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RvP Named Football Writers' Player of the Year

Following Sunday`s announcement that Robin van Persie had won PFA Player of the Year for 2011-12, the Dutch striker has again been recognised for his Herculean season by winning the 2011-12 Football Writers` Player of the Year. The 28 year old Arsenal captain won by a landslide, with Wayne Rooney lagging behind in second, Paul Scholes getting the lovey duvvy sentimental vote in 3rd place with Fulham`s Clint Dempsey finishing in 4th.

The award, which has been running since 1948, will be presented to the Arsenal striker at a gala dinner at the London Lancaster Hotel on May 3rd. FWA chairman Steve Bates, chief football writer at The People said: "Robin was the overwhelming choice of our members this season and deservedly so after a magnificent campaign for Arsenal.

'The quality of his goals, attacking movement and consistency in a turbulent season for The Gunners has been eye-catching.

'The considerable size of his majority in the votes cast by our members reflected the general view that he has been the season's most outstanding individual performer

Van Persie joins Joe Mercer, Frank McLintock, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires and Thierry Henry (x3) as winners of the award. He becomes the third Arsenal player to win the PFA and Football Writers` award in the same season, after Dennis Bergkamp (1997-98) and Thierry Henry (2002-03 and 2003-04) previously managed the feat. Robin has enjoyed a phenomenal season having bagged 34 goals in 50 appearances so far, taking in goals against 17 of his 19 Premier League opponents.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 24 2012

Time: 10:52AM

Your Comments

Two awards in two days. Robin does win awards when he wants!
Well done Robin, pleasure to have seen nearly all of your moments in the flesh this season.
Well done Robin, pleasure to have been at pretty much all of your moments this season.
Surely his best season ever in an Arsenal shirt. Let's hope its not his last!
Wyn Mills
Here here Wyn
No 10
The most deserving winner by a mile. What's this with throwing in some sentimental 'contenders' in such a serious award?
Wenger said: "You have national class, international class and world class, and Robin is world class." Just about sums the man up, doesn't it?
Come on Robin, lets kick some Stoke scum arse this Saturday
Well deserved ,have to give credit where it`s due ,he`s been immense & if Spurs had RVP & Wenger we may still be challenging .
Aguero should have got young player though ,Walker has been brilliant but Aguero has been different class .
big cockeral
still? c'mon be serious.
Bloody hell, we better get 3rd.. Darn
God that was gruelling, like mourinho never left. Hearing Neville jerk off relentlessly over the chavs bus parking made me sick. C'mon Real/Bayern you must stop this juggernaut of gangster sponsored anti footballing drudgery.
Lady Luck is Chelsea's whore at the moment.
Wyn Mills
You've got to give credit to the chats and RDM. One of the gutsiest defensive performances I have ever seen; close to what we almost achieved at the Nou Camp before the red card to Robin. Hopefully, this doesn't end as a Cinderella story.
Written in the stars for Torres wasn't it? Messi still can't score against Chelsea as well.
the chavs.
big cockeral - so true. I think everyone would say Aguero is world class, who would say Walker is anything other than a good prospect?
No 10
No luck Wyn.. They won it fair and square.. Despite being our rivals, you got to give them that. much. I would have been crying if Arsenal put in that sort of a performance.
I don't see how anyone can say fair and square in a match where drogba is playing, the man is just a horrific cheat, utterly shameful theatrics in the 1st leg. The highlights of the game for me was seeing Terry walk and Pique getting a right wallop. Chavski are gonna ruin what could have been a perfectly good final with their patented flat back 11 cowardice. Will be rooting for Munich all the way starting tomorrow against those preening pair of portugese pillocks.
Well, we know how difficult it is to play with 10 men at Camp Nou. :(. Well ***** em, important thing is that now we go and win at Stoke. We just cannot expect any favors from Real or Bayern.
"John Terry, wooah, John Terry wooah, he hates you if you're black, he knees you in the back " - twitter. LOL
He's obviously moved on as it's normally his own team mates that get back stabbed by him.
Feeling slightly sorry for Cesc after last night's Alamo performance by the Chavs? Nah.
Wyn Mills
Cesc had 2 absolute stinkers, sorry mate but from what i've seen of you it doesn't tie in with this "much better player" guff you were giving in the interview last week.
Cescs' form has been off for some time now, he did well for Barca at the start when he was doing essentially what he was doing for us with killer surges from mf, visionary passes and just his attacking game in general, they seem to have weened this out of him, he really could be anyone now.
Listening to Keys and Gray on Talk*****e (I know, I know, I shouldn't) and they're going on about what was wrong with Barca, they couldn't create chances blah blah blah and how it's like watching Arsenal. I mean, don't these twerps realise just how hard to score it is when the opposition has 10 players in the final third? They talk like *****in experts that have/could done better themselves. Would love to see Munich win it. Cesc looks a shadow of the player he was, like he doesn't really know what he's supposed to do. He was the Xavi in our team, who everything went through, will see if he ever gets that role once Xavi's DNA gets too old.
John effin' Terry:

"It does look bad on the replay," Terry told Sky Sports. "I raised my knee but hopefully the people out there who know me, know I'm not that kind of player. At the time I was bewildered, but looking at the replay it looks a red card."

Can we now officially say that he IS that type of player? What a @unt.
Sajit, while I agree we are due to give Chelsea some credit here, it was not similar to our performance at Nou Camp last year. a) RvP was sent off for flimsy reasons unlike Terry, b) we beat Barca with some brilliant attacking football of our own at home and didnt put 10 men behind the ball for 180 minutes. Did Chelsea deserve to win last night? not for pure footballing reasons but still they took converted 100% of all 3 chances that came their way in the game and one cant argue against that.
Terry really is an odious *****. I'm glad he's out of the final. However last night's seige on the Chelsea goal did evoke echoes of many of the impotent displays we've had against teams who just park the bus. And the press just love this sort of 'backs to the wall' ' victory from defeat' display, no matter how ridiculously one-sided things were. The Alamo was the wrong analogy. It was Rorke's Drift.
Wyn Mills
We've had the most appalling luck in the Champions League final rounds in the past, ranging from soft red cards to dodgy penalty decisions. Chelsea have ridden lady Luck like some cheap hooker and she's still smiled on them.
Wyn Mills
Love to laugh at Cesc.. We won the league, Community shield and FA cup when Cesc initially landed here. And then won FA. Hope that cycle continues for Barca now.. I absolutely loathe those ********s.
Nothing against Cesc coz he did his best while at Arsenal .but some of his recent tweets and comments have begun to ***** me off. Mostly him talking about his love for Arsenal and bull*****. Hes a barca player now.. Why the hell cant he leave us alone..
Nah I still got love for cesc, he just made a career choice lure by glittery things which would've been better off made a couple of years later, few here or anywhere would've made any other choice.
Sajit, the way things are going for Cesc at Barcelona - shunted out to the left of the forward line and have to cut in without the requisite qualities that a winger has its sad to see. At Arsenal he was playing a true number 10 role that will never be his at Barca because of Messi. About his tweets and other comments, I for one like the fact that he seems attached to the Arsenal and AW still. Its easy to forget and hard to remember something with gratitude. Give me gratitude of the likes of Henry, Pires and Cesc anytime over the wham bam thank you club attitude of the adebawhores of the world.
But if he loved the club sooo much, why did he leave before his time? He still had a good few years left on his contract.. We will never get to see the player he is going to become. and htat hurts.
Maybe Cesc reasoned he wanted to play in this particular Barcelona team, at this time, at its height, with Guardiola in charge, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta at their peak, etc...his best chance of winning the European Cup as part of a historic team. There's no guarantee Barca will still be top of the pile in 2 or 3 years.
Wyn Mills
I think wyns nailed it, stay at Arsenal another 2-3 seasons and theres no guarantee barca would want him ned him or have money to finance the deal, football is so uncertain and a lot can change, he would have looked at this barca side then looked at us and known barca and this team in particular were his greatest chance of picking up a European trophy. None of us like his new mates or the methods they used to get him to leave our gang and join theirs, but am I bitter? feck no. Leave that to the swampies down the rd. Love ya cesc thanks for all the great memories and all the best, glad you retain part of your heart for The Mighty Arsenal.
Maybe we should put in a bid for Xavi.
Not with our injury record and the attrition of our league. He'd be out for most of the season. Anyway, we have Jack, who will be a superior player.
Wyn Mills
Re Van Persie, obviously i want him to stay, but if he doesn't, well then Arsenal will have the biggest summer ahead of them possible. IF he goes, we'd have lost our best 4 players over the last 3 seasons, we also surely have to get rid of the likes of Park & Chamackh, who have quite simply been an embarrassment to the club, do they even have a premier league start between them this season? Players like Denilson are coming back this year, all paid far too much and proving a lot more difficult to shift on than Arsenal maybe imagined. We need a big fkin clearout, still.
That is still our failing though isn't it? Why are we seeking to make a profit on players that unfortunately just haven't proved themselves worthy of a profit margin. if we had picked them up for the price of Arshavin then fair enough we need to be recouping a fee where possible but Denilson? the guy cost peanuts let sao paolo pay a small nominal fee and lets all move forwards. Wenger has admitted last summer was in his own words 'terrible' that to me is fantastic and a great step forward. It's not a sign of weakness to admit that some players haven't worked out, don't take it so personalyl Arsene not everyone can be a world beater, those players served their purpose at the time which was to keep us in the CL positions, it's ok to let them go for little if it means saving on a substantial wage bill, you can't make a profit on everyone and it's detrimental to Arsenal to think you can. We got Chamakh for sod all and noone at the club should lose any sleep if he goes for the same.
Consistently ***** penalties except Xabis
Did you see Alaba's?
It's going to be Bayern for the CL!
We live in hope Naija, how sweet would it be to win that big eared mother in your own stadium. C'mon Bayern destroy the russian franchise.
I look at the situation with cesc leaving us from my point of view. What if I had half his talent as a 15 year old playing for my beloved Arsenal youth team, only for a top European club who is well known for developing players comes in for me....say Barcelona. As much as it hurts to think about leaving my beloved Arsenal, I have the chance to work with arguably the best youth developing manager in the world (yes wenger is manager at barca) So I take the plunge and move to spain but with a small hole in my heart. My dreams come true and my decision was right, as 8 years later I am the fulcrum of the Barca team and Im being hyped as the most complete midfielder in the world. I love my manager, my team, my fans. I am now in love with 2 clubs, the club I grew up with and the club that turned me into a man. Then one day I hear whispers that my beloved Arsenal want me back, telling me they were wrong to let me go. Not only do they want me back, but my old team that I grew up with and my family worship are being touted as the best team on the planet, in a generation even! After much heartache I decide to go home where it all began for me to my beloved Arsenal, but where I heal one whole in my heart I make another. I spent a 3rd of my life at Barca with a manager who was like a father, and helped me develop into the player I dreamed of becoming. How can I forget Barca, I never will.
lets not forget Cesc was a football fan of Barca, I think some people forget his decision to leave was purely a footballing one and one of a fan being chased by his boyhood club. If god gave me a sniff of talent and paths took me overseas playing at the top of my game, in the back of my mind I would always be dreaming of Arsenal coming in for me. I dont think we can hold that against him. And I love the fact that every other word that comes out of his mouth is Arsenal. I wish him all the success at his club, and I would welcome him back with open arms if he ever comes back, and dont shoot me down but I have this same gut feeling I had with Henry when he left as Im sure many of you did. I think we will see cesc back at his adopted home one day. As much as he loves his beloved Barca, the Barca fans will never love him like we do, and he knows that. And as we know to well with past players the pull of Arsenal is strong. Watch this space I guess....
Probabaly that Arsenal "pull"" is so strong that Adebawhore wears an Arsenal shirt for his interview after he had moved to City.
If he really wanted to go to barca he could've handed in a transfer request and not got a loyalty bonus, we could've then got to work on our summer signings a lot quicker. Fabregas was a good player for us, that's it as far as i'm concerned.
I really don't think cesc was in any way to blame for the teeth pullingly drawn out fiasco though shewore. Barca just really spitefully messed us about with this deal, the insultingly low offers just took the p155. Cesc would have been advised by his people against putting a transfer request because if Barca kept fannying about and a deal doesn't actually go through then the player is left in a hugely compromised position and left valueless to his current club who have no bargaining power, the fans turn on him and Barca would've been able to pick him up EVEN cheaper than the criminally low sum we finally got out of them.
Well summed up there, Niko. Cesc did not have much to do with the way things went during his transfer saga and I feel he was in touch with Wenger all the way. A lot of grand-standing goes into this business of player transfers and sometimes, it is a case of who blinks first, while the hapless player is in the middle. I hold nothing against the man and fully look forward to Cesc coming back to our club some time in the future, as he did leave a crack in the door for just that when he left.
How opinions of events change with time. I think Cesc did give up his loyalty bonus to finance the deal. But that apart, he's gone now, and he's happier at Barca, and from an Arsenal perspective, it's given Wenger the wake up call that was required (it would have been better if he had woken up earlier in the summer), in order for him to realize that his project of leading a young group of players over 5-8 years to success was not going to work. The signings made last summer are ample proof of what experience can offer. Its worked out decently for us, I'd say, and the same for Cesc.
I just think that in this day & age where PR is everything that a player will strongly be advised against putting in a transfer request. It's very much a last desperate resort when all else fails and if you really can't stand where you're at or the manager you're working under any longer, obviously not the case for Fabregas. If no deal had been done last summer (and it did look for long periods like Barca were hanging him out to dry) then I think he'd have knuckled down realised he's still at a great club and got on with things.
This has always been my opinion of events I think from recollection prits, my opinion of fabregas has mellowed maybe as I remember only half jokingly referring to him as Fabjudas.
I stand corrected re the loyalty bonus. It's reported he waived 4m. I'm just down in the dumps at the moment, I won't lie, this whole Chelsea thing is doing my nut! I'm getting severe jealousy pangs and hearing em after Torres scored the other night was horriffic. Them being the first London club to win the CL sickens me, as it's clearly gonna happen. We should've effin won, cheers Almunia. Still tho, he did well for us as no.1. I'm kinda all over the place here, granted. :-/
I'm pretty sure bayern will do em shewore, they will throw everything at that game, no way will they consider losing a final at home to be an option, zat vill not happen! Plus chavs will be missing 6 players, plus Bayern offer a threat aerially that barca never could to counter chelskis' appalling bus parking. It will just make it all the sweeter to see Roman lose another final.
Ahem... Back on topic, WELL DONE CAPTAIN VAN-TASTIC!!!
We all know just how devastating Real Madrid can be at Home; so, I take it the feeling is Madrid would have been a better bet to beat Chelsea, right? Well, if one is to take anything from just how Bayern made Mighty Madrid look ordinary at the Bernabau(?), easy to see that Chelsea will be run ragged and the Germans don't waste too many chances. I am certain it will be another potless CL final appearance for the Chavs.
I jeffin well hope so. But, it's a final, anything can happen. And it's as if they're destined to win it, I just pray and hope it's not another 98/99 final.... ah god I don't wanna get started on that season, if Dennis had've slotted that penalty home, the whole course of the last 15 years would've changed.
madrid wouldn't have been at home though would they? I think as last night proved it would be tight whoever the chavs face but real do have their share of big game bottlers (no names you ladyboy ponce) and i think Bayerns home factor outweighs Joses' ability to psych out his former squad. @ Lou this thread has been on topic for two days but how much longer exactly can we keep talking about what a bunch of hacks we normally moan about and despise have chosen to bestow upon our captain? ;) @ shewore maybe, which means if the course of the last 15 yrs changes then we may also not have gone a season unbeaten.
Besides with our luck in finals there's no guarantee we'd have beaten Newcastle is there!
Actually our record in domestic finals is pretty evenly split, winning 12/24 it's just that there's some real howlers in there, Luton ffs.
I, too, fancy Bayern to win, but all it takes is for it to go to the lottery of pens and then who knows what. Question will be: will Bayern be inspired by home advantage or weighed down by the pressure? The only thing I felt having watched these semi-finals is just how far we are away from winning the CL. Bayern are a far superior side to us IMO. I just hope that for once our Club would goddam go out there and sign 3-4 top quality players and for us to be genuine contenders for the top prizes. Not holding my breath.
Actually, I think the Chavs might actually nick this one. I dont know how they will do it, but I have a feeling they will. I will be hoping for Bayern to win, they have some good young players in Badstuber, Schweini, Kross, Mueller.
Robbed, Ribbery.... I am not a betting man, but this is one game I can put something on Chelsea losing and well. It won't even be close. Bayern have been focused on the CL so much, it has cost them the Bundesliga title. I think they will be so fired up, it will be a blitz experience for Chelsea. It is a final and it is a good thing for it to be hyped as likely to be close. We wait and see.
Arlen Robben, that is. Ipad Spell check.
iPad does my *****ing head in on this site. Yes I did actually forget to congratulate robin! Again. Well done son! As for Munich, I just think that is one game to far for Chelsea. There bus against the wall tactics can only work so long, I'm sure Munich will have studied Chelsea's games. Let's be honest they have to be the most predictable team in Europe right now. The front 3 of Munich will tear them a new hole and it wouldn't surprise me if there old wing wizard puts the nail in the coffin.
Bayern will be without Badstuber, Gustavo and Alaba - three first teamers and their defense may suffer as a result. Lahm may have to switch to the left because Alaba will be a big miss. Hopefully Mueller will slot in for Gustavo - so the midfield of Schweinsteiger, Kroos and Mueller will be good. In attack, no question Bayern will stretch Chelsea and hit them with pace but if Chelsea play long ball - everything will be neutralised. It wont matter who plays in midfield or up front - aerial ball to Drogba - makeshift centre back neutralised and goal! Sorry to be a pessimist here but the long ball strategy is something which Chelsea will unashemedly use to their advantage in the final. If they play the ball on the ground, I guess Bayern will outclass them with their quick passing game.
But Chelsea will also be missing Terry, Ivanovic, Ramires.....and Bayern have a big man in Gomez to cross the ball into the box, so that will be a variety to the tactics compared to Barca. So, its going to be tough for them and I really hope Chelsea lose, and it will be great if they finish 5th and lose the CL final!
ipad is a dog to use on VA, its true. Not sure if anyone has developed a good technique for scrolling yet. Perhaps they'd like to share their secrets. Best method I've found so far is three fingers carefully kept within the comments window!:)
Wyn Mills
The thing that really grates with Chelski, apart from the fact that its a rich man's play thing, are the numbers of managers they're getting through. Its obscene really. Like some kind of playstation game where the manager of the moment is wheeled in, paraded, given 15 minutes and then hooked off the stage. They've reached the final almost by accident rather than design. The sacking of AVB was, in hindsight, the best thing that could have happened in terms of building up a dressing room seige mentality. I believe it may well take them all the way this season, much as I hate to admit it. It will probably be a close game.
Wyn Mills
In totally unbelievable news Diaby not fit to start according to Wenger. What a turn up! Did anyone see that one coming? Seriously though, I'm concerned about the effectiveness of our midfield at the moment given the dip in Ramsey's form. However Rosicky sounds like he's recovered from his illness and the return of Benayoun is a bonus.
Wyn Mills
Wyn, I tried the 3 finger thing but find it's usually a trigger for some other command on the ipad. When I review some of my comments to see words I come up with, I just chuckle.

I think Diaby is a must for the game against Stoke. We will need our most physical players plus as much height as we can get in. I hope the Manager is just keeping things close to his chest with regards Diaby. We will miss Arteta's ability to graft, though. COYG!!
With the prospects of Pep Guardiola leaving Barca, I hope Cesc won't feel betrayed as he was one reason Cesc gave for seeking to play for the club (childhood hero and all).
Would be kind of ironic if Guardiola left and Barca's fortunes nosedived with Cesc having made the move. Not that I'd wish that on him. Like Niko I don't begrudge Cesc's decision at all. But nether would I feel that much sympathy.
Wyn Mills
haha too true Naija
Wenger on RvP: "I am confident [he will stay] for two reasons. First of all I want to convince him to stay here and to extend his contract. Secondly he is not free at the end of this season, he has one year of his contract left anyway, Call me alarmist but that statement doesn't exactly paint a picture of someone overly keen to renew his contract. You do wonder how much RvP's decision is resting on Champions League qualification.
Wyn Mills
kin ell peps quit! V. surprised I gotta say, but obviously the lure of sp*rs was too great.
We need a new no2 Pep old chap, bring cesc with.
RVP is not just Player of the Season. He is TEAM of the season on his own. Let's be honest, for much of the campaign RVP=Arsenal Well deserved.
The arsenal curse strikes again. I'm trying to think of any arsenal player which has left the club and gone on to much bigger and better things. Henry to a degree, but was never happy being shunted onto the wing in his twilight. I'm by no means saying cesc won't pick up silverware at barca, but with pep leaving and the team performing like mere mortals I think it is quite obvious this generation of barca players are on a slight decline. Will be very interested to see who peps replacement will be, wouldn't surprise me if wenger was at the top of there shopping list. He fits their mould perfectly. Will also be interesting to see how cesc reacts to pep going, as already mentioned pep was as much a pull as the club were to cesc. After a blistering start to his barca career he does seem to have stalled and looks the shadow of the player he is. If arsenal are in a good place in 2 to 3 seasons it will be interesting to see if cesc really does think the grass is greener. I just think think the boy will be back one day, and with pep leaving that just might be sooner then I think. I'm confident we can build a team more then capable without him, but I certainly wouldn't say no if he wanted back in. And am I right in thinking we have a buy back clause??
Doubt Cesc will return. Would love to see Guardiola managing Arsenal.
Gooner you a fiver he does. Yossi will have to be an important player for us over these next few games with arteta being out. Rosicky and yossi are going to have to pull the strings for us. Could make or break a permanent deal.
A very good read on robin van persie, from the perspective of his family and coaches in his early years.

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