sp*rs fans are renowned the world over for your high brow level of intelligence and ability to talk in an adult concise manner. Or have I just proved over the last few posts with your startling volte face that just like every other spud you're a remedial hypocrite half wit with appalling grammar? :) How many did citeh, utd and us pump past you this season btw?
Sorry Niko, I left mum jokes behind when I was about fourteen. I seriously hope that's how old you are. If you're older than that then I suggest you get help from a kindly psychotherapist...LOL :) I suppose interacting with you has taught me one thing though. A clown will always be a clown.
Henry Baker Brown
Says the troll that uses the word LOL with a smiley face and says it smells over here. Is there any scum fan that doesn't painfully contradict himself within the same paragraph?? Interacting with you has taught me nothing. I've witnessed divs like you come and go here for years.
And it wasn't a joke. I'm sitting on the old heiffer now. Give her a bell, just don't come crying to me if she sounds more than a little muffled.
Oh really. Why don't you give me the name of one of those 'divs' that reeeeeally sticks in your mind.
Henry Baker Brown
That would be like expecting me to remember you 3-4 months down the line wouldn't it? Sorry to break it to you but that ain't gonna happen, cos as trolls go you're just not very good at it. smileyfacelolzetc.
In fact you're so unmemorable I forget who I'm replying to half wa....oh snookers on...class pot..
What a Pr***. Do you even have a season ticket to Emirates Ground?? or just an armchair "plastic" fan?? As to trying to remember what low brow Gooner "fan" that we have spoken to on this site in 3 or 4 months.. err what did you say your name was??
Block D Spurs
Ah yes, sack the manager, get a new one in and then watch the power shift in North London. I never tire of hearing that one. Every. Single. Year.
Little Dutch
Fact is Block D, it's well known that The Emirates Stadium now has very few Arsenal fans left in it. It's all club members and day trippers, that's why the atmosphere is such a disgrace. The club is basically in turmoil because it sold it's soul so that they could make more money. They trash talk us but I wouldn't want to be treated like cattle like them. I wouldn't want to stoop to their level (putting *****ty plastic bags over the seats, booing their own players, chanting about the death of an innocent man) because that would be against everything our club stands for. That's why we are Spurs. And that's why they are scum. Go on, refute that so we can all have a laugh. How about sticking another statue up to appease the fans for every year you win ***** all?
Henry Baker Brown
*sniffs* What's that I smell? *sniffs again* Ah yes, the unmistakable pong of inferiority complex emanating from the sewers of N17. Quite a stench. No wonder the locals riot.
Little Dutch
And the bellends have the nerve to say it smells over here! when it's quite patent who brings the abject stench of failure. Yep we're in such turmoil we managed a 19 point gap turnaround on you surrender monkeys. 19 points!! That's what you just can't take can you? That's the source of all the bile we're witnessing here give your excuses (waaaa you put plastic bags over your seats waaaaa, yeah that never happened you ignorant gullible no mark - back to reading the Star) And the fact that The Arsenal were the cause of your ignoble embarrassing slide back to familiar territory just eats away at you inside don't it?? White Flag Lane home of the terminal loser, just when you thought it was safe to like football again BOOM sp*rs collapse, nation laughs. Don't tell me you boys made a bit of a tit out of yourselves with your hilarious predictions to friends and family eh? Dear oh dear. You really should've known better. Even your statues would be in black & white.
Rocky depends what you mean when comparing Song & Parker. Song is the better footballer no question. Song is a better footballer than Gilberto Silva was for you aswell though. I consider Song to be one of the most creative midfielders in the country. The problem is he's supposed to be a defensive midfielder and protect your team when you bomb forward. He costs you just as many points per season as he gains you. Every time you lose a game, theres a moment when Songs gone walkies. Parker on the otherhand has been magnificent pretty much all season and only the last 2/3 weeks has showed signs of burnout. You wouldnt have been so bad in the first half of the season with Parker in your team and would probably had another 10 points.
I mean who are you going to build a statue of next? I mean you've already got one of a thief, one of a cheat, and one of an alcoholic. Personally I'd go for one of Graham with his outstretched hand in the till; or maybe Professor Dumbledore spazzing out on the touchline doin' the water bottle jive as he watches another season end in inglorious ignominity. It shouldn't say "welcome to the emirates stadium" when you enter it should say, if we happen to score rattle your jewelry" All patrons at the emirates are kindly requested to carry their own plastic bags" Patrons who raise their voice above a whisper will be ejected. We don't need your custom, even if you come from Islington because there's always another Chinese person we can flog our ***** to. I hear they play 'Right Here, Right Now!' when match day at your hellish soulless dump begins. Instead there should be a voice over of Dumbledore saying "Next Year, Not Now"! Do they play The wonder of you? I hear they're changing it next year to Send in the Clowns. I'd love to go on one of your club tours. You're the sort of club that would erect a massive plinth that would say something like: Here is where the European Cup Could Have Been!! Still it's not all bad. At least you know that old boy Ashley Cole is now only 90 mins away from lifting the European Cup! You must be very happy for him after he was sorely robbed of the opportunity last time when he got there with the best Arsenal team produced by the club since the thirties - and lost.
Henry Baker Brown
Yeah, I've got the measure of your club and you, you slimy creep. I bet you've never even ******** been to that cheap copy of the estadio de luz in your ******** life, have you? You "want your arsenal back", do you? Go on, wave your *****ty plastic bin liner over your head to show the world how proud you are!
Henry Baker Brown
Again you're really just not very good at this trolling lark are you? Laboured, waffling, unfunny and ultimately just tedious. Just a pointless bitter little man whining and howling in one long chicken flavoured fart.
Ha ha @ that hilarious yet tragically sad impotent sweary rant there, what kind of crap troll comes to a site to take the p155 only to get wound up himself? a sp*rs troll, worse trolls ever! 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn 19 pt turn
HY, one thing you dont understand about this Arsenal side is that we dont operate with a pure defensive midfielder. We dont have to because its the job of all our players to defend when required and attack when required. Sure our model isnt perfect yet but the facts are that Song is the highest assist giving midfielder in the country and Vermaelen is the highest goal scoring defender. These facts just bust the cliche of have a blocker as a DM and centre backs who only venture forward on set pieces. If you watch our games you would note how Arteta covers for Song when the latter goes forward, vice versa, how Gibbs or Santos converge to the midfield to provide an extra body in midfield at times, how Rosicky harries the opposition to win the ball back if its conceded. These are some of the things that top coaches and teamwork bring about.
Couldnt have put it better myself delta. LOL SMILEYFACE @ Nicko. Your entertaining debates with the spuds will never bore me.
Congrats Robin. It's well deserved. Now we just need your signature.

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