Arsenal - Treat Stoke Fans With Apathy Not Disdain
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Treat Stoke Fans With Apathy Not Disdain

As is the norm any time we play Stoke, the football has taken a back seat today whilst all and sundry take to the world wide web to comment on what a bunch of complete and utter c***spanners Stoke fans actually are.

I won`t deny that it`s quite pleasing to see the media on the side of our club for a change, many of them condemning the fans of a club they usually describe as "plucky" of "industrious" when what they actually mean is dirty bunch of orcs … but that`s by the by.

The booing of Aaron Ramsey by the majority of the inhabitants of The Britannia Stadium was something that was quite distasteful, indeed it`s not even the first time it has happened, but the reaction from Arsenal fans and the watching media is something the Stoke fans will not be bothered about, but they will also be positively thriving on it, ecstatic that they managed to get under the skin of the Gooners.

Following the match Arsene Wenger handled the situation perfectly (and we should all follow suit), stating simply that Stoke fans believe they have some kind of relationship with the manager and they think they can get to him, when in reality he doesn`t give two craps about what they do, and that`s exactly how attention seeking children need to be treated. Ignore their antics until they realise they`re not having any affect.

The subsequent articles that hit the internet yesterday suggesting that Arsene Wenger was furious and that he called for action to be taken were very wide of the mark. The Arsenal manager was far from angry, and he certain wasn`t calling for the heads of Stoke fans on a silver platter, indeed he merely offered a scenario in which the Stoke fans might take a good long look at themselves.

I think that we all may be being a little precious about this too. The challenge that broke Aaron Ramsey`s leg was despicable in footballing terms, the reaction of his manager and their fans equally so, but despite the hideousness of the injury (amplified by the graphic images plastered across the tabloids) it was just a broken leg, a break from which the young player recovered. Nobody died & no careers were ended.

Yesterday the Stoke fans booed Rambo, is that really the worst thing we`ve heard on the terraces? Arsene Wenger was referred to as a "French twat", I doubt that`s even the worst thing he`s been called this week. Indeed I believe that both gentlemen will have already have forgotten about the incidents and be getting on with their lives, and we should too.

After all I`ve heard much worse things uttered from the mouths of Gooners, granted not from the majority of Arsenal fans on such a regular occurrence, but all the same these chants and insults are common place in football stadiums and always have been.

That`s not to say I would agree that just because they`ve been around for ever that makes them ok, but there`s nothing we as fans can do to alter the behaviour of other sets of fans other than ignore it. If we`re going to get upset every time someone says "booooooo" then we`re in for a rocky time.

The reaction of Gooners and the media has ensured that the next time the two teams face off, Aaron Ramsey will be booed more ferociously than yesterday, of that you can be sure, because they Stoke fans got the reaction they were looking for, and they`ll want that reaction again.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 29 2012

Time: 11:51AM

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we all know what a charmless bunch of inbreds the Stoke fans are. what is particularly disappointing is the lack of any decency coming from the club itself, starting with that worthless toad Pulis. Not once has he shown any sympathy for Ramsey's horrific injury, even on a humanitarian level. Has he apologised once? Has he made any kind of statement about abusive chanting being unacceptable? No, his stock answer is it happens everywhere and we should accept it. What an utter utter tw*t.
Wyn Mills
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29/04/2012 12:06:00

I know I've been messing around about how much I hate hate Pulis and Stoke the past day or so, but the fact of the matter is they are completely insignificant. They don't even register on the scale. The only time of the year we even realise they exist is when we're playing them. They just don't matter, and by extenstion, neither do their boos or jibes.
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29/04/2012 12:23:00

To suggest that we are in any way whiter than white is rediculous and I'll be the first to admit that other players have taken a fair amount of abuse from me. But seeing that display from the stoke fans showed what a breed they are and in the 20+ years that I've been watching football I have never witnessed anything like it. I'm sorry, but the above article is way off the mark and attempts to almost justify stokes behaviour! What's that about?
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29/04/2012 12:44:00

If you think it in anyway tries to justify Stoke's behaviour then you clear didn't read it. What I am saying is that it's not worth getting all worked up about. They booed Ramsey, so what? They made a childish noise at him to provoke a reaction from us. Do you think that any of them actually hate Ramsey, or are they just doing it because they know it will wind us up? I'm certainly not going to let a bunch of knuckle draggers who say "boooooo" spoil my weekend :)
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29/04/2012 12:59:00

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29/04/2012 12:59:00

Arsenal fans have abused Ashley Cole repeatidly, even going so far as to post homphobic videos on the net that are actually quite disgusting, because they feel so proud of their vitriol. Then they shocked society with their filthy "it should have been you" chant. The sad thing is a man did nearly die at Spurs and the crowd were one of the factors that kept the man alive. And yet you and the no mark scum-suckers that follow your club accuse others of 'knuckle-dragging'? My my, that's about as rich as it gets! What a transparent example of the worst kind of hypocricy! So you implore people to treat Stoke with indifference? I hope you don't mind awfully if the rest of the footballing community treats you with contempt.
Henry Baker Brown
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29/04/2012 13:22:00

Treat us with contempt all you like, doesn't affect my life. You waste your time and energy, whilst sit back and have a nice beer. Though you have somewhat crossed my "t"s and dotted my "i"s in a timely fashion. As in the article I've stated that Gooners are not above pathetic chanting and neither are Spurs fans, infact arguably the Tiny Totts are much more prone to bile and bitterness however that's usually down to a life time of living in our shadows. And to even consider that the crowd as a collective were responsibile for Muamba surviving is laughable at best. Fabrice survived because the the swift actions of the meidcal teams and one of the members of the crowd. It's a shame that you're trying to use that tragic incident in a game of one-up-manship because those in attendance acted admirably. It's just goes to show that you'd fit in well with the Stoke fans ;)
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29/04/2012 13:39:00

Chelsea already 4-0 up. Is this joke of a QPR defence the same one we struggled against a few weeks ago? I auppose the early first goal forced them to come out, something we need to look at when teams park the bus in front of us. Getting that early breakthrough can be vitally important.
Wyn Mills
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29/04/2012 13:56:00

Exactly my thoughts, Wyn. The early goal has meant that QPR couldn't stay back anymore which only creates spaces to be exploited. That said, Chelsea's confidence is on a high, these days.
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29/04/2012 14:03:00

Were you at the game yesterday? No. Were you at the Spurs vs Bolton game when Muamba collapsed? No. So how would have the first clue about what happened in both incidents, since you weren't in attendance. Yes, you lie back on that comfy stereotype and enjoy your 'beer'. Don't let anything like a balanced perspective interfere with your base instinct to broadcast your lazy, reactionary responses to something you are actually very, very poorly informed about. And as for the. nur nur I don't care peice, I'm afraid that two can play at that game. Over and out.
Henry Baker Brown
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29/04/2012 14:09:00

As if it has spoilt anyones weekend rocky. But to ignore them and pretend we are in anyway in the same ballpark is insulting. And yes, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that stokes behavior toward our team goes way beyond simply trying to get under our skin.
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29/04/2012 16:02:00

As if it would spoil anyones weekend rocky. But for you to believe and excuse that kind of behavior towards our team by putting us in the same category as them is frankly insulting. And yes I believe that their behavior goes way beyond the simple trying to get under our skin.
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29/04/2012 16:29:00

A balanced perspective from henry pfffffft, hilarious and utterly blissfully unaware of the irony in his ranting posts. The only thing banced about you is the basketball loving circus chicken on your knock off shirt you bitter, bile filled no mark troll penis. Bringing Muamba into this is just low and desperate, absolutely nothing at all to do with the issue here. But you introduce it in a pitiable attempt to prove the grunts that make up your support aren't violent scumbags that made up a chant about your current on loan strikers dad washing large mammals. As with everything else about your insignificant little club the sp*rs fans are miles behind Arsenal in terms of enlightenment and progressive intelligence. We have the greatest diversity of any club in the land across the entire spectrum of humanity and to try and prove otherwise on the basis of a minority of kncuckle draggers that every club has an element of is pathetic and just shows the tragic childish Anti Arsenal mentality you possess Henry. One of the most worthless posters on the network.
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29/04/2012 16:50:00

The Stoke fans were utterly awful yesterday, quiet in support of their team; only when it came to abusing Ramsey and Wenger did the whole stadium get involved. We outsang them all game, another club with a 'famous atmosphere' that really isn't all that, they don't support their team, they only try to intimidate. Henry all you post on this site is anti-Arsenal, a bit like TonyRockyHorror, nothing in support of Spurs... really what is the point of registering if all you do is harrass others.
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29/04/2012 18:43:00

I thought he WAS TRH
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29/04/2012 20:44:00

Again Trennon, I'm not excusing anything, just that to become increasingly annoyed at these cretins is exactly what they want. I also clearly said that even though our fans aren't whiter than white our own cretins certainly aren't as equal numerically as Stoke's neither is our frequencey of idiocy. If you want to be insulted by that it's up to you, but you've clearly missed the sentiment of the article.

Henry - I don't need to have been at White Hart Lane to know that anyone in the stadium other than the medical teams had nothing to do with Muamba's survival ... unless you believe in pixies. As stated previously, the fact you'd even try to use Muamba to gain credit for your fans is beyond low. You didn't shout and cheer as a man laid dying on the pitch? Well done, you're part of the human race.
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29/04/2012 22:57:00

Stoke fans will only be silenced when we put goals past them without reply. We took 4 points off the Orcs this season which is a decent return. Waiting for the day when Stoke go down. Their brand of 'football' is allowed in the rules but ideally shouldn't find a platform in the midtable of one of the two top leagues in the world.
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30/04/2012 05:50:00

I know that football is as good a mirror as any to the psyche of the age, there is a mental malaise prevalent these days which just turns the stomach, with the pathetic threats to the likes of Ramsey from our own support on witter, Gibson from utd who had to retire from the same network after an onslaught of abuse, theres no doubt we live in a pretty verbally hostile age, I saw on motd the other week when qpr played sp*rs and vdv was taking a corner, there was some qpr fan there with two young kids no more than 7 or 8 and you could see him screaming 'I hope you die you c***' at him. I mean that's pretty f***ed up. I have no wish to sanitise the game further and middle class it up any more than it already has been, but that just aint right, that's broken britain right there. soul sick. we're seeing more and more examples on a weekly basis, ferdinand abused by the chavs this weekend who also jeered at the hillsborough silence at the FA cup semi. A lot of people need a long hard look at themselves and fix the ***** up.
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30/04/2012 06:14:00

I mean the day the majority of our support boo a bloke who's only crime is to have had his limb almost snapped off on our pitch is the day I'll say cheerio to Arsenal and football. Stoke fans you are an absolute f****** disgrace.
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30/04/2012 06:19:00

Stoke fans are a disgrace for booing Ramsey, Niko, but when our fans chanted 'it should have been you' to Adebayor, it was not a small minority either.
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30/04/2012 07:08:00

I have some time for Rocky's argument. There's always been a degree of sick humour at matches. Its just that these days the cameras, microphones and social networks pick it all up and amplify it. While I agree there is a nasty undercurrent of aggression in society that is now more evident as a consequence I do think as a club we need to develop a thicker skin and not respond to every insult or slight flung our way, or we risk coming across as pampered prima donnas. Some insults can even be interpreted as perverse backhanded compliments. We're never going to get a completely sanitized game - not that I suspect we would really want that anyway - but we do have to be careful about over-reacting, or ignoring our own bad behaviour. Rather than hurry down the tunnel I'd like to see Wenger showing a little more humour and humility on the touchline. I think he'd have an easier time of it. He's coming across as Mr Angry on a consistent basis and is attracting the sort of abuse and attention he could easily avoid.
Wyn Mills
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30/04/2012 09:53:00

If it doesn't bother Wenger what opposition fans think of him, he isn't going to change his behavior on the touchline. Moreover at Stoke, some of Chris Foy's decisions in missing yellow cards, awarding free kicks and fouls were way off the mark so AW's frustration had some logical background to it.
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30/04/2012 10:00:00

What about not shaking an opponents hand in defeat? No matter how frustrated you are I don't think that reflects well on anyone, least of all this club. To hell with the Stoke fans or Wigan fans. Martinez isn't Tony Pulis. Don't get me wrong I'm not having a go at the club, just commenting on the sometimes bizarre behaviour of those who represent it. This club is rightly proud of its honourable traditions, so before we throw stones we need to make damn sure we're not just as guilty of bad sportsmanship. We've seen just how damaging that can be at Anfield.
Wyn Mills
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30/04/2012 11:15:00

Agree 100% Wyn, we can go on about class a lot of the time, but I think that gets undermined at times, i.e. not really shaking hands or barely acknowledging them. See Barca other night, can't stand em, but standing there with Puyol congratulating Chelsea, that was a touch of class.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 11:45:00

Wyn, what Anfield was guilty off was not bad sportsmanship. They were guilty of backing a player found guilty of racist conduct, something far worse - so your comparison isnt entirely fair. Every person has a mind of their and AW has been a sore loser for 15 years now. In my view that doesnt damage the prospects of the club in a material manner.
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30/04/2012 11:47:00

Suarez refused to shake Evra's hand. Call it racist if you like. At the very least it was bad sportsmanship. Likewise Dalglish telling Wenger to f*** off last season and his increasingly bizarre post match interviews have done nothing for Liverpool's image. Crowd behaviour is one thing but we should expect more from the prime representatives of our clubs.
Wyn Mills
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30/04/2012 11:59:00

The same Barca is known to blatantly tap players up, to turn on the sprinklers to prevent the opposition from celebrating when well beaten in the CL and have players like Busquets and Alves who are known divers. Finding chinks in every club is easy if we look closely. Overall in the conduct of transfer business, public conduct and the conduct of our players, AFC ranks very highly. Not perfect by far but in the very good category.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 12:03:00

I didnt know that Suarez refusing to shake Evra's hand was the big issue here. I stand corrected. What really caused damage to LFC's reputation was the earlier on field fracas between Evra and Suarez and the repeated use of shameful words by Suarez followed by a very public backing of the player by both his manager and his club management.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 12:09:00

If it wasn't a big issue why did Liverpool feel it necessary to issue 3 statements from the managing director, Dalglish and Suarez each apologizing for the incident? All referred to standards expected from the club.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 12:27:00

It became a big issue because LFC had not apologised for the earlier unequivocal backing of Suarez even after he was charged. The handshake was only the trigger point, the continuation of the earlier behaviour of LFC backing Suarez was the real issue with the public as well as the sponsors.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 12:36:00

Podolski move confirmed??
e dubbz
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 14:23:00

Yes, now on Poldi is a Gunner!
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 14:25:00


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